August Break: Today is…

Today is lit up. Today is another chance to begin again. Today is walking the same path on a different day, the same but also completely different. Today is about letting go of everything but this moment. Today is time to practice, and time to rest. Today is the birthday of someone I love and someone else I love is dying. Today is an opportunity to start over, to come back, to stay, to surrender. Today is every tomorrow and all the yesterdays. Today is all there ever will be, all there ever was. Today is vast open space. Today is an invitation. Today is a prayer. Today is today, not yesterday or tomorrow or next week. Today is Thursday. Today is mine, and yet it doesn’t belong to me. Today is my to-do list. Today is the wild unknown.

7 thoughts on “August Break: Today is…

  1. Tina

    I needed this today, as well as every day. I’m going to copy it in several places so I can have it close by always. Have I told you lately how special and amazing you are? And how blessed I am to be able to call you my friend? Giant hug! xo


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