Daily Archives: August 14, 2014

#AugustMoon14: Perfect Work

Kat’s prompt today is “What would your perfect work day be like?” This is an exercise I’ve done before, a way I’m almost living. My perfect work/life day would start with waking up early, at least by 5 a.m. I’d get a cup of coffee and write my morning pages. Then I’d go for a long walk with the dogs, and after I might go to the gym or a yoga class. I’d come home, shower, eat, and meditate. Then I’d write or work on a project for a few hours before stopping for lunch. After I ate, I’d meet with a friend or client, then take another walk with the dogs. Then I’d read or do some more writing. Some days, I would teach.

It’s pretty simple really, pretty much the way my days already go — except for when I’m on contract at CSU. Then, other than what the dogs need, that becomes the priority…for now.

I’m so clear about the other things I’m doing, going to do.

    • Write books, there are two waiting, right on the tip of my tongue, ready to go
    • Teach yoga
    • Teach in person workshops, some mix of yoga, meditation, and writing
    • Teach online classes, there are five right there at my finger tips, ready to go once I have time
    • Lead people through retreats, small groups or individuals
    • Creative collective offerings with other teachers
    • Submit shorter pieces for publication
    • Study to become a meditation instructor in the Shambhala lineage, which is a big deal, takes a lot of effort and time, will be like getting another graduate degree
    • Make art, create things
    • Do some kind of one on one work with people, I’m not sure exactly what it would look like or if I’ll need extra certification for it
    • Lead book, writing, meditation, contemplation groups
    • Host story bowls
    • Open a retreat center, a house in Waldport where I can host retreats, offer the space to others for personal retreats, make a great vacation space that would inspire and enable people to practice, fill it with what they’d need to do so
    • Rest, at the end of this long list of things, it’s necessary

August Break: Hands

My hands. They are small, my fingers stubby. I have scars and freckles and wrinkles, signs of too much sun, hard work, old wounds. Sometimes ink or paint or strawberry juice stain my fingers. I keep my nails trimmed short because it’s easier to type, to write. The simple white gold band I wear isn’t my original wedding ring, the one that married me 20 years ago. It proved to be too much, too gold, too big. Once, I broke the diamond right off. Things that are delicate, need special care aren’t safe on my hands.

pinkhelicoptorsI’ve held beauty in my hands. I’ve touched the world, let it touch me. I’ve understood the truth without the need for words, and then had my fingers itch to write it down.

I’ve feed myself with my hands. Sometimes when I’ve been too hungry, too greedy, I took too much, stuffed myself. Other times my hands stayed empty and I was starving.

magicrockI’ve read the world with my hands like it was written in braille. I knew things there were no words for, things I understood and things I couldn’t comprehend no matter how hard I tried.

heart-shaped petal with a heart-shaped hole

heart-shaped petal with a heart-shaped hole

I’ve held my own heart in my hands. Sometimes I gave it away. Sometimes I was trying (and failing) to keep the broken pieces together.

heartrockI’ve found heart-shaped rocks, picked them up and put them in my pocket.

My hands have tried too hard. “I tried carrying the weight of the world. But I only have two hands.”

I’ve held on too tight, as hard as I could with both hands. I’ve wanted to hold on forever, and had to let go.