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Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. I only have three pictures, because it snowed this week and the only walk I went on was dark, cold, and slippery. There wasn’t much to see or take pictures of and I was too busy keeping my “eyes on the road.”2. Snow. We got 16 inches at our house, and were so happy to see it because the fires were bad, We’d had multiple days of wind and the Troublesome Fire (one of four fires burning here) was headed straight into Estes Park but the snow slowed things down. 3. The final days of fall. Fall is my favorite time of year in Colorado, even though this year it didn’t last as long and we couldn’t go hiking because of the fires. We spent the day before the storm raking leaves and washing ash off the cars. I also gathered up all Ringo’s toys from the yard, washed and mended them, after which I temporarily changed the “no toys in the house” rule to “no toys outside.”

The squirrels get so fat off our pumpkins

4. Practice. I don’t know about you, kind and gentle reader, but I have been ramped up this week, anxious and tense, waiting for the election. I’m doing everything I can to keep it together, and that means practicing like my hair is on fire.5. My tiny family. Sam has been gone five months now, and I still miss him so much. For now, we are enjoying giving every bit of attention and all the treats to Ringo and he seems to be okay with that. We’ll get another dog eventually, but for now this is enough. Eric is back in his office a few days a week, so I get Ringo all to myself and kitchen counter love notes. I especially like winter because Ringo and Eric get more cuddly. Bonus joy: two hours in the pool, sitting in the sauna, a big glass of cold clean water, clementines, funeral casserole, onion buns, Fritos (my go-to pandemic snack seems to be chips), good TV, good podcasts, good music, making myself a new playlist on Spotify (I called it go ahead and cry), good books, another baby on the way, new windshield wipers for my car, payday, getting all the laundry done and put away, clean sheets (I forgot how soft our winter sheets were), Wild Writing, hanging out and writing with Mikalina, texting with my mom and brother, catching up with Carrie, snow spikes for my walking shoes, yoga with Jamie, a snow day with Eric, massage, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. It’s officially the dark season, even though the upcoming Daylight Savings Time will shift things again for a few weeks. The most recent walk Ringo and I took, it wasn’t getting light until we turned towards home. I was thinking the other morning how cool it is that we can walk out our front door and so quickly get to the river, to the place all the animals are — owls, deer, heron, foxes, beavers, mink, geese, ducks, osprey, all kinds of hawks, bald eagles, raccoons, rabbits, the occasional bear, and this year there was even a moose. We’ve never seen a mountain lion, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t seen us.

2. Firefighters. We’ve sure needed them this summer, more and yet the same as we always have. The Cameron Peak Fire that’s burning here is now officially the biggest wild fire we’ve ever had in Colorado. May all the people fighting it stay safe, along with the homes and animals and humans that live in those spaces, and may the weather conditions shift in a helpful way.

The view from our front porch a few days ago

3. Practice, in particular Wild Writing. Things feel very tense, fraught, so anything that helps me work with that makes me so grateful.

4. Good food. Keeping myself nourished, fed and cared for, helps. Eric made scones this week and my Auntie T sent me some homemade jam. And seriously, Beyond Burger is so much better that “real” hamburger, especially if you cook it on a grill.

5. My tiny family. It’s pretty certain we won’t be getting another dog until spring at the earliest, and that’s only if we can’t go to Oregon next summer. If we go to Oregon, we’ll wait until after we get back. We don’t know if it will be an older dog or a puppy, girl or a boy, but the two most important things are Ringo has to love it and it has to like to cuddle with me. Ringo rescued another baby this week, a stuffed bunny that he found at City Park. It’s one of my favorite things he does, how happy he gets when he finds a toy or a baby on a walk, and I’m so glad that he’s trustworthy enough now he can actually have stuffed toys just lying around the house, waiting for him to play.

Bonus joy: the way the squirrels sneak up on the porch to eat our pumpkins when they think I can’t see them, the pool, sitting in the sauna with Eric, hanging out and writing with Mikalina, eye drops, having the laundry done, homemade biscuits, crunchy peanut butter Clif bars, texting with my mom and brother, a new baby, onion buns, being retired, the way the leaves fall, clean air and water, the people growing and harvesting food now that my garden is done for the year, knowing Chloe’ is just a few blocks away, being so close to the river, how green our yard stayed this year, the willingness of so many to keep showing up and trying even when it gets hard and would be easier to just give up or go away, reading in bed at night while Ringo and Eric sleep.