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Gratitude Friday (on a Saturday)

1. Fall is here. We are still going to have some warm days (today was in the low 80s), but we finally got some rain and it was only 44 degrees when I got up this morning. Even though I love summer, all the blooms and berries and vegetables from our garden and the farmer’s market and not having to work, fall is my favorite time of year.

2. Teaching. Yesterday, I taught a yoga class, an open space writing class, and gave meditation instruction to one of my favorite humans. Then today, I taught another yoga class with the sweetest student. Now if I could get to the place where I had more time and energy to write, I’d be so happy.

3. Farmer’s market flowers. October 27 is the last summer farmer’s market, so I’m savoring these, the new ones in the bathroom and the leftovers from the week before on my writing desk.

4. Cooking. This week, I made sesame cucumber noodles again, tomato jam, bran muffins with dried raspberries, and black bean and sweet potato quesadillas. Yum.

5. My tiny family. I love them so much.

Bonus joy: how excited my primary physician was for me when I told her I was quitting my job, sick days, good friends, how when Sam is scared the two places he wants to be are right next to me or under my writing desk, how smart Ringo is, that a friend got good news about her dog, taking two naps if I need to, grilled cheese sandwiches, watermelon, a glass of clean cold water, getting all the laundry done on Thursday, clean sheets.

Gratitude Friday


Image by Eric

1. Sunflowers. They are a sign that the summer is waning, but I love the little birds who come around in tiny flocks to feed off them this time of year.
Sesame cucumber noodles

2. New recipes to try. The above takeout-style sesame noodles with cucumber from Smitten Kitchen with Japanese cucumbers from our garden would have been perfectly delicious if I just hadn’t undercooked the rice noodles, (it was the first time I’d made them, and I always forget that because of our altitude things take longer to cook). I got more noodles and as soon as we get a few more cucumbers, I’ll try again because everything else about this recipe was so yummy. Today I’m trying this tomato jam recipe, since we have more tomatoes than we can keep up with.

3. Doing fun stuff with my favorite humans.  I went to see Andrea Gibson with some friends and went to Danielle Ate the Sandwich the next night with Eric.

4. Knowing that every day I work at CSU is the last one like it. For example, today, September 14, is the last September 14 I will ever work there. Now that I know I’m quitting, all the reasons why are just so clear to me. I’m so grateful for the privilege to stop doing that and start doing something else. I think my new title, besides writer, will be Contemplative Practice Guide – what do you think?

5. Farmer’s market flowers. Even though it signals the end of the season, these delicate pinks are some of my favorite. Not in the bathroom this week, since the grocery store mums are still going strong, but rather on my writing desk.

6. My boys. The way Ringo asks to be put to bed at night – he won’t just put himself into bed when he gets too tired, he needs the routine of someone telling him “go out and go potty” and then the run back into his crate where there are cookies waiting. When he’s ready, he stares at the humans until someone figures out what he needs. Sam got a home visit from his favorite vet, some new meds and acupuncture, and is feeling better this week. We might get him figured out after all.

Bonus joy: watermelon, good sleep, cortisone shots that have made my knees feel so much better, clean sheets, naps, good TV (just finished the Netflix series Sisters and noticed there’s a new season of Call the Midwife), good books (Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward was rough, but still worth reading), good music (I can’t stop listening to The Wailin’ Jennys), finishing the laundry on Friday while working from home, ideas for new classes, meditating and writing in the morning, swimming, aqua aerobics, yoga, Pilates, the cooler and darker mornings, being able to maintain good boundaries.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. We are still on a slightly goofy route, since Sam can only go two miles and then we have to drop him off at home and go another 2.5 or so. The other day, we went a half mile out of our way just so I could see the river again. I miss it so much. Once we drop Sam off, Ringo and I usually go to City Park. In the above picture, you can’t really see it, but this murder of crows was having an argument with a hawk high up in the tree.

2. Colorado sky. I grew up in Oregon, where the sky was mostly gray. Maybe that’s why I’m so in love with the sky here.

3. Shifting. Doing less of things I don’t love and more of the things I do.

4. Flowers in the bathroom. This week it was mums from the grocery store because the woman who runs the flower stall that I love wasn’t at the Farmer’s Market this week. Even so, there were some leftovers from last week I could put on my writing desk.

5. My tiny family. Just know that whoever you are, however close we are, however much I love you, these three are still my favorite.

6. Mail. That being said, I got some awesome mail from my awesome Auntie T this week. Get me all the fresh bread and biscuits, stat!

Bonus joy: aqua aerobics, swimming lessons, Pilates, Open Space Writing (taught my first class today with some of my favorite people – this must be what it’s like to do work you love and get paid for it!), lovely email exchanges, texting, good books, good TV, sitting in the sauna after spending time in the pool, grilled cheese sandwiches (I might just have a problem), hanging out with Eric, weekend plans, paying the bills and balancing the checkbook (the part where I’m done, that is), clean laundry, crossing things off my to-do list, a glass of cold clean water.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. It’s staying darker later in the morning, which means we are back to getting to see the sunrise again, and seeing more creatures, like foxes and entire families of raccoons. We are still on sort of a goofy route, since Sam can only go two miles in the morning, and then Ringo needs another two or three after that. It makes walking by the river more difficult, limits us more to in town and City Park and lots of loops instead of straight somewhere and back, but hopefully that will start to shift as the season does.

2. I finally set up my new computer. It wasn’t super fun. An extra monitor cable my old computer needed made my new computer partially blind, but it wasn’t obvious until after almost an hour on the phone with someone from tech services. Then I still had to set it up! I was supposed to hook up our new (well, old cause it’s been sitting in a box for over a year) wireless modem, which is going to replace the two boxes we have with one that’s supposed to be better and faster. I’ve been putting it off for so long because with four computers in our house, one that we use to watch TV, along with two smart phones, that’s a lot that could get fugged up if I can’t get it set up right. And after the snafu with my new computer today, I just don’t have it in me to attempt one more thing. It’ll have to wait until tomorrow. The computer I replaced was at least eight years old, and with me quitting my current job to move to something that will take place at least in part online, I needed to have a new one in place. In that case, even though it was hard, it feels like another step towards the future I’ve been planning for so long.

3. Fall is here. Even though we’ve still had daytime temperatures in the 80s, you can feel the shift towards fall. And if you didn’t notice that, you wouldn’t be able to deny the giant pumpkins in our garden and all the grasshoppers flying around.

4. Farmer’s market flowers, which become flowers in my bathroom and on my writing desk. This picture is of her booth — can you see why it’s so hard to choose?

5. My boys. Sam is hanging in there, not much better but not any worse and just as sweet as always, and Ringo is being so grown up now that we’ve gone back to work. I worried he’d be bored, but I’ve been home most of the day, and he only bugged me once — when I was on the phone with Dell and their lunch was half an hour late. He’s been hiking on the weekends with Eric again now that the weather is cooler, so that probably helps.

6. Eric. Last week, there were three nights in a row we had other plans and didn’t get to see each other. Absence really can make the heart grow fonder, cause I was so happy to see him last night and can’t wait for him to get home today.

Bonus joy: swimming lessons, teaching yoga, watermelon, good TV (I’m almost finished with Luther, gonna try Shetland next), good books (reading Sing, Unburied Sing by Jesmyn Ward), good movies (went to 8th Grade with a friend last week, got kicked out of the theater because we stayed after, had so much to talk about, needed a slumber party after to process it all – puberty and being a girl can be so complicated and confusing!), aqua aerobics, breakfast burritos, my tiny writing class that starts next week, rain, naps, working from home, health insurance, a three day weekend, payday.


Gratitude Friday

1. Eric made me a giant peach galette. Seriously, this picture does not come close to communicating how GIANT this thing is. I’m doing my best, y’all.

2. Fresh pesto and tortellini. It’s what’s for dinner, just about every other night around here because I made so much and it tastes so good and both of us are way too tired to cook.

3. Teaching yoga. Somehow all three of the classes I sub for needed me this week. I’m just so proud of myself for being able to say “yes,” for being able to show up and teach from the truth of whatever arises.

4. Good vet care. We have so many good options – regular care, physical therapy, and specialists. Ringo went to the CSU vet hospital dermatology unit last week, so we went to his regular vet to check in a few days later. He’s been really scared the past year or so, hides under the chair, but since he didn’t need to actually be checked, we just hung out with his vet while she fed him treats. She has three cattle dogs herself, and loves Ringo so much, is so sad he doesn’t love her back, so it made her day when by the end of our visit, he kissed her goodbye.

5. My tiny family. Now that I’m back at work, I don’t get to see them as much. When I do, it’s that much sweeter.

Bonus joy: Hanging out with Mikalina, going to a movie with Eric, good TV (I’m still into BBC shows about broken but brilliant detectives, have been watching Luther this week), good books (I have a whole stack on my kitchen table that are going to be so good), good movies (saw BlacKkKlansman), a cold glass of clean water, clean sheets, having all the laundry done on Friday, working from home, aqua aerobics, swimming lessons (my teacher is so good), sitting in the sauna, cooler weather, how easy it is to just text someone, Pilates, Japanese cucumbers, watermelon, grilled cheese sandwiches, butterflies, grasshoppers, a dog sigh, cuddling, taking a nap.

Gratitude Friday (on Saturday)

1. Our garden, and the gardens that supplement our garden. We are finally getting tomatoes, and the cucumbers keep coming. I bought basil at the farmer’s market to make pesto because I waited too long to pick ours and the plants are already dying off. I also got some fingerling potatoes and carrots for roasting, as well as a watermelon and more peaches.

2. Flowers from the Farmer’s Market. They make me so happy, especially when there are leftovers from the week before that I can put on my writing desk.

3. Swimming. As I move further from the panic of having my face in the water, out of the shadow of the fear of drowning into something that looks more like actual swimming, I can feel my body starting to learn and get comfortable, and I feel myself trusting my body in a whole new way.

4. I quit my job! I know I already told you that, but I keep remembering and it cheers me up, especially in those moments where I’m at work and it feels overwhelming — I get to remind myself that every day is the last day (for example, August 15 was the last August 15 I’ll ever work there). Even though people I work with are sad I’ll be leaving, they have all been so happy for me, so supportive.

5. My tiny family. My favorite.

Bonus joy: Clean sheets, clearing space, grilled cheese sandwiches, long naps, good books, good TV and movies, a long list of really good podcasts I can’t wait to listen to, rain, our whole house fan, the compost pile, twinkle lights, people who are huggers, sitting in the sauna with Eric, a big glass of cold clean water, grasshoppers, a hummingbird feeding in my flowerbed, pulled pork breakfast burritos from Mainline at the Farmer’s Market, how happy Sam is riding in the car, how sweet Ringo is with little kids who really really want to pet him, seeing our neighbor’s sweet old dog out for a walk.


Gratitude Friday

1. I’m still here. This past week was rough. I’m still healing from getting my tooth pulled, adjusting to the restricted diet, and then I had a colonoscopy, (Happy 50th!). None of it was any fun. As an HSP, body stuff like that ends up being particularly traumatic. And yet, through it all, I continue to be so grateful – to be here, to keep going, to have totally normal, boring days.

2. Practice. It keeps me sane, allows me to work with all the hard things.

3. Flowers in the bathroom. The new ones from this week, and the ones leftover from last week on my writing desk.

4. Our garden. I’m not really supposed to be eating anything crunchy or with seeds because of the stitches in my mouth, but the Japanese cucumbers from our garden are so good that I’ve been scraping out the seeds and taking the risk. Our watermelons and pumpkins are really starting to fill out.

5. My tiny family. I have to go back to work next week and am going to miss not getting to spend so much time with them, but for now I’m not going to waste too much time thinking about it.

Ringo Blue loves it when he finds a toy when we are out walking, will carry it all the way home

Bonus joy: Clean sheets, clean water, our “new” fence, grilled cheese sandwiches, hummus, aqua aerobics, Pilates, morning walks, afternoon rain, good books, texting, going to see movies with Eric, french toast, sleeping in my own bed, doing laundry (I know, I’m weird like that), the flowers in our garden, good neighbors, having the whole summer off and not checking my work email once, opportunities that arise simply because I showed up as I am, confidence in my decisions, a good night’s sleep, an awesome massage.