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Gratitude Friday

1. Flowers in the bathroom. This week’s bunch might just be my favorite.

2. Dumb luck. Today I left my purse in an unsafe situation, not really meaning too but getting distracted, and when I realized what I’d done — a full hour later — there it sat, safe and sound.

3. A lovebomb I planted almost nine months ago still lingering, the edges curled and the colors water stained, but still there, still wishing.

4. Kitchen counter love notes. One of the best things about going back to work.

5. Morning walks with my tiny family.

Bonus joy: Friday, water aerobics, a heating pad, clean sheets, the deer and the baby cow we saw on our walk this morning, watermelon, peaches, how green everything is because of all the rain even though it’s the end of summer and should be turning brown, lunch with friends, texting, Instagram, Pilates, teaching yoga, going to bed super early, the Chill station on satellite radio, being able to afford a rental car while mine is in the shop getting some body work done, which leads to being grateful for good insurance, people who care enough to try and to risk doing it wrong and who keep showing up anyway.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. The light has been so gorgeous lately, with the later sunrise, a full moon, and all the rain.

2. Summer harvest. I can eat about six large fresh carrots a day, along with a few cucumbers. The peach pies Eric makes are the best, but even just plain the fruit is some kind of magic. This year we are going to be smart and freeze some. We also made fresh pesto last week. Yum. I also am loving going to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday and getting a fresh bouquet of flowers to put in my bathroom.

3. Aqua aerobics. I love it so much, and it feels so good. I don’t even care that I smell like chlorine all the time.

4. Practicing creative joy. It’s our monthly theme in the Open Heart Project this month. In the talk Susan sent out, she said that “creativity is an encounter with space, with nothingness” and that to meet it, we must be open, relaxed, willing to not know what’s going to happen and to allow whatever might arise. This practice has saved me, more times than I can count.

5. My tiny family. This is our last few days on vacation together, and I’m already missing them.

Bonus joy: making art in celebration of a friend’s birthday, meditating, writing, reading good books, sitting on the couch with a heating pad watching good tv, sunshine, a surprise breakfast date (we’ll, they were already going and let me tag along), being able to rent a car while mine is in the shop instead of trying to navigate our schedules with just one car, long naps, new knee braces, peach pie still warm from the oven, watching America’s Test Kitchen (not quite as good without Christopher Kimball) with Eric and saying we are going to make all the things, going to the gym and getting in the pool with him, clean sheets.

Gratitude Friday

1. Flowers in the bathroom. The ones from the Farmer’s Market this year have been making me so happy, are giving me goals for my own garden.

2. Moving my body. For years, I smashed myself to bits, and because I was younger and my body more forgiving; putting all those miles on, hammering the weights, spending hours and hours on the elliptical, and pushing through any pain was doable. In the past four years however, there’s been a distinct shift. I got help with my disordered eating and I experienced various injuries and illnesses, all of which made me reconsider my relationship with my body. In the past year, I’ve been more of an advocate for myself, got the kind of help and support I needed when I was hurting. I’ve also found some ways of moving that I absolutely adore and that do no harm.

3. The sweetest mail. I love writing this blog. It is so satisfying and such good writing practice. The fact that anyone reads it is a bonus. The fact that the people who read it are kind and gentle and supportive makes me so happy. And when they take time out of their lives to tell me they appreciate what I’m doing here, that’s just the best.

4. Our garden. We aren’t sure exactly why, but it hasn’t been quite as productive this year, (except for the bindweed, which has been prolific). Each year we add a little, change a little, fail a little, but it always makes me so happy. I would much rather have a chaos of flowers, fruit, veggies, weeds, bugs and bees than a perfect green lawn.

5. My tiny family. I am going to miss them so much when I have to go back to work.

Bonus joy: going to the movies with Eric, finally figuring out the source of the recurring issue with my knees (pes anserine tendonitis/bursitis, not really even my knees) and hopefully coming up with a better fix or at the very least method to manage it, water aerobics, Pilates, peach pie, sleeping in, good books, good TV (Queen Sugar and Insecure’s 2nd seasons are SO good), the cooler weather, Wild Writing, texting, a perfectly ripe avocado, sweet potato and black bean quesadillas with homemade tortillas.



Gratitude Friday

1. My Golden Raintree is blooming. I planted her when we moved into this house almost 17 years ago. She was just a tiny twig. Now she is almost three times as tall as our house and has spawned multiple children.

2. Morning walks with Eric and the dogs. I’m on restriction right now cause my right knee is hurting me, but hopefully for only a few more days.

3. Pie season. Eric has mad skills, even cooks them on the grill so it doesn’t heat up the house too much.

4. Flowers in the bathroom. Bonus joy is these are from my favorite stall at the farmer’s market, Joan Kinney’s booth.

5. Ringo and Sam got baths, which also makes me grateful for Eric, who is so good at all the grooming and maintenance things.

Post bath: fluffy and tired

Bonus joy: Palisade Peach Noosa yogurt, aqua aerobics, getting a new furnace and our ducts cleaned (so much dog hair), yoga, how good Ringo did at his last nose work class, everyone healthy and mostly well, last minute plans to see a movie with a friend, said movie being just as good as I’d expected (The Big Sick, I highly recommend it), laughing with Eric, talking on the phone with my mom, texting, fresh peaches, cucumbers and basil from our garden, a cold glass of clean water.


Gratitude Friday

1. Sunflowers. In my bathroom, and in my garden.

2. Flowers that attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. We have some in our garden, and the other morning on our walk, we saw a hummingbird by some flowers we don’t have, but will be getting, because, hummingbirds!

3. Peach season. It’s very short, actually, and I can never manage to eat enough of them, but there is pie.

Can you believe Eric made this on our barbecue?! He also makes the crust from scratch. #marriedagoodone

4. Joyful movement. Yoga, Pilates, aqua aerobics, walking with the dogs, stretching, riding a bike, even being still napping or meditating or staring at my toes.

5. My tiny family. I’m having such a wonderful time just hanging out with them this summer.

Bonus joy: good books (just finished Sherman Alexie’s new one), good tv (started watching Queen Sugar, so dramatic, so beautifully shot, such good acting), good movies (I can’t wait to see The Big Sick), clean laundry, getting chores done, tart cherry juice, clean sheets, long naps, rain, strawberries from my garden, the memory of the raspberry sorbet my cousin made, peaches (because they are so good they are worth mentioning twice), Wild Writing, air conditioning, Fridays (even when you are on vacation).

Gratitude Friday

1. My garden. I love especially all the birds and bugs it attracts and feeds, and the way that every year it gets just a bit more developed and filled in.

2. A safe, fun, short trip to Oregon. It was less time than usual, what with having to work an extra month this summer, but it was good to see family, eat some good food, watch some movies, take some walks, play cards, talk, laugh, and then have a safe trip back.

Playing cards with Mom

3. Friends in real life. I got to spend a few days with my friend Mikalina while I was in Oregon. We met in a Wild Writing class and I loved her immediately, sent her an email and told her so, hoping she wouldn’t think I was weird. She’s all my favorite things — smart, creative, kind, and funny. We hang out almost every week online, but it was even better to get to hang out with her in person, and to find that I was absolutely right about her, (you always worry that maybe a person you’ve known only online will be different than you expected, but the only thing I was wrong about is I thought she’d be taller).

4. The Chinese Garden in Portland. Mikalina and I went one afternoon, and I got to take lots of pictures.

5. My tiny family. I’m so happy to be back home with them.

Bonus joy: aqua aerobics, Pilates, yoga, walking with Eric and the dogs in the morning, Catfish Season Six, air conditioning, clean sheets, Wild Writing, laughing and writing with Mikalina and Chloe’, upcoming dates with friends, good books, my Kindle, a clean car, fresh basil from our garden, strawberries, butterflies, clean water, a cool shower, being able to pay my bills, laughing with Eric, getting a massage, texting, video calls, a soft tshirt.

Gratitude Friday (on a Saturday)

Road closed

Y’all, I’m on summer vacation. This means my internal clock and calendar are a little “off.” Which means on a Friday, I might remember to go to yoga and aqua aerobics and even to be home in time for a play date for Ringo and his buddy Pancho, but it also means that even though I think about it a few times throughout the day, I might forget to do this post.

1. Hiking with Eric and the dogs. I haven’t been hiking since I hurt my knee this winter, which lead to months of physical therapy and the eventual diagnosis of osteoarthritis, which limited my activity, had me on a “Floor to 5k” program because “Couch to 5k” was too advanced. This week, I went on a 5.5 mile hike with Eric and the dogs without any pain in my knees, and I am beyond grateful.

2. Aqua aerobics, Pilates, yoga, careful weight lifting, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, and massage. These are all keeping my body feeling strong and relatively pain free.

3. Three new swimming suits, and the confidence to wear them in public. Shopping for them was shockingly easy as well.

To see any of them in full, you’ll have to meet me at aqua aerobics. I’m confident, not out of my mind.

4. Summer vacation. I’ll be flying to Oregon for a short visit next week, and have spent the last two weeks doing just what I want: moving my body, resting, reading, watching tv, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with my tiny family and friends. When I get back, there are some chores to get done, but I think I’ll be ready for the work by then.

5. My tiny family. I’ve loved getting to spend so much more time with them.

Bonus joy: good documentaries (I’m kind of obsessed right now, especially those involving mysteries and/or crime), good books, pay day, a few cool days to break up the heat, wearing pajamas more than regular clothes, Downward Dog the TV show (which I have to watch when the dogs aren’t around because they think our TV is just a big window and the dogs on TV are real and trying to get us), sour cherry juice, berry pie, cabbage rolls, a big salad, fresh eggs, meditation, a hot shower with clean water and a clean towel, sunflowers, wildflowers, bees and ladybugs.