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Something Good

Giant Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll

1. Giant Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll, a recipe we tried this weekend, (i.e. my husband cooked it and I ate it). It’s as delicious as it is ridiculous.

2. Righteous Rage: Exploring The Origins and Uses of Women’s Anger, “If you are struggling to articulate your rage and transform it into a productive force for personal, political, and social change, I invite you to join me for a 4-week writing journey beginning October 22.” TODAY ONLY she is offering an early bird discount.

3. The Little Handbook for Getting Stuff Done on Zen Habits. Also on Zen Habits, Paring Down Your Life.

4. Why Many Introverts Are Drawn To Writing (And Are Really Good At It).

5. Dad Has Diarrhea In Public Toilet With His 4-Year-Old, Her Reaction Makes Man In Another Stall Cry From Laughter.

6. White women in positions of power and privilege behaving badly: Rose McGowan Calls #MeToo Movement ‘Bullsh*t’, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Kaepernick protests: ‘I think it’s dumb and disrespectful,’ and Elizabeth Warren’s Claims of Indigeniety are a Slap in the Face to Indigenous People, and Hillary: Bill didn’t abuse his power because Lewinsky ‘was an adult’.

7. Hijabi Women Dressed Like the “Avengers” at Comic Con.

8. Good stuff from Austin Kleon: No time for despair and Be the light or reflect it.

9. My amazing daughter. Alternate title: I don’t think you’ll have a problem with this at all but if you do you can fuck all the way off. From The Bloggess.

10. ACLU Short Film Series Highlights the Resilience of the Trans Community.

11. I Was Reported to Police as an ‘Agitated Black Male’ — for Simply Walking to Work. In related news, ‘Becky Blocker’ Calls The Cops On A Black Man For Entering His Own Apartment Building And Lies That He Choked Her, and Cornerstore Caroline Finally Apologizes for Falsely Accusing 9-Year-Old Boy of Sexually Assaulting Her, but Not Before Lying Some More, and Ex-Firefighter Found Guilty After Shooting At Black Teen Looking For Directions To School, and Kansas Man Handcuffed for Attempting to Move Into His Home Late at Night, and #BabysittingWhileBlack: White Woman Calls Police on Black Man Riding Around With White Kids, and 74-Year-Old White Man With A Criminal History Shot Seven Cops And Was Taken Into Custody Alive.

12. It’s Okay to Disconnect From Toxic People to Protect Yourself.

13. Hi, Dad, I’m In (Twitter) Jail from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds. In related news, also from Chuck, In Which I Am Fired From Marvel. “To conclude: this is really quite chilling. And it breaks my heart. I am very sad, and worried for the country I live in, and the world, and for creative people all around. Courage to you all. I have a dire fear this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. P.S. Vote in November like your life depends on it. Because it just might.”

14. 12 Things People Do That Actually Mean ‘I’m A Highly Sensitive Person.’

15. Wisdom from Ragen Chastain, “The problem isn’t that fat people exist. The problem is the way that fat people are stigmatized, stereotyped, bullied, marginalized, and oppressed.”

16. Man Filmed a Tree In The Woods For a Year and Captured Things Most People Will Never See.

17. Exploding Good Shit: Volume I on Renegade Mothering.

18. The white southerners who changed their views on racism. Confession: I dig though stories like this looking for the secret of how to turn people. I never really find it.

19. Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir’s obituary, which is devastatingly honest.

20. Trump’s 60 Minutes interview once again reveals gross ignorance and wild dishonesty.

21. You shall not pass, cute video of a giant dog trying to get through a dog door only to be blocked by a tiny kitten.

22. Tarana Burke, (video) “founder of the Me Too movement, says she ‘practiced deeply listening to little black girls when they told me the truth about their lives’ and she’s watched how it’s transformed lives. ‘The idea that somebody who you look up to, that somebody who you respect believes you changes everything.'”

23. A Mexican Man’s Fatal Journey to Reclaim His American Life on The New York Times.

24. A Dublin janitor wins the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature from the university she cleans.

25. Mob of white nationalist ‘Proud Boys’ brutally beat several men: ‘Are you brave now, faggot?!’

26. Artist embroiders the beauty of nature. (video)

27. From decorating cookies to making pizza, this adorable 2-year-old chef can cook it all. (video) He’s back!

28. The best conversation you can see today, mother to son. (video)

29. Babies visit eldercare. (video) In related news, Mike left his well-paid city job in London to set up a charity to combat loneliness in the elderly community. (video)

30. For White Women Learning Calculus in a School Building On Fire. A very helpful list on a very important topic.

31. Many Native IDs Won’t Be Accepted At North Dakota Polling Places. Can you say “voter suppression”? More than 53,000 voter registration applications, a majority of them from black voters, are on hold in Georgia one month before the midterm election. How about now?

32. Education, Not Discrimination: NAACP Legal Defense Fund Asks Florida Schools to End Biased Hair Policies.

33. Cool dance videos: this one and this one.

34. Billionaires Are the Leading Cause of Climate Change. In related news, Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says. This is why trying to spin the issue as an individual problem causes by the choices of individuals is bullshit. Is it a good idea to drive a hybrid car and recycle, for example? Absolutely. Will your individual choices be able to turn the tide? Probably not. Related to the related news is this: Capitalism’s Final Solution Is Nothing Less than Complete Ecological Collapse.

35. White Women: Stop Waiting For Black Women To Save You.

36. Trans student barred from shelter during Virginia school’s mass shooter drill, “School administrators couldn’t decide whether the student should be sheltered with boys or girls, so left her outside.” WHY do kids need to be separated by gender for this?!

37. Coming To The Right Answer By Themselves: Talking With Boys About Sexual Assault and Consent.

38. Christine Blasey Ford cannot return home to due “unending” death threats.

39. How a mom’s “This Is My Son” anti-feminist brag went viral — and completely backfired.

40. Trump Didn’t Win In Spite Of The Access Hollywood Tape. He Won Because Of It.

41. Homestead In The City? How This Chicago Mom Embraced Living Off The Land On The Far South Side. “Natasha Nicholes wanted her neighbors to get out of their houses and talk to one another — and through her farm, she’s made it happen.”

42. Dolphins enchanted by squirrels. (video)

43. My parents are hoarders from The Moth. (video)

Gratitude Friday

Image by Eric

1. Fall in Colorado. It happened WAY TOO FAST this year. One week it was still in the 90s, and the next week we had rain, gray skies, and even some snow. It’s super confusing. And yet, it is so beautiful when the colors start to change.


Image by Eric


2. The gnats are gone! We had a fruit fly infestation in the kitchen and bathrooms as summer wound to a close. It got out of hand quickly. With the turn in the weather, some deep cleaning, and traps of ripe banana and apple cider vinegar, we are no longer hosting multiple generations of tiny garbage bats. It’s weird how happy that makes me.

3. Our garden. It’s done, but before it melted completely, we got one more handful of strawberries and an army of the tiniest, roundest, orangest pumpkins.

4. Teaching and teacher training. I just wrapped up my first online session of Open Space Writing with a small group of my favorite writers. I’m concurrently doing three different yoga teacher trainings because what else are you supposed to do the last year at your “old” job before starting a new career? In a few weeks, I’ll start teaching a regular small class for two of my favorite veterinarians, and I’ve been subbing yoga classes for some of my favorite teachers as I can as well. Learning and then teaching has always been one of my most favorite things.

5. My tiny family. With Sam on restriction, sometimes Eric has Ringo out somewhere and I’m home with Sam, so we send each other selfies of where we are and what we are doing.

6. These two pictures Eric took of Ringo Blue. He’s so handsome. And for some reason this last week, he was super cuddly with me. He must have known I needed it.

Bonus joy: fresh pineapple, clean sheets, paid sick days, good TV (all my “regular” shows are back on Hulu and we just finished the last season of Great British Baking Show on Netflix), good music (Christine and The Queens has a new album out), a glass of cold clean water, chicken pot pie, my new swimming snorkel and how fast I can get to the other side of the pool with it, sitting in the sauna at the gym, sleeping in, taking naps, wool socks and down blankets.

P.S. Married 25 years to my favorite person. I can’t believe I forgot to add this to this week’s list! This picture is from our honeymoon – we hiked up to Twin Crater Lakes in the Rawah Wilderness Area and camped for two days. In this picture, we were trapped in our tent because there was a massive thunderstorm.


Something Good

1. Embracing My Righteous Rage, a blog post from my friend Carrie announcing her new writing class, Righteous Rage. I love it when someone you love and admire lands on an idea that is so perfectly suited to their talents and interests, and is also so timely.

2. Wild Writing Teacher Training. This doesn’t start until January 2019, registration is open with special early bird pricing.

3. Yoga for All Training. It starts today, but you might still be able to sign up if you are interested. “Yoga For All is an online yoga certification that teaches you how to adapt yoga asana for plus-size yogis, seniors, and those with physical limitations so that you can reach more students and confidently teach more classes.”

4. Wisdom from Anna Guest-Jelley‘s recent newsletter, “The way you take your practices deeper isn’t by doing more, increasing complexity, or doubling down on yourself. Most of the time it looks like doing less. Listening more. Being guided from within more. Letting the practice come off the mat or the journal and into your life, too. Being open to what comes (and what doesn’t).”

5. A fist in search of a face, a good reminder from Seth Godin.

6. Good stuff from Lion’s Roar: She Who Hears the Cries of the World (“By putting others first, we loosen the bonds of our self-fixation, and in doing so, inch closer to our own liberation”) and Our Opportunity to Include All Genders in Buddhist Communities (“As a trans practitioner, Ray Buckner has struggled to find a sense of belonging in Buddhist spaces. They offer suggestions for how we can better support sangha members of all genders” – actually, I feel like the suggestions here could be applied to more spaces, that they apply to how we might be better humans supporting other humans of all genders).

7. Good stuff from Karen Walrond’s this was a good week list: The Art of Japanese Funeral Floral Arrangements, and Dressing for confidence and joy | Stasia Savasuk | TEDxPortsmouth (video), and Larkin Poe | Phil Collins Cover (“In The Air Tonight”) (video).

8. Wisdom from Francis Weller (by way of Erin Geesaman Rabke), “Grief is not always about tears. It’s also about outrage, when the soul is insulted. Rage is the voice of pain at having been violated. All of this is grief.” Also by way of Erin, this wisdom from James Hillman, “The sure sign of a soul awake is that it is outraged.”

9. The Problem That Has No Name. “For women, the national reckoning on sexual assault — and its backlash — isn’t just a political moment or a cultural shift. It’s an unraveling of the lies this country tells itself about women’s progress. It confirms feminists’ worst fears about men in power and how poorly they think of us.”

10. Hang it on the refrigerator from Austin Kleon, who has a new book coming out. His books are always some of my favorite on the subject of creativity and being an artist, and I could really use the inspiration and encouragement right now. More good stuff from Austin: When people show you who they are, believe them.

11. Abigail Rose Clarke talking with Staci Jordan Shelton in a Facebook live video “about the lies of white supremacy, the truth of our own power, and how we’ve collaborated on Dismantle over the past year.”

12. Weight Watchers has dropped ‘weight’ from its name. But that’s not enough. In related news from Dances with Fat, Weight Watchers By Any Other Name Would Still Be A Fraud.

13. 51 Ways to Make the World Less Hostile to Fat People.

14. The Body Positivity Movement Both Takes From And Erases Fat Black Women.

15. Republicans don’t care what you think. In related news, Brett Kavanaugh Sworn In As Newest Supreme Court Justice, and If Brett Kavanaugh makes it through, women’s anger will be unstoppable, and Trump Pushes Due Process For Some, ‘Lock’ Them Up For Others, and Republicans don’t care if Kavanaugh is guilty because they don’t think what he did was wrong.

16. If You’re Doing These 11 Things At Night, It Could Be A Sign Of High-Functioning Anxiety.

17. These smart glasses could be a game changer for hearing-impaired theatergoers.

18. A Young Activist’s Advice: Vote, Shave Your Head and Cry Whenever You Need To.

19. Bette Midler Claimed ‘Women Are The N-Word Of The World’ And Now We Have To Cancel ‘Hocus Pocus.’ So many ways to discuss the plight of women in the world, so many opportunities to be intersectional, to decenter our whiteness – pick just one, Bette, and stop this nonsense. In related news, Ain’t I a Woman? The Unbearable Whiteness of Allies.

20. Maxine Waters Blasts GOP Rep Who Told Her to ‘Stop Talking About Discrimination. (video) This to me seems like the best example of how our government “works.”

21. 17-Year-Old Ohio Teen Is Killed By Ex-Boyfriend Days After Posting About How He Made Her Feel Unsafe ‘In My Own House.’

22. Why “I’m not racist” is only half the story. (video) “If you’re not racist, why is racism still America’s biggest problem? While the idea that racism isn’t voluntary creates some cognitive dissonance in the minds of many who consider themselves allies, it’s this exact defensiveness that white America needs to deal with in order to move the country forward.”

23. Not A Single Black Woman Can’t Relate To This Video Of A Strange White Lady Touching This Woman’s Braids. *Spoiler alert*: that title is sarcasm.

24. The Cruelty Is the Point. “President Trump and his supporters find community by rejoicing in the suffering of those they hate and fear.” In related news, ‘I can’t understand it and I’m embarrassed that the President of the United States would do that to this woman.’ — Kamala Harris just clapped back at President Trump for mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, (video).

25. He decided to learn how to knit instead of clean the house. (video) *tee-hee*

26. The performance of change and why it fails: A note to my white sisters. “Despite the surface changes we have made as a society, we are indeed here again because very little has changed in terms of the structures that keep privileged white men in charge.”

27. A Dunkin’ employee was fired after pouring a pitcher of water onto a homeless man who was resting in the store. (video) I hope the guy who did this never finds himself on the other side of the same situation. And if he does, I hope he’s treated with kindness – not because he deserves it, but because we all do.

28. Two hispanic women were approached and verbally assaulted by a racist white lady for speaking Spanish in store. (video) “Another white woman who saw and heard this happening immediately stepped in to defend them.”

29. Recipe I want to try: apple pie cookies from Smitten Kitchen.

30. This Photographer Photographs Farm Animal Like No One Else.

31. The Story Of The Worst Mass Execution In American History.

32. Border Patrol Agent’s Gender-Reveal Party Sparked Arizona Fire, Lawyer Says on The New York Times.

33. The Republican candidate who said he might have to ’round up criminal illegals and take ’em home myself’ in a campaign ad won his gubernatorial primary. (video)

34. White Social Studies Teacher Fired For Teaching a Racist Slavery Lesson Wants to Sue for Reverse Racism. Reminder: reverse racism isn’t a real thing because racism = bias + power, and as a white person, you are in the ultimate position of power, male or female, so racism against you is just bias, no more harmful than if someone prefers vanilla ice cream over chocolate and you don’t.

35. During a press conference, President Trump tells ABC News’ Cecilia Vega, “I know you’re not thinking. You never do.” (video) It’s becoming more and more clear to me that my primary issue with him is he reminds me of every bully I’ve ever dealt with, every abusive boyfriend or boss or family member, and IT IS UNACCEPTABLE for a person in a position of such power and authority to be so blatantly abusive to people. And let’s face it, his policies and the way they sustain white supremacy and the patriarchy aren’t just his alone, (just look at the collection of dude bros behind him in this video). There are many, many people who are happy to have their egos, their power, their positions, their wealth and their comfort protected, even if it means other people suffer.

36. Black Women Are Love. “This brand is about debiasing our culture of all the negative beliefs it holds about black women.”

37. My dog can jump over anything. Except… (video) 🙂

38. Indianapolis Woman Opening Yoga Studio, Providing Access To All. (video)

39. When Asked About Pith Helmet, FLOTUS Responds: ‘Focus On What I Do, Not What I Wear.’ You’ve got to do something worth talking about first, and what you wear is often tone deaf and representative of how little you care or think of people and their suffering – stop doing that and we’ll find something else to talk about.

40. Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father on The New York Times. “The president has long sold himself as a self-made billionaire, but a Times investigation found that he received at least $413 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire, much of it through tax dodges in the 1990s.”

41. 5 Tools for Surviving Your Anger Under a Trump Presidency. This post is from early last year, but it’s worth revisiting.

42. Blissfully unaware reporter mistakes mountain lion for a dog. (video) This is terrifying, but she has absolutely no clue!

43. This hospital in Idaho does a “Walk of Respect” for organ donors. (video). I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. I don’t like that Sam is restricted, but it sure is easier walking just one dog, even if it’s only for half the walk. It was so dark the other morning that even with my headlamp, we almost walked right into a herd of deer.

2. My dad is going home tomorrow. He still has a lot of healing to do, and my mom is going to have a lot of work to do helping, but it’s what they both wanted – to be where they are both most comfortable to be together. Their 54th anniversary was last week, another thing to be grateful for.

3. The last of the garden. We ate the final cucumbers and are collecting the last of the tomatoes, as there is SNOW in the forecast for next week. I can’t wait to have more time for my garden once I quit working at CSU. It’s one thing I’ve neglected the past few years, even though I love it. Thank goodness for Eric!

4. Good friends. I’m an introvert who spends a lot of time alone, but when I’m with people, I’ve got some of the best to be with.

5. My tiny family. Eric was gone for just a little over 24 hours, giving a presentation at a community college in Arizona, and it’s always a reminder of how much I like having him around, all the time. The boys were good company while he was gone though. Sam even slept in bed with me all night (he NEVER does that, even when one of us is gone) and I got all the extra love Ringo usually gives to Eric.

Bonus joy: sleeping in, warm wool socks, swimming, aqua aerobics, my “new” car, Friday (which means the weekend!), meditation, a cold bubbly drink, the fruit fly infestation at our house almost gone, having all the laundry done and put away on Friday morning, computer glasses, smart phones, texting, good films (I just watched Disobedience), good TV (every season, I think I’ll be over Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m so not), yoga teacher training, fresh pesto.


Something Good

1. How We Thought It Would Be from A Design So Vast. “It feels like this is all going to happen anyway – what isn’t as we thought it would be isn’t, and what is, is – so the only question is how gracefully we can allow these things to be.”

2. 4 Essential Introvert Truths That I Learned The Hard Way. In related news, 13 Things People Do That Actually Mean ‘I’m An Introvert.’

3. Pema Chödrön apologizes for dismissing allegation of sexual assault from young woman.

4. Wisdom from Eugene Gendlin, “What is true is already so. Owning up to it doesn’t make it worse. Not being open about it doesn’t make it go away. And because it’s true, it is what is there to be interacted with. Anything untrue isn’t there to be lived. People can stand what is true, for they are already enduring it.”

5. Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Thought Bubble: Kindness. “We teamed up with New York Times best-selling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, to create this Thought Bubble on the power of kindness. Winner of Best Animation at the Peace On Earth Film Festival 2011.”

6. A letter from the Southern Poverty Law Center opposing Brett Kavanaugh’s supreme court nomination. (pdf)

7. Instead of Disappearing from Jena Schwartz. “As an alternative to erasing your face, what if you took this as an opportunity to show up?” In related news, The “Female Blackout” Is Spam And Erases Women.

8. The drawbacks of being known from Paul Jarvis.

9. The Greatest Showman | “This Is Me” with Keala Settle. I haven’t seen this movie, because I’m not okay with how it whitewashed what a horrible person P.T. Barnum was and how much suffering he generated for people and animals, BUT…I do love this song.

10. You Could Say We’re Pissed. “The women you know are walking around like they got the flu at a funeral because we are ill and grieving and questioning the meaning of anything at all.”

11. Like a Lifetime of Paper Cuts from Rita’s Notebook.

12. Matt Damon Is A Sniffing, Shouting Brett Kavanaugh On ‘SNL’ Season Premiere. I still haven’t been able to watch the real thing, so I’m starting with this.

13. Everything You Know About ‘Obesity’ is Still Wrong.

14. This “Sexy” Handmaid’s Tale Costume Has Been Removed After Backlash. Maybe next they could get rid of their “Sexy Native American Costumes“?

15. Bitter, Brown, and Femme: Meet the Founder of Popular Feminist Page Xicanisma.

16. At the U.N., Trump finds the world literally laughing at him.

17. When liberal orgs tell QTPOC to “bring your full self to work,” it’s a lie. I know because I fell for it.

18. I am a horse. I know horseplay. That’s not what this is.

19. Word Vomit Wednesday – Stop Kavanaugh. In related news, Julie Swetnick, new Brett Kavanaugh accuser, comes forward with disturbing affidavit, and The man who vetted Obama’s judicial picks says there’s a massive cover-up to make sure Brett Kavanaugh sneaks his way onto the Supreme Court (video), and Senator Kamala Harris said what most Americans were thinking of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (video), and George W. Bush Is Whipping Votes for Brett Kavanaugh, and Christine Blasey Ford’s Opening Statement For Senate Hearing, and Brett Kavanaugh Thinks Being a Virgin Means You Can’t Sexually Assault Anyone, and Kavanaugh Says ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ Following 2nd Accusation. And this:

20. Loving kindness meditation for victims of abuse, (video) from Susan Piver, which includes “Spiritual Rituals of Resistance, Resilience, and Sustainability” By Rod Owens.

21. NJ Sheriff Caught Making Racist Remarks About ‘The Blacks’ Resigns. In related news, White Mother Accidentally Sends Racist Text to Her Black Nanny Then Fires Her For Possibly Being Offended, and But First, Let Me Take a Racist Selfie: Detroit Police Officer Out of a Job After Snapchat Goes Viral.

22. Trump Jr.: Women who can’t handle harassment ‘don’t belong in the work force.’ This is actually two years old, but still worth remembering.

23. ‘I Don’t Have Time To Be A Woman, I’m Too Busy Being Black’. “‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ correspondent Dulcé Sloan gets real about living in a highly polarized time in the U.S.”

24. This high school assistant principal was put on leave after saying girls ‘ruin everything.’ (video)

25. Trump anti-discrimination official once called most hate crimes hoaxes.

26. It Ain’t Worth It: Only Black Woman in Vermont Statehouse Resigns After Sustained Racial Harassment.

27. Donald Trump Gave a Rambling, Marathon Press Conference. It Was Not Good. In related news, Trump Defends Kavanaugh But Says He’ll Watch Testimony Thursday.

28. Octavia Butler Is Finally Heading to TV, Thanks to Ava DuVernay.

29. Mike Pence becomes first ever vice president to speak at anti-LGBT group’s summit. Or as I like to call it, “why impeaching Trump ain’t gonna fix anything.”

30. Dog vs Cat compilation. (video)

31. Are Today’s White Kids Less Racist Than Their Grandparents?

32. Did this cat really cuddle up to a video of his former owner – or is it a hoax? Too bad. Such a cute video.

33. That’s why I love baby goats. (video) Super cute, and not a hoax.

34. Cats and mice and dogs… Oh my! (video)

35. Nike Donates Millions to Republicans While Making Billions From Kaepernick Endorsement.

36. A white man and a Black man are both charged with murder. The differences in how their stories are told are astounding. (video) Well, I’m not astounded because this nonsense happens all…the…damn…time.

37. Instagram’s Co-Founders to Step Down From Company from The New York Times.

38. Weight Watchers changes name and shifts focus to wellness. No. No. No. No. In related news, Requiem for a Weight Watcher.

39. The Diet Industry Takes It All from Dances with Fat. “If we let it, diet culture will use the empty promise that we could be smaller (and the messed up culture that convinces us that’s a good thing) in order to take everything it can from us – time, energy, and money that could be used to live our best lives in the bodies we have, to fight injustice and dismantle oppression.”

40. Callie Brownson is the first ever female football coach at Dartmouth College. (video)

41. Interview with Janelle Hanchett. “Janelle Hanchett created the website Renegade Mothering in 2011 because she needed to know if the rest of the mothering world was crazy or she was…Her memoir of addiction and recovery, I’m Just Happy To Be Here: A Memoir of Renegade Mothering, was published by Hachette Books this year.”

Gratitude Friday (on a Sunday)

1. Morning walks. Sam can go just a bit further now, but I also enjoy being with just Ringo. It’s pretty dark when we leave, but that means at some point during the walk, the sky will light up, and that’s worth seeing.

2. Farmer’s market flowers. This is officially the last week for them.

3. Cooking. It’s one of the good things about the weather turning colder – I don’t worry about heating up the house and cook more. Today it’s more bran muffins with dried raspberries and our last sesame cucumber noodles of the season with the last two cucumbers from our garden.

4. My dad is still here. He had a stroke this past week. Not being there was hard, confusing, sometimes frustrating when I couldn’t get a hold of anyone and didn’t know what was going on, and yet with this adorable baby around, I don’t think anyone missed me. Prognosis is he’ll recover. A good reminder of how fast things can change, and how lucky we all are for those who are there to help when we need it and for those who love us, keep showing up no matter what.

5. My tiny family. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They make everything better.

Bonus joy: another amazing massage from Dana, a cold glass of clean water, the laundry being done, clean sheets, a warm shower, a long nap, texting with friends, reading, teaching, Pilates, swimming, aqua aerobics, sitting in the sauna, making Eric laugh, pay day, computer glasses, Sam’s amazing PT vet, rain (except that I’m over the gray sky already).

Something Good

1. The Tiny Project Challenge from Alexandra Franzen.

2. A Drive, a Dog, and a Question from Jena Schwartz. Also from Jena, Thoughts on Arriving.

3. What Trauma Feels Like—Then and Now from Carrie Lamanna. “Rather than add my political and social analysis to the pile of others, I decided to tell my story of how the trauma of sexual assault feels in the mind and in the body. How it can make some details bright and clear and obscure others—then and now. How the memory can return, unannounced and uninvited, and make you relive what you have tried so hard to forget. How it never goes away, but lives in your muscles and bones.”

4. #WhyIDidntReport, a powerful Twitter thread.

5. 8 Signs Your Yoga Practice Is Culturally Appropriated – And Why It Matters. I’m pretty sure I already shared this, but it came up again this week, and it’s worth sharing again.

6. Kombucha With A Side Of Fat Shaming.

7. I vow not to burn out. This is one of my favorite articles from this past year, in which “Mushim Ikeda says it’s not enough to help others. You have to take care of yourself too.” And, this:

When I get desperate, which is pretty often, I ask myself how to not be overwhelmed by despair or cynicism. For my own sake, for my family, and for my sangha, I need to vow to not burn out. And I ask others to vow similarly so they’ll be around when I need them for support. In fact, I’ve formulated a “Great Vow for Mindful Activists”:

Aware of suffering and injustice, I, _________, am working to create a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. I promise, for the benefit of all, to practice self-care, mindfulness, healing, and joy. I vow to not burn out.

8. How to Be a Bodhisattva.

9. White people are still raised to be racially illiterate. “If we don’t recognize the system, our inaction will uphold it. The question is not whether I have been shaped by and participate in the forces of racism, it’s how I’ve been shaped by them.”

10. Photos of Humans and Dogs Who Look Strangely Alike.

11. While I was doing them, I had no idea, a great quote from Neil Gaiman shared on A Design So Vast.

12. Wealthy L.A. Schools’ Vaccination Rates Are as Low as South Sudan’s. “Hollywood parents say not vaccinating makes ‘instinctive’ sense. Now their kids have whooping cough.”

13. Stop body shaming Jameela Jamil, and the rest of us. (video)

14. Death threats and doxxing: That’s what Christine Ford, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, is going through. (video)

15. 2 Native American Teens Were Reported to Police for Joining a Campus Tour. Now We’re Stepping In. from the ACLU. Have I mentioned lately I’m quitting my job at CSU?

16. Wisconsin Assembly Candidate Had Police Called on Her for Campaigning While Black. In related news, Police were called on this Black candidate while he was knocking on doors to campaign. (video)

17. Trump admin moves $260M from cancer research, HIV/AIDS and other programs to cover custody of immigrant children costs.

18. Colin Kaepernick To Receive One Of Harvard University’s Highest Honors.

19. Man Who Strangled Woman Unconscious Won’t Serve Jail Time Because Judge Thinks It Won’t Happen Again.

20. Footage shows a Walmart employee’s Islamophobic rant after a Muslim customer asked to use a changing room. (video)

21. When you hear this 13-year-old sing, you’ll know why she got a FOUR-CHAIR TURN. (video)

22. Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong. “For decades, the medical community has ignored mountains of evidence to wage a cruel and futile war on fat people, poisoning public perception and ruining millions of lives. It’s time for a new paradigm.” P.S. Save yourself the heartache and DO NOT read the comments section.

23. The Botham Jean shooting exposes a major problem with discussions of police and black victims. In related news, Nine People Who Protested Botham Jean’s Death Have Been In Jail Longer Than The Officer Who Killed Him.

24. ‘It’s Just Draining’: 14-Year Employee of University Gets Cops Called on Him for Looking ‘Agitated.’

25. A Home DNA Test Told This Man He Was 4 Percent Black. Now, He’s Demanding To Be Recognized As A Minority Business Owner. He might have tested 4%, but he acts 100% privileged whyte male.

26. Supreme Court nominee faces sexual assault allegation. A collection of reporting from CNN. In related news, Ford is accusing Kavanaugh of a violent crime, not “sexual misconduct” and GOP woman on Kavanaugh allegations: ‘What boy hasn’t done this in high school?’ and Senate Democrats Investigate a New Allegation of Sexual Misconduct, from Brett Kavanaugh’s College Years.

27. This veteran struggling with PTSD shared a heartfelt voicemail that Beto O’Rourke left for her to show the country his true character. (video)

28. ‘Survivor’ The Kitten Flees Hurricane Florence Floodwater Clinging To Man’s Neck.

29. Disrupting Systemic Whiteness in the Mindfulness Movement. “A Q&A with Dr. Angela Rose Black on the omission of the voices and wisdom of people of color in mindfulness research, teaching, and practice.”

30. Here’s Proof That Don Jr. Is Just As Vile As His Dad, as if any of us needed proof.

31. 13 Problems Only Highly Sensitive Introverts Will Understand.

32. Kevin Hart is terrified of Robert Irwin’s animals. (video)

33. Cat sees his owner who died years ago and can’t hold it in when he sees the video. (video)