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Something Good


So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Staying on Mission from Chookooloonks, a really great post about why and how you write a mission statement.

2. On the precipice from Rita’s Notebook. Rita’s honesty about the difficulty of being a writer, a mother, a human, is always so comforting to me, and that’s no different with this post.

3. A Mini-Guide to Not Being Frustrated All the Time from Zen Habits. I love how Leo is able to distill the most complicated practices into a set of easy to understand and follow steps. In related news, How to Handle the Difficult Times.

4. Separating “Health” and “Weight” for Binge-Eating Recovery from Isabel Foxen Duke. Such an important post. It distills something I’ve been trying to figure out how to say into a simple, short post.

5. Truthbomb from Danielle LaPorte, “So much is because of you.” Think about it, let this one really sink in.

6. I Recorded the Racist Things People Did to Me For 2 Weeks – And Here’s the Result. *sigh*

7. Fancy Juice Doesn’t Cleanse the Body of Toxins. TL;DR: “Misconception: Juice cleansing can remove toxins from your system. Actually: To say that drinking juice detoxifies the body isn’t quite the same as claiming leeches suck out poisons, but it’s fairly close.”

8. Good Things To Read (And Watch) In Remembrance Of Prince. It’s just so sad… Two that was left off the list, Watch how “Hamilton” and “The Color Purple” honored Prince last night and try not to cry, and Prince’s First Television Appearance on NBC’s Midnight Special, (that outfit!), and Prince’s Hair Styles From 1978 To 2013.

9. 10 Great Reasons NOT to Copy Cesar Millan. When the research doesn’t support something, we need to stop doing it, and if this is your profession (dog training), you MUST stay current with the research. When we know better, we have to do better.

10. Loving Yourself some great tips from Sarah K Peck.

11. The most important thing I have ever written from Coach Taylor Simon. It’s also one of the most important things I’ve ever read.

12. Little Girl Gives Her Hero Garbage Man A Cupcake, Melts All Our Hearts. “All of 3-year-old Brooklyn’s dreams came true when she met Delvar Dopson on her birthday.” Best garbage man, e v e r.

13. Security FORCES Gay Female Out Of Bathroom, a heartbreaking video. Dear humans, stop being so dumb.

14. This rescued bear couldn’t be any happier splashing around in his new home. So sweet, so sad.

15. The Limitless Living Course from the amazing Caroline Leon. FREE. “Each week for eight weeks you’ll receive an email from me giving you access to that week’s lesson, each lesson contains an outline of a principle, resources to deepen your understanding and actions to take that will help you to progress towards a life without limits and a life that you love.”

16. 14 Perfect Responses To People Who Want Harriet Tubman To Smile. “Apparently women can’t ever escape commentary on their facial expressions — even when they’ve been dead for more than a century.”

17. Hayao Miyazaki on the female protagonists in his movies. If you haven’t seen any of his movies yet, please go, find one, watch it, and you can thank me later.

18. My year on Match.com from Anne Lamott. “I’d done so many scary things in my life, but this might be the scariest. At the age of 58, I joined a dating site.”

19. There’s almost nothing better than a donkey in a hammock.

20. How to Make Aprons From Shirts. I love aprons, even though I hardly ever wear them, and this projects looks like something even I could do.

21. Michelle Bridges Can … Meet Me and We Don’t Have To Earn Body Love from Dances with Fat. I’m just gonna say it: Ragen Chastain is one of the most brilliant people and she’s posting some of the most important things.

22. The Thing Is, a beautiful poem by Ellen Bass shared on A Design So Vast.

23. It’s amazing I ever get anything done. This is my exact relationship with The Internet. Luckily, because of me (and The Internet), you get this great list of stuff every week.

24. Be the lighthouse, encouragement from Alexandra Franzen. “If you want to be ‘successful,’ ‘respected,’ ‘sought-after,’ insert-desirable-quality-here… Operate like the world is already listening…Sooner or later, the people who need what you’re writing, saying, baking, making, or delivering will arrive – gathering to bask in your light.” And as someone who has spent a lot of time basking in her particular light, I loved this post from Alexandra, A chronology of my life as a professional writer.

25. 6 Insanely Popular Ways to Waste a Life from Marc and Angel Hack Life. Guilty as charged.

26. Lessons From 40: Four Decades Of Dumb Stuff I Learned from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds. He really is one of the smartest funniest dirtiest writers, so this list is worth a read.

27. Slow and steady keeps me sane, wisdom from Jamie Greenwood. I absolutely love what she has to say about opting out.

28. Recipes I want to try: Caramelized Brown Sugar Cinnamon Grilled Pineapple and Broccoli Apple Salad.

29. How to be an Overnight Success (in Just Eight Short Years) from the amazing Amy McCracken. I am totally voting for her project, and you should too!

Something Good

Geese over the Poudre River, image by Eric

Geese over the Poudre River, image by Eric

So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Homeless Dog Found In Garbage Becomes A Lion He Deserves To Be. I love these pictures so much. He looks silly and regal all at the same time.

2. Writers: When In Doubt, WWYL. As always, great advice from Terrible Minds.

3. A new museum offers a rebuke — and an antidote — to our sanitized history of slavery from Smithsonian.com. I really want to go to this museum some day. “You have to go inside. When you walk in that space, you can’t deny what happened to these people. You can feel it, touch it, smell it.”

4. A call to action: your fat friend is going it alone. This is an issue that matters so much to me. “Please, dear friend, do something now. Say something to affirm a fat person. Post something on facebook. Break the isolation. Go out on a limb. Feel the way it sways and cracks beneath you. Remember that some of us feel that unsettling sway every day.”

5. Down with Diet Books. “Diet books are full of lies. But they’re even worse when doctors write them.”

6. Man escorted from easyJet flight after passenger said she did not feel safe. Ragen Chastain posted a link to this with the best caption, “Fuck this bullshit. If you have a problem flying with people because of your racism, YOU get off the plane.” Word.

7. The Fashion Industry’s Warped Perspective of Plus-Size Women. This was posted in the student run newspaper at the university where I work, and it made me so happy to see it there.

8. The Voyeur’s Motel from the New Yorker. “Gerald Foos bought a motel in order to watch his guests having sex. He saw a lot more than that.” So fascinating. So creepy.

9. In Bloom, a great free offering from one of my favorite teachers, Adreanna Limbach. “14 Days of Meditation devoted to dropping our defenses and opening up our senses. hearts. and minds. Farewell, Hibernation. Welcome to IN BLOOM.” Begins April 22.

10. Good stuff from Jena Schwartz, All of This and We Encourage You to Submit Your Ego Again.

11. The Protagonist from Rachel Cole, such an important reminder — “You are not the bad guy in the story of your life. You have always always always been trying to survive.” In related news, Career Hungers Conversation and Q&A, a really great free offering from Rachel and Laura Simms, who are putting together a program to support you in your pursuit of more fulfilling work. Even if you can’t make the live call on April 20, I strongly recommend signing up to get the recording. These women are individually amazing, but together they combine into a super nova.

12. Miniature Treehouse Sculptures Built Around Houseplants by Jedediah Voltz. Super cute.

13. Follow Us Home Campaign from Animal House Rescue & Grooming. This is where we got our Sam, and many friends have also found their furry friends there. Right now, they are just down the road from us, but this new facility would allow them to do so much more good work.

14. Skipping Lorikeet: The Rain Dance Parrot. He is so adorable.

15. Burglar Breaks Into Fast Food Restaurant, Surprises Police With What He Does Inside. *Spoiler alert* he made himself a burger. I totally understand this kind of hungry.

16. The Best of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. With a few exceptions, James Corden is my favorite part of this series. There’s just something about people in a car singing along to the radio that makes me so happy and bonus: these people sound good.

17. Recipes I want to try: Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Garlic, and Homemade Pop Tarts.

18. 25+ Smiling Animals That Will Instantly Make You Smile. Try it. I dare you.

19. Accomplishments, a hilarious cartoon from Sarah Andersen. Funny because it’s so true. Check out the rest of her stuff, she’s amazing.

20. Good Omens, Cheap Seats, and the Memorial from Neil Gaiman. He writes so brilliantly about grief. This is one of my favorite posts ever from him on the subject, The Power of the Dog. Cabal (2003-2013).

21. Heart and Brain cartoons from The Awkward Yeti, so good! For example this one, (which got me through my work day Friday),


22. 12 insanely CUTE baby animals that fit right in the palm of your hand, one of the best photosets ever on Facebook.

23. This Facebook post that quickly went viral. My favorite part was this, “Let’s start a movement peeps, let’s end predatory marketing practices that sell self-loathing to women from cradle to grave. Women have more important things to do in 2016 than spend a single other minute worried about our wrinkles or the acceptability of our thighs.” Amen.

24. Five ways coffee makes you live longer and happier—yay coffee! I don’t drink coffee anymore but my husband does, so he’s always sending me these kind of links.

25. Do something cool, great advice from Alexandra Franzen.

26. It’s True: Body Positivity Isn’t An Excuse To Be Unhealthy from Dances with Fat. “Health is not an obligation, barometer of worthiness, entirely within our control, or guaranteed under any circumstances.” I’m so glad that Ragen does what she does, writing the things I want to say so that all I have to do is share the link.

27. Octopus slips out of aquarium tank, crawls across floor, escapes down pipe to ocean. This story blows my mind.

Something Good

One of my favorite trees

One of my favorite trees

So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Man offers free hugs at Sanders and Trump rallies and gets shockingly different responses. If you are interested, here’s an extended version. Im all for more hugs and less yelling.

2. This dog and duck grew up together, and them playing is one of the most awkward, cutest things ever. And in related news, Duck pals: A girl and her duck.

3. This gif of what overthinking looks like is hilarious, because it’s so accurate.

4. A birdbath for hummingbirds. The only way I’ll stop watching this video is if someone makes me one of my own.

5. Limited Edition Memorial Bracelet: Feeds 22 Shelter Dogs in Honor of Your Beloved Pup from I Love Dogs. What a great idea. They also sell a 2-Pack “My Pet Is Home Alone” Wallet Cards, which is a brilliant idea.

6. The feminist cupcake sale that led to death and rape threats. “It started with male students upset they’d have to pay the full $1 for a cake … and ended with the realisation we still desperately need feminism in the 21st century.” Word.

7. Recipes I want to try: potato pizza, even better, and fresh spinach pasta, and artichoke gratin toasts — all from Smitten Kitchen, quickly becoming one of my favorite recipe sites. Also, Zucchini Lasagna. And for dessert, Lemon Gelato and this GIANT Peanut Butter Cup which I am still having trouble believing is even real. And if you don’t like any of those, maybe try this, Please eat the dandelions: 9 edible garden weeds.

8. In one letter, a teacher sums up what test scores can’t. This is so sweet. What lucky kids.

9. A photographic documentary of Fukushima, what it looks like now, an amazing set of images and story from photographer Arkadiusz Podniesinski. In related news, this video of The Guardian Of Fukushima’s Animals. I can’t even imagine having to leave my animals behind in such a disaster, and would be so grateful to this man for going back, for taking care of them for me, for us.

10. Photographer Reveals How Much Online Images Are Photoshopped (13+ pics). Fascinating.

11. A Writer’s Rules for Meditation. “Best-selling author Natalie Goldberg has been practicing meditation for nearly half a century. Here are her four rules for making meditation a regular part of your life.” In related news, Buddhism and meditation for beginners — a Lion’s Roar guide.

12. A 150-Year-Old Porcelain Warehouse in Japan Opens for Daily ‘Treasure Hunts’ for Just $45. I want to go to there.

13. You’re a Fucking Miracle, wisdom from Meg Worden. The first part of this post is worth printing out and taping to the fridge, where all the best things go.

14. An Open Letter To Tiny House Hunters on Terrible Minds. I just got done watching the series Chuck is referring to, and as he always does, he had me fighting for breath I was laughing so hard at what he wrote about it.

15. My first Weight Watchers — on being groomed for disordered eating. This post comes with one of the best opening set of lines ever, “I still can’t eat defrosted peppers. They taste like sadness.”

16. Family Leaves Husky For 3 Hours, Dog Redesigns The Apartment. What a disaster…

17. The Difference between Practicing Yoga Postures and Having a Yoga Practice. “There are many people doing yoga poses today, but there are far less people who have a yoga practice.” An important clarification.

18. Being tired isn’t a badge of honor. Word.

19. My wife surprised her coworkers when she came out as trans. Then they surprised her. “It’s a lot of energy to judge people, you know. It’s way more fun to celebrate and support them for who they are.”

20. The Joy of Doing Less: 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Time. It’s worth a try.

21. 152 Minutes With … Julia Cameron. “The author of The Artist’s Way has been unlocking our inner creative spirits for more than two decades, not to get too woo-woo about it.” I am forever in debt to Julia Cameron for her morning pages practice.

22. American Eagle Thinks Body Positivity is a Joke. The fact that any of the models involved in this weren’t told it was a joke is just awful. Yet another example of why I don’t like April Fool’s Day, or most pranks.

22. 21 Timeless Strategies to Lower Your Daily Stress from Marc and Angel Hack Life. I’ll take all the help I can get, whatever tips there are for lowering my daily stress.

Something Good

damnsunflowersSo glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Good, important, wise stuff from Patti Digh: I will not be quiet. I am intolerant of your intolerance., and Strong Offer Friday: How to do anything in 11 steps, and This looks really hard. Is there anything I can do to help you?, and the widow maker. Seriously, since her heart attack, every single thing Patti has written has been amazing. Go read these. Read them all.

2. Photographing a Donald Trump Rally — St. Louis, MO. A really great set of pictures, and this: “I learned a lot the day of the Trump rally. I saw the danger from power grown in fear, hate, and ignorance, and how it affects people from all generations. But I also saw the strength of people, who chose to share space and were faced with hate, and did not waver from their mission to show those were not the values that defined their city.”

3. In related news, Trump’s Top Strategist Just Quit And Wrote This Brutal Open Letter To Trump Voters. Oh, snap!

4. Solitude and Solidarity: Creative Artists Need ’Em Both. “But there is a big difference between solitude and isolation. To balance long stretches of unbroken solitude, an artist, especially a developing one, needs like-minded others, people who understand the passion and process of a creative person and who support his efforts, who welcome him when he finally does come out from behind the closed door.” Word.

5. Be a human online. “Empathy isn’t a money maker. It’s not a productivity tip. It’s not a life-hack. It’s a basic requirement for being a decent human being.”

6. Sex And ‘An African City’: A Steamy Ghanaian Show You Don’t Want To Miss. “Imagine Sex and the City, but instead of New York City, the action takes place in Accra, Ghana.” While you are at it, this looks really good too: “What happens when a woman who has been incarcerated most of her adult life is released from prison and must confront her troubled past? Watch SUGAR, a PBS Indies digital series, online now.

7. What Matters Most? Let’s Do That. Just That. from Meg Worden, which includes this good news, “For the record, you are also doing enough. Probably more than enough.”

8. Fuck Your Shit Up With This Ham Tetrazzini, AKA, “Hamtrazzini” from Terrible Minds. I don’t really care about the recipe, but how he introduces its origins is hilarious.

9. Recipes I would like to try: Pistachio-Lemon Bars, and 22 Amazing Asparagus Recipes, and Rhubarb Raspberry Cobbler With Cornmeal Biscuits, and Spinach and Chickpea Spoon Fritters, and 5-Ingredient Zucchini Fritters, and Bouddha bowl, and Chickpea And Black Bean Salad, and Spring Onion Frittata.

10. On the good old days, and being extraordinary from Karen Walrond, in which you get the good news and the bad news.

11. Weight, a really great guest post on The Manifest-Station, a terrible but tender story. In related news, On your concern for your fat friend’s health.

12. Making Food Feel Safe Again with an Eating Disorder Cookbook. “For those who struggle with eating disorders, learning how to enjoy food again can be an emotional and painful process. A new cookbook, edited and written by people in recovery, aims to help with the journey.”

13. Today I found myself the subject of an Internet meme. Not for the first time. A powerful, important post from Wentworth Miller. And in related news, from Dances with Fat, Wentworth Miller’s Fat Shaming Apology Falls Short.

14. Roundtable: Susan Piver & Lodro Rinzler – Part 1 from The Good Life Project. Three of my favorite teachers having a really interesting conversation.

15. How I Got Published in The Sun. “Getting an acceptance from The Sun was about more than writing and submitting that one essay. It took years of developing my writing and gaining not only hard-earned confidence in my work, but also a true familiarity with the magazine itself. In this case, that advice every other writer has heard so many times really is true: Know the market you’re submitting to, and submit your strongest work.” Word.

16. Kids On, a super cute series where Dave Keystone seeks real world advice on love and dating from candid kids.

17. This 37-tweet story explains the barriers faced by black coding students. “What should have been a simple visit to a cash a check turned into a troubling experience for one black coding student.”

18. Jimmy Fallon Got Parents To Share The Weirdest Things Their Kids Have Done. So funny. And in related news, 20+ Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Every Parent Can Relate To.

19. This NSFW Photo Series Is Allowing People to Love Their Bodies Again. What’s so important about projects like these is that the naked bodies we typically see and measure ourselves against are from a media committed to presenting the most unrealistic version of human bodies possible.

20. She gave up her corporate job to save these rescue dogs. My only issue with this video is that they gloss over the fact that she HAD to work that corporate job first in order to afford to be able to quit and do this instead.

21. When an Indiana eighth-grader was asked about BMI in class, she took her teacher to school. I love this so much, that she stuck up for herself and she’s so right.

22. A dog with a job, returning lost items to airline passengers, and looks so happy doing it.

23. How the beauty industry convinced women to shave their legs. And in related news, An Open Letter To the Three Women Who Were Pointing and Laughing At My Hairy Legs on the Subway. Bottom line: we should be able to shave if we want to, but shouldn’t be shamed if we choose not to.

24. Wise Body, Wise Hungers: Yoga and Coming Home to Your Desires, an amazing retreat offered by two of my favorite teachers.

25. How I became homeless. “One mistake (not mine), and I’m inside a nightmare. Three kids, no house and too many nights on borrowed mattresses.” So many people are one bad choice, one accident, just the tiniest bit of bad luck away from the same.

26. What I Learned From Seeing Mike Birbiglia’s ‘Thank God For Jokes’ Three Times. Still one of my favorite shows of all time.

27. More powerful than you know from Seth Godin, who suggests that “we live in a moment where each of us has the power of influence.”

28. The Roar Sessions: Maya Stein + Amy Tingle, from Jena Schwartz — two of my favorite poets hosted by another of my favorite poets.

29. Fear Is Why We Have Too Much Stuff from Zen Habits. Ugh, so right…

30. Instagram and the Cult of the Attention Web: How the Free Internet is Eating Itself. “Our current version of the internet lives and breaths off a currency of human attention…In exchange for a ‘free’ web, we give you our time. Unfortunately, this structure is unsustainable and is compromising both our experience of the web and the quality of the things we consume.”

31. How to pick a good nutritionist, therapist, or other wellness professional, really great advice from Isabel Foxen Duke.

32. Six Stretches for People Who Sit at Desks. If you are sitting reading this list, stop now and try these. You’re welcome.

Something Good

From our morning walk, #nofilter, it really was that blue

From our morning walk, #nofilter, it really was that blue

So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Registration for the next round of Wild Writing with Laurie Wagner just opened. This time it’s a shorter session, only four weeks, and after this classes won’t start up again until the fall, so if you’ve wanted to try it this is a great opportunity. It truly is a magic, transformative practice, and Laurie is an amazing teacher.

2. A new video from attn, “In reality, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type portrayed in American media.”

3. Can Puppies Fix Boredom?, a new video from Soul Pancake. “SoulPancake and Purina Dog Chow teamed up to share the #PowerofPuppies at a preschool, retirement home, and gym to transform an otherwise ordinary day.” I wish this happened every day.

4. An incredibly rare Ili Pika rabbit has been photographed for the first time in 20 years. And he’s seriously cute.

5. April Love with Susannah Conway. “Join us in April for a month of self-care and kindness with my (completely free) April Love 2016 challenge … 30 prompts inviting you to write — or photograph or draw or collage — a love letter every day in April … To practice love, kindness, honesty and probably a smidge of vulnerability, too. To find gratitude for what we have, where we’ve been and where we’re going.” Susannah’s challenges are always my favorite.

6. 8 People Were Given $100. Here’s How Differently They Spent It. This is fascinating, and made me super curious about my own grocery shopping habits, and how they’ve changed over the years.

7. Marie Kondo and the Privilege of Clutter. “The Japanese author’s guide to ‘tidying up’ promises joy in a minimalist life. For many, though, particularly the children of refugees and other immigrants, it may not be so simple.” A really interesting perspective.

8. Alternative Meditation Positions for Your Best Seat, “Five expert-recommended postures to get the most out of your meditation practice.”

9. Working From Home Vs. Working In An Office from The Onion. And in related news, Why working at home is both awesome and horrible from The Oatmeal.

10. How To Hide Desk Cords, a clever hack for hiding the clutter under your desk.

11. Batman V Superman – Sad Affleck. Ben Affleck reacts to negative reviews for Batman v Superman. Poor Ben.

12. Roasted Asparagus and Scallion Quiche recipe. Sounds delicious.

13. Ebola, Ruthless to Families, Leaves Liberian Man Alive and Alone. Such a sad story, and not the only one related to this issue.

14. Study demonstrates possibility of simultaneous improvement in all mental, physical functions. This is really interesting, and seems to be true in my own experience — when I think about the changes I’ve undergone in the past decade, I can’t identify a single thing that enabled the shift, rather it’s a collection of things working together. And yet, what worries me about the study is that when you look at the “how,” it’s hard to imagine most of us being able to commit so much time and effort. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds wonderful — I’m just not sure how workable it would be for most people.

In the study, 31 college students were recruited for an intensive lifestyle change program; 15 participated in the intervention and 16 were in the waitlist control group. Those in the intervention put in five hours a day each weekday for six weeks. They did 2.5 hours of physical exercise (including yoga and Pilates), one hour of mindfulness practice and 1.5 hours of lecture or discussion on topics such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, compassion, relationships or well being. The were advised to limit alcohol consumption to one drink a day, eat a diet of mostly whole foods and sleep 8-10 hours a day.

15. Guy Poses As A Woman On A Dating Site And Learns Just How Gross Dudes Are. “Comedian Sy Thomas wasn’t content to just see second-hand harassment – he wanted to experience it first hand from people who thought he was a woman.” The video at the end is great. And in related news, 27 Of The Funniest Tweets About Tinder Our Interns Could Find.

16. Fascinating Photos from the Secret Trash Collection in a New York Sanitation Garage. “Garbage can be beautiful, if sorted correctly.” In related news, What’s in my 4-year-old’s bag?

17. stripped-back storytelling… from Pia Jane Bijkerk. “Looking back at how I started blogging, what I loved the most about the experience was the rawness, openness and connectivity that developed and I want to find that again.” Yes, this. In related news, 3 reasons why you should show your work from Austin Kleon. And what Rita is doing over on her Notebook also seems related, such as Wednesday words 3.23.16: Home.

18. Good stuff from Tiny Buddha: 5 Ways to Cope with Family Bullies, and Stop Trying to Fix Yourself and Start Enjoying Your Life, and 3 Simple Tests for Finding Your Authentic Self.

19. The Starvation Study That Changed The World. I think I’ve shared this before, but I was reminded of it this week and it’s so important, I wanted to share again.

20. James Tate’s Last Poem. I love this poem as a prompt from some wild writing, a list of things you accomplished and experienced — except that you didn’t really.

21. This is how you write. Some solid advice on the subject.

22. The Top 3 Traits of People Who Do Meaningful Work, wisdom from Laura Simms.

23. Shannon’s Method: Overcome Habit Procrastination on Zen Habits.

24. Wisdom from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, in response to recent events,

When we see terror perpetuated at this massive scale, it is easy to shut down and turn to blame and anger as methods for dealing with our pain. Instead, I invite you to join me in remaining open-hearted, and practicing for all of the victims, their families, and everyone who is affected by this tragedy which, given our interdependence, is simply everyone. We are all in this society together. Let us rouse our strong hearts and learn to overcome terror with kindness and bravery.

25. In related news, and in response to the same, wisdom from Lodro Rinzler, “My heart is broken, yes. But being broken-hearted is not a bad thing. It means we care. Our hearts are resilient and can accommodate pain, loss, and even terror. Let’s remain open-hearted and practice together.”

26. Reduce Decision Fatigue. Renew Your Willpower. Wisdom from Meg Worden. “The world we live in is actually designed to make us want. And a culture that cultivates such longing, isolation, and fear is legitimately exhausting.”

27. This Company Develops Edible Eating Utensils. Can’t imagine what they’d actually taste like, but this seems like a great idea. Compostable plastic-like packaging is the next thing someone needs to work on.

28. 7 Things to Do When You Just Don’t Know What to Do, wisdom from Jamie Ridler.

29. Writing the Stepping Stone: Why You Haven’t Written Your Book Yet.

30. The War On “Obesity” is Seriously Harming Kids, an important read from Dances with Fat.

31. People told Jim Cochran that no one cared about healthy food and healthy workers, he decided to prove them wrong. More of this, please.

32. Solitude: A Reprieve from the Noise of Doing. Just reading this felt like a tiny vacation.

33. How Walking Fosters Creativity: Stanford Researchers Confirm What Philosophers and Writers Have Always Known. “Going for a walk, contemporary research confirms—a mundane activity far too easily taken for granted—may be one of the most salutary means of achieving states of enlightenment, literary, philosophical, or otherwise, whether we roam through ancient forests, over the Alps, or to the corner store.”

Something Good

The contradiction of a Colorado spring: flowers blooming and snow falling, (image by Colorado State University).

The contradiction of a Colorado spring: flowers blooming and snow falling, (image by Colorado State University).

So great to be partnering with Wanderlust to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Start Here Now: An Online Course on the Path and Practice of Meditation. Taught by New York Times best-selling author Susan Piver, my meditation teacher and friend. The course begins on March 22, and there is still time to sign up. If you don’t want to take a course but are looking for a place to start, I highly recommend her book of the same title or signing up for her Open Heart Project.

2. How to make a T-shirt into a Bag With out Sewing. This is brilliant, and so easy. I almost got rid of one of my favorite t-shirts because I wasn’t wearing it anymore, but now I’m going to turn it into a bag!

3. A dad lies to his daughter every single day. Now watch her find out… and love him even more for it. I don’t really understand what this commercial is for, I just know it wrecked me, in the best possible way.

4. Comedian/Yogi explains why YOGA is hard & HILARIOUS! *gigglesnort*

5. We can’t fix economic inequality without addressing racism.

6. The Bulletproof Diet is everything wrong with eating in America. #preach

7. Obama confronts heckler at immigration reform rally. This is how you do it.

8. The sweetest thing. Schooch over, I want in the circle!

9. An Open Letter to Donald Trump from Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, which is now the most shared post in the history of Facebook.

10. There’s Nothing Left to Do, Seek or Fix—The Quote that Brought it all Home. As a yoga practitioner, as a teacher, as a human, this makes so much sense to me.

11. While waiting for perfect, wisdom from Seth Godin, on why waiting is such a bad idea and what to do instead.

12. Confessions of a Failed Self-Help Guru. “I traveled around the country telling strangers how to balance their workloads and better their lives—until I learned the hard way that the people offering to solve your problems are often the ones who need help the most.” (Shared by Meg Worden on her weekly list).

13. Things Organized Neatly. It’s really that simple. And in related news, A Former Janitor Collects and Photographs the Items Seized from Immigrants and Thrown Away By U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

14. Travel Expectations Vs Reality (20+ Pics). Make sure to read the comments, as it turns out some of the images used aren’t exactly accurate, but it’s still fascinating.

15. Keith Broke His Leg, an original web series. Keith Powell followed me on Twitter last week, and when I followed him back, he sent me a message about his web series. Even though I know it was an automated, copy/paste sort of message in hopes of getting the word out about his show, I loved him on 30 Rock, so found the show, and proceeded to watch every episode. It’s smart and funny and has a great cast, (see what I did there, wink wink). Afterwards, I sent him a reply to his original message, telling him how much I loved the show, and that I was going to tell you all about it. In related news, the trailer for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 has arrived.

16. Male Commentators Tell A Winning Clinton To ‘Smile.’

17. Is blogging dead? from Susannah Conway.

18. Wisdom from Pema Chödrön,

Meditation is about seeing clearly the body that we have, the mind that we have, the domestic situation that we have, the job that we have, and the people who are in our lives. It’s about seeing how we react to all these things. It’s seeing our emotions and thoughts just as they are right now, in this very moment, in this very room, on this very seat. It’s about not trying to make them go away, not trying to become better than we are, but just seeing clearly with precision and gentleness.

19. Fear is boring, and other tips for living a creative life, an older post of advice from Elizabeth Gilbert, but still worth a read.

20. The world’s first website went online 25 years ago today. And because of it, so much has changed.

21. Participation Optional from Rachel Cole. “Bottom line: you’re free. You can say ‘No’ and ‘No Thank You’ and ‘No Fucking Way.'”

Something Good


My favorite tree in our neighborhood

So great to be partnering with Wanderlust to share this list with a larger audience.

1. There’s Nothing Left to Do, Seek or Fix—The Quote that Brought it all Home. This piece by Alexa Torontow does such a good job of summing up what yoga is, what practice is, and the importance of self-compassion through all of it. “Awareness and mindfulness are one thing. But to truly and honestly show up for ourselves like we would our best friend — with that level and quality of compassion — is absolutely vital for this journey.”

2. If You Acted Like Kanye At The Office. Love this! #workgoals

3. Do not scroll past this picture, a really great post about what it’s like to attend a Trump rally.

4. How To Meditate from The Onion. *gigglesnort*

5. Wisdom from Elizabeth Gilbert,

The women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.

6. She’s 22, from rural Zimbabwe, and a mogul in the making.

7. 10 talks by women that everyone should watch. “Color bravery. A headset for brainwaves. His/hers healthcare. 10 big, bold talks from female speakers.”

8. She thought it was only a 24-hour bug. What she really had almost killed her. So scary, but probably worth knowing, adding to the list of possible symptoms.

9. Loving the People You Hate/Donald Trump, an important post from Susan Piver.

10. The Secret to Developing a Regular Writing Habit, some great tips and free support from Jeff Goins.

11. Wolves are fighting for your mind, wisdom from Paul Jarvis’s latest Sunday Dispatch.

12. How to #repost with respect, (link shared on Tammy’s Happy Links list on Rowdy Kittens). The title says it all.

13. Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments, (link shared on Austin Kleon’s weekly newsletter).

14. Embroidered Mushrooms, Animals, and Other Forest Creatures by Emillie Ferris. Beautiful.

15. Cheer someone up today with these 14 joyful pictures of Death Valley’s superbloom.

16. To the Strangers in Whole Foods Who Surrounded Me After News of My Father’s Suicide. As Ram Dass said, we are all just “walking each other home.”

17. 10 Blunt Truths about becoming a Meditation Teacher from Lodro Rinzler, one of my meditation teachers.

18. Rejected by Oprah from The Bloggess, her hilarious perspective on social media etiquette.

19. Recipes I want to try: Spicy, Peanutty Udon with Kale, and Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl, and Salt and Pepper Caramel Brownies.

20. Setting Her Down, on learning to let go.

21. #40daysoflight: journaling, a primer, a really great post from a journaling master Karen Walrond, “my philosophy on journaling, and how you can get started if you’ve always wanted to journal, but were afraid to try.”

22. New Rules of Engagement on Rita’s Notebook, an important read during this particular political season.

23. The Magic of Being Broken, “Kintsugi: embracing imperfection.”

24. This man incubated supermarket eggs and got a baby quail (video).

25. Penguin swims 5,000 miles every year for reunion with the man who saved his life, one of the sweetest “unlikely friends” stories I’ve ever seen. “I think the penguin believes Joao is part of his family and probably a penguin as well.”

26. Fuck changing yourself. Word.

27. Wisdom from Pema Chödrön,

In the present moment we can always realize that the ground is to develop loving-kindness toward ourselves. As adults, we can begin to cultivate a sense of loving-kindness for ourselves—by ourselves, for ourselves. The whole process of meditation is one of creating that good ground, that cradle of loving-kindness where we actually are nurtured. What’s being nurtured is our confidence in our own wisdom, our own health, and our own courage, our own goodheartedness. We develop some sense that the way we are — the kind of personality that we have and the way we express life — is good, and that by being who we are completely and by totally accepting that and having respect for ourselves, we are standing on the ground of warriorship.

28. What I Know About America After Getting Thrown Out Of A Trump Rally.

29. Eulogy for a friend, a beautiful tribute from Patti Digh for Laurie Foley.

30. The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week. This whole series is one of my favorite things.