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Something Good

1. And it bends toward justice from Seth Godin. “Our culture is the result of a trillion tiny acts, taken by billions of people, every day. Each of them can seem insignificant, but all of them add up, one way or the other, to the change we each live through.”

2. In Celebration of Armchair Activism on Dances with Fat. Also from Dances with Fat, Comebacks To Shut Down Fatphobia – Part One.

3. making light in the dark on Chookooloonks, in which Karen Walrond asks, “Anyway, I was wondering: when you’re working toward something good — whether it’s raising good children, or fighting against an injustice or fighting for justice — what are ways that you do to keep joy close at hand?”

4. How to Survive the End of the World: It’s Hard Out Here for a Prophet, (podcast) featuring Rev. angel Kyodo williams and Lama Rod Owens discussing how going inward helps us transform the world.

5. Life is Tough. Here Are Six Ways to Deal With It on Lion’s Roar. “An ancient set of Buddhist slogans offers us six powerful techniques to transform life’s difficulties into awakening and benefit. Zen teacher Norman Fischer guides us through them.” In related news and also on Lion’s Roar, 5 Questions That Help Us Wake Up. “Trying to push away our emotional distress can throw us into ‘cognitive shock’ that turns our mind into a muddle. Ezra Bayda shares five simple questions to help us cut though confusion.”

6. One method of writing from Austin Kleon. Also from Austin, The Hawk (a comics diary).

7. 6 Tips for Surviving Anxiety as an Introvert.

8. Birthday self portraits. “A few years ago, I started taking self portraits on my birthday—as many self portraits as my age that day. This Thursday I took 52 self portraits on the occasion of my birthday.”

9. Ten Years After Howard Zinn’s Death — Lessons from the People’s Historian.

10. Obama Called Trump a ‘Fascist’ on Phone Call During Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Run for The White House. He was not wrong.

11. Photographer Captures Real-Life “Fairy Forests” in Finland.

12. What’s Your Ailment? “Join host and comedian Maria Bamford as she talks candidly with fellow comedians and artists about their experience with mental health, past or present.” For now, you can watch the first episode for free. I’m hoping they’ll eventually unlock the others, otherwise I might need to subscribe.

13. Administration behaving badly: Trump Revealed the Logo for Space Force and It’s Just the Star Trek Logo, and Trump Administration Cuts Back Federal Protections For Streams And Wetlands, and After Contentious Interview, Pompeo Publicly Accuses NPR Journalist Of Lying To Him.

14. Why Cutting Ties with Toxic Family Members Is an Act of Self-Care.

15. Reading lists! 13 Graphic Novels Feminists Should Read in 2020, and Grade 11 students in Ottawa are ditching Shakespeare for Canada’s Indigenous authors, and 17 Great Books on the Border to Read Instead of ‘American Dirt’. In related news, Latinx Critics Speak Out Against ‘American Dirt’; Jeanine Cummins Responds.

16. 85,000 Pieces From Beloved Chinatown Museum Likely Destroyed in Fire. Such a huge loss.

17. National Archives Replaces Altered Women’s March Photo. “The National Archives apologized after its decision to alter a 2017 Women’s March photo sparked controversy…In an exhibit on the 19th Amendment, the Archives displayed a blurred photo of the 2017 Women’s March in D.C., which took place the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, to obscure four protesters’ signs.”

18. The violence of white feminists relies on the carefully constructed myth of white womanhood’s innocence, purity, and righteousness.

19. “The Goop Lab” Proves Capitalist Takes on Self-Care Aren’t Going Anywhere. In related news, The reviews of Gwyneth Paltrow’s The Goop Lab on Netflix are savage, obviously, and Goop claims Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Netflix show offers ‘tons of scientific proof’.

20. The Racist ICE Detention Center Captain Was Just Fired. We Found 132 More Posts by Him on a Neo-Nazi Site. Not surprised. Seems like the perfect job for such a person. #AbolishICE

21. What We Get Wrong About Minimalism on The New York Times. “It’s not about empty walls or avoiding your phone — it’s about finding beauty in our surroundings, whatever they may look like.”

22. New Podcast Marsha’s Plate Wants to Make Every Black Life Matter. “The show, hosted by three Black trans folks, is doing its part to dismantle White supremacy and patriarchy.”

23. Do Not Move Off The Sidewalk Challenge: Holding Your Space in A White World.

24. “Shrill” Author Lindy West Talks Fat Liberation, Allyship and Donald Trump.

25. 20 of the Coolest Custom VW Camper Vans Ever Built.

26. How to Identify and Cope With Emotional Abuse.

27. Health and Wellness Is About Mental Health, Not Food Intake.

28. How Yoga Helped Me Learn to Love My Body, And Myself. “As a nonbinary and trans person, it’s taken me a lifetime to learn to love my body. Yoga was the last thing I expected to help me get here.”

29. Homeless Moms Evicted From Oakland Home May Return.

30. If Dr. King Was Alive Today, His Facebook Page Would Be Deleted, And He’d Be Censored.

31. He’s not kidding when he says, “Ready for the best Uber ride of your life?” (video)

32. Survivors: Faces of Life After the Holocaust on The New York Times. In related news, 75 Years After Auschwitz Liberation, Survivors Urge World To Remember and Half Of American Adults Aren’t Aware That Six Million Jews Died In The Holocaust, Poll Finds.

33. Portraits on campus lacked diversity, so this artist painted the blue-collar workers who ‘really run things’.

Something Good

Image by Eric, sunrise over the Poudre

1. Lines in the Sand: When the Beach Becomes a Canvas a video from Great Big Story. “Anyone can write their name in the sand, but Jim Denevan uses the beach to create stunning large-scale art. What started as a hobby over 20 years ago has resulted in worldwide recognition, and he’s created masterworks from Russia to Chile to Australia. At the end of the day, though, Jim’s just happy to find a new beach to make his canvas.”

2. Old Man Blogs At Cloud, a great post about blogging from Chuck Wendig on his blog Terrible Minds.

3. Good stuff from Dances with Fat: Stealing from Fat Positivity to Sell Diets – Looking at You “Biggest Loser” and Jillian Michaels Continues To Be A Horrible Human Being, This Time Dragging Lizzo Into It and The Minnesota Starvation Experiment Was Less Strict Than Modern Diets. In related news, Lizzo Issued A NSFW Clapback After Jillian Michaels Commented On Her Health, And I’m Clutching My Pearls.

4. Reading lists: I Read More Than 100 Books in 2019—Here Are the 10 I Recommend and The ZORA Canon: The 100 greatest books ever written by African American women.

5. The Next Generation of Meditation Teachers. “These eight young meditation teachers are so gifted, bringing a unique integrity, open-heartedness and wisdom to their work, that they’ve already earned a strong following.”

6. Grove Collaborative. “Grove started as an idea between three friends talking in a spare bedroom in San Francisco: ‘what if it was easy to find healthier home essentials?’ The belief that what we bring into our homes contributes to that homey, cozy feel prompted them to try to make their idea a reality.”

7. EP52 – The Diet Binge Cycle with Isabel Foxen Duke: Intuitive Bites Podcast.

8. Thanks for coming to my TED talk, an actual TED talk from The Bloggess.

9. advice to your high school self from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks.

10. “Home” by Warsan Shire, (video).

11. 80-Year-Old Tortoise Becomes A First-Time Mom.

12. A letter to…my angry father. “What I do know is that you have never dealt with it, never sought help. Your deep feelings of loss and hurt come out at night, during family dinners, and instead of addressing that trauma, you blame yourself: you hate, you spit and you rage.”

13. A staggering 1 billion animals are now estimated dead in Australia’s fires.

14. She’s 7 and was born intersex. Why her parents elected to let her grow up without surgical intervention.

15. Haut-Relief Portraits of Animals Come Alive in Detailed Paper Sculptures by Calvin Nicholls.

16. ‘Star Trek: Picard’: Patrick Stewart on Why He Returned to the Final Frontier.

17. Here’s How the ‘Health at Every Size’ Movement Made Me a Better Trainer.

18. The Secret We’re Keeping from You. “Listen, your friends are hiding their mental illnesses from you.” In related news, Woman Explains A Lesser Known Symptom Of Depression And People Are Thanking Her.

19. Smirking All the Way to the Bank: Nick Sandmann Settles Lawsuit With CNN. Gross. He needs to divide the money up and compensate all the people he’s bullied and trolled online, because you absolutely know that the suffering he claims to have experienced is nowhere near the suffering he’s caused. In related news, His reaction when asked to name something President Trump has done well…

20. This Husky Picked Out Her Own Kitten To Take Home From Shelter

21. Recipe I want to try: Old Fashioned Buttermilk Sweet Bread.

22. How to Break Your Single-Use Plastics Habit.

23. The Meat-Lover’s Guide to Eating Less Meat on The New York Times. “Reducing your meat and dairy intake can help mitigate climate change. Melissa Clark has ideas for how to do it deliciously.”

24. America Has Never Cared About Sacred Sites. “Trump’s threat to destroy Iranian cultural sites is a dark national tradition, with the desecration of sacred tribal sites offering the blueprint.”

25. I Remain A “Catfish” Queer: On Love, The Midwest, and What We Think We Deserve.

26. Installation Reveals the Metaphoric Power of a Single Book Distorting a Solid Brick Wall.

Something Good

Image by Eric

1. A New Year’s wish from Jena Schwartz from a recent newsletter: “My wish for you in the new year, and for myself, is that we remember the things that bring us back to ourselves, and make space and time for them. I know this sounds simple and sometimes is anything but, so I also wish for you lots of patience, self-forgiveness, and grace…No matter what else, remember to start, keep going, and be good to yourself. Repeat this often, as you will probably get distracted by shiny objects, competing world crises, kids and pets, bosses and bills, the antics of your own monkey mind, and a thousand other things. That’s ok. That’s more than ok. That’s life! And life is here, now, for the living. Let’s not miss it. Just come back to ‘start’ and remember that you are always welcome here. ” Amen.

2. Paul Jarvis’s State of the Union 2020, his most recent Sunday Dispatch where he summarizes his year and looks forward to what comes next. I can’t stop thinking about what he says about “THE FIRE” and his “bottom line” at the end is that weird sort of dark optimism I love so much, giving me something to hold onto, to keep me afloat as the world burns.

3. Good stuff from from Dances with Fat, If You’re Considering Joining a Gym, and Health at Every Size and the Burden of Proof, and What Research Would Prove that Weight Loss Works because this:

To me (understanding that health is not an obligation, barometer of worthiness, or entirely within our control) the research that exists around weight and health made my choice to follow Health at Every Size blatantly obvious. Of course other people are allowed to make different choices for themselves, but if they want to try to convince me – including and especially if they are a healthcare practitioner trying to tell me that weight loss will make me healthier – they’ll need to provide some actual evidence.

Finally, just to be clear, even if there was research that becoming thinner was possible and would lead to greater health, fat people still wouldn’t be obligated to pursue it (just like nobody is forced to get enough sleep if they can, just because it’s shown to improve health,) because fat people have a right to live in fat bodies without shame, stigma, bullying or oppression and it doesn’t matter why we’re fat, or if we could become thin(ner).

4. ‘Yoga With Adriene’ Shares How Yoga Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions. (video) “Kicking off a Start TODAY series to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions, correspondent Harry Smith joins the show to talk about the month-long yoga challenge he’s taking. ‘Yoga with Adriene’ YouTube star Adriene Mishler visits the show to explain what yoga can do for you.”

5. Minimalist Family HOUSE TOUR. (video)

6. Walls of Love provides Cleveland homeless with hope. (video) “Walls of Love founder Holly Jackson of Cleveland, Ohio, collects items for the homeless and displays them on pop-up walls. Having once been left homeless herself after escaping an abusive relationship, Jackson knows firsthand the stigma that comes with asking for help.”

7. 20 Questions that Will Open Your Mind in 2020. These would make great journaling prompts. Another set of great prompts came from Melissa Toler‘s most recent newsletter. They are: “What if you realized that you don’t need to fix anything about yourself? What would you do? How would you feel? Where would you go? Who would have the pleasure of spending time with you? What conversations would you have with your friends? With yourself?”

8. My decade in a zine from Austin Kleon. “I accepted this challenge from Malaka Gharib (author of I Was Their American Dream) on Twitter: ‘december 31st challenge make an 8-page zine about your decade don’t spend more than 20 minutes on it.'” This is a fun idea!

9. Priorities from Seth Godin. “Your boat, your compass.”

10. Write With A Knife To Your Back, The Cliff’s Edge At Your Feet from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds. His yearly new year’s writer’s resolutions are one of my favorite things.

11. 9 Climate Activists of Color You Should Know. “Canadian water protector Autumn Peltier, the indigenous-led Guardians of the Forest, and Zero Hour’s Zeena Abdulkarim are helping lead the youth climate movement.”

12. Here’s how you can help Australia’s bushfire victims. In related news, Australian fires: Everything we know and how you can help, and How To Help Animals In The Australian Wildfires, and How to help victims of Australia’s apocalyptic wildfires, and How to Help Victims of Australia’s Fires on The New York Times.

13. Cello Teacher Calls Out Student’s Mom Who Sent Racist Email Saying Her Son Smelled ‘Ethnic’ After Lessons.

14. Artist turns wood into amazing things. (video) “Watching the process was honestly sort of boring, but the finished products are really cool.”

15. This Korean tattoo artist is helping pet owners show their love. (video) They are SO realistic!

16. Why I’m Not Dieting In 2020, a video from Fat Girl Flow. “#nodiet2020 starts now! Every year for the last 7 or so years Ive re-commited to not dieting for my well being. Do you. I’ll be over here doing me…and here’s why!”

17. Recipes I want to try: Lemon Meltaway Cookies, and White Cake Recipe, and 5 Ways To Make Chickpea Taste Delicious.

18. 6 Ways Growing Up With A Toxic Father Figure Turned Me Into A Stronger Woman.

19. 2020 So Black: 20 Black Films And TV Worth Looking Forward To.

20. These 22 alternatives will let you live a Facebook-free life in 2020.

21. How To Recognize A Fake News Story. “9 helpful tips to stop yourself from sharing false information.”

22. The Next Storm Comes, a New Year’s poem from Rosemerry Trommer.

23. 50 Wonderful Things From 2019.

24. 17 Memoirs Feminists Should Read in 2020.

25. Maria Bamford Melds Speed Dating and Standup Comedy on The New York Times.

26. Couple find novel way to downsize after 45 years in the same house. What a great idea.

Something Good

Lee Martinez Farm, image by Eric

1. Some “What Ifs” For Dealing With Fatphobia In The New Year from Dances with Fat. In related news, How to Deal When Your Friends Go On Diets and New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t Diets, also from Dances with Fat.

2. More book lists! My reading year, 2019 from Austin Kleon and 100 Must Read Books of 2019.

3. CREATE.2020 with Karen Walrond, “a 15-day, self-guided journaling course to help you reflect on the previous year, dream about the new one, and help guide you to actualize your best intentions for 2020.”

4. When Your Expectations of Others is Making You Frustrated from Zen Habits. In related news, Toward peace, from Seth Godin.

5. Journaling Prompts to Relieve Stress: 10 for Morning + 10 for Evening from Be More With Less. Even if you don’t journal, these would work as contemplations too, I suspect.

6. These are the charities where your money will do the most good, a great set of tips and strategies for giving.

7. Artists Photographs 25 Kids From Around The World With What They Eat In One Week.

8. 7 Questions for the New Year.

9. The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received (and Are Willing to Pass On) on The New York Times.

10. I Was A Cable Guy. I Saw The Worst Of America. “A glimpse of the suburban grotesque, featuring Russian mobsters, Fox News rage addicts, a caged man in a sex dungeon, and Dick Cheney.”

11. 20 Tiny Changes You Can Make in Your Home to Make Life Simpler in 2020.

12. Hand-Stitched Flowers and Landscapes Revitalize Found Photographs by Artist Han Cao.

13. Ilana Glazer Strikes Out On Her Own In New Stand-Up Special.

14. 1,000 people sent me their addiction treatment stories. Here’s what I learned. “Here are four reasons America’s addiction treatment system is broken.”

15. Why America loves — and hates — outspoken young women. “Women like Greta Thunberg and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were leaders in the 2010s. And they were vilified for it.”

16. Civil Rights Leader Rep. John Lewis To Start Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer. May he be well.

17. How Women Are Using Knitting And Needlework As A Form Of Protest. From a year ago, but still relevant.

18. 10 Black Web Series To Put On Your Binge-Watching List For The Holidays.

19. You Can Now Download a Collection of Ancient Japanese Wave Illustrations for Free.

20. Move over, Avengers! This little girl is one incredible superhero. (video)

21. #NotAllHistorians: Some White People Are Upset That the New York Times’ 1619 Project Isn’t Centered in Whiteness.

22. Recipe I want to try: Onion Bacon Jam.

23. How a Stock Photography Project Is Confronting Fat Bias.

24. Philadelphia Man Wakes Up To Find Malnourished, Stray Dog In His Home After Accidentally Leaving His Front Door Open.

25. Calories In = Calories Out is BS.

26. If You’ve Survived A Gaslighting Parent, You Won’t Love ‘A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood.’

27. Parents Give Toddler A Banana As A Prank And The Video Of Her Delighted Reaction Goes Viral.

28. The Instagram Community That’s Decolonizing Fitness.

29. Kids Retell The Christmas Nativity Story While Adults Act It Out In This Hilarious Video.

30. Bonsai Master Masahiko Kimura Creates Gravity-Defying Mini Forests.

31. It’s None Of My Business If Homeless People Use The Money I Give Them For Drugs.

32. Our Year in Poems on The New York Times.

33. Dog Is Stolen, Found 2,000 Miles Away, And Returned Via 30-Person Relay Team In Time For Christmas.

Something Good

Image by Eric, from their walk

1. 27 Responses to (Never-Ending) Diet Talk. “For fat people and those with eating disorders, diet talk isn’t as benign as it may seem. Here are some ways to respond to it.” In related news, World’s Worst Holiday Diet Tips and If Diet Company Slogans Were Honest, both from Dances with Fat.

2. Successful creatives from Seth Godin, because this, “the most reliably successful people I know are precisely the opposite. They are desperate to see and know what’s making other people tick. They actively engage, and they do it with empathy and generosity.”

3. More reading lists! Twelve feminist books everyone should read, The Award-Winning Novels of 2019, Happy Merry Memoir Reading, and The 50 Greatest Coming-of-Age Novels, and Decolonization and anti-racism: a reading list, 160+ novels by black women, 2000 – 2019, Favorite Books of 2019, and These are the top 20 books of 2019, according to Goodreads users, Award-Winning Novels of 2019, The most anticipated memoirs of 2020, and The Best Queer YA Novels of 2019.

4. Roo’s Story – Pet Cancer Awareness Month from one of our favorite trainers. Roo really was something special, and this story reminds me so much of both our cancer dogs.

5. Black Women Led the Way to Trump’s Impeachment. “We have never been Team Trump, and we never will be.”

6. Grief Becomes You by Maya Stein, “a collection of poems, essays, images, and other narratives of loss, a compilation of work from nearly 60 contributors from the United States and abroad.”

7. New Zealand man sets up ‘stick library’ for dogs.

8. the_happy_broadcast on Instagram, “Anxiety free news, a counter hate & fear project that features positive news from around the world illustrated by @maurogatti & friends.”

9. Fifteen Ways To Survive The Coming Collapse Of Civilization, from 2012 but worth a reread.

10. Your output depends on your input from Austin Kleon.

11. 31 Days of Devotion hosted by Adreanna Limbach, who is joined by “6 teachers for this FREE, online, annual mediation series that was developed to help you get grounded, clear, and intentional in the New Year.”

12. Koala-sniffing detection dog the latest weapon in saving wildlife after devastating bushfires.

13. I’m Not Your Typical Ultramarathoner. Here’s What I Want Everyone To Know About Size And Fitness. “Ultrarunner Mirna Valerio is here to tell you that the trails don’t care what you look like.”

14. Ram Dass, spiritual pioneer, dies at 88. In related news, The Wisdom of Ram Dass Is Now Online: Stream 150 of His Enlightened Spiritual Talks as Free Podcasts.

15. 70-Year-Old Woman Cleans Up 52 Beaches in a Year “For Her Grandchildren.”

16. Reforming My Relationship With Food and Exercise. “I deserve to be nourished and fulfilled. I deserve to be abundant. I needed to stop thinking of exercise as a punishment for the way I look.”

17. Striking Portraits Featuring Powerful Women of Color Painted by Artist Tim Okamura.

18. In Defense of McMindfulness. “Modern mindfulness may not bring about a social revolution, but was that the practice’s original goal?”

19. The Decade in Pictures on The New York Times.

20. 69-Vehicle Pileup on Virginia Highway Injures 51, Police Say on The New York Times.

21. Letter to the Editor: Historians Critique The 1619 Project, and We Respond on The New York Times. “Five historians wrote to us with their reservations. Our editor in chief replies.”

22. ‘The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show’ Revives A Classic Holiday Tradition.

23. UPS Delivery Guy vs. Icy Driveway. (video) “Last week we had an ice storm. My driveway was smooth, wet ice… super slippery. I heard the UPS truck pull up so I opened the garage and told him to just leave the package at the sidewalk and I’d figure out a way to get it, but he insisted on getting it to me. Above and beyond… this guy is awesome.”

24. Vaping Patients May Be Prone to Relapse, C.D.C. Warns on The New York Times. In related news, CDC Confirms A THC Additive, Vitamin E Acetate, Is The Culprit In Most Vaping Deaths, and Researchers still striving to understand cause of vaping-related illnesses, and Young people who vape are basically in denial about the risk of lung damage, says study.

25. Burnout Symptoms and Treatment. This is such an accurate description of what happened to me, what I’m experiencing, it’s almost embarrassing. Apparently, I’m a total cliche.

26. They asked, you answered: Heartsick Richmond animal shelter overwhelmed by locals’ love – and food.

27. The “four right exertions” of Buddhism teach you how to regain control of your own energy.

28. How Do You Even Get Started Writing a Book?

29. The House just voted to impeach Trump. In related news, Trump Wanted to Get Something Off His Chest, and in His Letter to Pelosi He Did on The New York Times, and President Donald Trump has officially been impeached.

30. Recipes I want to try: Raspberry Cream Cheese Sweet Rolls and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars.

31. 11 memes that captured the decade.

32. A Georgia family found an owl hiding in their Christmas tree.

33. SPLC, allies sue ICE for ignoring medical, mental health and disability needs of detained immigrants. #AbolishICE

34. How Do I Get This Out? Your Guide To Stain Removal.

35. Lynda Barry: A Comic Exercise in Building Character. “Create Your Characters and Build Their World in Less Than an Hour.”

36. 7 Comedy Specials That Transformed Stand-Up in the 2010s.

37. Four Students Wrote A Letter To Neighbor Asking If They Could Walk Her Dog, And “The Dog” Wrote Back.

38. Man Refuses To Pay Babysitter, So She Shares Their Text Convo To Shame Him.

39. Review: ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ Makes For An Exciting, Exhaustive, Effortful Ending.

40. So, I’ve Been Breaking Up With Random People Over Text Message Again.

Something Good

From our walk

1. Building a Mindful New Year, a FREE online program with “6 Transcendent Themes / 6 Buddhist Teachers / 6 Meditations to Guide You into 2020.”

2. Eat to Love e-course. “A six-week online program based on the bestselling book Eat to Love: A Mindful Guide to Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life. Led by nutrition therapist, meditation instructor, and certified Intuitive Eating counselor, Jenna Hollenstein, the Eat to Love e-course is a supportive and enriching environment to change your relationship with food and your body in a lasting way.”

3. Go, Dog, Go from Jena Schwartz. Because this, “The world will not crumble if you pause. The world will not crumble if I pause. The world will not crumble if the thing you are working on takes much, much longer than you ever could have imagined. But the world might crumble if you ignore what your soul is telling you, if you deny what your body needs, and if you override the deep knowing that never, ever leaves.”

4. Jillian Michaels Is Still Trying to Glamorize Bullying from Dances with Fat. “Fat people being allowed to exist, be happy, do stuff, live our lives, achieve things, be in the spotlight etc. aren’t ‘glamorizing fatness’ we’re just being happy, doing stuff, living our lives, achieving things, and being in the spotlight…There is no way to go ‘too far’ in the direction of people being treated with respect and equality regardless of size.” Also from Ragen, Fat People and Your Tax Dollars.

5. Manifest 2020 with Andrea Scher. “The New Year has always been such a rich time of reflection – a time to acknowledge how you grew this year, how you were brave, what was hard…and declare your year complete. This creates a beautiful space to vision what is to come. What if you could name your dreams and desires for 2020 and create a plan to make them reality?”

6. Read the Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump on The New York Times.

7. Merriam-Webster dictionary just announced the personal pronoun ‘they’ as 2019’s word of the year.

8. You’re Not Going Crazy: 15 Signs You’re a Victim of Gaslighting.

9. The Practice of Using December for Retreat, Reflection & Letting Go.

10. Good things from Susannah Conway: The Unraveled Heart, “a soulful monthly subscription to support you in building a deeper and more nourishing relationship with your self,” Find Your Word, “a FREE 5-day email course to help you figure out your word for the coming year,” and Unravel Your Year, a FREE workbook that helps you reflect and look ahead.

11. How the director of ‘Waves’ constructed one of the year’s most poignant soundtracks.

12. More reading lists! The Ultimate Best Books of 2019 List, and A 2020 reading challenge: 52 books by women of color in 52 weeks, and We read these 29 books in 2019. You should too, and The Best Reviewed Books of 2019: Memoir and Biography, and The Best Poetry Books of 2019.

13. Hey Yoga Teacher, Stop Touching People For No Reason.

14. Greta Asks Media to Focus on Other Young Climate Activists.

15. Fossil fuel companies responsible for more than half of ocean acidification, study says. “It certainly can’t hurt for individuals to try to limit their consumption of fossil fuels and other products that are the result of oil — things like single-use plastics, for instance. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that even with all of the consumption of these products that we are responsible for, the majority of the burden still lies with the companies that have chosen to continue extract, refine and peddle fossil fuels despite being armed with knowledge well in advance that doing so would damage the planet. No harm will come from reducing your own reliance on fossil fuels and related products — but more good will come from holding the real culprits responsible for their actions.”

16. Have you swept your rhino today? (video)

17. Weinstein and His Accusers Reach Tentative $25 Million Deal on The New York Times.

18. This is what an antiracist America would look like. How do we get there? “Opposing racism is not the same as building an antiracist society. Our new series, Antiracism and America, looks at the structures that sustain a racist society – and how we dismantle them.”

19. This app matches marginalized communities to therapists who share their background. “Teletherapy app Ayana matches users to licensed professionals based on their culture, race, and experiences. Can it help close the mental healthcare gap?”

20. We need to learn how to relax, without guilt. “Being busy all the time is part of the way we live. But, whether gardening, reading or spacing out on the sofa, taking time to rest is just as important.”

21. These Students Want to Create a Required K-12 Racial Literacy Curriculum. “The teen authors of Tell Me Who You Are want to change how American students are taught about race.”

22. Gifts For Writers 2019 from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds.

23. 21 Day Meditation Challenge Winter 2020. “A 21-Day Immersion in Wisdom, Compassion, and Community.”

24. Home: a 30 Day Yoga Journey with Yoga with Adriene.

25. How a denial of tenure at Harvard became a national controversy. “The decision is a blow to ethnic studies departments everywhere.”

26. Judiciary Committee Report Argues Trump ‘Betrayed the Nation’ on The New York Times. “The 658-page report asserts that President Trump should be impeached for abusing his office and obstructing the congressional inquiry into his actions.”

27. 99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2019.

28. Hallmark Apologizes, Reverses Decision on Same-Sex Wedding Ad.

29. Most Women You Know Are Angry — and That’s All Right. This article is a few years old, but I feel like some people need reminding.

30. Experience: a burglar made me think I was losing my mind. “Things were going missing, but everybody told me it was probably nothing.” Something similar happened to me, although as far as I know nothing was taken. I’d come home and sometimes the inside of our house smelled like cigarettes, and someone kept tying all my shoes in my closet when I always put them away untied. One time I went home early from work because I was so sure someone had been in our house and I needed to go check. It made me feel crazy. After we moved out, we found out the maintenance man regularly went into people’s apartments when they weren’t there, without permission. He was a smoker.

31. Author Interview: ‘Imagine Pleasant Nonsense’ With ‘Strange Planet’ Creator Nathan Pyle.

32. ‘I Refuse to Listen to White Women Cry.’ “Activist Rachel Cargle has built a brand — and a business — by calling out racial injustices within feminism.”

33. Joe Hammond’s final article: ‘I’ve been saying goodbye to my family for two years.’ “Last year the author wrote about parenting with motor neurone disease. Here, he reflects on the end of life, before his death two weeks ago.”

34. Melania Trump Thinks Greta Thunberg Had POTUS Attack Coming.

35. Cards to Help Fat Patients at the Doctor’s Office – English and French Versions from Dances with Fat.

36. Fresh Air on NPR: What Happens To The Stuff You Donate?

37. For the Holidays, the Gift of Self-Care on The New York Times. “A Buddhist teacher offers five simple steps to quiet your mind and soothe your stress any time of year.”

38. Adorable doggo sneaks into the house next door to join their kids’ bath every night.

Something Good

Image by Eric

1. 21 Day Meditation Challenge Winter 2020. “A 21-Day Immersion in Wisdom, Compassion, and Community” hosted by Susan Piver.

2. The attention crisis is real from Seth Godin.

3. How To Stop Ruining The Holidays For Fat Friends and Family from Dances with Fat.

4. Introversion Is Not A Character Flaw, So Stop Treating It As One.

5. Hula Is More Than a Dance—It’s the ‘Heartbeat’ of the Hawaiian People, a short National Geographic film.

6. Is it okay to deface books for art? from Austin Kleon.

7. Here’s What Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Type Really Wants In Life. This is scarily accurate for me: “Because what an INFJ really wants in life is for their ideas to matter. They want to make a difference [in the lives of individual people], but they want it to change how things work — the cause, not just the symptom.”

8. The Oracle of Black Friday, a recent newsletter from Meghan Genge in which she includes this awesome set of contemplations:

Answer these questions before you buy anything:

  1. What – beyond the obvious – does this thing promise me?
  2. What does that mean I actually want more of in my own life?
  3. What do I feel when I think about owning this/ having this/ embodying this?
  4. So what does that mean I want to feel more of in my life?
  5. What can I do right now to help create more of what I want to feel/ have more of in my life?

9. Buddhism by the Numbers from Lion’s Roar. “Buddhism is full of lists and numbers. Find explanations of some of the most important of these, how they connect, and why they’re important.” I love this SO much.

10. Knives Out Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers. Eric and I saw this yesterday, and it was really good. In related news, Review: ‘Knives Out,’ A Classic Comic Mystery Of Uncommon Sharpness.

11. The Art of Activism: Hard Conversations Book Club 2020. It only costs $5 and if you go to the sign up page, you get the reading list for free. “I am going into my 17th year of running book clubs about diversity and inclusion issues, including the Hard Conversations Book Club which meets monthly by teleconference. I would love to have you join us for the New Year. It’s only $5 a year to join and you will be challenged by the books chosen for the year in ways you might not have imagined yet. Reading in community deepens everyone’s understanding.”

12. In ‘Children Of Virtue And Vengeance,’ Magic Has Returned. Now What?

13. A Single Dose Of Ketamine Might Help Heavy Drinkers, Study Finds.

14. ‘63 Up’ Review: Time Keeps on Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’ on The New York Times. “Michael Apted revisits the people who have grown up, and grown older, in this long-running, landmark documentary series.”

15. Witness in Hard Rock Hotel Collapse Is Deported on The New York Times. “A construction worker who became a witness in a federal safety investigation into lapses at the New Orleans construction site was deported to his native Honduras.”

16. 6 Ways My Parents Unintentionally Taught Me Disordered Eating.

17. ‘Holiday Rush’ Trailer: New Netflix Holiday Film Features A Black Cast.

18. [SPOILER] Let’s Talk About The Ending Of ‘Queen & Slim’: An Artful Wound With No Medicine [REVIEW].

19. It’s a Terrible Day in the Neighborhood, and That’s O.K. on The New York Times. “Fred Rogers’s belief that we should validate emotions, not suppress them, is wisdom for all ages.”

20. The Modern Life of Origami, an Art as Old as Paper on The New York Times. “Precision is key, whether folding a humble crane or an interlocking modular structure. So is enthusiasm.”

21. 30 Best Podcasts Of 2019 You Need To Listen To Before The Year Is Through.

22. The Horrible History of Thanksgiving on The New York Times.

23. This dog has been keeping a secret, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll discover today! (video)

24. 2-Year-Old Girl Falls In Love With Sick Shelter Pittie. (video)

25. As a Native American Comedian, I wasn’t mad at the SNL Thanksgiving Sketch, I was just disappointed.

26. 5 Things T.I. Got Wrong in His ‘Red Table Talk’ Conversation With Jada Pinkett Smith.

27. Scientists Are Baffled By An 18,000-Year-Old ‘Wolf-Dog’ Puppy Found Frozen In Siberia.

28. People Are Sharing The Best Things They Learned In Therapy So That Everyone Could Get Some Free Therapy In 30 Helpful Tweets.

29. Beware of the feel-good news story. “Begging for sick days and walking 20 miles to work are not tales of inspiration. They are societal failures.”

30. The 1619 Project to Become Multi-Book Series. “The extensive project that marked the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in Virginia will be expanded into several books, including a graphic novel.”

31. This college football player took the field with his dogs on Senior Night after losing both of his parents. (video)

32. The best books of 2019 – picked by the year’s best writers.

33. ‘Pilates-changed-my-life’ stories are annoying… but it did.