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Something Good

Close up of a pink peony flower

One of the last ones from my garden

1. Notes from the Lower Level an essay from Camille Dungy. Her new book of essays is out now, Guidebook to Relative Strangers: Journeys Into Race, Motherhood, and History, and is so good. I wrote a short article about it for work, and will write more about it here later because there’s more to say.

2. Bad things keep happening. The acquittal in Philando Castile’s killing makes clear that black lives still do not matter, and Muslim Teen Killed in Virginia After Leaving a Mosque, and Pregnant Seattle Woman Calls Police, Ends Up Dead. As we all know, this is not a complete list.

3. Young Photographer Highlights Every-Day Racism.

4. Little Boxes. This is streaming right now on Netflix, and is really good — the kind of good that is also sad and hard.

5. Diverse Bookish Instagram Accounts to Follow. In related news, Lena Waithe curates her favorite films by LGBTQ+ artists, and How Black Creators Are Breaking Barriers By Using Scripted Podcasts For Storytelling.

6. When my dog died, I didn’t understand why it felt like a human had died. Then I read the research.

7. Father’s day, Juneteenth, & Pride Bail Out Day.

8. Roxane Gay’s deeply personal Hunger explores relationship with her body. I’m reading it now, with all the feels. In related news, Roxane Gay Is The Hardest-Working Woman In Letters.

9. The Complexities Of My White Lady Friendships Post Election. In related news, White People Will Always Let You Down, and Beware of the So-Called “Woke” Allies.

10. 5 things you may have not realized are cultural appropriation. I posted this to Facebook this week, with the additional, “6. Using ‘tribe;’ to refer to your group,” and this clearly is an issue people have strong feelings about. For me, there’s still a lot of confusion about what is and what isn’t, but as I said on Facebook, for me it is a compassion practice. I listen carefully and deeply to native people and people of color, and if they say they feel harmed or oppressed, if they are suffering and I can do something to ease that, I will. Especially if it’s as simple, for example, as saying my community, my friends, or my people instead of “tribe.”

11. Amazon to Buy Whole Foods for $13.4 Billion on The New York Times.

12. Getting Real from Sarah of The Cognitive Canine, a really great post about the highlights and the blooper reels of being a dog person.

13. Facebook Permanently Blacklisted Me From Their Site.

14. Jelanii Kabita’s message to families with LGBTQI kids, (Video). “Dancer Jelanii Kabita’s mother rejected his trans identity. After years of devastation, struggle, and growth, he has a powerful message for the families with LGBTQI kids.”

15. GAYCATION: Orlando (Full Episode). Watch the whole episode online for free.

16. ‘Gwyneth glows like a radioactive swan’ – my day at the Goop festival.

“You can’t honestly address ‘wellness’ – the things people need to be well – without addressing poverty and systemic racism, disability access and affordable healthcare, paid family leave and food insecurity, contraception and abortion, sex work and the war against drugs and mass incarceration. Unless, of course, you are only talking about the wellness of people whose lives are untouched by all of those forces. That is, the wellness of people who are disproportionately well already.”

17. Deported from Trump’s America, (Video). “This family has been split apart as deportations of immigrants without criminal records more than double under Trump.”

18. Tracy K. Smith named new U.S. poet laureate. In related news, Tracy K. Smith Is the New Poet Laureate from The New York Times.

19. Brit scientist could be about to CURE multiple sclerosis and provide hope for millions.

20. Burg’s Place still isn’t fully funded. When Amy made this page and the video, Burg was doing just fine and there was no reason to think that wouldn’t continue. Now that he’s gone, after everything happened so quickly, it seems even more important than ever to fully fund this request.

21. What your days look like from Austin Kleon. In related news, What Makes You Happy? from Kerilyn at Ancora Imparo.

22. How This “Fat Femme” Yoga Instructor Is Reshaping The $3 Trillion Wellness Industry.

23. Being in love and creating with Becky Chappell a new video from the Beyond the Gallery series.

24. Expanding Awareness: How Patterns of Interaction Support White Supremacy.

25. Start With a Flower: Alice Walker & Sharon Salzberg in Conversation.

26. Having a rough go of it? Dukkha, Baby. (Handle With Care.) from Adreanna Limbach.

27. #TheySaid Highlights Our Culture Of Body Shaming.

28. Dog photographer of the year 2017 – in pictures.

Something Good

From my garden, on my meditation shrine

1. Roxane Gay Tells Us About Daring to Be Fat. I can’t wait to read her new book! “I did a lot of research about bodies, fat, fatness, that sort of thing. Even if I wasn’t necessarily going to write about it explicitly, I wanted to be informed. I learned some incredibly interesting things. The measure for Body Mass Index (BMI), for instance, is so fucking arbitrary. They decided on 25 because it’s a nice, round number. A bunch of generally white men are in a room somewhere making decisions about millions of people. That really was informative and infuriating.”

2. Recipes I want to try: Easy Salsa Recipe, and Easy Restaurant Style Blender Salsa, and Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal Bake.

3. My road trip through Trump country taught me that staying in the liberal bubble has its advantages.

4. One carry-on bag and one personal item by Camille Dungy. I just finished and highly recommend her new book, Guidebook to Relative Strangers: Journeys into Race, Motherhood, and History.

5. Aja Brown, Compton’s Youngest Mayor, Re-Elected For Second Term. “The 35-year-old received about 60 percent of the vote.”

6. Mr. Okra Of New Orleans // 60 Second Docs. (Video)

7. The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week. “Sorry I can’t come to your thing I don’t know how to people.” #same

8. 10+ Women Share The Ways They Were Body-Shamed And It’s Just Too Horrible To Read.

9. 12 truths I learned from life and writing, Anne Lamott’s TED Talk.

10. 23 Body-Positive Women Reminding You to Go Ahead and Wear that Swimsuit.

11. Why I’ve lost faith in Tony Robbins (and most life coaches).

12. There’s One Big Catch With Gap’s New Ad Celebrating Diversity.

13. Don’t Yuck My Yum; My Eating Disorder Story.

14. To the Supporters and Enablers of President Trump: You Will Never Get Your Country Back.

15. 22 Books By Black Authors To Add To Your Beach Bag This Summer. In related news, 17 Books You Should Read in June.

16. Dr Christian Jessen: Clean eating websites like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop ‘indistinguishable from pro anorexia sites.’

17. The Summer Soundtrack that You Need (Trust Me) from Militant Baker.

18. Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Tale of A Progressive Professor Who Forgot To Hide Her Racism And Got Her Ass Fired.

19. Novelist Beautifully Destroys Those Who Don’t Believe in Cultural Appropriation.

20. Danez Smith – “Dinosaurs in the Hood”, a really great poem (Video).

21. This 6-year-old and her mom created a coloring book series to teach kids about black history, (Video). I love that Mom pointed out that Black history did not start with slavery, but rather slavery interrupted Black history.

22. “But What if it Works?”, wisdom from Seth Godin.

23. The American Woman site is live! “AMERICAN WOMAN is a multimedia portrait and documentary series about Black American women.”

24. Let’s Stop Apologizing for These 8 Things from Be More With Less.

25. 12 Signs of an Unhealthy, Underdeveloped INFJ. In related news, How HSPs, Empaths, and INFJs Can Protect Themselves from Toxic People.

26. Why Cookbook Clubs Should Be the New Way We Entertain. I love this idea!

27. Loving Day: The 50th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia. In related news, ‘We Are Not Unusual Anymore’: 50 Years of Mixed-Race Marriage in U.S. from The New York Times.

28. 27 Pulse survivors, family members and first responders share their stories. In related news, For Those We Lost And Those Who Survived: The Pulse Massacre One Year Later.

29. Nowhere in America can a full-time minimum wage worker afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment.

30. This is how to get the Pride emoji reaction on Facebook.

Something Good

From my garden.

1. The right effort of generosity from Seth Godin.

2. Recipes I want to try: Sweet Potato Zoodle Ramen (confession: I adore sweet potatoes), BBQ chicken quinoa salad bowls, 2 Ingredient Sorbets, and Black Bean Brownies.

3. Couple Spends 26 Years Replanting A Rainforest They Bought In 1991, And Here’s How It Looks Today.

4. I Tried Medical Marijuana For Chronic Pain.

5. Scraping by: More Old Town homes being razed to make room for new builds.

6. Powerful Hashtag Highlights The Body-Shaming Comments Women Hear In A Lifetime.

7. The scientific case that America is becoming a more prejudiced place. “As humans, even at an early age, we learn what’s socially acceptable by watching other people.” In related news, Princeton Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Cancels Public Appearances Amid Fox News-Fueled Death Threats.

8. The Truth About Marriage Vows: Five Promises You Can Keep from Susan Piver.

9. Dear Girls, Life Is Too Short for Crappy Friends.

10. 9 Phrases Allies Can Say When Called Out Instead of Getting Defensive. In related news, It isn’t call-out culture that is toxic and Ten Ways White People can Stop Annoying People of Color on Social Media.

11. Help the girls who survived Portland’s MAX Attack. In related news, Attacks like Portland’s will keep happening unless we all fight white supremacy.

12. #FarmingWhileBlack: Black Va. Farmer Says ‘Nervous White Women in Yoga Pants’ More Dangerous Than Blatant White Supremacists.

13. The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years to Build the Wealth of a White Family Today.

14. Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race. This is extra long, but worth the read. In related news, Why The White Feminism Of The Women’s March Is Still On My Mind.

15. Things I Love Lately on A Design So Vast. I was going to share one or two things off this list, but in the end I wanted to remember them all. Thanks, Lindsey!

16. 20 Young Writers Of Color Share Their Favorite Poems.

17. The Work You Do, the Person You Are, Toni Morrison in The New Yorker. In related news, Toni Morrison: ‘I’m writing for black people … I don’t have to apologise.’

18. Tattoos and baseball caps: This is What a Librarian Looks Like – in pictures.

19. Generation Anthropocene Interview: Camille Dungy, (Podcast).

20. My Arch-Nemesis : Internet Buddha from Adreanna Limbach.

21. Necessity Is the Mother of Invention from Jena Schwartz. “Impermanence is not an accident; it is a fundamental component of practice…Impermanence is all we have for sure. In this work, in this life, in our writing, in our relationships, in our health, in our friendships, in our communities. That doesn’t mean there aren’t real, lasting things. In fact, I think it’s the opposite: Impermanence deepens my awareness and appreciation of just how precious these are. It has also helped me through some of the hardest and darkest times in my life.”

22. Five Mindfulness Trainings from Thich Nhat Hanh on Lion’s Roar. “The Five Mindfulness Trainings represent the Buddhist vision for a global spirituality and ethic. They are a concrete expression of the Buddha’s teachings on the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path, the path of right understanding and true love, leading to healing, transformation, and happiness for ourselves and for the world.”

23. Ten second portraits. These are so beautiful…

24. Live Awake Podcast: Loving and Listening to Yourself (Self Love). So good. Andrea Scher mentioned it to me during a coaching session the other day, and I’ve listened to it every day since. It’s really powerful, and every time I listen, I notice something new.

24. Extra Ordinary Routines, “Illuminating the everyday lives of creatives. The extraordinary in the ordinary. The habitual. The imperfect.”

25. “Every Day is a Victory a comic from Connie to the Wonnie. May your Monday be victorious, kind and gentle reader.

Something Good

It’s still early, they aren’t super pretty or that sweet, but we are already getting so many berries from our garden.

1. The Gut-Wrenching Process of Befriending Ourselves, Sharon Salzberg on On Being.

2. Good stuff from Seth Godin: An overlooked secret to effectiveness (and happiness), and Facts are not the antidote for doubt, and Microcopy in the age of the glance.

3. On Crooks & Cooks: It’s Not ‘Just Food’, It’s Blood by Alexis P. Morgan. “White folx aren’t used to being held fully and vocally accountable by the people they’ve marginalized, oppressed, and actively harmed. You’re not used to having to confront the abuse and the impact of that abuse and violence head-on.” In related news, Portland Burrito Spot Shutters Amid Claims of Cultural Appropriation, and Your Own Personal Slaves.

4. 5 Truths About White Privilege for White People from John Pavlovitz.

5. This adorable father-son duo has serious moves. (Video) Check out their Instagram account — so cute!

6. Creative Superheroes Podcast #12: Listening to our hungers with Rachel Cole, a great conversation between two of my favorite people.

7. More advice for the recent graduate from Austin Kleon, which is really just good advice for any moment of your life.

8. On Geneen Roth, Sugar, “Do No Harm”, Unicorns and Healing from Be Nourished. Because this, “If you find yourself in a challenging relationship with your food and/or your body, restriction in any form will not aid you. Restriction has never healed disordered eating, healed the dieting mind, or filled a lonely void. NEVER. It doesn’t matter if you are restricting sugar or broccoli, food restriction and dietary restraint will not help you get free. We are off target when we aim here.”

9. On Self-Employment, Workaholism and Getting My Life Back from Lisa Congdon. “I’m not telling this story because it’s at all unusual or because I think it’s in any way special. I’m telling it because the American ideal of busy-ness, success-by-hard-work, and the layer of bizarre importance we place on both social media & email — have the potential to be damaging. And I wanted to talk about how all of those things have impacted me and how I’m beginning to find freedom from them.” I needed to hear every word of this post right at this particular time. Thank you so much, Lisa.

10. You are more powerful than you realize on Superhero Life from Andrea Scher. “But really, we are so powerful and tender all at the same time. I’m holding both right now in myself, in this moment. I can feel the tears burning my eyes as I write and I feel the truth of my power as well. They are inextricably tied- the softness and the strength.”

11. Does the health & wellness community really care about health & wellness? from Melissa Toler. Yes. This. Everything about this.

12. The Only Writing Advice You’ll Ever Need from Joell Stebelton, by way of Jena Schwartz. Amen, Joell.

13. Here Today (an original song for Erin & Jeff of Victor & Penny) by Danielle Ate the Sandwich. (Video)

14. Do Your Do from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks.

15. The Real Secret to Getting a Beach Body from Dances with Fat.

16. To all the teachers out there: Welcome to summer vacation. You earned it. (Video)

17. How We Wrestle Is Who We Are by Brian Doyle. RIP.

18. We have to stop blaming women when they get attacked by men. (Video)

19. These Are The Victims Of The Portland Train Stabbing Attack. And, Surviving victim of Friday train stabbing a poet and PSU student. And, Teen Targeted In Portland Hate Attack Thanks Men Who Died Defending Her.

20. If You Think You’re Giving Students of Color a Voice, Get Over Yourself.

21. Mom Buys Poofy Wedding Gown At Thrift Store, Then Transforms It Into Beautiful Cocktail Dress. She gives me both thrifting and sewing goals. (One disclaimer: she’s very tiny so it’s easy for her to find things that are too big and tailor them down a few sizes, using the extra material for embellishments — not everyone could do that).

22. Homemade Nut Butters 4 Ways.

23. Self-Care Tips from Yoko Ono on The New Yorker. She’s so weird. I love this. It would make a great writing prompt.

24. Food Psych #106: How to Stop Pursuing Weight Loss with Ijeoma Oluo. This is a podcast I want to listen to more, and this is a great place to start.

Something Good

1. Welcome To The Anti-Racism Movement — Here’s What You’ve Missed by Ijeoma Oluo. Another great read from Ijeoma is I’m So Tired of Being Told that my Fat Body is Going to Kill Me.

2. Stinginess in the connection economy from Seth Godin. This makes me think of that great quote, “When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.”

3. Is There a Mindfulness Bubble Waiting to Burst? An interesting article.

4. Recipes I want to try: Burrito Samosas (which Eric called “Samosadillas” after I said the recipe was like if a quesadilla and a samosa had a baby), and Crusty Baked Shells and Cauliflower, and Chopped Kale Power Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing, and Veggie Spring Rolls with Kamikoto, and Apple Fritter Bread.

5. Casa Patas, Flamenco en Vivo #277, a really great video of some amazing (and some tiny) dancers.

6. The Personal-Essay Boom is Over from The New Yorker.

7. SeaWorld Sent Salon Talk Baby VIP Tickets Because She Deserves It.

8. This Gecko Can’t Stop Smiling When He’s Around His Toy Gecko, And Their Pics Will Make Your Day.

9. ‘Disgusted’ Women, Minorities Criticize Viral Atlantic Story ‘My Family’s Slave’, and 3 Must-Read Reactions to Alex Tizon’s ‘My Family’s Slave’ Essay. In related news, the original article, My Family’s Slave.

10. This Website Lets You Travel Around The World If You Agree To Take Care Of Other People’s Pets.

11. Self-Care Means Acknowledging That Structural Racism Exists.

12. For Allies Who Feel “Shot Down.” “Black people — or any minority — do not owe you anything. That is not why you’re an ally. You do not do it to improve your relationship with a certain group you are abstracted from, but rather because you have seen injustice and hope to fix it.”

13. Dear volunteers in Africa: please don’t come help until you’ve asked yourself these four questions.

14. Floral Designer is Turning NYC Trash Cans into Giant Vases Overflowing with Flowers.

15. How to write a love letter to yourself from Writing Our Way Home.

16. 7 Simple Ways to Be More You from Be More With Less.

17. Small Actions, Huge Impact from Zen Habits.

18. by any other name — and to what end?, a great discussion started by Karen Walrond’s question(s), “So I’d be interested in your thoughts on this: how do you reconcile the tension between great craftsmanship (art) and great hustle? Do you find you’re good at one and not the other? And which one should win out?”

19. More than 100 students walked out on Mike Pence’s commencement speech — here’s why.

20. Life goes like this, the perfect illustration from Marc Johns.

Something Good

1. The middle of everywhere from Seth Godin. This is kind of blowing my mind.

2. Wisdom from Alexandra Franzen,

Your words, your actions, your art projects, your efforts, every small, tender, beautiful thing that you put forth into the world matters so much. So much more than you may realize. Every single day, as you go about your work, you have no idea whose life you could be impacting for the better—often, in ways you can’t even imagine.

3. It only takes a moment to make someone’s day, the story behind the Daymaker (“A person who performs intentional acts of kindness with the intention of making the world a better place”) project.

4. 18 Ways to Start the First Page of a New Notebook.

5. Women Behaving Badly from the wicked smart Rachel Cole. “When we are in an allied relationship with ourselves we trust our hungers and seek to feed them. When we are in an oppositional relationship to ourselves we mistrust our hungers and seek to numb, deny or minimize them.”

6. Feast On Your Life: A New Group for Not Doing, good stuff from Jena Schwartz.

7. The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week.

8. Recipes I want to try: Curried Carrot Salad and Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Mini Blender Muffins. In related news, How to Make Salad: a Guide by Julia Moskin on New York Times. P.S. If you have any tasty vegetable recipes, send them my way!

9. To Stay Married, Embrace Change on The New York Times. After close to 25 years with the same person, this sounds about right to me.

10. These Southern Black Women Turned Old Rags into Masterpieces. “The people of Gee’s Bend, Alabama faced slavery, share-cropping, the Great Depression, flood, and a racist sheriff who cut off essential ferry access to the community. Nevertheless, the community persisted.”

11. Two good causes, Burg related: A Burgfectly Lived Life and Burg’s Place.

12. Maria Bamford’s New Special Is a Kind of Inspired Gibberish on The New York Times.

13. Japanese patience and precision By Kutani Choemon.

14. 20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You. This is an older post I’ve shared before, but it’s worth another visit.

15. Wyoming Passes “Indian Education for All” Legislation. This is a great idea.

16. This Twitter Thread Perfectly Breaks Down How White Pop Stars Use Black Artists.

17. Dear straight allies, please don’t come to pride until you’ve understood these 6 things.

18. On Being Black, ‘Woke,’ And Dating White People.

19. The Subtle Linguistics of Polite White Supremacy.

20. I Know a Woman from Jena Schwartz.

21. Lia Kim Choreography. #movementgoals

22. Our Lady of Complicity, “The first daughter fails the Turing test with her self-help book.”

23. 20 slimdown diet tips! Lena Dunham on Instagram. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about her, because she does some pretty dumb stuff sometimes, but then she does something like this.

24. 6 Ways My Parents Unintentionally Taught Me Disordered Eating.

25. Dear White Progressives…

26. The psychological importance of wasting time. And in related news, Happiness research shows the biggest obstacle to creativity is being too busy.

27. Why Don’t People Return Their Shopping Carts? I’ve always wondered, and this post gives some pretty good answers.

28. A Responsibility to Light: An Illustrated Manifesto for Creative Resilience and the Artist’s Duty in Dark Times.

29. Debunking the ‘Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps’ Myth.

30. Cary Grant: how 100 acid trips in Tinseltown ‘changed my life.’ “At the height of his fame, Cary Grant turned to LSD therapy for help. He later claimed the drug saved him, but did it also spell the end of his career?” I had no idea.

31. These rare color photos of Paris were shot 100 years ago, and they’re amazing.

32. Fresh Air’s 10 Favorite Terry Gross Interviews. “This week marks 30 years since WHYY first took Fresh Air With Terry Gross national in the form we know today: a daily, hour-long interview show featuring an array of artists and newsmakers…To commemorate the occasion, I asked Gross for a list of her personal favorite interviews.”

33. Under Trump, inconvenient data is being sidelined.

Something Good

1. Heavy Words, wisdom from Rachel Cole.

2. For Those of Us Who Don’t Have Our Sh*t Together, wisdom from John Pavlovitz.

3. Women making a real difference: Women like Anna Guest-Jelley, Amber Karnes and Dianne Bondy — (and their collaborative project Yoga for All) — Jessamyn Stanley, and Dana Falsetti, and Omega Johnson, and Valerie Sagun are doing such important work, for yoga and women.

4. The Meditation Hater’s Guide to Meditation.

5. Stand Against Suffering: An Unprecedented Call to Action by Buddhist Teachers. “Buddhism does not align itself with any party or ideology. But when great suffering is at stake, Buddhists must take a stand against it, with loving-kindness, wisdom, calm minds, and courage.” Which will come in handy considering what’s next on the list…

6. DT related information. Not so much “something good” as it is “stuff you should know,” and to be honest, hard to read. Would Trump supporters elect him again now? and 100 Days in Trump’s America and Transcript of AP interview with Trump.

7. For Our Black and Brown People Fighting for Survival in Toxic White Spaces.

8. Unique Ways White Women Enact Racism.

9. What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone.

10. On Leveling Up, wisdom from Karen Waldrond on Chookooloonks.

11. How to Be Creative Like a Motherf*cker, Cheryl Strayed on the Tim Ferriss Show.

12. On treating your body like garbage & writing like you’re running out of time, wisdom from Esmé Wang.

13. The Very Best Writing Books, Ever from Jennifer Louden.

14. The Reason Your Feed Became An Echo Chamber — And What To Do About It. Just to be clear, I don’t actually think an echo chamber is always a problem. Sometimes you need to hear yourself, need to have yourself reflected back to you. Sure if that’s ALL you do, it could become neurotic, problematic, but to say that it’s inherently a problem doesn’t feel workable to me. And just because I’m in community or conversation with people who share the same basic values or beliefs doesn’t mean we have nothing to learn from each other. So, there’s no reason to abandon the echo chamber entirely. If you are using it as a way to remain willfully ignorant, sure; but if you are finding support and learning something, hang out if you want.

15. Writer with Tender Story Fears Return to Back-alley Abortions.

16. Nestlé’s water privatization push, a petition. Sign or don’t sign, but this is some pretty scary shit.

17. Meet The Woman Who Can Remember Every Day Of Her Life. There Are Only 80 People Like That Worldwide. Fascinating.

18. These NSFW pushups come with an important message: Love the body you have, from The Official Fan Page of Zach Anner.

19. SheaMoisture Is Cancelled: 38 Black-Owned Hair Care Brands You Can Support Instead.

20. The new status symbol: it’s not what you spend – it’s how hard you work. No, just no.

21. Systemic Racism: Australia’s great white silence | Jonathan Sri | TEDxQUT.

22. Weight Loss – The Credit Thief from Dances With Fat.

23. Wisdom from Melissa Toler, from her recent newsletter where she talked about opting out of diet culture:

On opting out of diet culture:

1. stop putting your money, time, and precious life energy into constant weight loss
2. eliminate any and all media (magazines, social media, etc) that idealizes and celebrates weight loss (believe me when I tell you there will be almost NOTHING left)
3. *do the internal work necessary to eliminate diet mentality…it’s an uncomfortable daily process*
4. don’t concern yourself with what other folks are eating and how they are (or are not) working out
5. don’t comment on the size and shape of someone else’s body

There are many more things you can do to opt out, but this list is a good start. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. The bottom line: diet culture denies us the right to exist peacefully in our bodies as they are. I can’t think of any good reasons to keep participating in it.

24. Wisdom from Diane Ackerman, “I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”

25. Roaring Gold, “an evergrowing collection of essays, poetry, quotes, and media documenting and illustrating the lives and experiences of people of color within the social justice movements aimed at colonization, anti-blackness, and patriarchy. RG concentrates on the empowerment and celebration of marginalized communities by centering and appreciating their voices in tangible ways.”

26. Lonely 90-Year-Old Woman Asks Neighbor To Be Her Friend In Heartbreaking Note.

27. Richard and Jaco: Life with Autism. “‘I’m being led by the hand by my child, not the other way around.’ – Jaco has autism. His dad, Richard worries about how he’ll fit into the adult world.” In related news, 6-year-old with autism has weekly reading date at animal shelter. “Jacob Tumalan, who has autism, once seemed to lose his verbal skills. But thanks to a collection of books and dogs at his local shelter, he’s now thriving.”

28. After 17 years Birchbark Books continues to center Native stories, space amid society of erasure. I want to go to there.

29. Best of Smitten Kitchen. So many recipes I want to try! Also this one, P.F. Chang’S Chicken Lettuce Wraps (Copycat Recipe).

30. A Beloved Canadian Folk Artist’s Paintings Now Sell for $20,000. “Despite her deformities, Maud Lewis answered an ad seeking a housekeeper for a tiny one-room home in rural Canada. There she would become one of the country’s most beloved folk artists.”

31. Wisdom from Syed Hussan, (by way of Desiree Adaway), “Decolonization is a dramatic reimagining of relationships with land, people and the state. It requires study. It is a unlearning.”

32. The 16-year-old girl winning international acclaim. “Abandoned as a baby, meet 16-year-old Tjili who is deaf and has cerebral palsy – she is winning acclaim for her art.”

33. 15 Ways To Be A Literary Advocate.

34. 5 Coded Phrases People Post on Facebook to Excuse Their Racism. In related news, 10 Defensive Reactions to White Privilege That Make No Damn Sense – But Are Super Common.

35. Wisdom from Matthew Lecki (by way of Christian Fabien), “Overtly racist white people are the sword of white supremacy. Silent white people are the shield.”

36. The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It. “This commercial is the worst type of propaganda. It tricks you into thinking social problems can be resolved if only people tolerate their oppression just a LITTLE while longer. It pushes the idea that bigotry, sexism, and transphobia are just differences of opinion that are up for debate, and deserving of civil discourse and equal consideration.”

37. Burg’s Place fundraiser. I know I already shared this last week, but it’s even more important now — Burg has been diagnosed with a very aggressive type of leukemia, given a prognosis of two weeks to three months. So many people’s hearts are breaking, including mine.

38. Reasons That Lady is Crying in Whole Foods. *teehee*

39. The Trailer for Maria Bamford’s Netflix Special ‘Old Baby’ Has Arrived.

40. Wisdom from Toni Morrison, “If you can only be tall because someone else is on their knees, then you have a serious problem.”