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Something Good

Mcmurry Pond, image by Eric

1. ‘Resist White Supremacy’: A sign. A farm. And the fury that followed. “We are white people using our privilege and power to say something that should be obvious but clearly still needs to be said,” she wrote, “and there’s nothing brave about that.”

2. The White Fragility Script: The Five Act Experience [INFOGRAPHIC] from Lessa Renee Hall.

3. David Sedaris on Keeping a Diary in the Age of Over-Sharing (video). “David Sedaris offers advice to young writers. His biggest tip? Keep a diary. Here’s why.”

4. 13 Incredible Black Artists, Past And Present, Everybody Should Know.

5. on practices and setting intentions from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks.

6. Weight Watchers New Teen Marketing Plan.

7. Zen of Knitting. (video)

8. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman | Obama talks about how progress is made. (video) If you have access to Netflix streaming, do yourself a favor and watch the full episode of the new David Letterman show where he interviews Barack Obama, and spends some time with John Lewis.

9. Black Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors You Need to Read.

10. A cat pets a bird. (video) Sometimes it’s just that simple.

11. Girl pets dog. (video) #same

12. Poet Andrea Gibson on Health, Queer Healing, and Learned Behavior.

13. Have your representatives in Congress received donations from the NRA? Click this link and find out.

14. ‘Black Panther’: All The Box Office Records It Broke (And Almost Broke) In Its $235M Debut. If Hollywood really does only make movies “people want to see,” there better be so much more of this.

15. Blue heeler doesn’t so much want to heard the sheep as play with them. (video)

16. Audre Lorde’s ABC’s of Fighting Facism.

17. Students Who Lived Through Florida Shooting Turn Rage Into Activism.

Something Good

Winter morning on the Poudre River, image by Eric

1. Take Heart: Finding Celebration No Matter What. “A virtual Valentine’s event for anyone who is divorced, bereaved, broken up, feeling blue, or simply needs an added dose of self-love.” A free mini class from my dear friend Sherry. In related news, Be Your Own True Love: A Self-Compassion Mini Retreat – Body Positive Yoga, a free, 90 minute workshop. It’s on the 13th and Sherry’s is on the 14th, so you could do both!

2. Make your space more inclusive from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks.

3. All things green and good, a Pinterest board from SF Girl.

4. 200 Women who will change the way you see the world.200 Women is a book and exhibition founded on original interviews and accompanying photographic portraits. This landmark project is the realisation of an epic global journey to find two hundred women with diverse backgrounds, and to ask them what really matters to them.”

5. Tayari Jones Writes About People with Problems, Not Problems with People. “Her latest, ‘An American Marriage,’ is about race and incarceration—but mostly it’s about three people with feelings.” Y’all, I just started reading this book last night, and I could not put it down! That hasn’t happened for me in a long time, and I’m enjoying it so much. Oprah agrees with me, as it’s her latest Book Club pick.

6. 3 Reasons We Cannot Cater to White Friends Who Say ‘I’m Not Racist’, an older article but it’s clear some of us still aren’t getting it. In related news, How To Easily Be A White Ally To Marginalized Communities, and White Supremacy Roundup: 4 Stories That Show How Institutional Racism Works, and
5 Valuable Ways to Use Your White Privilege to Fight Anti-Black Racism.

7. A Crash Course in Diversifying Your Bookshelf. “Is your reading list looking a little monochrome? We’ve compiled 15 books to help you broaden your horizons.”

8. Teaching Hard History, an important guide from SPLC. In related news, this amazing resource from Charles Preston on Google Drive.

9. Take The Cake: 8 Clues Your “Lifestyle” Is Actually A Diet (& Why It’s Gaslighting).

10. Weight Watchers is targeting teens with a new free program. That’s a problem. My eating disorder started at 14 years old. I struggled and suffered, sometimes to the point of being suicidal, for the next 30 years. The fact that Weight Watchers is making this effort to do the same to other young women, girls, is devastating.

11. You Need Help: Here Is A Worksheet To Help You Talk To Partners About Sex.

12. Because Facts. (video) “Guns, berets, and leather jackets are what we typically associate with the Black Panther Party. But did you know the Panthers were instrumental in bringing healthcare to the communities they served?”

13. 10 Years After She Went Missing, A Black Lab Is Returned To Her Owners. She looks so much like Sam! In related news, Woman Adopts A Senior Dog — Then Realizes It’s Her First Best Friend. “I never thought I’d see my dog again, but I just knew in my heart that it was her.”

14. Watch the funniest girl scout cookie story of all time on Snap Judgement. (video)

15. All The White Supremacists Running For Office In 2018.

16. Why I’m Raising Money For Black Kids To See ‘Black Panther.’

17. Andrea Gibson – “Orlando” Live from Detroit. (video) “In hopes that we continue to remember. In hopes that we not put a time limit on grief. In hopes that we build something much kinder. In hopes that we become the love we are meant to become.” In related news, That Moment Your Secret Comes Out. (video)

18. Hear Their Voices: 10 Must-Reads for Black History Month. In related news, two more great reading lists curated by Camille Dungy: Necessary New Books by Black Writers and Ten Essential Black Authors to Read During Black History Month — and Every Month.

19. Recipe I want to try: Vanilla Clementine Bread.

20. The Betrayal. Two women refuse to leave the side of a stranger who suffers a tragedy while on vacation.

21. Can I Enjoy the Art but Denounce the Artist? “Roxane Gay takes a look at what happens when we find out our favorites aren’t who they appear to be.”

22. Baby hamsters. (video)

23. Black Lives Matter Activist Who Snatched Confederate Flag Killed In New Orleans. I finished reading When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir the night before this news broke. I recommend you do the same, read the book I mean.

24. Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For. “The company’s operation in Michigan reveals how it’s dominated the industry by going into economically depressed areas with lax water laws.”

25. Lina Iris Viktor Says Kendrick Lamar Stole Her Art for His New Music Video. In related news, from The New York Times, Artist Says Kendrick Lamar Video for ‘Black Panther’ Song Stole Her Work.

26. Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world.

27. James Brunt Organizes Leaves and Rocks Into Elaborate Cairns and Mandalas.

28. There are no white exceptions, wisdom from Jena Schwartz.

Something Good

1. Judy Clement Wall: Artist, illustrator, author, love warrior. J posted the above picture this weekend on Instagram and Facebook, and you know I LOVE IT. I’ve been following J’s journey ever since she started sharing her “doodles” and to see her become so fully embodied as an artist gives me all the joy I can stand, and reminds me that I have to trust myself and keep trying.

2. Wisdom from Kelly Diels, “Sometimes you don’t even realize the burden you’ve been carrying until you put it down.”

3. White Denial is an American Tradition: It’s Time to Bury It. Amen. In related news, 7 things black people want their well-meaning white friends to know.

4. 10 ways to keep doing the work when you’re in it for the long haul from Jena Schwartz. Thank you so much for this, Jena, and for sticking with it, doing this work with me, helping me to keep from giving up. Also from Jena, Five Deep Breaths.

5. Harold Ramis didn’t intend “Groundhog Day” to be Buddhist, but it’s a dharma classic. This is the first movie Eric and I went out to see together, at a $2 theater here in Fort Collins which is now a sticky floored music venue. We rewatch it at least once a year, and I think about the metaphors of the movie, the message a lot. In related news, from Austin Kleon, Want to be an artist? Watch Groundhog Day.

6. Good stuff from Everyday Feminism: When You ‘Don’t See Color,’ You’re Contributing to the Everyday Racism Around You, and 5 Things Your Activist Friend Wants You to Stop Doing (Because You’re Wearing Us Out), and I Had Cancer – And Medical Fat-Shaming Could Have Killed Me.

7. Party in my Plants Episode #72: Health at Every Size, Diet Culture & BURNING THE WAGON! with Isabel Foxen Duke.

8. Collaborative Lamps That Weave Traditional Fibers With PET Plastic Waste.

9. Primer: When You Have Too Much to Do from Zen Habits.

10. Onym, a naming site with a ton of free resources. I’m trying to come up with a better name for my business (I’m just not feeling Life Wholehearted anymore, with the events of the past couple of years I feel like I need something with teeth), so I’m hoping this site can help.

11. attention is the beginning of devotion from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks.

12. Panda eating carrot. (video) In related news, Pandas Gone Wild, a photo collection.

13. #MeToo, Now What? from PBS. Executive editor and host Zainab Salbi goes beyond the headlines about sexual harassment to ask how we got here and how we move forward.

14. New Mexico’s Teacher Of The Year Might Be Deported. (video) “This woman was Teacher of the Year in her state — but until there’s a clean DREAM Act, her future is in jeopardy.”

15. A Man Who Could Finally Afford To See A Doctor After Winning The Lottery Died Three Weeks Later. “Donald Savastano was excited to finally see a doctor after winning $1 million. Then he found out he had stage 4 cancer.” Tell me again how we are “making America great again.” I dare you.

16. Baby dances to dad’s beatboxing. (video)

17. The Term ‘Marijuana’ Is Rooted In Racism. (video)

18. Reminder: Black labor built this country for free. (video)

19. Recipe I want to try: Potato Chip Cookies. Sweet and salty, chewy with some crunch is my jam.

20. Someone edited Ram’s Martin Luther King commercial with what King actually said about car ads. In related news, Yes, the MLK Estate Did Approve That Trash Dodge Super Bowl Ad, and America Will Not Stop Until Martin Luther King Jr. Is Completely Rebranded as a Slice of Avocado Toast, and White Supremacy Murdered Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King & Now Uses Him as a Capitalist Prop, and Dodge’s Super Bowl ad used a Martin Luther King Jr. speech … to sell pickup trucks, (video).

21. Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Was a Total Disaster.

22. White Supremacists Are Targeting College Students ‘Like Never Before.’

23. 3D collages in layers of glass: By Dustin Yellin. (video)

24. A Photographer Captures a Decade in the Life of a Single Ukrainian Park Bench.

25. Black Beekeepers Are Transforming Detroit’s Vacant Lots Into Bee Farms.

26. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson Save It for the Stage from The New York Times.

27. Why Schools Fail To Teach Slavery’s ‘Hard History.’

28. The Women Behind White Power from The New York Times.

Something Good

The contents of my grocery cart this week, made fancy by Prisma and Eric

1. this is a love song, not an apology: in praise of quitting from Isabel Abbott. I’ve shared it before, but I needed to revisit it this week and thought maybe you might too.

2. Why Are Magazines Still Not Letting Plus Women Actively Participate In Fashion? In related news, This Fitness Brand Had the Perfect Response to Their Plus-size Model Getting Fat-shamed.

3. On Mo’Nique: Being Nice is Not A Requirement for Fair Pay. In related news, Fear of an Angry Black Woman: Why Mo’Nique Was Right.

4. List: Things That Begin a Sentence That Indicate You May Need to Refrain From Finishing That Sentence from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

5. Why our current political issues have everything to do with body positivity from The Militant Baker.

6. The Great Rat Rescue. “We are lucky to live and work in such a pet-friendly and compassionate community.”

7. A goat and a coyote play. (video) In related news, Cow who escaped in November found living with a herd of bison. (video)

8. Black Girl Booklist! 10 Must-Read Books by Black Women.

9. Deaf Dancer Finds His Way to Feel The Beat. (video)

10. Facebook Apologizes for Banning Paragraph From Black Woman’s Book. This is an ongoing issue, happens constantly to the WOC I follow on Facebook.

11. Margaret Atwood’s Books Taught Me to Listen to Women—Now She Needs to Learn the Same Thing.

Really listening requires full body presence. It requires you to soften and let go of the fear, the urge to argue, and the instinct to control the narrative. It takes a comfort with silence and a willingness to accept that your turn to talk may never come, that what’s happening might not be about you at all. This doesn’t mean internalizing every call-out on social media, but rather acknowledging how your voice carries and reaching out to those who have less power with compassion, respect, and openness. It requires you see them first as individual human beings with names, lives, and experiences you might not have imagined. We’ve assumed for too long that the onus for reaching out is on the less powerful. We must work to upend that imbalance and make space for women of color, Indigenous women, trans women, and others who have been left out of feminism in the past.

12. The Life Thief. “How diet culture steals your time, your energy, and your health—and how you can take them back.”

13. Dog Loves His Automatic Ball Launcher. (video)

14. Relaxing Into the Feeling of Being Alive from Zen Habits.

15. Do you feel a yearning for something you can’t explain? There’s a word for that.

16. 8 Contradictions you might experience if you’re an INFJ.

17. Ursula K. Le Guin On Writing:”Alas, There Are No Recipe” from Chuck Wendig.

18. Anthony Bourdain was a 44 year old cook who was slinging french fries and having little hope to ever get out of debt, or even pay his taxes. (video)

19. Company Hilariously Mocks Stupid Client Requests, Shows What Happens When You Do Everything They Ask.

20. Lucas the spider. (video) Reminds me of Marcel the Shell.

Something Good

1. What Is White Feminism? Here Are 7 Sneaky Ways It Shows Up Into Your Life. In related news, Why This Black Girl Will Not Be Returning To The Women’s March, and The Second Lives of Pussy Hats on The New York Times, and You’re Not “Not Political,” You’re Complicit, and White centering, white fragility, and the pink pussy hat with Abigail Rose Clark (video), and I spent MLK day fighting with an “ally” about my Trump headline, and Ep012 Wild Mystic Woman Podcast: Desiree Adaway On Leading Difficult Conversations On Race, Class + Gender, and Stop Silencing Women of Color from Jena Schwartz, because this, “That is what the invisible powers that be will do with women of color who are sharing their everyday, lived experiences of racism. They are not making this shit up, but there are plenty of white people who feel ‘attacked’ by these ‘offensive’ posts. You know what’s offensive? Denial. Coddling. Defensiveness. And actively silencing those who are sharing their pain and anger and frustration and truth.”

2. Tips for Raising Kids with Disabilities from Zach Anner. (video)

3. Are You Supporting White Supremacy? A checklist for teachers.

4. How to Stop Passive Aggression from Ruining Your Relationship. “Learning to express anger in a healthy way will help couples resolve conflicts, instead of letting them simmer.”

5. Housemates with 68 year age gap. (video) “Florence, 95, was lonely. Alexandra, 27, needed an affordable home.”

6. Rescued Raccoon Loves His Dog Sister. (video)

7. Being an English Graduate Is Hard, Being a Female English Graduate Is Harder.

8. Man Pulls 5 1/2-Foot-Long Tapeworm Out Of His Body, Blames Sushi Habit. You might not know this about me but I’m currently working on a book about a women with a tapeworm.

9. These 30+ Photos Of Ingo The Dog And His Owl Friends Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today.

10. Chickens playing a xylophone. (video) “A Colorado woman installed a xylophone in her backyard and now her chickens spend their days playing music.”

11. Layla Saad is creating space to center the stories, art and magic of women of colour on Patreon.

12. Take the stairs. Your Fitbit commands it. (video) Hilarious.

13. This Art Exhibit About Rape Powerfully Answers The Question ‘What Were You Wearing?’

14. Abandoned Puppy Grows Up With 150 Rescued Animals. (video)

15. Immigration officials came into work on a national holiday to take Jorge away from his family. (video) I’m not gonna lie, this makes me feel a level of rage that isn’t healthy.

16. You can not just teach about slavery, these people had backgrounds. They came from Africa. (video)

17. Of Docks and Churches and Libraries and Love on Rita’s Notebook. Because this, “Love is not, as I’ve thought for most of my life, the dock. It is the water.”

18. A Guide to Moving Courageously Into a New Uncertain Space on Zen Habits.

19. Bitchreads: 25 Fiction Books You Must Read in 2018.

20. An Artist Has Corrected All Of Those Crap Sexual Harassment Non-Apologies.

21. The Complete Guide to Understanding and Dealing With Online Trolls.

22. The controversy around Babe.net’s Aziz Ansari story, explained.

23. White supremacy is insidious and pervasive everywhere, including at The New York Times and other liberal media.

24. White People Understand Exactly How Racism Works.

25. Writing As Protest and Therapy: Writing Can Save Us and the World.

26. Professional Black Girl (Season 2) New Orleans Baby! A Kickstarter project. You can watch Season 1 on YouTube.

27. The Black Woman’s Tale: Why Margaret Atwood’s Espousal of White Feminist Beliefs Shouldn’t Surprise You.

28. My body has always known the truth…I just wasn’t listening, wisdom from Melissa Toler.

29. Miniature Paintings on Tea Bags by Ruby Silvious.

30. 8 kick-ass coming-of-age movies directed by women.

31. Freedom, fairness and equality from Seth Godin.

32. Oprah’s Blind Spot from Rachel Cole.

33. Color Palette: Deep Greens. I need the couch in the last picture.

34. How to Establish a Daily Practice of Almost Anything, in Six Steps. A good reminder.

35. What’s Missing from #MeToo and #TimesUp: One Indigenous Woman’s Perspective.

36. 27 Ways To Tell a True Story from the amazing Laurie Wagner.

37. 75 Questions for Cultivating Self-Awareness.

38. America the Trumped: 10 ways the administration attacked civil rights in year one from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

39. 9 Ways We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible.

40. 3 quick thoughts about walking from Austin Kleon.

Something Good

Geese over the Poudre River, image by Eric

1. What does it mean to “make light”? from Karen Walrond.

2. Ava DuVernay’s Visionary Filmmaking Is Reshaping Hollywood.

3. My shadow son: A stranger insisted he was my child for more than a decade.

4. Mom Films Video For The Son She Put Up For Adoption So He’ll Always Know He Was Wanted. This article describes the heartbreak of giving a baby up for adoption so clearly.

5. Five ways to make a difference in 2018.

6. Outcry After Louisiana Teacher Arrested During School Board Meeting. Outrage is exactly the correct response to this.

7. 30+ Times Dogs Surprised Humans With Their Incredibly Heroic Acts.

8. My goofy online yoga teacher has indoctrinated me into her cult.“I had a near-pathological fear of public exercise and rarely went out for a run, but my daily morning date with Adriene’s YouTube channel has given me hope.”

9. What It’s Like Being a Highly Sensitive Person in a Caring Profession. This is always the dilemma for me — I need work that has meaning, but as such the same job wrecks me.

10. Introverts: 5 Practices to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet.

11. Roxane Gay Defends Writer Sarah Hollowell Against Fatphobia at the Midwest Writers Workshop. In related news, Roxane Gay Exposed The Midwest Writers Workshop For Fatphobia On Twitter, and Roxane Gay, Midwest Writer’s Workshop, and Breaking the Silence of Fatphobia.

12. How this Black femme finds peace in Tarot as the world burns.

13. No One Is Coming to Save Us From Trump’s Racism by Roxane Gay on The New York Times.

14. Meshell Ndegeocello Unveils Heartbreaking Cover of Prince Classic, ‘Sometimes it Snows in April.’

15. Recipe I want to try: Roasted Garlic Butternut Squash Soup.

16. Pussy Hats: The Confederate Flag for White Feminists. “As cis and trans women of color enter 2018 with new plans of action, white feminists repeat their failures, complete with exclusion and pussy hats.”

17. Heiress Plotted 19 Grisly Crimes. Investigation Underway. “Frances Glessner Lee, the first lady of forensic science, was a cult curiosity. With her ‘Nutshell Studies’ at the Renwick Gallery, she rises to art star.”

18. These Photos Prove We Have No Idea How Food Grows. (video)

19. The Skeleton Key: Dismantle “is an offering to white women to begin to dismantle the white supremacy we carry in our own bones” from Abigail Rose Clark.

20. Couple with Down syndrome: ‘Love is love.’ (video)

21. Everyday, Frog The Rooster meets the kids at the school bus. (video)

22. Humanizing Trans People One Photo At A Time. (video)

23. Full of Sound and Fury: The Anger of Mediocre White Dudes.

24. Justice and dignity, the endless shortage from Seth Godin.

25. Feast is open for applications. Feast is a 3-month journey to becoming a Well-fed Woman, and it changed my life, continues to do so.

26. A few ideas for honoring Martin Luther King from Wall of Us.

27. How to manage ANY health condition…without dieting from Isabel Foxen Duke.

Something Good

Icy morning river, image by Eric

1. 25 YA Books to Add to Your 2018 TBR List Right Now. And if you need more suggestions about what to read, here’s Roxane Gay’s comprehensive list, My 2017 Reading List. And, in other but still related news, 35 Literary Adaptations to Look Forward to in 2018.

2. Recipes I want to try: Rachel Roddy’s four bean-based recipes and Everyday Chocolate Cake.

3. 6 Ways My Parents Unintentionally Taught Me Disordered Eating.

4. CNN Debuts American Woman Documentary Series … Which Has the Same Name, Theme and Aesthetic as a Series Already Created by a Black Woman. Can we STOP doing this, please? Watch this short episode of the REAL American Woman series, an interview with Tarana Burke.

5. Black writer says he was nearly shot by police while shopping for conditioner. Speaking of things we need to STOP doing…

6. Watch grown-ish, a spin off of the brilliant black-ish. It’s also available on Hulu.

7. Photographer Reveals The “Addicted” Side Of The Streets Of Philadelphia.

8. Social Media Has Its Pitfalls But You Can Use It For Positive Change—Here’s How.

9. How To Do An Annual Review: 10 Questions. These are always presented as something to do at year’s end, but I think prompts like these are useful any time you are feeling stuck or confused.

10. Beyond the Food Podcast, Episode 109, The OTHER Reason Why We Overeat and Binge with Isabel Foxen Duke.

11. All the Weird Thoughts an Introvert Has After Socializing. #1 is so me. In related introvert news, Help for Introverts Who Are Struggling With Depression and 4 Ways for Introverts to Make 2018 Their Best Year Yet.

12. I Love You So Much Podcast Ep. 24, Austin Kleon on unlocking creativity; Nils Juul-Hansen on ‘Hygge.’

13. Good things from Karen Walrond’s This Was a Good Week list: 14 Ways To Make Journaling One Of The Best Things You Do In 2018, and Pad and i: 7. I’d like to make a toast, and 5 Ways to Be Kind Right Now.

14. Your theory from Seth Godin.

15. Dear life from Marc Johns.

16. Sick Little Lamb Falls In Love With A Rescue Cat. (video) In related news, Rescuing a family of dogs. (video)

17. UniLid. “Universal lid that fits all shapes and sizes with food tracking. The perfect, eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap.” I need this! Apparently, so do a lot of other people — they set a $5000 goal, and it’s close to $500,000 with three days left in the campaign.

18. Turns out, Ringo Blue is part penguin. (video)

19. How to Deal With Failure, Rejection, or Public Humiliation, another great article from Kirsten Akens. “Very few people will turn a crummy Yelp review into a work project, but writer Alexandra Franzen has done just that with her new book, You’re Going to Survive.”

20. Roxane Gay on setting boundaries and saying “no.” (video) Why yes, Roxane Gay IS one of my favorite humans — why do you ask? 😉

21. Living Simply in 20 Square Meters. (video)