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Something Good

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1. Dear White People: If a Memorial Dedicated to Lynchings of Black People Makes You Uncomfortable, Good. In related news, This new lynching memorial rewrites American history.

2. RadioLab, Border Trilogy Part 1: Hole in the Fence.

3. Surviving the Ordinary: Why We Need Memoirs of Regular Lives.

4. Blackface Leads to Fraternity Suspension at Cal Poly on The New York Times. In related news (i.e. whyte people being stupid), Philly Starbucks arrests: What we know (and what we don’t) and Black Teen Who Missed Bus to School Gets Shot at While Trying to Ask for Directions and Teen with full ride to 20 colleges requests public apology from Fox affiliate in order to air interview. The foundation of the “American Dream” is white supremacy and racism. This is what DT and people like him mean by “Make America Great Again.” Bullshit like these stories is why #BlackLivesMatter is necessary. And don’t be confused or willfully ignorant about what’s happening – people are dying, being harmed and murdered. It’s real, true, and dire. The people living this experience have been trying to tell us and we haven’t listened, haven’t helped. It’s TIME.

5. The Last O.G. I watched the pilot of this show for free on the TBS app, and it was so good I immediately bought it on Amazon Prime so I could watch it. So far, it’s really good.

6. Charles Soule: On Finding The Joy.

Making a career in creativity is itself a hugely creative act. It doesn’t just spontaneously happen. You have to build it, step by step, just as you do the individual creations themselves. It’s time plus dedication plus skill – whether innate or cultivated, ideally both.

So…how? Who the hell would put themselves through something like that? More particularly, why, when there are easier ways to make a living, with more guarantees.

Because of the joy of it.

7. The Most Important Writing Advice You Need Right Now from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds.

8. The hidden crisis on college campuses: Many students don’t have enough to eat.

9. Almost all violent extremists share one thing: their gender.

So this is how it works: These young men feel entitled to a sense of belonging and community, of holding unchallenged moral authority over women and children, and of feeling that they count in the world and that their lives matter.

Experiencing threats to the lives they feel they deserve leads these young men to feel ashamed and humiliated. And it is this aggrieved entitlement – entitlement thwarted and frustrated – that leads some men to search for a way to redeem themselves as men, to restore and retrieve that sense of manhood that has been lost.

10. Easy as 1-2-3, a mediation on making art.

11. Even if you don’t feel ready from Alexandra Franzen.

12. 5 Books that Changed Junot Díaz’s Life. (video)

13. A Prince Tribute Bloomed And Gave The Late Singer The Crown He Deserves.

14. Devonte Hart’s biological mom: They gave my kids ‘to monsters.’ Just when you think this story couldn’t get any worse…

15. Love, Simon is not the only film depicting the lives of young, queer people. Here are 62 more.

16. Gemma the pit bull loved her little brother Elliott from the minute she met him when he was just a newborn baby. (video)

17. This is why dogs are THE GREATEST ANIMAL ON EARTH! (video)

18. Jack in the Box. (video) It seems like the way a child reacts to this is a good indicator of how they are going to handle the chaos of the rest of their lives.

19. Dismantling White Dominance in Women’s Entrepreneurship: Potent Conversations with BIWOC Countering the Narrative Right Now, a free masterclass.

20. I Feel Pretty, Not Delusional by Ragen Chastain from Dances with Fat.

21. Tank the pitbull singing his favorite song, Tennessee Whiskey. (video)

22. A Few Things to Know About American Sign Language. (video)

Something Good

April Love Icon

1. April Love 2018, another photo challenge hosted by Susannah Conway. “This is a gentle photo challenge to ease us through the change in seasons (wherever you are in the world) and bring some creative mindfulness to our days…I’ve created a list of photo prompts to be explored throughout the month, a mix of straightforward things-to-shoot and a few more thoughtful prompts, so if you’re not sure how to illustrate the latter try simply sharing a moment from your day. Use the challenge as a way to give yourself ten minutes to notice your surroundings and take a breath. Keep it simple. Enjoy digging into your world with your camera and maybe spend a bit of time in your journal, too. Or not! Again I say: there really are no rules.”

2. The Children Treating Gunshot Wounds on Chicago’s South Side. “In a city home to a staggering amount of gun violence, Ujimaa Medics is teaching kids how to save lives.”

3. Stevante Clark Leads Protesters Into Sacramento City Council Meeting Demanding Justice for Brother Stephon Clark. (video) In related news, Stephon Clark’s family member speaks at rally (video) and Stephon Clark’s funeral in Sacramento, California (video).

4. The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Is Funny. I’m Not Going to Keep Watching. From Roxane Gay on The New York Times. In related news, 9 Sitcoms Representing Today’s America To Watch Instead Of ‘Roseanne.’

5. These 25+ Cute Baby Donkeys Are Everything You Need To See Today.

6. 10 Books About Race To Read Instead Of Asking A Person Of Color To Explain Things To You.

7. 21st Century Colonization: Becky Came For Our Bindis and Our Chai.

8. Alleged Parkland, Fla., Shooter Has Received Sexual Photos, Fan Mail and Hundreds of Dollars in Donations While Awaiting Trial: Report. This is so offensive, I almost didn’t want to share it, and yet what matters to me more than my comfort (or yours) is knowing the truth, facing it, not turning away.

9. People Want To Know Why Brooklyn Museum’s New African Art Curator Is White. You can’t tell me that people of color weren’t as qualified, that they didn’t apply.

10. White people don’t understand the trauma of viral police-killing videos. I do, and this (and a few other reasons) is why even if I watch, I don’t share.

11. Did Fort Collins grow too big too fast? Short answer: YES, (and yet, as someone who moved here from out of state 25 years ago, I recognize that I’m part of the problem). “The Colorado city’s unwieldy expansion offers a cautionary tale for similar Western locales.”

12. Sweet Potatoes Four Ways, and a video of the recipes. I love sweet potatoes so much, I could eat them 100 ways.

13. This Italian grandma trying to operate Google Home is too adorable. (video) “Hey, Goo Goo. Okay, Goo Goo.” Seriously, she might be the cutest grandma ever.

14. Back to My Roots from Brittany Herself. “It’s like I got into this habit of being completely consumable, and I don’t know how to back up or admit that I don’t like it.”

15. Atlanta Charter School Apologizes for 2nd Grade Blackface Show in the Year of Our Lord 2018. *sigh* “Whatever that teacher was TRYING to do for Black History Month (in March no less), they failed miserably.”

16. 10 Women Over 50 Who Prove It’s Never Too Late to Change the World.

17. Oysters with Neil Gaiman.

18. ‘The Body Is Not an Apology’: Sonya Renee Taylor Is Leading a Revolution of Radical Self-Love.

19. Love Everyone: A Guide for Spiritual Activists, “Real political change must be spiritual. Real spiritual practice has to be political. Buddhist teachers Sharon Salzberg and Rev. angel Kyodo williams on how we can bring the two worlds together to build a more just and compassionate society.” In related news, Stand Against Suffering: A Call to Action by Buddhist Teachers, “Thirteen prominent teachers explain why Buddhists need to be be politically engaged at this crucial time in the country’s history, in this statement published in Lion’s Roar magazine and co-signed by more than 140 Buddhist leaders.”

20. From Mourning to Action: A Resource List from Jena Schwartz.

21. 100 of My Favorite Poets For Your Survival Pack.

22. A New Black American Dream on The New York Times.

23. Why losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend.

Something Good

Protest sign

Image credit: @womenwhotech

Note: I was sick all week, so didn’t spend much time online and it’s another short list.

1. 31 Morning Journaling Prompts that Will Change the Way You Think.

2. WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? – Official Trailer [HD] (video)

3. Why I Write: An Introvert’s Perspective.

4. The White Allies’ Guide to Collecting Aunt Linda, “10 rules for speaking up on the Internet.”

5. Andrea Gibson – “Good Light” Live from the Boulder Theater (video)

6. How to turn your flaws into your gold, a simple but powerful practice from Andrea Scher.

7. Family Brings Baby Cow Into Their House During A Hurricane. (video) “This tiny baby cow was spotted in a flooded field after Hurricane Harvey. She was very sick, but she fought so hard get better. Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition, watch how Harveigh bounced back and grew up to be a happy, sassy cow who has the run of the house — all thanks to her rescuers, and her friendship with a very special pit bull.”

8. Naomi Wadler Speaks to Crowd at D.C. March For Our Lives. (video) “11-year-old Naomi Wadler has more poise and power than most adults you’ve ever met.” In related news, Emma Gonzalez Is Responsible for the Loudest Silence in the History of US Social Protest, and Photos From the March for Our Lives.

9. Julie Yip-Williams, Writer of Candid Blog on Cancer, Dies at 42 on The New York Times.

10. Austin Victims Remembered For Resilience, Radiating Positivity.

11. This tiny home village in Austin is giving homeless people a purpose.

12. AFSHeeN, Rebecca Ferguson – Uncrazy (video). My current favorite song.

13. Fox News Analyst Quits, Calls Network a ‘Propaganda Machine.’ Well, duh.

14. Final Male Northern White Rhino Dies. (video) “The last male northern white rhino has died, leaving only 2 northern white rhinos left on Earth.”

15. This special village plants 111 trees whenever a girl is born. (video)

16. 50 mums and 50 kids. (video)

17. 19 Confessions of an INFJ, the Rarest Personality Type.

18. They Push. They Protest. And Many Activists, Privately, Suffer as a Result.

19. Why the Stormy Daniels story matters, in one paragraph. “Her 60 Minutes interview shows it’s not about sex. It’s about the abuse of power.”

20. White privilege and the gun debate. (video)

Something Good

Poudre River, morning walk

Disclaimer: I’m home sick with strep throat and a husband gone at a conference so no one to take care of me or the dogs. This is going to be a shorter list than usual.

1. Poet Claudia Rankine speaks about confronting racism head on in her writing.

2. ‘National Geographic’ Reckons With Its Past: ‘For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist.’

3. What INFJs Do When They Get Stressed Out.

4. ICE spokesman resigns after refusing to spread “misleading facts” that labeled undocumented immigrants as “dangerous criminals.” All good people MUST resign, cut ties with, speak out against this organization, which functions only to terrorize and harm.

5. 50 Questions for Self-Exploration.

6. At home on a greek island from SF Girl. I want to go to there…

7. Things get adorable when a neuroscientist reveals how puppies trick your brain. (video) In related cute pit bull news, This pit bull’s smile is so perfect, it helped get her rescued. (video)

8. The Last Photos Of A 14-Year-Old Polish Girl In Auschwitz Get Colorized, And They’ll Break Your Heart. “The Holocaust did not begin with the mass killings. It began with the rhetoric of hate.”

9. Roxane Gay’s 10 Favorite Books.

10. Stripes of wildflowers across farm fields could cut pesticide spraying.

11. This mom transformed a doll into Shuri from Black Panther. (video)

12. 14K empty shoes outside the US Capitol, to represent every child killed with a gun since the Sandy Hook Massacre.

13. Baby white rhino discovers snow at the Toronto Zoo. (video) Somebody give him a bigger pile!

Something Good

Morning on the Poudre River, from our morning walk

1. Lucas the Spider. A super cute video series that reminds me of Marcel the Shell.

2. The New Vanguard on The New York Times. “Our critics chose 15 remarkable books by women that are shaping the way we read and write fiction in the 21st century.”

3. Michelle Obama meets the 2-year-old who was captivated by her portrait. And they danced. In related news, This Adorable Little Girl Thinks Michelle Obama Is A Queen. (video)

4. Dear White People, Please Stop Pretending Reverse Racism Is Real. In related news, Shit White Feminists Need To Stop Doing and Catriceology: 30-Day Crash Course for White Women and How “Good” White People Silence People of Color Every Day, which says,

Here’s the thing: All white people are not actively racist but all white people live in a culture of white supremacy and their actions potentially help to uphold that culture. Taking up space to talk about how non-racist you are upholds white supremacist culture and centers whiteness. Placing your offense, your hurt feelings, before the discussion of the racist issues centers whiteness and upholds white supremacist culture. These acts stifle discussion, silence education and uphold white supremacist culture.

5. Serena Williams says ‘there’s no wrong way to be a woman’ in powerful ad. I hope that Serena Williams understands that her real, lasting, important legacy has very little to do with tennis. If you need another reason why, there’s this, Serena Williams on Motherhood, Marriage, and Making Her Comeback.

6. Overlooked from The New York Times. “Since 1851, obituaries in The New York Times have been dominated by white men. Now, we’re adding the stories of 15 remarkable women.”

7. The Nonbinary Author Centering African Narratives Erased by Colonialism. “In her hotly anticipated debut “Freshwater,” author Akwaeke Emezi uses the ogbanje—an Igbo spirit—to explore metaphysical identity and resist the binary split between spirit and body.”

8. Commentary: I study liars. I’ve never seen one like Donald Trump.

9. When a Theory Goes Viral. “Intersectionality is now everywhere. Is that a good thing?”

10. Family honors grandma’s memory by displaying all of her quilts at her funeral.

11. Patriarchy Is Contraindicated for Life. “It’s hard to imagine a more fitting way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to usher in the end of patriarchy. While the path forward will not be easy, even Steve Bannon recently declared the certainty of its demise, pronouncing: ‘The anti-patriarchy movement is going to undo 10,000 years of recorded history.’ May it be so, because patriarchy is contraindicated for life.”

12. 16 Girls Who Changed The World. “Proof you’re never too young to make an impact.”

13. The Real Threat To Campuses Isn’t ‘PC Culture.’ It’s Racism.

14. If You’re an INFJ, You’ve Probably Had This Problem at Work. I am so right in the thick of this. In related news, 4 Reasons Introverts Make Awesome Employees and What to Do When You Feel Overstimulated and Overwhelmed.

15. Wholebeing from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks. “I had come to the conclusion that thriving, in essence, was less about financial success or even having a rocking body, and more about the way in which we move through the world.” Also from Karen, The importance of a creative practice.

16. Your kitchen table from Seth Godin, who suggests a way of understanding the messages that come through your laptop and phone.

17. An Open Letter to Oprah about Weight Watchers.

18. How to Talk About Body Image Issues When You’re Not Fat on The Body is Not an Apology.

19. Wild Mystic Woman Podcast Ep016: Melissa Toler On Opting Out Of Diet Culture & Reclaiming Our Wellness.

20. The Movie Version of “A Wrinkle in Time” Was Markedly Less Feminist than the Book. In related news, Watching ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ is a political act and Black Panther Breaks $1,000,000,000 Mark and A Wrinkle in Time Claims No. 2 Spot in Historic Weekend for Black Films.

21. How Segregation Shapes Fatal Police Violence.

22. Wisdom from Brave Girls Club, “When you don’t stop to rest, to think, to recharge, to remember, to restore…you end up grouchy, tired, uncreative, angry, and numb to lots of life.” Word.

23. Wisdom from poet Mary Oliver, “A lifetime isn’t long enough for the beauty of this world and the responsibilities of your life.”

24. The Broccoli Tree, Or: The Dangers of Sharing Photos of What We Love.

25. The Black Love Bail Out Aims to Free Poor Defendants — And Teach Others To Do The Same.

26. Teenage Chef On His Way to Ruling World of Ramen. To have parents, etc., who support your interests is huge. Imagine what the world would be like if even just half the kids, especially kids of color, had the same chance?

27. Dog Wants To Go With Owner. (video) This cracks me up, but it’s not about a dog wanting to go with, it’s a puppy throwing a tantrum, and it reminds me so much of my Ringo Blue. Dogs can be cute even when they are being jerks.

28. These two outstanding high school students were deported, and their community is devastated. (video)

29. Tybre Faw meets John Lewis. (video) I’ve seen this multiple times. Every time, I cry. “Tybre Faw traveled 7 hours to see his hero, Rep. John Lewis, who was in Selma, Alabama, to commemorate the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. The boy became emotional when they met, and Lewis invited him to march with him toward the Edmund Pettus Bridge.”

30. 10 Great Movies Under 90 Minutes Long on Netflix.

31. Obamas visit swing set they donated to DC shelter. (video)

32. This 11-year-old helps stressed-out New Yorkers fix their problems. (video) “Ciro Ortiz is not your typical middle schooler. At 11 years old, the Brooklyn-raised boy is not only already fending for himself but is giving back. Inspired by a desire to help, Ciro decided he would set up a stand and offer emotional advice to stressed-out New Yorkers off the Williamsburg L train line. He charges $2 a session, but it’s clear his advice is worth a lot more.”

33. The Brutal Truth Behind The Toxic Relationship Between A Narcissist And An Empath. Been there, done that. *sigh*

34. A Phrase For Our Time: Merriam-Webster Adds ‘Dumpster Fire’ To Dictionary.

35. ‘It Just Felt Very Wrong’: Sherman Alexie’s Accusers Go On The Record.

36. Body-shamers try to tear her down, but Mirna is strong and can run for miles. (video)

37. A 6-year-old’s hoop dreams. (video)

38. Secret NYPD Files: Officers Can Lie And Brutally Beat People — And Still Keep Their Jobs.

39. 6 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month Like a Lady.

40. Find Out Why This NOLA Chef Is Charging White Customers More Than PoC For The Same Meal.

Something Good

sleeping cat

Photo by Alexander Possingham on Unsplash, #currentmood

1. Ava DuVernay’s Fiercely Feminine Vision for ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ on The New York Times. “She made the movie she wanted, about a multiracial world and the loss of a beloved parent. ‘I know it’s $100 million’ for Disney, she says. ‘They’ll be fine.'”

2. Patrisse Cullors of Black Lives Matter Discusses the Movement on Teen Vogue. In related news, this interview with Patrisse Khan-Cullors, a co–founder of Black Lives Matter, and author of “When They Call You A Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir,” and the activist Angela Davis in conversation with Melissa Harris-Perry. “They will discuss the kinds of racial divides that exist in the U.S. Leave your questions for them in the comments.”

3. 10 Women Who Made A Positive Global Impact In 2017. In related news, 15 Trailblazers On What History Books Will Say About Women’s Activism In 2018. #womenshistorymonth

4. The creative learning spiral from Austin Kleon.

5. A Toast to the Tiny Steps (Every big change is the result of 100 tiny steps) from Courtney Carver at Be More With Less.

6. The Squatter from Jena Schwartz. “It takes courage, so much courage, to keep going when there are no guarantees of anything.”

7. Wild Mystic Woman Podcast Episode #015: Leesa Renee Hall On Exploring Identity & Writing Expressively.

8. 7 Ways to Cope When There’s No Escaping a Social Event. My favorite is #7. I do that sometimes at work and even at home to get a moment by myself. In related news, 9 Things That Quiet, Awkward Introvert Wishes You Knew and 17 Way-Too-Personal Confessions of an Introvert.

9. The Other F Word Podcast Ep 71: Karen Walrond on the Beauty of Being Different.

10. #ExpressiveWriting Prompts to Use If You’ve Been Accused of #WhiteFragility #SpiritualBypass or #WhitePrivilege from Leesa Renee Hall.

11. Pema Khandro Rinpoche recites a prayer to awaken bodhicitta.

12. Three Truths About Writing, And How The Writing Gets Done from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds.

13. Rescued Baby Chimpanzee ‘Helps’ Fly Plane to Safety, (video).

14. “You inspired me to quit my job!” from Paul Jarvis. “But saving money and being really cheap isn’t as motivational as telling someone to take big risks, because they’ll pay off.”

15. Why is this interesting? from Seth Godin. I like “C” in particular.

16. Little girl awestruck by Michelle Obama’s portrait believes she’s ‘a queen.’

17. Blank Panther Toys for Lufkin, Texas Pre-K Classrooms.

18. Toddler dancing to Michael Jackson, complete with a few crotch grabs. (video)

19. 11 new books by Native women you need to have in your life.

20. Sleepy kittens. (video)

21. The Pain of Loving Old Dogs on The New York Times.

22. What Happened After I Spoke out About Fat Shaming at the NYC Marathon. “Her impassioned response to a heckler went viral, but rediscovering the joy of running and fitness wasn’t easy.”

23. White Women Must Hold Each Other Accountable For Racism.

24. Black Lives Matter is a powerful and influential movement for justice and empathy.(video) Franchesca debunks some of these toxic myths and sheds light on the true goals of this movement.

25. ICE arrested more than 150 immigrants in California this week. (video) Dena Takruri traveled to Mexico to see what happens after deportation.

26. At his core, Trump is a conman. Here are 20 broken promises he’s made to Trump voters. (video)

27. Is a Late-Career Change Worth It? from The New York Times. “A reader has eight years to go until retirement, at a job that has become almost unbearable. Is it better to explore other options even if that means taking a step backward, or to play it safe and ride it out?” Honestly, this didn’t feel like much of an answer to me, especially since it didn’t respond at all to to person’s concerns about their physical and mental health. I’d like to hear the answer Laura Simms or Michelle Ward would give.

28. Masterclass. “Online classes taught by the world’s greatest minds.”

29. This is not about falling in love from Andrea Scher, (who takes a Wild Writing class with Laurie Wagner too, and last week Laurie gave us a prompt from a poem called “About Flying” that was the line “this is not about”).

30. Dismantling Racism: A Resource Book for Social Change Groups.

31. Why can’t we recognize fat anger? “Like so many straight size people, they struggled to see my anger because they struggled to see what had happened as fundamentally unacceptable.”

32. 9 Afrofuturist Books to Enjoy if You’re Homesick for Wakanda.

33. ‘Pure madness’: Dark days inside the White House as Trump shocks and rages on The Washington Post. “‘I think the president is starting to wobble in his emotional stability and this is not going to end well,’ McCaffrey said. ‘Trump’s judgment is fundamentally flawed, and the more pressure put on him and the more isolated he becomes, I think, his ability to do harm is going to increase.'”

34. Before there was ‘intersectional feminism,’ there was the Combahee River Collective on The Washington Post.

35. Boop. (video) So cute.

36. All the puppies. (video)

Something Good

I stand with Emma poster

Free downloadable graphic from Pocho.com

1. Emma González Is The Bisexual Latinx Teen Leading The Charge For Gun Control. In related news, The Problem is Toxic Masculinity, Not Mental Illness, and Men Are Responsible for Mass Shootings, and Black Teens Have Been Fighting for Gun Reform for Years, and The Armed Florida School Officer Didn’t Go Into The Building During The Mass Shooting.

2. James Brunt, an artist who makes amazing sculptures and madalas in nature using natural materials.

3. 23 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t A Steaming Pile Of Garbage, just in case you needed the reminder.

4. Allegations of sexual abuse against Sherman Alexie. In related news, An Open Letter About Sherman Alexie.

5. How “Good” White People Silence People of Color Every Day. “Being offended and uncomfortable is a natural part of life. But before you lash out, sit with that feeling, deconstruct it. Understand why you are offended by the statement or action. Take time to understand the statement or action… But never assume your initial reaction is the correct one, especially when faced with brand new information. Your bias plays a part in how you see things and must be actively overcome. Don’t do white supremacy any favors because something hurt your feelings.”

6. How Might Trump Plan For Food Boxes Affect Health? Native Americans Know All Too Well.

7. Me Too Founder Tarana Burke: “Watch Carefully Who Are Called ‘Leaders’ of the Movement.” In related news, This is why we need to talk about race in the #MeToo movement, (video).

8. A Wrinkle in Time’s Representation is Just as Important as Black Panther. In related news, Sade to release first new music in eight years. “The British singer has recorded a song for the soundtrack of Ava DuVernay’s film adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time.”

9. Getting intersectional means showing up when there are no pink hats.

10. Why I Won’t Ever Identify As Recovered. “Recovery is hard. Period. Recovery in a culture that promotes disordered eating and inequality of bodies is even harder.”

11. Easy activity to satisfy our toy de-stuffers! (video)

12. Laura Monterrosa Detained In Texas, ICE Won’t Let Elected Official In. “This young immigrant was sexually assaulted in custody — but ICE won’t allow her to get help.”

13. George Washington’s teeth not from wood but slaves. It’s ugly, horrible, disturbing, but can we please look, listen, and finally begin to face the real truth if our history? This is who we are.

14. How ‘Strange Fruit’ Killed Billie Holiday. White supremacy kills. So does white fragility, white guilt, and in particular white denial.

15. Undoing Patriarchy – A Syllabus on Google Docs.

16. The Breakup Museum.

17. The Forest That Blooms Brilliantly for Just a Few Days a Year.

18. What I’ve Learned from 10+ Years of Body Acceptance from Anna Guest-Jelley on Curvy Yoga.

19. Why I keep a diary from Austin Kleon.

20. 8 Paradoxes of Being an INFJ, the Rarest Personality Type. I’m an INFJ, btw.

21. The Year in Hate: Trump buoyed white supremacists in 2017, sparking backlash among black nationalist groups from Southern Poverty Law Center.

22. When feminism ignored the needs of black women, a mighty force was born. “Founded in the early 1970s, the Combahee River Collective spoke to the unique position of being black and female.”

23. Watch this viral video of a Zen priest singing the “Heart Sutra” with acoustic backing.

24. Daniela Andrade – Stare at Each Other & Fall in Love, (video). I don’t understand why she’s not famous yet. And if you like her and don’t know who Yuna is, you need to seek out her stuff too.

25. Five Truths About Black History from the ACLU. “If we want to understand the state of race in America, we need to know our past — particularly the painful parts.”

26. Donald Glover Can’t Save You on The New Yorker. “The creator of “Atlanta” wants TV to tell hard truths. Is the audience ready?”

27. Artist makes mirrors from anything he can find. (video)

28. Playing ‘Havana’ on violin. (video) This song gets so stuck in my head. #earworm

29. Vernā Myers: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them | TED Talk.

30. This American Life: In Dog We Trust. “Stories of dogs and cats and other animals that live in our homes. Exactly how much are they caught up in everyday family dynamics? We answer this question and others.”