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Wishcasting Wednesday

peacefeetIt’s been a long time since I wishcasted on a Wednesday. Jamie Ridler used to host, but once she stopped offering a prompt, I stopped writing them. But today I feel compelled to make a wish, a wish for change, and to suggest one way we could start to shift things.

There are plenty of things gone wrong, lots of work to be done, changes that need made in ourselves and the world. People are dealing with all kinds of suffering on a personal level, and as a human society we deal with multiple forms of dysfunction, struggle, and violence — so much that it can feel overwhelming. We can identify what’s wrong, but It’s hard to know what to do about it.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago on being an ally. In it, I suggested that we must educate ourselves, practice compassion, and love harder. Brilliant Author, speaker, social justice activist, tender, big-hearted Patti Digh is offering something that grants my wish.

It’s a FREE 4-week online seminar, Hard Conversations: An Introduction to Racism, Unconscious Racism, and Silent Racism.

This short course is merely intended to provide a spark of awareness and a more helpful set of questions. There are many steps that must be taken after awareness, and we will include resources for further discovery and future action.

We will hear diverse voices, we will ask questions, we will tell our own truths, and we will become allies – and not just allies, but effective allies.

I am hosting this series of conversations simply to provide a safe place for dialogue about race to take place, to provide vetted resources for White people who want to do something to help eradicate racism but don’t know enough about the impact of racism, its history, or their collusion in it, to do so effectively. I am working in concert with diverse professionals in the field to ensure that this is meaningful, fair, and safe for all involved.

I wish people would share this opportunity with everyone they know, that they would take advantage of it themselves, that we would all show up with open hearts and learn something, and then be able to take what we learn out into the world and through right action make things better.

Wishcasting Wednesday

from Jamie's post

from Jamie’s post

Today, and for the last time, Jamie asks, “What do you wish for?” It’s taken me all morning to be able to show up here, attempt an answer. I’m sad, for all kinds of reasons, and this is another — Jamie is no longer going to host Wishcasting Wednesday on her site. She’ll offer the practice in other ways, but this version of it is ending. I didn’t expect that, not today, and even though change is inevitable and sometimes even for the best, I’m feeling tender about it.

This season is always rough. There’s not as much light, the days are shorter and colder, the sky is gray and dark more often, everything in nature going to sleep, there are no more flowers or fruits, green has turned to gray and brown. I don’t travel to visit with family (we go in the summer), so my tiny little family is alone for the holidays. I am reminded of everything, everyone we’ve lost, we miss. In the rush to prepare for various celebrations, crowds of people gather but in their hurry they can be so rude, so mean to each other, so unkind. I understand that feeling of overwhelm, of irritation. I’m feeling it myself. There’s so much left to do before tomorrow, before next week, before next month, and sometimes I just want to slow down, to stop, to hibernate, to rest, to forget. It’s a season of letting go and it’s hard.

Don’t get me wrong, I love twinkle lights and pie and warm sweaters and hot apple cider and Christmas music and snow as much as anyone, but there’s also something really sad and lonely about this time of year when it feels like everything is changing or so far away, over or gone.

I’ve wished with Jamie 68 times, and I’ve wished with other people who were also practicing. I am so grateful to Jamie for continuing to guide us, provide prompts and a place to share, for as long as she did. I wish along with her for open space where new ventures can grow and new adventures can begin.

Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. ~Gilda Radner

I wish to remember that as Ram Dass said, “we are all just walking each other home.”

I wish for us all to remember that we are fundamentally whole, basically good, inherently wise and compassionate, and wish that we can forgive ourselves and others when the way we act is not in accordance with that truth.

I wish for us to know that every being just wants to be happy and safe, loved, but that we get confused sometimes about how to make that happen.

I wish that we all begin to ask “where do I see suffering?” and do what we can to ease it, in ourselves and in the world.

I wish that we keep our hearts open, to joy and love and suffering, that we meet what arises in the moment, allow it to touch us, and when the time comes, let it go.

Wishcasting Wednesday

Jamie asks, “What do you wish for your prosperity?” When I first read it, I didn’t even understand the question as worded, so I did what I always do when I’m stumped by a wishcast prompt and looked up the definition of the key word.

At first, that didn’t really help because prosperity is “the state of being prosperous,” but listed as synonyms were things like “the good life, (good) fortune, ease, plenty, comfort, security,” and with that, my answer became clear.

I thought about how I’d spent my birthday. I took the day off work and gave myself permission to do anything I wanted. It was interesting that under those conditions I didn’t really do anything unusual, but rather spent the day how I’d spend most of my days. That’s very good news: I am living my life every day exactly the way I’d want to, doing whatever I want, living my version of the good life. I am learning that I can want what I want, have what I want, savor it and be satisfied, that this is allowed.

The other thing I’ve noticed about myself in the past year is if I have enough myself, if my needs are meet, if I am content and satisfied, I’m going to give away most of the extra — money, time, food, stuff, etc. Generosity is one of my most fundamental qualities. This balance — having, doing, and being as I want but also having extra to offer is exactly what I wish for my prosperity.

The only things I’d wish to change, to make this a truly balanced system is to declutter my life even more, own and keep less stuff for myself, simplify my way of being in the world, and shift my income source so I can eventually spend ALL my time working guided by my own instincts and intention, my own values and desires.

So, I wish for my prosperity to manifest directly from my own truth, and to earn enough through my efforts that I can share, and in this way most directly ease suffering, in myself and the world.

Once again, I start the wishcasting process from a place of not knowing and end with new insight and clarity. Magic.

Wishcasting Wednesday

If you wishcast with Jamie long enough, you start to see that what you wish for — your desire, your longing, your hunger — is the same no matter what she asks, no matter how she phrases it. And yet, the specific prompt each week allows me to see those wishes in a different light, from a different angle.

This week for example I consider what it means to immerse myself, what that looks like, feels like. There’s a particular sense of sinking, relaxing, a single minded focus and intensity, doing just what I’m doing, being exactly where I am, in the flow, allowing everything else to fade, go quiet, tuning in to my own truth.

And how interesting that the animal card reading Rachael Maddox did for me recently called for a return to my own wisdom, to flow and play, and recommended water cleansing rituals, and this word immersion means “to dip or submerge in a liquid,” to baptize by submerging in water, but also to involve oneself deeply in an activity or interest, be absorbed in the flow, to lose oneself in it, to engage wholly and deeply.

I wish to immerse myself in comfort and ease.

I wish to immerse myself in reading, words, stories and narrative, magic and medicine.

I wish to immerse myself in eating, whole food that satisfies all of my appetites.

I wish to immerse myself in home, that sense of safety, belonging, intimacy and truth.

I wish to immerse myself in practice, showing up with an open heart and no agenda, allowing whatever might arise.

I wish to immerse myself in stillness and quiet.

I wish to immerse myself in creativity, my hands covered in ink and glue and paint and dirt.

I wish to immerse myself in connection and conversation, present and listening deeply.

I wish to immerse myself in love and joy.

I wish to immerse myself in my own inherent deep inner knowing, my own authority.

Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks, “What nourishment do you wish for?”

Whole food, clean water. My body wishes to be well-fed, appetite satisfied, tastes and textures savored, health and wellness maintained.

Rest. To be restored, recovered, relaxed.

Love. Friendship, kindness, connection, commitment.

Sun, fresh air, movement. Miles and miles of earth to walk in the company of soft animal bodies, meeting amazement and stillness.


Practice. Writing, yoga, meditation, and dog. All obstacles, every joy, whatever arises, all of it part of the path.

Creative outlets. “Unexpressed creativity is not benign,” Brene’ Brown.

Service. Generosity and compassion, offerings that ease suffering.

Self-compassion. I love you no matter what. I will not abandon you, Sugar.

Breath. In and out, full.

Wishcasting Wednesday

Jamie asks, “what treats do you wish for?”

Listening to Yuna’s new album while I write.
Cuddling with soft animal bodies.
Eating strawberry & rhubarb Noosa with granola, almonds, and raspberries.
Cancelling training and skipping yoga when my body needs a rest.
Walking and writing with Laurie.


picture by Carolyn Eicher

Staying at 27 Powers
Pictures with Andrea.
Considering hungers with Sherry.
Receiving wisdom from Rachel.
Fairyland with Sara and her little family.
Giving gratitude and love.
Making a mess.

Connecting, long conversations about everything and nothing.
A warm shower, clean pjs and sheets.
Working, from where and how I want to, doing what works for me.

Wishcasting Wednesday


image from Jamie’s post

Today, Jamie asks, “What do you wish to claim?” At first, I couldn’t think of anything, and then I shifted to actively resisting an answer. Something about the word made me do that old thing where I shrink from asserting myself, my desires — “oh no, it’s okay, I’m fine.” Well, forget that…

I wish to claim space, my right to take up space, to stretch and move around and breathe and make noise, to fill it, to be solid, to be here, to exist.

I wish to claim my voice, my truth, my perspective, the way I see things, what I feel, my unique experience.

I wish to claim my right to speak, to take part in the conversation, to have an opinion, to be who I am and show up exactly that, not start a question with “sorry,” not apologize but have permission, confidence, faith, to stand in and speak my truth.

I wish to claim that the way I am being asked to live by this culture is crazy, a lie, a violence I will no longer accept, that there is no sanity at this pace, that I do not have to hate myself to take part, and I am allowed to do and take what I need, to rest, go as slow as it takes to be well.

I wish to claim quiet and stillness.

I wish to claim wisdom and kindness, to assert that these qualities are the fundamental nature of every being, no matter how confused or lost.

I wish to claim that fitting in and being good, perfection, and “hustling for worthiness” are wrongheaded, symptoms of dis-ease and not a place to live.

I wish to claim the full measure of love, even knowing how much I hurt when the inevitable loss comes.

I wish to claim my body, life experienced in a body — both the responsibility and the gift.

I wish to claim the time I need to heal, to surrender to wholeness, health and sanity.

I wish to claim delight, joy and ease.