I quit!

I quit my CSU job today. No kidding, I quit my job. Well, technically I gave nine months’ notice, will finish this academic year (my 19th at CSU!) before I’m gone for good.

It is such a relief to finally get to tell you! I’ve been hinting at it, but wasn’t able to say anything here until I made it official. And today, my first day back after summer vacation, I made it official. I had already told my boss when I left for summer break that I was going to spend my time away considering what I might do next, how I wanted to spend the next 10 or 15 years, so she wasn’t surprised.

It’s been clear to me for a long time that it was time for something else. In fact, I never planned to stay at CSU in the first place. I meant to get my graduate degree and move on, but since we settled here, bought a house, and what else I might do besides the vague “be a writer” wasn’t clear, I stayed.

My plan is to focus more on writing and teaching. I’ll be blogging more, working on finishing at least one of the books I’ve been working on for years, and being more serious about sending things out for publication. I’ll be teaching, both in person and online – yoga, writing, and meditation. I already have a plan for some online classes, “Cultivating Practice” and “Wabi-Sabi for Writers” will be two of the first, as well as teaching some regular group writing practice courses. I’m going to continue to teach in person locally, as well as offering private online and in person meditation instruction.

My other intention is to focus even more on social justice action. I’m not sure exactly what this will look like, but one thing I want to offer is yoga for bigger bodies, which doesn’t even exist where I live. The other ways this might manifest is simply by having more time to do more work with local initiatives and issues.

I want to add one important note: I’m only able to do this because my husband has a job he loves that pays well enough that I don’t have to keep my salary and benefits. This opportunity is all about privilege. I’m aware of mine, grateful for it, and intend to use it to ease suffering, in myself and in the world.

Something Good

1. I’ve been afraid to share this from Andrea Scher. This is such an important post, and it’s not unlike what has happened to so many of us, both before we ask for help, when we try our best to gut our way through life (a football coach who taught social studies at my high school used to say, “suck it up and get tough”), and then when we finally reach out, we are often met with this sort of nonsense. Andrea fought for what she needed. So many others give up. Please don’t give up. ❤

2. Wild Writing Online starts in September! After close to five years writing with Laurie every week, I’m giving up my spot to start moving towards doing more teaching. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be writing with Laurie. She’s an amazing teacher and this is a life changing practice. Give yourself the best gift ever.

3. What I’m Holding Onto In This Epoch Of Autocratic Fuckery from Chuck Wendig. He’s one of those people who can tell the whole truth of what a mess things are and still somehow manage to make me feel better – that’s the kind of truth, the world view I want.

4. New Moon Tarot Challenge. Reading what Dr. Vickie had to say about her experience doing one of these challenges really made me want to try it. It started on August 11th, but there’s still time to jump in.

5. Marcella, an original Netflix series. I binged Season One in a little over two days. One of my guilty(not) pleasures are murder mystery shows set in London (or Wales, or some other European location where the scenery is beautiful but it rains a lot) that have a lead character who is someone with serious personal problems who also just so happens to be a brilliant detective. They break the rules, but also always catch the killer. Other favorites are Happy Valley, Broadchurch, River, and Hinterland. A twist on the genre is a lighter version set in the Caribbean (but the primary detective is still from London), Death in Paradise.

6. A 10-panel comic explores a subtle kind of racism many people of color experience.

7. Ep. 206 of Raise Your Hand and Say Yes: Camille T. Dungy on Living (and Navigating!) the Dream.

8. Sit Every Day. “Diana Winston on commitment to the practice of sitting, why we should sit regularly, and advice on how to keep yourself on schedule.”

9. What I’ve Learned From Helping Over 200 People Change Careers from Laura Simms.

10. Ten Ways to Fight Hate, a video from The Southern Poverty Law Center.

11. After Charlottesville, Alt-Right Groups Splinter, Distance From White Supremacy. In related news, What Charlottesville Changed, and Before ‘Unite the Right’ Rally, Trump Does Not Condemn Supremacists on The New York Times, and 11 million white Americans think like the alt-right, and The alt-right is debating whether to try to look less like Nazis.

12. Baltimore Cop Suspended After Viral Video Shows Him Brutally Beating Unarmed Man.

13. Judith Simmer-Brown to Distraught Shambhala Members: “Practice More.” (Notes and Transcript).

14. The “Reverse Racism is a Real Thing” Bingo Card.

15. Texas Church Offers ‘Free Mom Hugs’ At Pride Parade To Those Who Need Them.

16. Harvard Will Have Four Amazing Black Women Leading Its Schools, A First For The University. If we truly want diversity and inclusion, then let the Black women lead us.

17. New Pro Football Hall of Famer Randy Moss got hate mail for a tie he wore during his induction. In related news, Miami Dolphins Players Kneel For Anthem During NFL Preseason Opener.

18. Omarosa Confirms What We All Suspected: Trump’s a Racist Who Uses the N-Word. In related news, Trump Calls Omarosa ‘A Lowlife’ After N-Word Claim Surfaces, and Donald Trump’s Tweets About Black People, By the Numbers, and Soledad O’Brien Wants Journalists to Stop Playing Games and Call a Racist a Racist.

19. Florida Cop Handcuffs 11-Year-Old Black Boy Because ‘He Was Being Disrespectful.’ In related news, This police officer followed Demarcus around the neighborhood because he “didn’t belong in his city” (video), and A police officer tased an 11-year-old girl that was running away with a backpack full of items from Kroger (video).

20. Racist Minnesota Couple Accused in Attack on Black Man Allegedly Held Him to the Ground and Threatened to Run Him Over With a Truck.

21. $1 An Hour to Fight Largest Fire in CA History: Are Prison Firefighting Programs Slave Labor? Spoiler alert: Yes. And as such, it is sanctioned by the 13th amendment.

22. After 17 days and 1,000 miles, mother orca Tahlequah drops her dead calf.

23. A judge halts the deportation of a mother and daughter — and threatens Jeff Sessions with contempt of court.

24. ‘This Is Modern-Day Slavery’: How the Bail Industry Targets Women of Color.

25. This psychologist claimed she was an immigration lawyer apparently to threaten a Spanish-speaking family who parked outside her house. (video) In related news, Disturbing video shows a deranged racist white man kicking a black woman out of his white neighborhood for the crime of parking while black (video).

26. This cartoon from The Oatmeal describes what it’s like to be an introvert so perfectly.

27. Watch this little girl who was punished for taking a knee in class make her case at a school board meeting. (video)

28. Man who tied up, sexually assaulted 14-year-old girl will serve no jail time.

29. Black Lives Matter to Counter Protest ‘White Civil Rights Rally’ in DC. In related news, One year after Charlottesville, the alt-right is gathering again — in Washington, and White nationalists dwarfed by crowds of counterprotesters in Washington.

30. Black Senator Gets Cops Called On Him For Opposing Trump.

31. Best Carol Burnett Show Bloopers. (video) I love a good blooper reel almost more than anything.

32. First Child Detained by Trump Reportedly dies due to ‘Possible Negligence’.

33. White Women Aren’t Afraid of Black People. They Want Power.

34. Latino workers walked out in solidarity after months of alleged harassment. The man who recorded it all has since been fired for his viral video. (video)

35. After Losing Appeal, Brock Turner Must Register as a Sex Offender for Life. As it should be.

36. ‘It’s not rocket science darling. We’re just asking you to be thin and curvy, sexy and innocent!’ (video) *tee-hee*

37. The First Mass March for Black Lives Went Down 100 Years Ago.

38. Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public. In related news, Alex Jones Urges Infowars Fans to Fight Back, and Send Money on The New York Times, and YouTube, Apple and Facebook Ban Infowars, Which Decries ‘Mega Purge’, and Alex Jones and Infowars Content Is Removed From Apple, Facebook and YouTube on The New York Times.

39. St. Louis Prosecutor Who Let Michael Brown’s Killer Walk Free Loses His Seat To Black City Council Member.

40. Kevin Hart Partners With the United Negro College Fund, Knowledge Is Power Program to Launch $600,000 Scholarship Program.

41. This little girl handed out breakfast burritos to firefighters battling the deadly Carr Fire. (video)

42. Chicago police parked a truck filled with Nike sneakers in front of a basketball court where underprivileged kids played, with the goal of entrapping them. “When the kids went to take shoes out, the police surprised them and arrested the teens.” (video) In related news, Railroad apologizes for using ‘bait truck’ to lure thieves in Chicago.

43. This YouTube channel is pure joy.

44. Reporters and media outlets are receiving grave death threats. Where could they have gotten that idea?

45. Getting a photo ID so you can vote is easy. Unless you’re poor, black, Latino or elderly.

46. White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study.

47. ‘Plastered Peggy’ Lists Reasons Why Cop Shouldn’t Arrest Her, Claims She’s a ‘Very Clean, Thoroughbred, White Girl’.

48. Joe Biden will fight to stop parents rejecting their kids for being LGBT.

49. Don Lemon rips Trump over personal attack. (video) Watch this, for the sake of those without a voice.

50. Sounds Like David Duke Is Afraid BlacKkKlansman Will Make Him Look Like a Dumb Fool Instead of Just a Racist One.

51. ‘Breathing’ robot helps you sleep better. (video)

52. This little kid dreams of becoming the next Bruce Lee. (video)

53. Social Justice Sister: Ally, Actor or Accomplice? (video)

54. City Lawmakers Are Fighting to Remove Trump’s Hollywood Star for Good.

55. After he shared his idea for providing safe rides for the LGBTQ community to and from transition related appointments, his story went kinda viral. Now he’s on track to do even more good. (video)

56. A powerful video has surfaced in which a Texas father opens up about accepting his transgender son’s transition.

57. The 2nd Annual World Wypipo Tournament: Who is the Worst?

58. Every Commercial Ever. (video) Funny because it’s true.

59. White Michigan Cop Who Says He Faced Racial Taunts After DNA Test Showed He’s 18 Percent Black Settles With City for $65,000.

60. Data shows a surprising campus free speech problem: left-wingers being fired for their opinions.

Gratitude Friday

1. I’m still here. This past week was rough. I’m still healing from getting my tooth pulled, adjusting to the restricted diet, and then I had a colonoscopy, (Happy 50th!). None of it was any fun. As an HSP, body stuff like that ends up being particularly traumatic. And yet, through it all, I continue to be so grateful – to be here, to keep going, to have totally normal, boring days.

2. Practice. It keeps me sane, allows me to work with all the hard things.

3. Flowers in the bathroom. The new ones from this week, and the ones leftover from last week on my writing desk.

4. Our garden. I’m not really supposed to be eating anything crunchy or with seeds because of the stitches in my mouth, but the Japanese cucumbers from our garden are so good that I’ve been scraping out the seeds and taking the risk. Our watermelons and pumpkins are really starting to fill out.

5. My tiny family. I have to go back to work next week and am going to miss not getting to spend so much time with them, but for now I’m not going to waste too much time thinking about it.

Ringo Blue loves it when he finds a toy when we are out walking, will carry it all the way home

Bonus joy: Clean sheets, clean water, our “new” fence, grilled cheese sandwiches, hummus, aqua aerobics, Pilates, morning walks, afternoon rain, good books, texting, going to see movies with Eric, french toast, sleeping in my own bed, doing laundry (I know, I’m weird like that), the flowers in our garden, good neighbors, having the whole summer off and not checking my work email once, opportunities that arise simply because I showed up as I am, confidence in my decisions, a good night’s sleep, an awesome massage.


Something Good

Snail, image by Eric

1. As I’ve mentioned before, I have awesome friends. Two of them have offerings I wanted you to know about. My friend Carrie is offering writing coaching, and my friend Kerilyn is offering a program called Trust. They are both are super smart, creative, kind, funny, brave, and have big hearts.

2. Good stuff from Lion’s Roar: No One Like Me by Lama Rod Owens (“Lama Rod Owens on taking care of your own needs when you don’t see yourself represented in those around you”), and Thai boys rescued from cave ordain as Buddhist monks (“After being trapped in a flooded cave for more than two weeks, the boys have ordained as monks in memory of the rescue worker who died trying to save them”), and Pema Chödrön & k.d. lang talk Buddhism, creativity, and “gapaciousness,” which includes this wisdom in particular,

Tami Simon: What are the parallels between the meditative process and the creative process?

k.d. lang: That’s some heavy stuff right there. [Laughter]

I think it’s exactly the same thing. It’s about getting rid of the chatter. It’s the gap. Not The Gap. Maybe we could get a sponsorship from The Gap now. [Laughter, applause]

It’s the gap, because I think real creativity comes from getting the heck out of the way. Creativity is not about creating big conceptions and stirring the pot so much that you just gotta throw up on the canvas or write, write, write, write. I think it’s about being so bored and being so empty and being so… gapacious.

Tami Simon: Gapacious, yeah!

k.d. lang: That’s where I think creativity comes from. I’m not a great meditator but I think that’s probably what meditation is about. It’s about getting out of the way of your true nature, which is stillness I think.

Pema Chödrön: All spiritual teachings come from that place of not being caught up in yourself. When you get out of the way, that is the gap experience, the pause experience, the stillness experience. It’s the experience of strong, direct communication with the world, and that’s when all real communication happens. Otherwise, it’s just you laying your trip on other people.

When you kind of get over yourself, even briefly, that’s when creativity happens. That includes being able to speak in a way that communicates to the heart and minds of people. Something changes because of the basic goodness of people connecting with each other. So whether it’s you singing, or someone teaching the dharma, anything that stops your mind connects you with the best of yourself. When a ballet dancer leaps beautifully through the air, or a singer hits a note—I bet you’ve had this experience, k.d.— everybody stands up and applauds because of this universal experience of something touching you so deeply that it’s inexpressible—because it’s… gapacious! [Laughter] May I use that?

k.d. lang: Yup. It’s my offering to you.

My teacher always talked about the expansive nature—pulling yourself out of yourself and always looking with the widest possible view. It gives you a completely different perspective.

3. More White Feminists Should Be Using Their Privilege to Talk About Nia Wilson. In related news, Dear Anne Hathaway, Brene Brown, and Elizabeth Gilbert, and The Very American Killing of Nia Wilson on The New York Times, and How to Spend Your Privilege, and White Supremacist Takes the Life of Teen Nia Wilson + the Nation Grieves.

4. 5 Things Your Introverted Friends Want You to Know.

5. Sit, Walk, Write, an Upaya Institute and Zen Center Podcast with Natalie Goldberg.

6. This Is My “After” Body from Dances with Fat.

7. Journaling Prompts to Relieve Stress: 10 for Morning + 10 for Evening from Be More With Less.

8. I tried to reason with a racist on the internet, “and here’s what happened.”

9. Feng E taught himself to play the ukelele. He’s amazing. (video) He’s so little, but he makes such a big beautiful sound.

10. Freedom to Bash Heads, “You are cordially invited to have a civil discussion with the Proud Boys.”

11. ‘All I Did Was Be Black’: Police Called On Smith College Student Eating Lunch.

12. Trump Mocks LeBron James’s Intelligence and Calls Don Lemon ‘Dumbest Man’ on TV on The New York Times. In related news, Twitter Explodes Over Donald Trump’s ‘Disgusting’ Attack On LeBron James.

13. The tender, terrifying truth about what happened inside the Trader Joe’s hostage siege.

14. Virginia Family Calls for Hate Crime Investigation After White Man Calls Daughter N-Word and Hits Her With His Truck.

15. El Paso County Deputies Started a Fight Club to Reward Use of Force Against Prisoners.

16. Michael Bennett, Other Players Troll the MAGA Crowd With Social Justice Gear as They Suit Up for the Season.

17. The NRA Said It’s Losing So Much Money It Might Cease to Exist “Sending thoughts and prayers.” <– That tagline though. So petty, so perfect. In related news, The NRA Says It’s in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be ‘Unable to Exist’.

18. Youth Care Worker Accused of Sexually Molesting 8 Children at Government Immigrant Shelter in Mesa, Ariz.

19. Meet ‘Bob Smith,’ The Fake Facebook Profile Memphis Police Allegedly Used To Spy On Black Activists.

20. After their racist boss tried to threaten a group of Latino workers by firing just a few of them, THE WHOLE CREW marched out in protest. (video) Listen with the sound on. The commentary of the guy who is filming, his joy, is perfect.

21. ‘Brooklyn Becky’ called the cops on a black woman who was waiting for an Uber in the rain. (video)

22. I Was Harassed By My Students For Being Gay. (video) This is how it works – the person being harmed is treated as the problem, with those in power hoping they will just shut up and go away so the destruction and violence of the status quo can continue to benefit those in power. Total bullshit.

23. A black man who suffered a seizure was dragged off of a California train by a heartless white man who didn’t want his ride to be delayed. (video)

24. This woman’s husband served in the U.S. military 3 times and voted for President Trump — now she’s being deported and leaving behind her family. (video)

25. We spoke with activists who have been staging a multi-day protest at an ICE field office about #AbolishICE and why it’s vital that news outlets tell people about ICE’s abuses. (video)

26. Louisiana Cops Strangle Black Man to Death for Asking to See Arrest Warrant.

27. This suburb has been overtaken by an uprising of 118 goats. (video)

28. The ‘sexy, spiritual, successful woman’ ideal – why it hurts us.

29. Woman Shot and Killed Abusive Husband In Driveway, Now Faces Murder Charges Even Though Alabama is a ‘Stand Your Ground’ State.

30. Another racist woman about to call ICE on a poor mother trying to get money just to feed herself and her daughter. (video)

31. White Woman Snatches Protest Sign From Black Woman, Cries to Police When She Gets Punched in the Face.

32. Trump’s Response To Ivanka Saying The Press Aren’t The Enemy Of The People Is Unintentionally Revealing.

33. There are two types of people. (video) This is hilarious. Spoiler alert: the awkward kitty at the end is me.

34. Two women charged with inciting hatred after social media post called for “shoot an Indian day.”

35. Do’s and Don’ts for Bystander Intervention. “If you witness public instances of racist, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-Trans, or any other form of oppressive interpersonal violence and harassment, use these tips on how to intervene while considering the safety of everyone involved.”

36. Trump approvingly tweets video of his rally crowd harassing a journalist. “Trump’s Tampa rally turned ugly. Trump tweeted to support the rallygoers.”

37. Ozzie Albies comforting Ronald Acuña Jr. is the perfect alternative to toxic masculinity.

38. Racism at American Pools Isn’t New: A Look at a Long History on The New York Times.

39. Lawsuits Remains A Firm Weapon of Whiteness. In related news, Roy Moore Files Defamation Lawsuit Alleging ‘Conspiracy’ Against His Campaign.

40. The ACLU is suing ICE for ‘inhumanely detaining immigrants in federal prisons.’ (video)

41. Black Man Wears A ‘Caucasians’ Shirt And Triggers Racists Who Prove His Point.

42. Cue the World’s Smallest Violin: White Driver Who Followed Black Man, Called Him Slurs, Now Whines About Life Being Ruined. Karma is a bitch, dude. In related news, Bigot Who Wanted Black Man To Know ‘How Much Of A N****r’ He Was Says His Life Is ‘Ruined.’

43. Black Woman Was Denied Ambulance Ride Because Medics Thought She Couldn’t Afford It. Here’s an idea: when we are able to help someone, let’s do it regardless of if they can afford to pay for that help or not. She was having a STROKE and they were thinking about if she could afford their help or not.

44. After Calf’s Death, Orca Mother Carries It For Days In ‘Tragic Tour Of Grief.’

45. This Republican candidate taught his daughter to build a wall and read “make America great again” in a bizarre campaign ad.

46. American white people really hate being called “white people.”

47. A siege. A bomb. 48 dogs. And the black commune that would not surrender. “Forty years ago, Philadelphia erupted in one of the most dramatic shoot-outs of the black liberation struggle. Ed Pilkington tells the surreal story of the Move 9 – and what happened to them next.”

48. PBS Announces Native America, New Four-Part Series Premiering Fall 2018.

49. Polite White People Are (Still) Useless.

50. After Boulder diversity officer’s unexplained exit, city seeks outside help on race and equity.

51. This artist fights neo-nazis with food. (video) Watch the video, it’s not what you think.

52. Gay couple forced to give up plane seat to straight couple.

53. Lawmakers Call For An Investigation Of Markeis McGlockton’s Death And His Shooter, Who Is Protected By The ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law.

54. Mama bears do whatever they can for their cubs—even if that means acting as a flotation device. (video)

55. Recipe I want to try: Eggplant “Bacon.”

Gratitude Friday

1. I’m still here. Sometimes you have weeks that are extra rough (this week one of the things I did was get a tooth pulled, and all of the fun that comes with it) and when you start to feel better, you are simply grateful to still be here.

2. Flowers. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved them. (Hey Mom, remember that time I went over and picked some of the neighbor’s peonies without permission?). I love a garden of blooms and I love to have them inside. It’s one of the things that consistently brings me joy.

Our neighbor’s driveway. I love how the garage door color matches the sunflower blooms.

3. Good friends. I really do have some of the best. They bring me eggs from their chickens when one of the only things I can eat is scrambled eggs, they meet me for our yearly breakfast at Lucille’s and it’s like no time has passed at all, they continue to sit next to me in meditation or writing practice even when it can be so hard to just show up, or they respond to my text’s about something hard that happened with so much love. They make me laugh, remind me that it’s worth it to keep trying. The women I know are kind, smart, creative, funny, and brave. I’m so lucky.

4. I finally got a haircut! It’s been two years since my last one. I got about three inches cut off, which means praise all that is good I don’t have a tail anymore!

5. My tiny family. Our summer is winding down, coming to a close, and I’m so glad we stayed home and had a quiet one. Sam is still having ongoing trouble with his back and back legs, but we are doing everything we can for him and he seems perfectly happy. Ringo is now a full on grown up dog in the prime of his life and as much as he drives us crazy sometimes, he also makes us laugh and can be such a lovebug if you catch him at just the right moment. And I wouldn’t trade Eric for anyone or anything.

Bonus joy: feeling a bit better today, having a wide open schedule so I can do what I need to do to rest and heal, my old computer hanging in there so I don’t have to rush to set up the new one, rain, Japanese cucumbers, soft serve ice cream from Dairy Queen, the kind of tv that’s the kind of good that you enjoy watching it but it’s also not a big deal if you fall asleep and miss part of it, a warm shower, clean sheets, new next door neighbors who put a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign in their lawn on the day they move in, long naps.

Something Good

1. At Georgia’s Arrendale State Prison, women inmates forge a bond by keeping bees.

2. The women fighting elephant poaching. (video) “‘Hunt my animals and I’ll catch you.’ Zimbabwe’s armed female anti-poaching unit protect one of the biggest elephant populations in Africa. This is their story.”

3. Ballpoint Pen Artist on 60 Second Docs (video).

4. Uncanny Portraits of Cats Crafted with Realistic Glass Eyes and Felted Wool.

5. Karen Walrond’s weekly This Was a Good Week list on Chookooloonks. (The first four items on my list this week are from her list this week). Also from Karen, the latest episode of her podcast, make light, season 3, episode 8: make light when you hate your job.

6. August Break with Susannah Conway starts August 1. “I’ve put together a list of prompts to turn your August into a photo treasure hunt and there’s a Facebook group, an Instagram hashtag and a blog roll too if you’d like to share your photos with the group.”

7. The Three Most Powerful Motivations from Zen Habits.

8. 25 Strange and Contradictory Things About Being an Introvert.

9. Listen to ‘Dear Sugars’: Trust Your Body — With Hilary Kinavey & Dana SturtevantThe New York Times.

10. Hey, Hippocrates: Food isn’t medicine. It’s just food.

11. Wealthy Americans Are More Likely to Be Influenced by Nutrition Pseudoscience.

12. A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Abused in an Immigrant-Detention Center. “Separated from her mother by Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, the child was forced to sign a statement confirming that she understood it was her responsibility to stay away from her abuser.”

13. Ving Rhames Held At Police Gunpoint In Own Home After Neighbor Reported Him As Burglar.

14. Chesterfield family has message for parents after 4-month-old dies of meningitis. “If anything comes out of this we want people to be aware that vaccinations can prevent things like this. Vaccines aren’t just for kids they’re for adults too. He was just a baby, so he really didn’t have much of a chance.”

15. 14,000-Year-Old Piece Of Bread Rewrites The History Of Baking And Farming.

16. Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis hospitalized. He’s one of our best. May he be well.

17. Obama says we’re in “strange and uncertain times” in Mandela lecture.

18. Aloha Poke Co. is Sending Cease-and-Desists to Similarly Named Shops.

19. Instagram Removes Post Checking In On Black Women In Wake Of Nia Wilson’s Slaying After It’s Flagged As Hate Speech.

20. Will Somebody, Anybody Sing A Black Girl’s Song.

21. Here’s why Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law is racist AF. (video) In related news, Girlfriend Of ‘Stand Your Ground’ Shooting Victim Says Gunman ‘Was Picking A Fight.’

22. Hugo Award-Winning Author N. K. Jemisin Explains Why Bigots Are Bad at Writing.

23. This man purposely followed Charles Lovett home just to go off on a racial tirade–all because he got cut off. (video)

24. Dogs woken up with the smell of a treat. (video)

25. Pilots stop 222 asylum seekers being deported from Germany by refusing to fly.

26. How White People Handle Diversity Training in the Workplace. “Confronted with their own shortcomings, white employees often shut down the dialogue—or frame themselves as victims.”

27. Shout out to the people that stood against this officer’s use of excessive force. (video)

28. Is PC Culture Anti-Free Speech? (video)

29. Hannah Gadsby says she’s no longer quitting comedy.

30. Roseanne Barr Tells Fox’s Hannity That Racist Tweet Was A Big Misunderstanding. First she says “I thought the bitch was white.” Now she claims because she thought she was Middle Eastern, it wasn’t racism?! Someone needs to explain to her what racism is.

31. 25Park (Alison Brettschneider) And Why White Women Are So Hard To Trust. Until Alison Brettschneider made her Instagram account private, I was watching this unfold. I wish she wouldn’t have made her account private, or deleted people’s comments and blocked others, because watching her act out and interact with those who called her out was the best example of peak white feminism I’ve ever seen. In related news, #SayHerName: Celebrities Draw Attention to the Death of Nia Wilson in the Week Following her Fatal Stabbing.

32. Wells Fargo Employees Call Cops on 78-Year-Old Black Woman After Refusing to Cash Her Check.

33. Ellen Maud Bennett’s Obituary, in which she says, “A final message Ellen wanted to share was about the fat shaming she endured from the medical profession. Over the past few years of feeling unwell she sought out medical intervention and no one offered any support or suggestions beyond weight loss. Ellen’s dying wish was that women of size make her death matter by advocating strongly for their health and not accepting that fat is the only relevant health issue.” She died of cancer. They kept telling her only “problem” was that she was fat.

34. Rejoice! The long-rumored Deadwood movie is officially happening. Rejoice, cocksuckers!

35. Racist Woman Tells Asian Man ‘Have a Nice Trip Back to China’ at SFO.

36. This Guy And His Dog Changed Each Other’s Entire Worlds. (video) “This guy was recovering from addiction and didn’t have a job when he rescued a scared, shut down pit bull named Clove. Today on Soulmates, watch how Clove’s dad figured out that extreme hiking made her very happy — and it ended up being their ticket to falling in love with the world again.”

37. White Supremacy Is the Water by Jena Schwartz.

38. Police pinned down this 9-year-old boy and told him to ‘stop resisting’ after he became inconsolable while his father was arrested. (video)

39. This brave woman refused to sit down on a flight because there was a man being deported on board. (video) “She continued to stand despite pressure and harrasment from people on the plane, rallying other passengers to stand with her and stop the man from being deported.”

40. Man Arrested in Horrific Stabbing Death of Nia Wilson; Bay Area Protesters Demand Justice. Tell me again how building a wall is going to keep us safe. I dare you.

41. This man with Down syndrome is using his million-dollar company to show the world what people with learning disabilities can do. (video)

42. Nope, I’m Not Trying to Lose Weight by Jes Baker. “For the first time in my life, I’m not obsessing about my body size at all because my quest for healing and full-body wellness simply cannot be determined by a number on the scale.” Amen.

43. Me Little Me – A Film About Recovery. “We are currently raising funds for a feature film that we hope will dispel the myths about who suffers from eating disorders and why.”

44. World’s Tiniest Donkey Loves Playing Pranks On His Mom. (video)

45. A Sociologist Examines the “White Fragility” That Prevents White Americans from Confronting Racism from The New Yorker.

46. Deported Guatemalan Man Desperately Awaits Return Of 9-Year-Old Son From U.S. Custody.

47. 51 Ways to Make the World Less Hostile to Fat People.

48. Artist paints beautiful tiny landscapes onto pennies. (video)

49. The cutest video I’ve ever seen. “When Osiris was a baby he used to love this little music box and even now 8 months later he still likes for me to play music like this when we go to sleep at night.”

50. This is what it’s like to be a black business owner in a gentrifying SF neighborhood: Racist graffiti and calls to the police for unlocking your own store. (video)

51. ‘Eighth Grade’ Review: Tender Take on Teen Angst Is Flat-Out Triumph. “Bo Burnham’s story about a 14-year-old misfit is one of the funniest, saddest and most heartfelt teen movies ever.”

52. Archie the thief, steals stuff to annoy his owner. (video)

53. Boulder prides itself on being welcoming to all. But its citizens of color tell a different story.

54. Too Fat for Fitness? Lessons From a Plus-Size Athlete.

55. This Psychologist Is Changing The Face Of Therapy For Black Women.

56. Black Lives Matter to Counter Protest ‘White Civil Rights Rally’ in DC. In related news, Another Charlottesville? Threats of violence loom over upcoming Portland Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer rally.

57. How the Suffrage Movement Betrayed Black Women on The New York Times.

Gratitude Friday

1. Colorado sky. This picture was the view from my front porch last night.

2. Our garden, and all the hard work Eric does to keep it going. We lost our zucchini in the first hailstorm of the year and our tomatoes are doing terrible, but we have tons of lettuce, basil, cucumbers, and flowers.

3. Summer food. The above picture is the peach sorbet I made with Palisade peaches, and the one below is the glazed lemon zucchini bread I made today (let’s be honest – it’s cake). Then there’s watermelon and corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes. It’s all so yummy.

4. The calm before the “storm.” I’m getting a tooth pulled on Monday and the week after a colonoscopy (turned 50, so they are doing the baseline test) and the week after that I have to go back to work, so I’m trying to enjoy just being normal and on vacation for a few more days.

5. My boys. Sam had to get a lumped checked at the vet last week, but thankfully it’s just a fatty tumor (he has one on his belly too). At 4.75 years old, Ringo is finally settling in to being an adult dog, but he hasn’t lost his goofy sense of humor or that typical Heeler independence/stubbornness.

Bonus joy: hanging out with amazing women (seriously, my friends are so smart, funny, creative, and kind), aqua aerobics, swimming lessons, Pilates, cooking, rainstorms, teaching yoga, getting paid to teach yoga, being able to help, meditation, writing, clean sheets, air conditioning, prescription glasses (can you imagine life without them?!), good books, good TV, documentaries, rice krispie treats, a cold glass of clean water, emails from my mom, a new computer (now I just need to set it up), laughing with Eric.