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Gratitude Friday


1. Our garden. This week we picked and ate our first watermelon and we are still getting strawberries. I especially love the view of the front garden from our bedroom window. I’m so glad we decided to convert the front into garden space instead of keeping the lawn.

2. A successful first week back at work. I am SO tired though, and my job just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger, even though I’m the same size.

3. Some good training sessions with the dogs. We have a private lesson tomorrow morning, and Ringo and I start our Canine Parkour class on Monday. I feel reasonably confident that we can do this.

4. Sam and Ringo. This week I realized that they love me as much as I love them, in the way that dogs love humans that is.

samwithkong ringocloseup

5. Eric. This week I started getting kitchen counter love notes again, which almost makes going back to work worth it. I also am loving all the cool pictures he’s been making with the Prisma app.

ringoprisma02 samprisma

Bonus joy: free lunch, watermelon from our garden, a cold clean glass of water, a warm shower, clean sheets, weather cool enough that I have to put socks on, making people laugh, my new car, getting all the laundry done on Friday, walking with each dog alone rather than both of them together, going to bed at night and reading something good on my Kindle, ibuprofen, fresh peaches, peanut butter, texts from my brother, good friends that feel close even when I don’t get to see them that often, healthy babies, how my little friend Sam saw me today and wanted to crawl up in my lap, listening to a room full of English people (students and faculty) share their favorite words, the enthusiasm of freshman their first week on campus, the sidewalk repairs almost finished on our block, remembering to bring my umbrella on a day it rains, good poetry and the poets who write it, dresses with pockets.

Gratitude Friday

Foothills view on our walk the other morning

Foothills view on our walk the other morning

1. Being home. I’m still conscious of how nice it is to be home, even two weeks later.

View from our front porch

View from our front porch

2. Really great resources for dog training. I haven’t said much about it here, but the week before we were supposed to leave the coast, Sam and Ringo started fighting. It wasn’t super bad and no one got hurt, but it did mean some big changes and reaching out for help. We are now working really hard to get them back on track and they are doing so much better, (a huge issue was lack of sleep — we were on vacation, but were working them harder and letting them sleep less and didn’t realize the impact of that until it was too late). I’ll write more about this later, I’m sure, but for now I’m just glad to have help — human, text, and tool.

3. My dogs. So willing to start over, to forgive/forget my mistakes, to keep teaching me new stuff. So smart and so goofy at the same time.

summerlounging toohot patiolounging

5. My garden. Not producing as much as it has in years past, but still such a good thing.

tomatoes latestrawberries

Bonus joy: peaches, peach pie, cucumbers, cold clean water, a warm shower, my new car, clean sheets, good books, naps, cooler mornings, long walks with Eric and the dogs, how hard Eric and I laughed at our fortunes at lunch the other day (mine said “There’s a secret romance blooming! Go for it, in spite of your hesitation” and his said “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”), some good training sessions with the dogs, Ringo singing in the kitchen, Sam sleeping in with me, one more weekend of vacation, lunch with one of my favorites, the surprise storm, a dream in which the foxes came back.

Gratitude Friday


The picture I took because my mom said, “that would make a pretty picture.”

1. Spending time with family. Playing cards, eating together, walking on the beach, talking on the phone and texting.

2. Long walks on the beach. The other day the tide was low enough that we walked all the way from Waldport to Seal Rock. We also walked at Ona Beach and there was a long stretch with no people, other dogs, or birds so the dogs got to go offlead for a longer time than before, and we saw a heron fishing. We also went hiking at Cape Perpetua.

onabeachbridgeducks onabeachshack rockhound sealrockbeach offleadononabeach cliffrocks onabeachheronmesamandbigtree3. My tiny family, and a partner who is there to support and help me. I’m not gonna lie, kind and gentle reader, we’ve been having a rough couple of weeks. I couldn’t do this without Eric.



4. Friends who can step in with help, even though they aren’t “here.”

5. Sleep. Getting enough of it, that particular kind of rest where you can relax and let everything else go is such a comfort, so essential.

Bonus joy: an amazing dinner last night at the kookiest little restaurant, leftovers, marionberry pie, clean cold water, a warm shower, coffee with a friend, beautiful weather, the color of the ocean this afternoon, the sound of the waves, a slight breeze, a long nap, dog crates, smart and compassionate dog trainers, an unexpected butterfly, Eric making me laugh.

Gratitude Friday (a day late)

beachsign1. Long walks on the beach. We’ve figured out this past week by walking various stretches of beach that there is about 13 miles (one way) of walkable beach in our direct vicinity, and that except for the Alsea Bay inlet which you only would be able to maybe cross during an extremely low tide and maybe not even then, you could walk all the way from Seal Rock to Yachats. And, in the other direction, from Brian Booth State Park you could walk all the way to South Beach State Park, another six miles (one way). It’s been fun walking it all and figuring it out with our feet.

ericringocliff creepycliffbeachhouse

lostcreek yachatsbeach tillicumbeach southbeach southbeachsurfer beach wavesandgull mirrorbeach

2. Another strawberry pie. Yum.

strawberrypie3. Spending time with family and friends. Dinner and a walk on the beach at sunset, lunch and cards, movie days.

nyebeachsunset 4. My tiny family. Anywhere can be home, as long as they are with me.

ericringocuddle samandringohiking

5. When the worst doesn’t happen. Even though someday it will.

Bonus joy: warm clam chowder, hush puppies with crab, a long nap, permission to watch tv all day if I want, good weather for our walks, a washer and dryer, the Newport Farmer’s Market, mostly reliable wi-fi, my new car, being able to manage my anxiety, meditation, stretching, a bed that isn’t horrible, whole clove garlic bread, clif bars, remembering how to play cards and how fun it can be, not needing to check my phone all the time, relief from guilt, clean water, a warm shower.

Gratitude Friday


1. Long walks on the beach and good weather, sunshine but not too hot.

bestpancakes2. The best pancakes I’ve ever had, which just so happen to be at Leroy’s Blue Whale in Yachats, Oregon, and what I had for breakfast this morning after walking 6.5 miles on the beach.

3. Reading and naps, how we spend our afternoons, before the second walk.

bunkbeds readingandnaps4. Spending a few days with my mom and dad, having them all to myself. It’s not such a bad thing to have people in your life who are so happy to see you, to spend time with you. Some highlights: watching movies, taking walks in the morning, having our meals together, and looking at old family pictures.


Jordan Bridge, at Pioneer Park, near my mom and dad’s house.

5. Visiting with my brother, getting to see my nieces a little.

beachstrawberrypieBonus joy: the strawberry pie Eric made, the delicious strawberries from the farmer’s market, sleeping in, a warm shower, clean laundry, grocery shopping, my favorite playlist, a glass of cold clean water, my laptop, my cellphone, the internet, texting, warm soft socks, a thin soft wool sweater I can wear every day, new neighbors that are quiet, how quiet the house gets when everyone is napping, stepping out of fear, the beans and ground turkey my dad made (talk about comfort food!), a good rental car, a husband who is happy to see me, healthy dogs, an upcoming family dinner with my BIG family, being on vacation for a whole month more, quiet mornings meditating and writing.


First thing in the morning vacation me, sitting on the floor at my mom and dad’s getting ready to meditate, (cold sore thanks to all the sun I’m getting).

Gratitude Friday


1. A safe, relatively easy trip from Colorado to Oregon. There was some minor chaos, but that’s to be expected when traveling with two dogs, one of which is Ringo.

Somewhere in central Oregon

Somewhere in central Oregon

2. Cooler weather for the road trip. There have been times we’ve made this drive when it was 90-100 degrees and we had two dogs in the car, and that’s not fun at all, for anyone. This time it was cool enough they were comfortable in the car, and we got to stop and walk around a lot because it was cool enough outside.


3. My peonies, which were still blooming and producing when we left, were so gorgeous this year.

4. My tiny family. Oh how I love my three boys, and the chance to spend more time with them in this beautiful place.

sambeachcouching boysonbeach boysrunningonbeach camoringo beachsam beachcouchingringo5. Waldport. It really is one of my favorite places on the planet.

From our walk this morning

From our walk this morning

Bonus joy: maple bars, a hot shower, getting here and getting unpacked, sunshine on a day it was supposed to rain, bay shrimp, clean water, a remodeled rental house, visiting with relatives, my new car, quiet, the sound of the real ocean when I’m falling asleep at night, the cool breeze coming in the window over my head, how happy this place makes Eric, that the dogs totally remembered this place and relaxed into it right away, the proximity of everything we need, a new book from Tig Notaro on my Kindle just waiting for me to read it, marionberry jam (I bought it at the grocery store just like it was a regular old jam!), how quiet it is here, the familiarity of this place, Sam trying so hard not to freak out about seagulls, Ringo so sleepy and sweet, a bed that is smaller than our own but still works, a washer and dryer so I can pack light, wi-fi, our not so new cellphones with cameras so good I didn’t have to bring another camera on this trip, a good friend I can trust watering and caring for our garden, three Farmer’s Markets, being able to stay connected even when I’m away.

Gratitude Friday


1. Peony season in my garden. I’m so glad they opened before we left, and there were so many this year! I put in two more plants because they do so well and I love them so much. The pale pink with the butter yellow center in the picture above is one of the new ones.


2. In related news, flowers in the bathroom. There’s something so decedent about this, and I love it even more when they are from my own garden. These smell so good.

Some new flowers I put in this week.

Some new flowers I put in this week.

3. Our garden all in and as cleaned up as it’s going to get. It’s been four years of working on the front garden and it’s really starting to fill in.


4. Strawberries from our garden. This makes me so happy, even though right now there are only a ripe handful a day. I heard a rumor that the season in Oregon may have been ruined by a recent heatwave, so at least we got some before we went.


5. My tiny family. I can’t wait to walk on the beach with them.


Sam’s new harness


Sleepy boy

"Can I haz some?" (notice the hamburger on the counter ready to grill -- and yes, he got some)

“Can I haz some?” (notice the hamburger on the counter ready to grill — and yes, he got some)


Ringo Suave, coat made of stars

Bonus joy: getting to see friends and share food and a laugh before we head out, cooking, strawberries freshly picked and still warm from the sun, homemade pizza, the promise of peach pie, ice cream sandwiches, cold clean water, a new physical therapist so sure she can correct a 30 year imbalance, new seat covers for the car, naps, clean sheets, a shower.