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Gratitude Friday

1. Spring. It’s all so GREEN.

Part of why it’s so green is all the rain and snow melt coming down from the mountains. This is a picture of what should be trail, but the river is spilling over and flooding it out.

2. Morning walks. So far, we’ve kept to our regular weekday morning schedule and Sam still can’t go on longer walks, so two mornings a week it’s just me and Ringo (and the deer, raccoons, herons, ducks, geese, etc.).

Can you find the deer?

3. Gardening. Although, especially in the spring in Colorado, it can be heartbreaking. We bought vegetable plants and put them in the ground last week, then one day later we had the biggest hailstorm I’ve ever seen — 15 minutes straight of hail and almost a full hour of thunder and lightening. It destroyed about half of what we planted, which we’ve already replaced. It’s not the first year the hail has wrecked what we started, and we always start again.

That’s not enough basil

I finally got rhubarb!

My irises loved all the rain this year

Eric put wildflower seeds by our front step

I’m going to have a ton of peonies

This was about 10 minutes into the hail storm, when I knew for sure we’d be starting over

Spring in Colorado

4. Ringo and Sam. Ringo had his annual exam and shots at the vet. He hid under my chair. It’s so sad because his vet has three Cattle Dogs of her own, loves them more than any other kind of dog, even took off her white coat and sat on the floor to coax him out from under the chair. She loves Ringo so much but he can barely look at her he’s so terrified. Sam did really well at his physical therapy appointment this week. He’s off all his pain meds and we are increasing his walks and doing more exercises. There’s a chance that if he’s still progressing and doing well in two weeks, he might graduate from needing regular PT appointments. He still seems a bit stiff at night sometimes, so fingers and paws crossed that he keeps getting better.

5. Eric. He’s been doing so much of the hard work to get the garden going. I’m so glad he likes it as much as I do. I’m also glad that he’s happy reading books and taking naps and just hanging out. It makes for a pretty perfect summer.

Bonus joy: Melly is back in Wild Writing, I get to hang out with Mikalina tomorrow, aqua aerobics five times a week, teaching yoga, good books (I’m finally reading the novel The Pearl That Broke Its Shell and loving it, in that particular way you can “love” a book that is about women in difficult situations), good TV (I finally started Fresh Off the Boat and it’s the perfect show to binge during a lazy summer), flowers in the bathroom, the tiny dog that comes out to visit Ringo and I some mornings on our walk, Ringo doing nosework, Sam napping nearby always, toast with marionberry jam, cold clean water, a warm shower, sitting in the sauna, not checking my work email, clean sheets, grocery shopping, Chelsey’s birthday, leftovers.

Gratitude Friday

1. Spring. Besides the green and the blooms, you can tell it’s spring in Fort Collins because the river is full up of snow melt.

2. Everything is SO green. It’s almost hard to believe.

One of my favorite spots on the trail

3. Morning walks. It’s so light out now that when we go, not only can I leave my headlamp at home, on Thursday morning I left at 6 am wearing my sunglasses!

4. Sweet Sam. This week at his physical therapy session, he went on the underwater treadmill. He did not love it. He also tried really hard to do some other stuff the tech wanted, but he was too excited/nervous to get it just right. He seems to be getting a bit stronger without getting sore, and I’m so grateful.

5. I finally saw the fox babies!!! This is a terrible picture, taken from far away, but that’s as close as I could get. When we first spotted them, all four babies and their mama were there, but by the time we were close enough to get a bad picture, only the bravest little one was still above ground. Ringo wanted to play with them so bad.

6. Eric. He’s been working so hard this week getting our front garden ready while I finish up my last few days of work.

Bonus joy: Hanging out with Mikalina, a friend coming back to town for the summer, getting all the laundry done on Friday, Pilates, sitting in the sauna after aqua aerobics, dark chocolate, clean sheets, good books (so good they make you stay up really late but you don’t even care that you are tired the whole next day), computer glasses, the smell of lilacs, sleeping with the window open, my new hooded sweatshirt with the picture of a cattle dog on the front that looks like Ringo, another fabulous massage, summer vacation just two more days of work away.

Gratitude Friday (on a Saturday)

1. Morning walks. It rained so hard on Thursday, we couldn’t go, and I still haven’t seen the fox babies, but taking a walk with the dogs in the morning continues to be one of my favorite things almost two decades after the very first one.

I love walking with both dogs, but walking just one is SO much easier

2. Living near the river and the ponds. I feel so lucky we can walk out the front door and be at the river or the ponds in just a mile, and that there’s so much flora and fauna to see.

3. Spring. With all the rain last week, things are blooming and super green.

4. Ringo and Sam. There will most likely be a day when I don’t have dogs, but I can’t even imagine it.

This is his “throw the frisbee, Dad” face

5. Eric. I can’t wait to spend more time with him once we are both on summer break.

Bonus joy: being afraid and knowing there is a risk but saying what I know anyway, good TV (I thought when I watched the last episode of season three of Call the Midwife that the series was over, but there were actually four more seasons!), good books (I’m reading Janelle Hanchett’s new book I’m Just Happy to Be Here: A Memoir of Renegade Mothering and So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo), the sound of the neighbor’s lawn mower, the chaos of bird song in the morning, a warm shower, clean sheets, only 7 days of work left, brunch with a friend, orange juice, rhubarb, CBD oil, good smelling soap, aqua aerobics, yoga, Pilates, writing, meditation, good people who are trying so hard, sleep.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. This was pretty much the only time I was off the couch or out of bed and wearing something other than pajamas last week. I was sick with strep throat and Eric was gone at a conference and Sam is still on restriction, so Ringo and I were on our own.

2. Paid sick leave. There was no way I could have worked this week, although I did a few things from home. My brain and body just couldn’t function beyond taking care of the bare necessities for me and the dogs.

3. The essentials for being sick. This time around they were plenty of clean pjs, clean sheets, Kleenex with lotion (because after a few days of blowing and wiping my nose with toilet paper it felt like my nostrils were ringed with a thousand tiny paper cuts), orange juice and oranges and orange sherbert, antibiotics, cough syrup with codeine, ibuprofen, Butternut Squash soup, onion rolls, House Hunters Renovation, lots of tea, health insurance, and my infrared heating pad.

4. Sam and Ringo. They were so good for me while Eric was away and I was sick, so patient and sweet. They got me out of bed every morning, but also let me sleep most of the day and kept me from feeling too lonely or sorry for myself.

5. Eric. He almost got stuck because a storm moved in his last day in DC, but he did everything he could, even drove to another airport, to get a flight out and get home to me.

Bonus joy: getting some real clarity about changes I want to make in my life even when I was feeling so crappy I couldn’t get off the couch, flowers blooming, being able to take time off and rest without beating myself up about it, getting enough sleep, a kind and available and smart primary doctor, good friends who check on me and are on standby ready to help, feeling better bit by bit.

Gratitude Friday

1. Spring break. I barely made it, and I need it so desperately. I haven’t been this burnt out in a really long time.

2. Morning walks with Ringo. Sam is still restricted to going just around the block, so it’s been just me and little dude. The other morning, we were about 15 minutes from the river when the sky caught on fire. I thought for sure we were going to miss it, but we made it in time to get a picture of the tail end of the sunrise.

3. Winter sky. It’s always vast, but the colors and clouds in winter are extra special.

4. Physical therapy for Sam. That we can afford it, that it is helping him heal, and that he is such a good boy when we go.

5. Eric. All the ways that he helps me, loves me, makes me laugh and keeps me sane.

6. Naps. Ringo typically doesn’t let Eric take very long naps, but for some reason he’s willing to take epic ones with me, even if he fights it initially.

7. Flowers in the bathroom. I’m loving how long these last.

8. Practice. Keeping me from giving up, keeping me sane.

Bonus joy: Yoga, Pilates, aqua aerobics, massage, crisp crunchy Gala apples and peanut butter, good TV, good books, good podcasts, good films, blogging, my car which looks so pretty after Eric washed it, things turning green, birdsong, our old neighbor saying “hi” to Ringo, our “new” fence, barbecue, clean laundry, clean sheets, a warm shower and a clean towel, cuddling with Ringo, loving on Sam, pain meds.

Gratitude Friday

1. Laurie Wagner, my Wild Writing teacher and dear friend. Facebook told me that today is our six year anniversary of being friends on Facebook. The reason we became friends online is Rachel Cole told me about Laurie’s writing classes and I signed up for one. I’ve been writing with her on the regular ever since. A few years ago, too long now, I got to go visit her at 27 Powers three different times. Her home is magic, she’s magic, the practice we do together is magic.

2. Morning walks. I got to go this week. We saw a fox one morning, and the herd of white tailed deer another. The sky is so amazing, particularly in the winter.

3. Getting Sam in to see our favorite rehab vet, four days early. That’s the next step with Sam, doing physical therapy. We tried to get in to see our favorite person, but she was booked a month out, so we scheduled with someone else. Then yesterday, I got a call from her tech, who remembered us from when we took Dexter there, saying they could get us in this afternoon. Fingers and paws are crossed that this helps him feel better.

4. Dexter. Going to rehab with Sam reminds me of when Dexter was going. He hurt his knee the last year he was with us, but because he already had a fatal cancer, he wasn’t a candidate for surgery. In the end, he wouldn’t have needed it either way, got better with physical therapy. I miss him so much. He was so in love with Obi and so was I, and when we lost him, we turned that love on each other and it was a glorious four years.

5. Ringo. Let’s not forget him. Yesterday I took a sick day. I was so exhausted. He typically only wants to take about a half hour nap if he’s not in his crate, but he cuddled next to me for almost two hours yesterday.

The only dry spot in our yard right now

“Stop taking my picture, Mom.”

Bonus joy: chocolate chip oatmeal cookies the size of my face, meditating with a friend, yoga, Pilates, aqua aerobics, a tall glass of cold water, sweet potatoes, tangerines, bbq pizza, napping, clean sheets, reading in bed at night, sunshine (it’s gorgeous outside today).

Gratitude Friday

Snow at Lory State Park

Image by Eric, Lory State Park

1. Eric running with Ringo when it’s too cold to walk (pretty much anything below about 15 degrees, which has been most mornings this week), and Sam can’t go because he’s hurt, which means I miss the walk too but that’s okay for now.

2. Sweet Sam, who has had to put up with a lot of poking and prodding lately, and has managed to stay sweet. He went in yesterday, was sedated so they could do a thorough exam and take xrays. The good news: his knee is okay, won’t need surgery. The potentially bad news: it’s his back that’s actually hurt, making him limp. We are waiting for a second opinion to know if we can go to physical therapy and heal him up, or if it’s something worse.

3. Ringo Blue, who has been as nice as you can expect to Sam through it all. He gets to go hiking and running all by himself with the dad, so he doesn’t really mind all that much.

4. A flexible work schedule. Let’s be honest, I work my ASS off for CSU (was just awarded a Superior ranking for the 7th year in a row, in an evaluation that described my “high level of professionalism, competence, patience, and good humor”) and I very much appreciate that when I need to be doing other things, like take Sam to the vet or wait around until he can come home or hang out with him to make sure he’s okay, I can without too much fuss.

5. The weekend. I’ve been working and worried so much that I really need the weekend to rest. It sucks that I don’t get to do too much of anything else right now, but rest is the most important thing.

Bonus joy: Wild writing, aqua aerobics, money to pay the vet, Ringo being old enough now that I don’t have to watch him every second, good neighbors, snow, my moon nightlight, my Kindle, good books and TV and films and music, texting, being able to work from home, teaching yoga, a cold glass of clean water, wool sweaters, a warm hat, snow tires, a clean desk, avocado, birds singing.