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Gratitude Friday

1. Friday, and not just any Friday, the last day of finals week and my last Friday for this academic year! Just a few more days of work and I’ll be on summer vacation!!!


2. Flowers in the bathroom. One of my favorite indulgences.


3. Spring. The green, the leaves, the blooms, the sky, and the sun.

4. Wild Writing and Yoga, teaching or taking.

springlounge5. My tiny family. Sweet Sam, Ringo Blue, and Eric Always.


Bonus joy: R&B stations on satellite radio, my irises blooming, an unexpected free lunch, Bella tshirts (triblend, so soft), sweet potatoes, massage, sleeping in, naps, good books, good tv, clean sheets, clean water, a warm shower, clean towels, tennis balls, libraries.

Gratitude Friday


1. Colorado sky. It’s just so pretty.


2. Flowers in the bathroom, even better if they are from my own garden.


3. My dogs. Sweet Sam and Ringo Blue.


4. Korean Sweet Potato Falafel Tacos from The Blind Pig. Seriously, I am so obsessed with these things. They are a party in my mouth.


5. Kitchen Counter Love Notes. And the guy who makes them.

Bonus joy: Wild Writing class (only four weeks, a short session, but so good to be back at it), my interns, a glass of cold clean water, sleeping in, napping, good books, good tv, bird song, the morning walk, getting stronger, being able to leave work early or come in late, everything blooming and budding, the anticipation of a garden, Ringo not being allergic to bees (since he insists on trying to play with them and got stung on the lip last week), cuddling with Sam in the morning, when Eric and I both think something is especially funny and start laughing and then laugh even harder because how hard the other person is laughing just makes us laugh that much more.

Gratitude Friday


1. Morning walks. My foot has been bugging me a bit this week, probably after the marathon week of walking when Eric was in Chicago, but I’m still so glad to be back on a more regular schedule with the morning walks.


2. My mom and dad. Their birthdays are one right after the other, April 12th and 13th, so I got to talk to both of them on the phone for a bit this week. I feel so lucky to have parents that are still married and still alive, and a little sad how unusual that is.


3. Kitchen counter love notes. He’s not any kind of artist and he has terrible penmanship, but somehow he manages to make the sweetest notes.

4. My dogs. I still miss my first two dogs, and in some ways they were easier, didn’t need so much special attention and care, were sweeter with each other than these two are, but Ringo and Sam are just so stinkin’ cute sometimes, so funny, such good dogs.


ringoyardlounging kitchenfloorsam springringolory

5. My Saucony collection. If I can’t wear sandals or clogs or flip flops just now, I at least have these. (Just to be clear, this photo wasn’t staged, I just walked out into the living room and noticed them like this, had to take a picture — I’m not so good about putting my shoes away, which is why almost every morning, I can be heard saying “where are my shoes?”).


Bonus Joy: Friday at the end of a very long and very intense week, snow coming but I have no plans and it’s the weekend and Eric will be home, getting good feedback on my work, butter lettuce, pine nuts, a warm shower, yoga, stretching, napping, good tv, a glass of clean cold water, donuts, lunch plans with a friend, getting our taxes done on time, snow tires just in case, massage, good books, a department retreat on Monday that I helped plan that I think is going to be really good, sometimes knowing what I’m doing, being able to let go of the things that just aren’t going to get done, being okay with not being perfect, sleeping in.

Gratitude Friday

elmstreetmorning1. The morning walk. I’m back on a more normal schedule again, doing regular walks in the morning, just me and the dogs and my camera phone. The experience is just as irritating and wonderful as I remembered.

2. Community. I have some really good friends, work with some amazing people, and am connected to a whole web of others that are so supportive, funny, and smart. Lucky, lucky me.

3. Fresh flowers. In the bathroom, on my writing desk. My goal someday is to have enough planted in my garden that I don’t have to buy them anymore.

sunshineflowers bathroomflowers024. Getting things done, in a way that is healthy and and reasonable and sustainable. This means saying no sometimes, lowering the bar, resting when I need to rest, and allowing myself to want what I want.

5. My tiny family. The way the dogs play like manics in the backyard even though they just got back from a long walk, the way Eric sends me pictures of his new shoes so I can tell him they aren’t weird, the way Ringo loves to be outside but Sam prefers to be inside on the couch, when Eric comes home from work early and takes the dogs hiking, the way Eric can get Ringo to sing (a goofy sweet mix of barking, talking, and howling that I love almost more than anything else), how Sam follows me around the house, how all three of them make me laugh so hard sometimes.


Bonus joy: ice cream sandwiches and how they remind me of summer, root beer which for some reason I’m completely obsessed with right now, deadline extensions, a boss who loves working with me and loves what I do and tells me every time she gets the chance because I know what it’s like to work for someone who does the exact opposite, sleeping in, good tv, my new phone which cost way too much money but really is so nice, being able to get the screen protector on my new phone the first try with no bubbles or trapped dust, people who would rather help than hurt, people who help even though they risk being hurt, making Eric laugh, hearing him laugh even if it wasn’t me who made him, having 20+ years of memories together.

Gratitude Friday

springbreaksnow1. Snow. Actually, I’m totally over winter, so ready for spring. But, I knew there would be more snow coming, at least a few more times before we are done with it, and seven inches on a Friday during Spring Break is better than feet of snow on a day when we are trying to get somewhere.

2. Signs of spring, like the tulips and daffodils I got the other day at Trader Joe’s. There might be snow outside, but I’ve got some sunshine inside.


3. In related news, the camera on my new phone takes amazing pictures. I’m still being so careful with it, not using it much because the case I ordered isn’t here yet, but I’ve taken a few pictures with it and the clarity and quality is so much better than I expected.

4. My tiny family. Eric, Sam, and Ringo.

ringoanddad samsnowlory5. Being financially stable. We probably need a new furnace soon, and Eric dropped his phone so needs a new one of those too. We were able to buy a new car and redo our bathroom this year, as well as spend two months this summer in Oregon. I can go to the doctor when I need to and buy better quality food. We have enough money and good credit and not a whole lot of debt. I am very aware that this is NOT everyone’s reality, and I’m so grateful.

Bonus joy: clean water, a warm shower, clean laundry, clean sheets, snow tires on our cars, Wild Writing class, being able to say no to things, wool socks, down blankets and pillows, a good meal with good friends, being able to help, knowing I’m strong enough, pictures of the dogs when they were still babies, my favorite running shoes with Gortex, new bras.

Gratitude Friday

earlycrocus1. More signs of spring. These mini irises on our walk the other morning, how warm Ringo’s fur was when he came in from lounging in the yard this morning, Sam covered in bits of grass that looked like hay after he’d been rolling in the yard, bird song in the early morning, and today it’s supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees. Keep it coming!

2. Wild Writing. It’s an amazing practice, and Laurie is such a fiercely present teacher, and there are so many good women I get to practice with — their writing raises the bar for my own, in the best possible way.


3. Kitchen counter love notes. Eric told me yesterday that he’s a little embarrassed when I post pictures of these sometimes because he isn’t an artist and they can be kind of wonky. I told him that’s one of the things I love so much about them.

4. Good friends. I have so many good friends, both “in real life” and online. I count in this number those of you who keep showing up here, kind and gentle reader. I love the way we support each other, keep going, keep trying our best, don’t give up.

5. Samson and Ringo Blue. They aren’t as easy a match as our first two dogs (who loved each other SO much, and I had no idea that wasn’t totally normal), but they are good together, and bring me joy in those moments when almost nothing else does.

coatmadeofstars sleepysam04


Bonus joy: lunch with a good friend, my new car, my new bathroom (yes, STILL — this can’t be normal), the new cellphone I’m going to have soon, my current cellphone which has done such a good job sticking around for so long, teaching yoga, physical therapy, a surprisingly good romantic comedy, stand up comedy documentaries, a soft wool shirt, blue skies, sharing a piece of chocolate cake with Eric, a glass of cold clean water, a warm shower, clean towels, clean sheets, a massage, falling asleep easily, staying asleep, sleeping in, naps, good books, my Kindle, my interns, good things happening to good people, a moment of clarity and contentment, laughing.

Gratitude Friday

junkdrawer1. Sweet things. Chocolate, kitchen counter love notes, early morning yoga, the reminder that I matter, the nice things people say to me, the way Ringo settled down and went to sleep next to me during my Wild Writing class this morning.

2. Clean water. I’m always so grateful for this, but with what’s going on in Flint, I’m even more so this week.

3. Sweet Sam. Ringo took off after a cat this weekend while Eric was trying to get them back in the house after coming home from a long hike. He ran after Ringo, and Sam just waiting on the front porch. Such a good dog.

4. Ringo Blue. How even though he was “bad” and took off after a cat, being free to chase after it was probably the best three minutes of his entire life, made him so happy. I love that about him.

5. Eric. How he ran after Ringo and brought him safely back, and didn’t kill him for it even thought he kind of wanted to. How happy he was to get our Highlander back from the shop. How cute it was that he has such an emotional attachment to it. The pizza he made last night. The love notes he leaves for me on the kitchen counter.

Bonus joy: The two people who went out of their way to tell me what it meant to them to have me around, ham and cheese bagels at Cafe Ardour, running into a friend and having her immediately hug me she was so happy to see me, the sweet kitty whose cancer might not be as bad as it could have been, those tiny donuts that are all gone now, a warm shower, clean sheets, our new bathroom (yes, still), my new car, teaching yoga, lunch with friends, getting permission even though I don’t need it, the chance to start over and begin again.