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Gratitude Friday

1. 50% off all perennials at Fort Collins Nursery. We got there right when they opened and I got almost everything I wanted. I even went back a few hours later because I wanted more daisies. It’s supposed to be 100 degrees out today, so they are sitting next to the house in the shade, still in their pots. The next three days are supposed to rain and be in the low 80s, so tomorrow the real work begins.

2. Little by little, I’m making a dent in my summer to-do list. Just little things, every once in a while. The even better news is I decided to bump a lot of it to the fall, give myself a few more months of not having to do ALL THE THINGS. Some family stuff is going on behind the scenes that is stressing me out, so I’m giving myself more space, more grace, and a slower pace.

3. Eric gave the dogs a bath today. I was later that expected coming home from the grocery store because I stopped for more plants, so he used the extra time and took advantage of the warm day to give me clean dogs.

4. Good food. Pan fried burritos and sweet potato tamales with homemade pinto beans, fresh peaches and cherries, our first cucumber from the garden.

5. My tiny family. I’ll be in Oregon for a few days next week and I’m already missing them.

Bonus joy: good movies and music (watched a documentary about The Avett Brothers yesterday that was really good), seeing Toy Story 4 with Eric at the fancy theater, clean sheets, a cold shower on a hot day, aqua aerobics, sitting in the sauna, teaching yoga, San Pelligrino orange sparkling water, napping.

Gratitude Friday

1. Weirdly, I didn’t take many pictures this week. The one above is something Eric posted a few weeks ago from one of his morning walks with the dogs. I’m choosing to spin this lack of pictures as “I was so into living my life, I forgot to document it, and that’s a good thing.”

2. Good friends. I got to hang out with my three best ones today. I wrote with Mikalina and Chloe’ this morning, then had lunch with Carrie. These are all people I know I could call if I were in trouble and they’d be right there, and I feel so very lucky for that.

3. Long afternoon naps. Yesterday Eric thought I was back in my office working on something, only to find me at the end of a nap. It was almost time for dinner, and he said, “kind of late for a nap isn’t it?” Yeah, right — like that’s even a thing.

4. They offered someone my old job and they accepted. There’s no going back now!

5. My tiny family. Being home more reminds me how sweet Sam is — I love how he wants to be wherever I am. It also reminds Ringo that even though he is the most in love with his dad, I’m pretty good too. I just feel lucky that as much as Ringo loves his dad, his dad loves me.

Bonus joy: Good books (I’m really enjoying Comedy Sex God by Pete Holmes), good podcasts, good TV, good movies, good music, teaching yoga, aqua aerobics, the fitness class I’m taking with Eric, Pilates, Orange San Pelligrino sparkling water, peach tart and pizza that Eric made on the grill on a day it was too hot to turn on the oven, a/c, going to bed early to read myself to sleep, going to the movies and eating popcorn with Eric, morning walks.

Gratitude Friday (on a Saturday)

1. Forgetting what day of the week it is. I talked to my mom yesterday and she mentioned she’d looked for my Friday post and hadn’t seen it. I told her I’d forgotten it was Friday, thinking I’d do the post later in the day. Then I took a nap and when I got up, I went to see The Last Black Man in San Francisco with a friend, came home and went to bed — totally forgetting to write this post!

2. Morning walks. When Eric was gone, I did ALL the walking, and was pretty happy I could do it and still feel good. Out of all the things I do to move, walking dogs is my favorite but it also unfortunately makes my knees hurt. Even so, I’m never giving it up.

3. Being “on vacation”…permanently. This is just my life now, and I couldn’t be happier. Eventually I’ll be more rested and have more to offer, but for now, I’m okay with just this.

4. Eric is back. While he was gone, I was so happy to be able to text and video chat with him. He came home a day late after a flight cancellation, but he brought me tarts!

Some of the selfies we sent each other while he was gone:

5. My tiny family. I’m glad to have them all back together again.

Bonus joy: the big hailstorm last night missing our house (although I’m sad for all the people it hit and hurt), good TV (watched Gentleman Jack and Chernobyl on HBO), good movies (saw Yesterday with Eric, at the end of which most of the audience clapped), the Lyric Cinema and Cafe, long naps for no reason other than I want to, aqua aerobics, Pilates, sitting in the sauna with Eric, teaching yoga, finally getting my insurance claim for the MRI I got processed and approved, the cool and quiet after a storm, hanging out with Mikalina, meditation and morning pages before I check my phone, good books (Bearing the Body by my teacher Ehud Havazelet, who sadly passed away a few years ago, and Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad by Austin Kleon), a massage.


Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. I’m in charge of all the walking for the next few days while Eric is in Oregon visiting with his parents. I’m so grateful my knees are doing better and I can walk without completely wrecking myself.

2. Blooms. Our vegetable garden did not love the cool, wet, long spring we had, but the flowers and strawberries sure did.

3. Being able to rest. Just when I think I’m starting to get my energy back, I get knocked flat again. Burnout is no joke.

4. Practice and joyful movement. These are the two things I can consistently do, and are helping me to feel better.

After a fitness class at the gym, my face was as shiny and red as the car I parked next to

Sam likes to “help” me meditate

5. My tiny family. Even though he’s not here, I can text Eric whenever I want, and the boys have been good company.

He carried her for two miles this morning

Bonus joy: Good food, going to bed early, good TV (watching HGTV’s Good Bones), a big glass of cold clean water, Ricola Lemon Mint throat drops, Wild Writing with Laurie and Mikalina and Chloe’, getting a tour of Carrie’s garden, knowing I can even when it’s hard, teaching yoga, aqua aerobics, sitting in the sauna, Pilates, air conditioning.

Gratitude Friday

1. The season of blooms. It has been a cool, rainy spring, and the flowers have loved it. So have the strawberries.

2. Practice. I’m getting more and more clear that I am in recovery from full on burnout (“a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress”), and practice is helping me not spin out about it.

3. Healing, and trusting that I know what to do. Besides my current state of burnout, which requires spending some time every day in a dark quiet spot among other things, I’ve been dealing with the pain of osteoarthritis in my knees (as well as chronic tendinitis and some meniscus tearing) for the past four years, so bad that I take a THC gummy every night just so I can sleep. I’ve tried everything, even started to think I maybe needed surgery in one knee. Then Eric asked me to sign up for a pretty intense small group fitness class at the gym with him. He’s training for a Tough Mudder and I have trouble getting more intense cardio now that I can’t run anymore, even though I’m super active. Starting out, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it, thought it would hurt or even wreck my knees. It feels like some kind of miracle, and was certainly something I didn’t know, but this particular intensity and variation of movement makes my knees feel better! Eric found this article that explains the phenomenon: If your knee hurts, keep exercising, says expert.

4. I don’t have a job. Nine years ago, I got out of a horribly toxic work situation and had my first summer off. When I went back to my job in the fall, I expected things to be better. While some things were, (like I no longer had to constantly engage with an abusive narcissist), other hard things stayed the same, (like the unsustainable workload and the stress that caused). I tried for nine years to make it work, but during that time I also put effort towards a backup plan, giving myself other options. When it became clear that not only was I not having any fun anymore but the work was impacting my health and wellbeing in a negative way, I knew I needed to shift. I’m still in recovery mode, but it was the absolute right choice. I also know my choice was a direct result of my privilege.

5. My tiny family. I really would rather spend time with them than anyone else.

Bonus joy: Wild Writing with Laurie, hanging out with Mikalina, texting with Chloe’, plans to see Andrea Gibson with Carrie, dinner with Chelsey and Jon, aqua aerobics, Pilates, teaching yoga, how good Sam is doing after injuring his back last year, how much of a kid Ringo can still be at 5.5 years old, good TV (how much HGTV can one human watch?!), a cool rainy day when I didn’t really want to get out of my pjs anyway, bread, strawberries, a cold glass of clean water, a warm shower, forgetting what day it is, taking a long nap.

Gratitude Friday (on a Saturday)

1. Peony season. Mine are blooming, and there are so many blooms! This year was also a good one for my roses.

2. Strawberry season. In these first weeks of that harvest, we can barely eat them fast enough. So far we’ve also made Strawberries and Cream Biscuits and Strawberry Cream Pie.

3. Morning walks. Ringo cracked one of his pads, so he had to walk for about a week with a sock boot his dad made him — so cute! At Sam’s vet appointment, we found out he’d lost FIVE pounds — when we had to restrict how much he walked because of his back injury, he’d put on a little extra weight, so we cut his food back, but then he also got back to his regular exercise, and now he’s down to his young man fighting weight. He also on the regular weirdly loses 3-4 pounds every summer and then gains it back over the winter.

4. Colorado sky. This was the view from our front porch yesterday morning.

5. My tiny family. It’s been really nice to be with just them, lazy like summer, taking walks and naps and hanging out in the backyard.

Bonus joy: Hanging out and writing with Mikalina, finally making some progress cleaning and decluttering the house, being almost over my cold, watching TV shows about tiny homes with Eric, knowing it’s okay to go slow, teaching yoga, aqua aerobics, sitting with Eric in the sauna, working out really hard and having my knees actually feel better as a result, good TV, knowing that even if I don’t actually sleep I’m allowed to go into a dark and quiet room and just hang out by myself for a bit taking a “nap,” that Ringo is the kind of dog who is fearful but totally compliant at the vet (because a lot of Heelers can be pretty grumpy and mean under those conditions) and how much his vet loves him (she has three Heelers herself), hearing back that his blood work results look “perfect,” clean sheets.

Gratitude Friday

1. Hanna Farm. It’s the name of our neighborhood, which in the 1800s was a farm where they raised rye and something else I can’t remember. This picture is the field at the end of our street. I love living here — so close to all the good parks and hiking, only about a mile from Old Town, only six blocks from one of my favorite humans, just down the road from Beaver’s Market, and super close to CSU (which doesn’t matter anymore since I don’t work there!).

2. Things that give me hope. I try to practice the Buddhist principle of letting go of both hope and fear, one pulling you into some imagined experience you believe will be exactly what you want and the other causing you to run away from something you think will be bad, both states pulling you out of the current moment, distracting you from what’s really going on, taking you out of your actual experience. That said, sometimes I need to hope. I read a line in a story in The Sun magazine yesterday that said, “just because it is all so very, very unfair does not mean there is not still great hope in the world” and it made me feel better about the state of things. Then there was a report of a swarm of ladybugs so big it registered on the National Weather Service radar, and then this morning in one of the ponds, this waterlily that typically produces 1-3 flowers has 11 blooms.

3. Morning walks. This morning will be our last along the river. It is rising because of snow melt and the flooding is predicted to be some of the worst this time around, but the real reason we’ll have to avoid this area until much later this summer is because of the mosquitoes.

4. The light this morning was extra special.

5. My tiny family. For some reason, I didn’t take many pictures of them this week.

Bonus joy: bird song in the morning, hummingbirds flying over our yard, my peonies getting ready to bloom, long naps, strawberries from our garden, hanging out with Mikalina and Chloe’, good TV, good books, good music, clean sheets, having nothing on my schedule so I can do whatever I want.