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Gratitude Friday (NaBloPoMo Day 16)

1. I’m still here. For so many reasons, this is something I’ve been thinking about and feeling grateful for. The world seems to be burning down in all kinds of ways, but as that Buddhist saying goes, “practice like your hair is on fire.” It isn’t always easy, but I still believe it’s better than the alternative and I’m not giving up.

2. Teaching yoga. This has been a complicated situation recently — thinking about cultural appropriation and making my classes accessible to more people, starting a new weekly class, and spending every weekend working towards my 500 hour certification, as well as working towards two other specialized certifications. And yet, after all the effort and confusion, it still ends up being the right thing to do.

3. My boyfriend is better than your boyfriend. My birthday is on Sunday, and as he did last year, he ordered clam chowder base from one of my favorite places on the Oregon Coast. He made me a traditional old style meal — clam chowder, shrimp and cabbage salad, cheesy garlic bread, and berry pie. It got here early, so we got to have it last night, and he bought extra so we’ll get to have it a few more times. He also leaves me love notes on the kitchen counter. And he makes me laugh, and gives me hugs whenever and for however long I need.

4. Morning walks. The sky has been particularly pretty.

5. My boys. They are the best companions for just about everything.

Bonus Joy: bran muffins with dried raspberries, fall break, a new person in my yoga class who has a sense of humor enough like mine that I’m funnier when she’s there, sleeping in, my infrared heating pad, Pilates, morning owl songs, good TV, good books, my Kindle, good music, people who are truly kind, the gooseberry jam my aunt made me, my friend’s little dog who I met for the first time and am totally in love with (she looks like Ringo and Sam had a baby), the same friend had a health scare but it turns out they’ll be okay, being able to spend the whole day at home in my pajamas even though I’m not sick or anything, cancelling plans because I’m just too tired to adult or even human knowing people who really love me totally get it, a crisp gala apple with crunchy peanut butter, pie crust, getting all the laundry done on a Friday, the house in our neighborhood that goes all out and decorates their entire yard for Christmas.

Gratitude Friday (NaBloPoMo Day Nine)

1. Morning walks. For the next couple of weeks, it will actually be light out again when we walk in the morning. When we went out today, we walked along the river. I’ve been missing it. In the summer, the mosquitoes keep us away, and after that it was too far for Sam to walk, and then it was too dark to enjoy, but we were able to go today. Sam loved it.

2. Having loved someone so much that nine years later it still hurts to be without them. Nine years ago today, we had to let go of our first dog, Obi. As I said on Facebook this morning, I get it. Everyone dies. And our dogs most likely will go before we do because their lives are so much shorter, but it still feels massively unfair. I suppose the fact that it still hurts, that I still miss him like crazy, is both the bad news and the good.

3. The ones you love that are still here. Having friends who are smart, kind, creative, and funny is just the best.

4. Flowers in the bathroom. Even when they are from the grocery store, leftover from last week.

5. My tiny family. Ringo was especially cute this week.

Bonus joy: warm peach pie, fresh pesto, seeing Winona LaDuke give a talk at CSU, texting, being able to prioritize without guilt, my infrared heating pad on a morning when it was only 19 degrees on our walk, indica for sleeping, sick days, writing, reading, watching TV, teaching yoga, practice, long naps, sleeping in, down blankets and wool socks, a crisp gala apple with crunchy peanut butter, the hug my new intern gave me when she finally was able to start working, lunches with Aramati, writing with Chloe’ and Mikalina, being home by myself.

Gratitude Friday

Flowers in the bathroom

1. Flowers in the bathroom. For two reasons in particular: it means the gnats are all gone and these flowers were perfectly good but must have been from last week because they were half off at the grocery store.

2. It’s biscuit season, which means all the yummy fall foods like soup and roasted veggies and apple pie. I’m trying to focus on that instead of mourning the berries and cucumbers and such.

3. Eric. He’s my favorite. Sometimes, instead of sending just a text that says “heading home from work” or “having fun hiking with Ringo,” he’ll send me a selfie instead. Next to kitchen counter love notes, it’s one of my favorite things. Remember how we made a list of 25 Things for 25 Years, all the stuff we were going to do together to celebrate being married for 25 years? We haven’t done many of the exact things on the list yet, but it’s inspiring us to do more stuff together, like on Saturday we are going to a 1.5-hour workshop at our gym called “Stretch & Release” and I bought tickets for an improv show. What I’m saying is it’s not so much the list but the way the list has inspired us to start dating again, besides just going out to dinner (which I’m not knocking; it’s one of our favorite things).

Ringo’s happy place.

4. The other two boys in my tiny family. As I start to think about what it’s going to be like to not be working at CSU anymore, one of the things I’m most looking forward to is being around Sam and Ringo more. If you have a pet you love like I love mine, you know how hard it is to leave them some days, and how much you miss them when you’re gone. Since I can’t seem to teach them how to use a smart phone and text me, send me selfies like their dad, being home more is the next best solution.

He couldn’t tell if I was going to take a shower, but he was right there ready, just in case.

This is one of Sam’s favorite spots in the house. Having anxiety requires such things.

You might not see it, but he’s giving me his stink face, his version of an eye roll.

His legs are ridiculously long.

Bonus joy: Teaching yoga at Red Sage, Curvy Yoga teacher training, hanging out with Aramati having deep conversations about really important stuff but also finding stuff to laugh about too, meditating with Mikalina and hanging out afterward, sleeping in, clean sheets, swimming lessons with Nick, aqua aerobics, sitting in the sauna with Eric, crisp apples, sunshine, getting the laundry done on Friday, fish tacos, peanut butter and jelly, running into Chloe’ and Pancho out on a walk, cute videos of the cutest tiny humans and animals, turning up my favorite song really loud, how much dumb stuff sometimes makes Eric and I laugh, Lila is WALKING! (she’s just a baby, so it’s kind of a big deal), knowing I could do so much more and what I’ve already done is enough.

Gratitude Friday (on a Sunday)

From our walk this morning

1. Surprise naps, like the one I took Friday afternoon that made me forget I still hadn’t put together this post, but clearly was something I really really really needed.

Sam and Eric, from our walk this morning

2. Morning walks. Sam has gone a little over three miles the last few mornings and another mile or so in the afternoon without seeming to be too stiff or sore from it.

3. Practice. We have a three bedroom house, but the whole house is only 1088 square feet, so the third bedroom, where I practice (and do retreats, online classes, read, study, write, and sometimes sleep), is only about 8 x 9 square feet, and can feel a little tight. Even so, because I’ve been infusing that space with such good energy, so much effort and ease, for years, it feels spacious. I’m doing two yoga teacher trainings right now, soon to add a third, so I’m spending almost every weekend, all weekend in there. I’m also grateful for smart, compassionate friends who I can talk to about confusing, hard things related to practice and and teaching and being white.

4. Flowers in the bathroom. These lilies from the grocery store smell amazing.

5. My tiny family. Along with practice, they are the foundation that keeps me sane, keeps me from giving up.

Bonus joy: snow, a new roof, going to a movie with Eric, a sunny warm fall day, sleeping in, getting all the laundry done on Friday, hanging out with Mikalina, Pilates with Carrie and Ashley, swimming lessons, swimming, sitting in the sauna, aqua aerobics, HGTV, a big glass of cold clean water.


Gratitude Friday

Image by Eric

1. Fall in Colorado. It happened WAY TOO FAST this year. One week it was still in the 90s, and the next week we had rain, gray skies, and even some snow. It’s super confusing. And yet, it is so beautiful when the colors start to change.


Image by Eric


2. The gnats are gone! We had a fruit fly infestation in the kitchen and bathrooms as summer wound to a close. It got out of hand quickly. With the turn in the weather, some deep cleaning, and traps of ripe banana and apple cider vinegar, we are no longer hosting multiple generations of tiny garbage bats. It’s weird how happy that makes me.

3. Our garden. It’s done, but before it melted completely, we got one more handful of strawberries and an army of the tiniest, roundest, orangest pumpkins.

4. Teaching and teacher training. I just wrapped up my first online session of Open Space Writing with a small group of my favorite writers. I’m concurrently doing three different yoga teacher trainings because what else are you supposed to do the last year at your “old” job before starting a new career? In a few weeks, I’ll start teaching a regular small class for two of my favorite veterinarians, and I’ve been subbing yoga classes for some of my favorite teachers as I can as well. Learning and then teaching has always been one of my most favorite things.

5. My tiny family. With Sam on restriction, sometimes Eric has Ringo out somewhere and I’m home with Sam, so we send each other selfies of where we are and what we are doing.

6. These two pictures Eric took of Ringo Blue. He’s so handsome. And for some reason this last week, he was super cuddly with me. He must have known I needed it.

Bonus joy: fresh pineapple, clean sheets, paid sick days, good TV (all my “regular” shows are back on Hulu and we just finished the last season of Great British Baking Show on Netflix), good music (Christine and The Queens has a new album out), a glass of cold clean water, chicken pot pie, my new swimming snorkel and how fast I can get to the other side of the pool with it, sitting in the sauna at the gym, sleeping in, taking naps, wool socks and down blankets.

P.S. Married 25 years to my favorite person. I can’t believe I forgot to add this to this week’s list! This picture is from our honeymoon – we hiked up to Twin Crater Lakes in the Rawah Wilderness Area and camped for two days. In this picture, we were trapped in our tent because there was a massive thunderstorm.


Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. I don’t like that Sam is restricted, but it sure is easier walking just one dog, even if it’s only for half the walk. It was so dark the other morning that even with my headlamp, we almost walked right into a herd of deer.

2. My dad is going home tomorrow. He still has a lot of healing to do, and my mom is going to have a lot of work to do helping, but it’s what they both wanted – to be where they are both most comfortable to be together. Their 54th anniversary was last week, another thing to be grateful for.

3. The last of the garden. We ate the final cucumbers and are collecting the last of the tomatoes, as there is SNOW in the forecast for next week. I can’t wait to have more time for my garden once I quit working at CSU. It’s one thing I’ve neglected the past few years, even though I love it. Thank goodness for Eric!

4. Good friends. I’m an introvert who spends a lot of time alone, but when I’m with people, I’ve got some of the best to be with.

5. My tiny family. Eric was gone for just a little over 24 hours, giving a presentation at a community college in Arizona, and it’s always a reminder of how much I like having him around, all the time. The boys were good company while he was gone though. Sam even slept in bed with me all night (he NEVER does that, even when one of us is gone) and I got all the extra love Ringo usually gives to Eric.

Bonus joy: sleeping in, warm wool socks, swimming, aqua aerobics, my “new” car, Friday (which means the weekend!), meditation, a cold bubbly drink, the fruit fly infestation at our house almost gone, having all the laundry done and put away on Friday morning, computer glasses, smart phones, texting, good films (I just watched Disobedience), good TV (every season, I think I’ll be over Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m so not), yoga teacher training, fresh pesto.


Gratitude Friday (on a Sunday)

1. Morning walks. Sam can go just a bit further now, but I also enjoy being with just Ringo. It’s pretty dark when we leave, but that means at some point during the walk, the sky will light up, and that’s worth seeing.

2. Farmer’s market flowers. This is officially the last week for them.

3. Cooking. It’s one of the good things about the weather turning colder – I don’t worry about heating up the house and cook more. Today it’s more bran muffins with dried raspberries and our last sesame cucumber noodles of the season with the last two cucumbers from our garden.

4. My dad is still here. He had a stroke this past week. Not being there was hard, confusing, sometimes frustrating when I couldn’t get a hold of anyone and didn’t know what was going on, and yet with this adorable baby around, I don’t think anyone missed me. Prognosis is he’ll recover. A good reminder of how fast things can change, and how lucky we all are for those who are there to help when we need it and for those who love us, keep showing up no matter what.

5. My tiny family. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They make everything better.

Bonus joy: another amazing massage from Dana, a cold glass of clean water, the laundry being done, clean sheets, a warm shower, a long nap, texting with friends, reading, teaching, Pilates, swimming, aqua aerobics, sitting in the sauna, making Eric laugh, pay day, computer glasses, Sam’s amazing PT vet, rain (except that I’m over the gray sky already).