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Something Good

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1. Quote from Rabbi Yehuda HaChasid, “I will build an altar from the broken fragments of my heart,” (by way of Jena Schwartz‘s Dispatches from Daily Life.)

2. Wisdom from Francis Weller, “The task of a mature human being is to hold gratitude in one hand and grief in the other and to be stretched large by them,” by way of Erin Geesaman Rabke‘s newsletter. Erin also included a poem from Mark Nepo and these lines really touched me,

I guess, if you should ask, peace
is no more than the underside
of tired wings resting on the lake
while the heart in its feathers
pounds softer and softer.

3. The “New Age Thinking Will Make Me Thin” Diet. Been there, done that.

4. Is Fatphobia the Opposite of Skinny-Shaming? from Dances with Fat.

5. Black People Need Stronger White Allies — Here’s How You Can Be One. In related news, On Becoming Anti-Racist, and Anti-racism resources for white people, and How to help Black Lives Matter: 9 things you can do for the George Floyd protesters right now, and 26 ways to be in the strugglebeyond the streets, and For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies, and Save the Tears: White Woman’s Guide, and How to Fight for Justice for George Floyd, and 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice, and For White People Only.

6. A Timeline of Events That Led to the 2020 ‘Fed Up’-rising. “To contextualize the anger, frustration and desperation that forced protesters to recreate the lawlessness and chaos that black people experience on a daily basis, The Root has created a timeline of some of the events that led up to black people across the country collectively saying: ‘Aight, den.'” In related news, George Floyd’s killing has opened the wounds of centuries of American racism, “George Floyd’s killing and the ensuing protests, explained.”

7. Mary Lambert – Not Ready To Die Yet. (video)

8. 6 Lessons We Learned During Lockdown That We Can’t Forget After It Ends.

9. A message for graduates: Enjoy your obscurity while it lasts from Austin Kleon. Also from Austin, A tiny triumph and Work and learn in evil days, in which he says, “Feeling grateful for what art can do. How you can disappear into a tiny room and make your own world. How you sit down with a blank page and fill it with your hands and at the end there’s something in the world that wasn’t there before. That simple, basic thing.”

10. Wild Writing Family, a Wild Writing membership with Laurie Wagner. In all sincerity and seriousness, this practice with this teacher has had as much of an impact on my life as meditation, yoga, and my dogs, is as essential to me as air or water.

11. 25 Reasons to Write a Book from Alexandra Franzen.

12. Dear Amy Cooper, an open letter and some great resources from Jena Schwartz. In related news, It looks like Amy Cooper, the white woman in the viral Central Park video, is a liberal. That’s important, and White Woman Who Called Police On Black Bird-Watcher In Central Park Has Been Fired, and 5 Racist Anti-Racism Responses “Good” White Women Give to Viral Posts, and 10 Habits of Someone Who Doesn’t Know They’re Anti-Black, and Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do and, Expressive Writing Prompts to Use If You’ve Been Accused of White Fragility Spiritual Bypass or White Privilege.

13. Justice and dignity, too often in short supply from Seth Godin.

14. Remember, No One Is Coming to Save Us by Roxane Gay on The New York Times, because this:

Eventually, doctors will find a coronavirus vaccine, but black people will continue to wait, despite the futility of hope, for a cure for racism. We will live with the knowledge that a hashtag is not a vaccine for white supremacy. We live with the knowledge that, still, no one is coming to save us. The rest of the world yearns to get back to normal. For black people, normal is the very thing from which we yearn to be free.

15. A Weekend of Pain and Protest from The Daily podcast on The New York Times. “Demonstrations have erupted in at least 140 cities across the United States in the days since George Floyd, a black man, died in police custody in Minneapolis. We were on the ground in some of them, chronicling 72 hours of pain and protest.”

16. In Some Cities, Police Officers Joined Protesters Marching Against Brutality. I appreciate the Flint officers who took off their helmets and put down their batons rather than spraying mace, shooting rubber bullets, etc., instead marching with the people, but I also think it was wrong of Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson to say, “let’s turn this protest into a parade” because it is dismissive of the ongoing pain, grief, rage, and harm. Nothing about this is fun. It’s not a party or celebration. There is something absolutely worth protesting, raging against. I also feel weird about the officers taking a knee. I think they intend to show (or rather perform) solidarity with Colin Kaepernick’s protest, but to take a knee when this current surge of protests was triggered by one of their own taking a knee on George Floyd’s neck, it’s tone deaf at best.

17. How to more safely protest in a pandemic. “Tips for reducing the risk of spreading the coronavirus in a mass gathering, from public health experts.” It’s been scary to watch some of the video, people shaking hands and hugging, so close together, many of them not wearing masks.

18. 35 Fox Pics That Show What Wonderful Creatures They Are.

19. Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything. “Many of the infection’s bizarre symptoms have one thing in common.” In other COVID-19 news, You won’t likely catch coronavirus from a surface or an animal, the CDC reports, and It’s Not Whether You Were Exposed to the Virus. It’s How Much on The New York Times.

20. Trump’s Phone Call With George Floyd’s Family Went as Well as You’d Expect.

21. George Floyd’s rap career deserves to be remembered.

22. When Raging Against The Machine Beware Of The White Agent Provocateur. In related news, Far-Right Extremists Are Hoping to Turn the George Floyd Protests Into a New Civil War.

23. It Does Not Matter If You Are Good. “On Omar Jimenez, George Floyd, Christian Cooper and the myth of being non-threatening.”

24. White women form a human shield to protect black demonstrators protesting in Louisville. This is the way to do it. How can we mimic this sort of protection, engagement, care in our daily lives, I wonder?

25. Comic: Why You Should Turn Your Yard Into a Mini-Farm. “Take that lawn by the grass and grow something!”

26. After Trump encourages shooting of ‘thugs’ in Minneapolis, Twitter gives him ‘glorifying violence’ warning. In related news, Full Disclosure: An Interview with Noel Casler, “The former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ talent handler on what he saw behind the scenes.” This article terrified me because it makes it very clear that it’s not just a rumor or speculation how really terrible our Fascist in Chief is, but rather it is a known fact, general knowledge, which means anyone who works with or near him and does nothing to stop him is culpable.

27. Tracee Ellis Ross Can Hit The High Notes, Too.

28. Interview with Dr. Jarvis Chen About Re-Opening Yoga Classes and Studios. I thought this passage was particularly helpful:

One of yoga’s central teachings is that everything changes. This material world of prakṛti is impermanent and always changing (pariṇāmavāda) and we suffer when we remain attached to the way things were. So, it is important for us as yoga practitioners to question our attachment to how we used to live our lives, our aversion to some of the things we may continue to have to do to mitigate the risk of coronavirus transmission, and our fear of the unknown.

29. I’m tired. You’re tired. Hi.

30. Upaya Work Prayer from Joan Halifax:

May this work be done in a spirit of generosity
not driven by ego, greed, or delusion.
May kindness sustain us and prevail in conflict, and compassion guide us and lead us to understanding.
May we rejoice in the successes of others,
and remain unmoved by praise or blame.

Something Good

1. 12 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Right Now.

2. Ethical Alternatives to Amazon, “the most lovingly curated selection of Amazon and Prime alternatives anywhere. We aim to make giving up Amazon easy and to encourage more people to spend their money with businesses that have higher ethical standards.”

3. Moving Through the Day with More Ease on Zen Habits.

4. Why is Everyone Afraid of Boredom?

5. 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice.

6. Join Monty Don as he heads out to feed the chickens (video). I want to go to there…

7. Activism As Self-Care: How to Energize the Most Important Work of Your Life. “Tactics to sustain change-makers in overwhelming times.”

8. Emergency Room Diary (video). “Dr. Craig Spencer fought Ebola in West Africa while working with Doctors Without Borders, and now he’s an emergency room doctor in New York City, at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a day in his life on the front line of the battle against COVID-19.”

9. Pixar Short Film ‘Out’ Features Studio’s First Gay Main Character on The New York Times. “The animated film follows a gay man’s journey into acceptance as he prepares to move into a city with his boyfriend.”

10. 30 Types Of Succulents That Look Like Something Out Of This World.

11. Cool Guides To All Sorts Of Cool Things.

12. Remembering the Nearly 100,000 Lives Lost to Coronavirus in America on The New York Times. “America is fast approaching a grim milestone in the coronavirus outbreak — each figure here represents one of the nearly 100,000 lives lost so far. But a count reveals only so much. Memories, gathered from obituaries across the country, help us to reckon with what was lost.”

13. Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals How Her Mom Diana Ross Reacted To Hearing Her Sing In ‘The High Note.’ In related news, LOVE MYSELF Official Music Video.

14. We Can’t Comprehend This Much Sorrow on The New York Times. “History’s first draft is almost always wrong — but we still have to try and write it.”

15. How We Chronicle Our Lives Now from Liz Kalloch.

I’d love it if you’d join me on Instagram or Facebook and post photos of your treasures, your trinkets, your tools and your talismans with a story (or a story in pictures) about your time sheltering in place and use #chroniclesoftoolsandtalismans

What things/actions/activities are helping you through your days? Who are the people that you’re finding yourself reaching out to again and again? What are you making these days? Are you feeling frozen around making anything? Are you cleaning your closets and organizing your shoes, or slothing on the back porch with a book? What are the things that are making you catch your breath? What’s helping you exhale? What helps you stay focused (even briefly) or how are you un-focusing?

16. After ‘The Most Photographed Dog In Bruges’ Passes Away, People Are Sharing Photos Of Him Throughout The Years.

17. Opinion: The End of Meat Is Here on The New York Times. “If you care about the working poor, about racial justice, and about climate change, you have to stop eating animals.” In related news, Why meatpacking plants have become coronavirus hot spots.

18. Wilson Jerman, Longtime White House Butler, Dies at 91 on The New York Times. “Mr. Jerman started working as a cleaner for President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957 and retired in 2012 as an elevator operator for President Barack Obama.”

19. Gay nurse shows how six weeks fighting coronavirus ravaged his body in shocking before and after photos.

20. My coronavirus survivor group is my most important medical support right now. “Online support groups are filling Covid-19 information gaps and helping patients arm themselves against discrimination.”

21. Adopted dog takes 97-day walk back to foster mom.

22. Meet One-Year-Old Chef Kobe, Winning the Internet Like a Boss. (video)

23. This Artist Is Painting Beautiful Flowers on All of Her Walls While Stuck in Quarantine.

24. Man whose dad walked out when he was 12 shares his own fatherly wisdom ‘Dad, How Do I?’ channel.

25. Write Like a Dog.

26. Jane Roe’s Deathbed Confession: Anti-Abortion Conversion ‘All an Act’ Paid for by the Christian Right.

27. This Mother And Daughter Duo Is Creating Stunning 3D Chalk Art To Make Neighbors Smile.

Something Good

1. Wild Writing Family with my dear friend and beloved teacher Laurie Wagner. “Over the course of our time together you will deepen your writing practice, becoming a better writer – someone who is more free on the page, and who is grounded in the sound of their own voice. You’ll be tethered to a practice that invites you to unmask yourself, tell the truth about your experiences – how you feel and what you’re longing for. Your Wild Writing pieces may get turned into poems, essays or blog posts – pieces you can share with your community. You’ll receive over 10 poems a month, you’ll get real time with me, as well as stay connected to our rich Wild Writing Facebook group.”

2. If you are having trouble reading… from Austin Kleon.

3. Sara Bareilles – A Safe Place to Land (Live at the Village) ft. John Legend. (video) So many songs take on a whole new meaning in light of COVID-19, and this is one of them.

4. How to Grow Your Own Produce From Kitchen Scraps. In related news, The 10 rules for freezing food.

5. ‘It Seemed Apocalyptic’ 40 Years Ago When Mount St. Helens Erupted. We lived in Oregon, and I can remember our cars getting covered in ash from the eruption.

6. Deer enjoy Japan’s cherry blossoms. (video)

7. Tatum the talking dog on Instagram is my favorite thing on the internet right now.

8. Ten practices for the liminal space. “How do we stay in this waiting place, when there is still so much we don’t know about what’s on the other side? How do we maintain our sense of well-being and not spiral into despair and fear when we don’t yet know when we can see our loved ones, gather with our communities, or send our kids back to school? Here are some of my thoughts about ways to sustain ourselves in the midst of liminal space.”

9. Ordering delivery? Here’s 6 tips on how to avoid coronavirus. (video)

10. Misinformation has consequences. In a pandemic, those consequences can be deadly. In related news, Colorado suspends license of Castle Rock restaurant that defied coronavirus public health order.

Something Good

It’s hard to see, but the ripple in the water on the right is a beaver

1. A situation vs a slog from Seth Godin.

2. Good stuff from Dances with Fat: International No Diet Day And The Life I Could Have Had and When Celebrities Lose Weight, because this:

…while people – including celebrities – can do whatever they want with their bodies, their choices have meaning and consequences. And choosing to participate in intentional weight loss, or to celebrate weight loss of any kind, supports weight stigma and perpetuates eating disorders by promoting the idea that a thin(ner) body is a better/more attractive/healthier body, which is at the root of fatphobia.

3. Judith Butler: Mourning Is a Political Act Amid the Pandemic and Its Disparities.

4. ‘Heads we win, tails you lose’: how America’s rich have turned pandemic into profit. The things that are “wrong” now, “happening” now, were actually already wrong and happening, it’s just that this crisis is highlighting it. It’s so simple: we have to do better or none of us will survive what’s coming, not even those sitting on a pile of money.

5. After the deaths, holiness from Rabbi Rachel Barenblat.

6. 10 Life Lessons Learned From a Decade of Blogging from Be More With Less.

7. ‘Double-Rainbow Guy’, Paul L. Vasquez, Dead at 57, most likely from COVID-19. “Yosemite, California, man became an early 2010s internet sensation with his ecstatic nature video.”

8. Castle Rock restaurant reopens to Mother’s Day crowds in defiance of statewide public health order. This is TERRIFYING. You hear how “we are all in this together” or “this virus is the great equalizer,” when clearly that’s not the case. There are both economic disparities and racial divides that mean some people are suffering more, have lost more, and are at more risk. This restaurant opening against orders, the people flooding in, smushed in there together with no one wearing masks, makes me realize we are experiencing this in very different ways, and there’s a large number of people who don’t take it seriously at all, some who even think it’s a hoax or that we are overreacting, that it is “just like the flu” and that the risk to them is small. This is what willful ignorance looks like, and sadly these people aren’t just harming themselves. The choices we all make have consequences, and some outcomes cause harm to others, even as those others are doing everything they can to manage their risk. Either you are helping or harming, and it’s clear the choice these people made. I suppose they most likely watched and believed this: Seen ‘Plandemic’? We Take A Close Look At The Viral Conspiracy Video’s Claims. They should have read this instead: The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them.

9. An 11-Year-Old Girl Writes To Thank Her Mailman. Postal Workers Write Back.

10. Not everything will be okay (but some things will) from Austin Kleon.

11. Write = right? from Paul Jarvis.

12. How ‘Anticipatory Grief’ May Show Up During the COVID-19 Outbreak. “There’s a lot to be grieving right now with the recent COVID-19 outbreak. There’s a collective loss of normalcy, and for many of us, we’ve lost a sense of connection, routine, and certainty about the future. Some of us have already lost jobs and even loved ones. And most, if not all of us, have a lingering sense that more loss is still to come. That sense of fearful anticipation is called ‘anticipatory grief,’ and it can be a doozy.”

13. Here are the top 10 coronavirus safety tips for groceries. (video) Most of these tips are related to actually going in the store to pick and pay for your own groceries.

14., a hilarious video compilation, a dog talking in the funniest voice.

15. Workers Are No Longer Heroes, Kroger Concludes. This is so disappointing.

16. Mom Shares 30 Times Her 6-Year-Old Boy Cleverly Stalled Her With Questions Before Bedtime.

17. 10 Books Recommended by Pulitzer Prize Winners.

18. Meet Magnolia, Gerber’s New Spokesbaby.

19. Comedy Clubs Are Closed, So To Reach Audiences, Comics Have To Improvise.

20. Two penguins at the Oregon Zoo, Nacho and Goat, went for a hike earlier this week. (video)

21. Fuck the Bread. The Bread Is Over.

22. Mom forgot to give her adorable son a kiss before she left for work. (video)

23. They are the most popular mariachi on TikTok. (video)

24. Nikole Hannah-Jones, Creator of the New York Times’ 1619 Project, Awarded 2020 Pulitzer Prize. In related news, ‘This American Life,’ Now a Pulitzer Winner, Is Once More a Pioneer on The New York Times. “This week, the venerable radio show and podcast received the first Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting.”

25. Susan Piver: Buddhist Wisdom to Meet the Challenge of the Pandemic on Economics & Beyond with Rob Johnson podcast. “Susan Piver—a writer on meditation and Buddhist teachings and founder of the Open Heart Project—talks to Rob about how Buddhist ideas of being grounded in the present can help us get through the uncertain times of this pandemic.”

26. Grocery Worker [of 32 years] Has Never Seen Shelves Being Emptied Like This.

27. The morgue worker who buys a daffodil for each body bag. May she continue to be safe and well.

28. 13 Ways To Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing A Face Mask.

29. Yoga alone, together. “The rise of at-home fitness made Yoga With Adriene a YouTube sensation. Then the pandemic hit.”

30. Humorist Lightens Depression’s Darkness By Talking (And Laughing) About It.

31. More interviews with poets by Laurie Wagner: Marie Howe and Lauren Fleshman.

Something Good

1. Poetry & Writing Archive at OnBeing. “Poetry rises up in human societies when official words fail us and we lose sight of how to find our way back to one another. It has moved to the heart of what we offer on the radio and in podcasts, in digital spaces, and in gatherings.”

2. Thoughts on “I’m bored” from Seth Godin. Also from Seth, Forward.

3. Buddhist Teachings, Wisdom, and Practices for the Coronavirus Era from Lion’s Roar.

4. In a Pandemic, Is ‘Wellness’ Just Being Well-off?

5. Mapping Our Social Change Roles in Times of Crisis. “Identifying the right actions in times of crisis requires reflection, and it’s in that spirit that I’m offering a new version of a mapping exercise that helps us identify our roles in a social change ecosystem…This exercise can especially be helpful to re-align ourselves when we feel lost, confused, and uncertain in order to bring our fullest selves to the causes and movements that matter to us.”

6. Write Yourself Free: A Six-Week (LIVE) Online Writing Series for Women with Julia Fehrenbacher.

7. Writing Advice In The Age Of The Pandemic from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds. Also, Chuck posted the question “what was your weirdest or most embarrassing injury” on Twitter, and here are the responses.

8. Ways We Accidentally Continue To Participate In Diet Culture from Dances with Fat.

9. Good stuff from Austin Kleon: Nobody knows anything (the article he links to in this post is worth a read as well, Two Errors Our Minds Make When Trying to Grasp the Pandemic), and poetry is Language made special, and The calm of collage.

10. Wisdom from a recent newsletter from Jenna Hollenstein, “In the Buddhist sense, however, the word discipline has a completely different connotation. It is not about overriding our desires or rigidly applying rules despite changing conditions…True discipline is about coming back to the present moment. Again and again and again…Whenever we find ourselves lost in our anxious or controlling minds, ruminating on obsessive thoughts, criticizing our non-compliant bodies – we notice, we come back, we consult our present-moment bodies, asking ‘What am I feeling? What do I need right now?'”

11. My Restaurant Was My Life for 20 Years. Does the World Need It Anymore? on The New York Times Magazine. “Forced to shutter Prune, I’ve been revisiting my original dreams for it — and wondering if there will still be a place for it in the New York of the future.”

12. It’s okay to be doing okay during the pandemic. “Stop feeling guilty. Start being useful.”

13. Still Lives on The New York Times. “In this unnatural state of isolation, photographers show us the things that bind.”

14. Joy Harjo Gets A Second Term As U.S. Poet Laureate.

15. COVID-19 News: Colorado Purchased 100K COVID-19 Tests From South Korea and ‘Kept It Under Wraps’ to Avoid Feds Seizure, Says Governor, and So You’ve Got Coronavirus. Now what?, and Coronavirus ‘reinfections’ were false positives, says WHO technical lead, and Gyms in some states are starting to reopen. Is it actually safe to go?, and Trump’s Response to Virus Reflects a Long Disregard for Science on The New York Times, and 5 lessons from the coronavirus about inequality in America, and Colin Kaepernick Launches COVID-19 Relief Fund for Communities of Color, and Why losing a loved one amid COVID-19 means a different kind of goodbye, and These reps say the coronavirus crisis has proven just how badly Americans need universal health care (video), and The whiteness of anti-lockdown protests, and Top E.R. Doctor Who Treated Virus Patients Dies by Suicide on The New York Times.

16. The Most Beautiful Flower Garden In The World Has No Visitors For The First Time In 71 Years And I Got To Capture It.

17. This daddy-daughter story time is the most precious thing we’ve seen all day! (video) In related news, another kind of music, This duet is everything you need to brighten up your day today. (video)

18. Baby can’t stop laughing at his playful dog. (video)

19. Beyond Harry Potter: 40 Fantasy Adventure Series Starring Mighty Girls.

20. Recipes I want to try: Roasted Cauliflower And Curry Soup and Fried Cornbread – Southern Cornmeal Hoecakes.

21. The Reclusive Food Celebrity Li Ziqi Is My Quarantine Queen on The New York Times. “In isolation, the D.I.Y. fantasy world of the Chinese YouTube star is a dreamy escape, and a lesson in self-reliance.”

22. Interview with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer by Laurie Wagner. (video)

23. If You’ve Always Wanted To Write A Book, Here’s How.

24. Americans Share How Much Their Hospital Bills Have Gone Down Just Because They Asked For An Itemized Receipt.

25. Land O’Lakes Took The “Butter Maiden” Off Their Packaging And Now People Are Having Meltdowns Over It. In related news, There’s another story behind that Land O’Lakes butter box.

26. The impulse to garden in hard times has deep roots.

27. Advice For Dealing With Uncertainty, From People Who’ve Been There.

Something Good

1. Coping with Coronavirus: Use These Skills to Be Your Best Self on Zen Psychiatry. “Instead of going straight to habitual negative coping skills that may not be productive, take a pause and try one of these strategies instead.”

2. An Anxious Introvert’s Guide to Keeping Calm During the Crisis.

3. Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same. (video)

4. What do Artists do all day?, a video series.

5. Morning, Sunshine, a morning meditation video series from Jen Lee.

6. The Best Acoustic Covers of Popular Songs, a full hour of music. (video)

7. Yoga with Adriene’s May Practice Theme: Meditation. “If you have been wanting to add a regular meditation to your routine, this is your month. Throughout the month of May we will be focusing on seated and moving meditations that will ease stress and create equilibrium for positive mental, emotional, and physical health…Take time to sit quietly or let it be a moving meditation. This month’s free yoga calendar includes opportunities for both. Commit to exploring the practice this month and observe it unfold and grow.”

8. Sarah’s Rental Cottage, “DIY adventure of fixing up a remote 1950s island cottage on the open water of Georgian Bay before the sun set on summer.” Proof that painted hardwood floors aren’t always wrong.

9. Good stuff from Austin Kleon: To wonder rather than know (in particular, I LOVE the blackout poem at the beginning of this post), and Survive the savage sea, and Do what you know how to do, and 3 thoughts on a decade of publishing books, and On praying, whether you believe or not.

10. How to grow your own tiny forest.

11. Shift your Mood: 7 Quick & Easy Body Tools.

12. A story of kindness from a flower grower in Kerry with lots of flowers and an idea to brighten people’s day. (video)

13. A Harvard student who traces the etymology of words and makes all kinds of infographics, from cities to apple varieties to Harry Potter characters.

14. Man dies from coronavirus after calling it a ‘political ploy’. This is just one story of many. Sometimes you find out you are wrong the hard way. In related news, “I Don’t Believe Your Science As I Believe My God” Says Anti-Lockdown Protestor.

15. ‘Instead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us.’ A Global Food Crisis Looms on The New York Times.

16. Native American Heritage Association, “Native American families suffer from food insecurity and hunger daily. Two of the poorest counties in America are on the Crow Creek and Pine Ridge Reservations in South Dakota. NAHA, with the help of our generous donors, is committed to fighting hunger with emergency food supplies and basic life necessities.”

17. Easy, Homemade Naan Made From Pantry Ingredients.

18. Technicolor Animal Portraits Inked in Watercolor Tattoos by Sasha Unisex.

19. The One You Feed Podcast Special Episode: Tips for Living in Close Quarters.

20. This Viral Challenge Shows How Differently Cats And Dogs Deal With Obstacles In Their Way.

21. 10 homes designed for practicing yoga and meditation. Creek House is my favorite.

22. “Things to Try That Might Knock Out the Virus” a poem by Richard Prinson on Rattle.

Something Good

“April is the cruelest month.” ~T.S. Eliot

1. Poems from Home, “A live poetry performance and Q&A from Andrea’s home. Andrea will prioritize sharing poems aimed to comfort the spirit during dark times. Bring your questions, a cozy blanket, and your tender hearts.”

2. 27 Wildest Days video series with Laurie Wagner. FREE, with one of the best writing teachers, writers, and humans I know, offering one of the most powerful writing practices I know. “27 brand new videos that offer you a chance to create a daily writing practice on your own. Each day you’ll get a very short – under 10 minutes – video from me telling you something about Wild Writing, reading you a poem and giving you a couple of jump off lines. From there you will write on your own for 15 minutes. You don’t send me anything, it’s not a class, just a chance for you to lay it down and get real on the page.”

3. Do You Need a Ride? One of my favorite podcasts, one of the things I can trust to make me laugh, and they just released their first at-home quarantine edition. “Comedians Chris Fairbanks and Karen Kilgariff shuttle their guests to or from the airport, somewhat dangerously, in a mobile sound studio (a car).”

4. Four FREE online retreats with the Open Heart Project. “During this time of self-quarantine, the Open Heart Project will offer four free online meditation retreats, beginning April 25th. Each retreat will be from 9a-3p ET. The full day will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. Each retreat will be led by a different teacher who will also teach on a particular theme. We are really excited to be able to offer a chance to get together in community to practice meditation and discuss the spiritual path. We will take time out of our normal busy-ness to reconsider who we are, what is important, and how to re-center our highest priorities within everyday life.”

5. Righteous Babe Radio. From Ani DiFranco, “sharing the music of my brilliant friends and collaborators…nerding out on revered influences…amplifying the sounds and words of my political and cultural inspirations.”

6. A great set of questions to contemplate, from Jamie Ridler‘s most recent newsletter. “Whether our lives have changed dramatically or not much at all, we are moving in a different world, at least for a time. How do we move with it?…There is so much that is out of our control right now – but not everything. Every day there are moments of choice, moments to express our agency in this chaotic world.”

Who am I in this new day-to-day?
Who do I want to be?
What does my body need?
What does my heart need?
What is meaningful to me?
How can I find it here?
What am I mourning?
What do I hope to return to?
What do I hope to never return to?
How do I want to spend this time?

7. #NoBodyIsDisposable. “Disabled people, fat people, elders, and people with AIDS or other illnesses are being specifically targeted for denial of life-saving care during care rationing. These triage policies disproportionately target people of color, poor folks, immigrants, queer and trans folks, incarcerated and homeless folks, and others already considered disposable by capitalist, white supremacist society. We say NO!”

8. This Gorgeous Portrait Series Celebrates Older Trans And Gender-Nonconforming People.

9. How to Cope with This Crisis When You’re a Highly Sensitive Person. “Basically, right now, it’s all about emotional regulation — doing whatever healthy thing you need to do in order to keep your worries in check.”

10. Foreword from Anne Helen Petersen. Because, this:

Writing this from the middle of the pandemic, it’s become clear that COVID-19 is the great clarifier. It clarifies what and who in your life matters, what things are needs and what are wants, who is thinking of others and who is thinking only of themselves. It has clarified that the workers dubbed “essential” are, in truth, treated as expendable, and it has made decades of systemic racism — and resultant vulnerability to the disease — indelible. It has highlighted the ineptitude of our current federal leadership, the dangers of longterm, cultivated mistrust of science, and the ramifications of allowing the production of medical equipment to be run like a business where profits matter above all else. Our medical system is broken. Our relief program is broken. Our testing capability is broken. America is broken, and we, too, along with it.

11. Jason Isbell: John Prine Taught Me to Stay Vulnerable on The New York Times.

12. Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters Is the Album She Deserved to Make All Along. In related news, Allow Fiona Apple to Reintroduce Herself and The Story Behind Every Track on Fetch the Bolt Cutters and Fiona Apple’s Art of Radical Sensitivity and The Wit, Wisdom And Awe Of Fiona Apple’s ‘Fetch The Bolt Cutters’.

13. Of Real Life and New Normals on Rita’s Notebook. Because, this: “The only thing that feels sure to me is a future that is different from the past. Not in every way – but also, in every way. If I think of my life as a set of systems – work, home, health, money, relationships – the foundations remain the same (at least for now), but each of them is also so changed that it feels as if there can be no true going back to what they once were.”

14. The new abnormal, Paul Jarvis’s recent dispatch. Everything about this:

In the beginning of this pandemic, I was very nervous about how long it’d take to get back to “normal” with business and the economy.

Now I’m thinking that I’m not so sure I want things to go back to economic normal. Let me explain: normal, for the most part with the global economy and big business has been kind of a burning dumpster fire. It’s been ruining our planet and tearing through finite resources, putting profit over people, and creating a vast chasm of a divide between those at the top and everyone else.

When you ask someone, generally, what they feel holds the most value for in their lives, most say things like: connection, family, friendship, community, etc. But if you look at how big business worked, it was money, power, fame, success, greed, etc, that dominated.

So what if we worked to better align ourselves, our actions, and our companies, to be closer to what we actually say is important?

We’ve prioritized gaining power over other people for too long. Maybe this pandemic can show us that there’s more power in being connected to and helping all people instead. Maybe once we recover and heal from this virus we can work to rebuild and heal a new economy with different values. Maybe I’m an idealist, but what if we put people first?

15. On predicting the future from Seth Godin.

16. #MadeForThis. Tshirt available until April 22, “All profits from this campaign will go toward the start of a fund that will allow Whole / Self Liberation to offer micro-grants to support those dreaming up and cultivating new worlds (i.e. the helpers, healers, creatives, activists, educators) as they show up for their beautiful + necessary work.”

17. This Teen Twerking With His Duck Is The Vibe We Need In These Strange Times.

18. The Great Blah Blah from Laurie Wagner. Because, this: “Of course I write this from a warm home and a job. I have the luxury of contemplation. I don’t want for the suffering of others, of course I want the curve to flatten, but what I also want is to drop into the beauty of the moment, and to stop resisting what is happening.”

19. Good stuff from Lion’s Roar: How to Free Yourself from the 7 Obsessions and 10 Tips for a Mindful Home and Life on the Edge.

20. You’ve Got Less Mail: The Postal Service Is Suffering Amid The Coronavirus.

21. Poems for the Pandemic, “Here, you’ll find seven poems Stafford has written on seven days since March 7, accompanied by photographs and videos Brooke Herbert and Beth Nakamura have made in recent weeks as the novel coronavirus came to dominate our lives.”

22. The Daily, a meditation practice membership from Adreanna Limbach. “Just like clockwork, you’ll receive a DAILY 20 minute meditation video from from one of our core contributing teachers + thoughtful tips on how to integrate your practice into every nook and cranny of your life. Because we all know that insight develops through repetition and consistency is KEY. Practices are designed to be accessible to both newbie meditators, and long-time practitioners who are looking for ways to keep their practice fresh.”

23. Being Broken In Half (But Wanting To Be Whole) from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds.

24. Why Introverts Are the Leaders We Need in Troubled Times.

25. Are We All in This Together? on The New York Times. Because, this:

The moral and civic renewal we need requires that we resist the anguished but misconceived debate now emerging about how many lives we should risk for the sake of restarting the economy…The real question is not when but what: What kind of economy will emerge from the crisis? Will it be one that continues to create inequalities that poison our politics and undermine any sense of national community? Or will it be one that honors the dignity of work, rewards contributions to the real economy, gives workers a meaningful voice and shares the risks of ill health and hard times?

We need to ask whether reopening the economy means going back to a system that, over the past four decades, pulled us apart, or whether we can emerge from this crisis with an economy that enables us to say, and to believe, that we are all in this together.

26. Make bad art, too from Austin Kleon.

27. Recalculating… Finding your bearings in a crisis.

28. Wisdom from Susanna Conway’s latest Love Letter:

There’s been a lot of chat about a “new normal” but I prefer to look at this as a new RHYTHM. New normal makes it sound like things will never go back to how they were — and for some of us they may not, I absolutely acknowledge that — but for the majority things will return to what we had before. My hope is that we’ll choose to keep some of these new rhythms we’re creating. I’m finding new rhythms in this dance that are truly bringing me joy. And they’re simple things like discovering all the flowers in my neighbourhood. Juicing fruit and veg every day. Afternoon baths to reset my system. My renewed love of baked potatoes! Everything feels filled with so much more reverence as I do my best to sink into the acceptance of what is. This is my new rhythm and I know it will serve me long after this storm has passed. And it WILL pass.

29. A Moment In Denver: Healthcare Worker Blocks Protesters. Shame on them. SHAME. This is what happens if you don’t stay home: Virginia Bishop Dies After Holding Service Amid Coronavirus Warnings. Now, Four of His Family Members Are Infected Too. The only way forward: WHO Sets 6 Conditions For Ending A Coronavirus Lockdown, although most of the protestors won’t listen because Trump halts World Health Organization funding. And in other helpful news, Is the Virus on My Clothes? My Shoes? My Hair? My Newspaper? on The New York Times. “We asked the experts to answer questions about all the places coronavirus lurks (or doesn’t). You’ll feel better after reading this.”

30. Here’s what coronavirus could mean for the future of workers’ rights. (video)

31. Flight attendant’s hilarious ‘working from home’ video goes viral.

32. Leslie Jordan Is the Baton-Twirling Comic the World Needs in a Crisis.

33. Working From Home Has Never Been Easier With This Office-Tent. I told my husband I’m buying him one of these. 🙂

34. Take a Virtual Tour Through This Famous Japanese Garden in Oregon.

35. Land O’Lakes Removes Native American Woman From Its Products on The New York Times.