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Something Good

Pasque flowers, image by Eric

Pasque flowers, image by Eric

So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Wild gorillas compose happy songs that they hum during meals. I love this so much, not so much this article but the truth of it.

2. Make the compliments count. Many writers I know have a file somewhere, either on their computer or on their desk with emails, letters, cards, and even rejection letters that included some encouragement, no matter how small. It’s not a bad thing to keep around.

3. Help Sascha with Cancer Treatment. I read about this because Tig Notaro shared a link the other day. Sascha is Tig’s ex, and “Sascha is like no other and I, like anyone that ever crossed her path, would love to help give her the support she needs in order keep being great and keep sprinkling goodness wherever she may go. Thank you for listening and thank you in advance if you are at all inclined to go fund her.” I wish we lived in a culture where people didn’t have to worry about how they were going to pay for the care they need, but while we still do, thank goodness for things like GoFundMe.

4. Don’t Think Twice Official Trailer #1 (2016). Mike Birbiglia made another movie! Can’t wait to see it.

5. Andrea Gibson live in Seattle performing her poem, “Boomerang Valentine.” One of my favorite poets, performers.

6. What Makes a Good Life? from Lisa Congdon. A question worth asking yourself.

7. 12 Things Trans People Do In Public Bathrooms. In related news, Woman Says She Was Accosted In Walmart Bathroom After Being Mistaken As Trans. And for anyone who is still confused, this helpful cartoon: What To Do If a Trans Person Enters the Bathroom.

8. Single Father Breaks Down When A Stranger Offers Some Needed Help. Go read the story, and then spend some time looking around Leon Logothetis’s website, (the stranger who offered the help, and who has pretty much made that his life’s work). It’s pretty inspiring.

9. The Hippo Roller Project. This seems so simple, but makes such a huge difference. “Designed in Africa for Africa, the 90 litre Hippo Water Roller enables women, children and the elderly to collect 5 times more water than a single bucket by simply rolling it along the ground.”

10. This Mom Shreds Every Bathroom Banner With A Startling Rant Everyone Must Read. I’ve read a few posts like this in the past week, and they all make the same important point. “She lives in a world that is built for men. Rewards men. Glorifies men. A patriarchal world where men can make statements like ‘I need to protect my daughter from ‘freaks’ in bathrooms’ but that also doesn’t point out the hypocrisy of not protecting them from assault, gender pay gaps, objectification, and abuse.” Word.

11. Recipes I want to try: Bacon Sriracha Queso, and Chinese Chicken Salad (made this one for dinner last night, and it was delicious), and Roasted Yams and Chickpeas with Yogurt, and Kimchi, and Zesty Chicken Cobb Salad, and Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler With Buttermilk Cream Cheese Biscuits.

12. Formerly Homeless ‘Free Hugs Guy’ Feeds The Homeless. I love the Free Hugs guy.

13. Yellowstone Bison Calf Is Euthanized After Riding in Tourists’ S.U.V. I’m furious about this — I just can’t understand how it is that they couldn’t find a placement for this baby, somewhere willing to raise him.

14. Lion’s Roar & BuddhaFest Online Film Festival, June 13 to July 24. “This is a rare chance to see Buddhism and art skillfully joined in cinema. And to top it off we have partnered with six masterful teachers to present new teachings for all festival participants!”

15. 10 Tips for New Bloggers, good advice from Laura Simms.

16. 5 Signs it’s Time to Do Less from Marc and Angel Hack Life. Guilty as charged.

17. Regret, a thought provoking post on A Design So Vast.

18. Therapy Can Only Go So Far on Lion’s Roar. So smart. “To recognize insecurity as a fact of human existence—and not evidence of shameful shortcomings—helps relieve ourselves of the unrealistic expectation that it is a problem we should be expected to solve, and allows for a different way of encountering, holding, and opening to this as a reality.”

19. Discovery Girls’ Spectacularly Failed Apology for Body-Shaming Kids on Dances with Fat. *sigh*

20. The Face Everything Technique: Why Avoiding Difficulties Doesn’t Work from Zen Habits. Why should you read this? “Of course, not all problems will just evaporate using this method, but I can tell you that you’ll be able to face many more things as you practice this method. You’ll get better at dealing with discomfort, instead of running from it as most people do. You’ll get better at not procrastinating, and doing uncomfortable tasks. You’ll be more present and more willing to stay in the moment rather than needing distractions all the time. Not overnight, but with practice.”

21. Crotch-Punching The Creative Yeti: Exploding More Writing Myths on Terrible Minds. A good read for those who write.

22. The Life of Death from Marsha Onderstijn. “The Life of Death is a touching handdrawn animation about the day Death fell in love with Life.” Seriously, y’all, this one had me sobbing on my couch this morning.

Something Good

So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. See adorable photos of 7 ‘forest schools’ from around the country. So cute, and such a great idea.

2. It’s Your Job, Not Your Life, how to avoid overinvestment in your job from Inside Higher Ed. “Overworked, exhausted, dejected? If so, you may be treating your job like it’s your whole life instead of one piece of a much larger pie, advises Kerry Ann Rockquemore.” This was written for academics, but I think it applies to everyone.

3. The Anti-Diet Project, hosted on Refinery29, “an ongoing series about intuitive eating, sustainable fitness, and body positivity.” I found this through the latest post in the series, What Is Rational Fitness” & Why Should You Try It? The author, Kelsey Miller, had some really important things to say about some of the negative feedback she’d gotten from pictures of her that accompanied the article,

I shouldn’t be astonished by anything anymore. I should have a callus as thick as a brick wall. After years of reading garbage and threats, I should expect nothing but the worst in people. But I’m still floored by what I read in response to this week’s ‪#‎AntiDietProject‬, which was illustrated with photos of me at the gym. @Refinery29 also posted this photo on Instagram, which many cheered (thanks, buddies!) but which brought out the crazy and hateful in others. Normally, I don’t listen to those voices anymore — those people who tell me they hope I die, who make assumptions on my health and lifestyle, who say I should be ashamed for what I’m “promoting.” In this case, I was promoting healthy exercise. What’s almost comical is that those people often defend their vitriol by saying they’re “just trying to help.” I don’t respond to ignorance and prejudice, so this isn’t for them. This is for everyone else. This is for the people who don’t go to the gym because they’re afraid of being seen. This is for those who hide their upper arms because of those monsters — and that is what they are. And just like monsters, their threats are built on fabrication and our own fear. They can’t hurt you unless you believe in them. They’re not worth lifting your middle finger for. Anyway, today, I’m doing it for you — for all of us. And tomorrow, I’ll put on my tank top and head back to the gym. I think it’s pretty cute.

4. Recipes I want to try: Buttermilk Biscuits, Sticky Garlic Chicken Bites, One-Pot Teriyaki Chicken And Rice, Salmon Wellington, Rhubarb snacking cake, Our 20 Most Popular Strawberry Recipes, and if there are any berries left over, Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots.

5. Natural birth: Two calves born to NoCo conservation herd. So cute. And in related news, ‘Foolish’ tourists put bison in back of car for the most ridiculous reason.

6. Queen of Katwe Official Trailer. I can’t wait to see this movie.

7. Muslim Americans were kicked off a lot of planes this year for making people “uncomfortable.” Gah! In related news, The 217 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List.

8. Watch this 2,000-voice choir fill Massey Hall for a Prince tribute. Wow.

9. Axis of Awesome address one of their members transitioning in the best possible way. “Popular Australian comedy/musical act Axis of Awesome had a pretty big decision to make when lead singer Jordan Raskopoulos publicly came out as transgender earlier this year. When they started touring again, would they do a speech at the beginning of each show to address the issue? Or would they ignore it, hoping everyone had heard the news and moved on? What would be the best way to bring it up with their audience, while still maintaining the comedy and music they are renowned for?” In related news, These Moms Of Transgender Kids Are Doing Parenting Right.

10. Columbine Shooting Survivor: ‘The Shooting Derailed Me, I Became an Addict.’ For so many addicts, this is the heart of the problem: “‘I learned to manage emotional pain with substances,’ he says. In addition to his continued use of prescription opioids, his drug use eventually expanded to include alcohol, cocaine and ecstasy, he says. ‘I learned I didn’t have to process emotion. I could keep myself numb if I was on substances.'”

11. India Man Plants Forest Bigger Than Central Park to Save His Island. This remains one of my favorite stories, favorite short films ever. It proves to me that we absolutely can make a difference.

12. The Unhealthy Truth Behind ‘Wellness’ and ‘Clean Eating.’ I saw a meme on Instagram just the other day that implied that if you ate healthy, you’d never be sick, never need medicine, (basically the “food is either poison or medicine” mythology), and it’s exactly that sort of confusion makes this article a really important read.

13. Actually, more data might not be what you’re hoping for from Seth Godin. An important read for, “Anyone who’s making a long-term commitment. Anyone who seeks to make art, to make a difference, to challenge the status quo.”

14. A Magnificent List of 111 Female-Hosted Podcasts (And Counting). What a great list!

15. DIY Dharma: You Have Everything You Need on Lion’s Roar, “You have a mind, body, thoughts, and a natural bent toward awakening. From that great beginning, Buddhist teacher Judy Lief offers helpful guidelines for the path ahead of you.”

16. This Moment is Enough from Zen Habits. “What if we paused right now, and saw everything in this present moment around us (including ourselves), and just appreciated it for what it is, as perfectly enough?”

17. This Supercut of Movie Characters in the Throes of Writer’s Block Is Stressful and Also Exhilarating. “To be a writer suffering from a drought of creativity is a miserable existence. “Writer’s Block,” a supercut of cinematic characters going enduring the titular affliction, captures its essence perfectly.”

18. Find Your Something. A great pep talk about finding your thing.

19. Still. I’ve shared this project before, but it’s worth another look. “This blog posts one image, daily, of gathered natural objects found near me…Still blog is a place to stop. A place to look at one thing at a time. A place to be still.”

20. Louis C.K. on having an audience. Sometimes he is just so smart.

21. 9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit. I’ve worked in situations just like this before, and you know what I did? Quit.

22. John Cho, Starring in Every Movie Ever Made? A Diversity Hashtag Is Born. Yes, please.

23. Quitting Your Job To Travel Isn’t Brave. It’s Lucky. “The problem I have is with the recurring narrative that quitting your job to travel the world is inherently a noble act, when sometimes it just means that you are very, very fortunate.” Word.

24. 17 Powerful Tweets That Remind Us How Damaging Emotional Abuse Can Be. *sigh*

25. An Abridged History Of My Body, “the stories that are hardest to tell are the ones that need to be told the most.”

26. Flower and Flea Markets make me swoon. Here’s just a few reasons why from SouleMama: Postcards from Boston, and Postcards from Brimfield. Bali, as shot by Andrea Scher, isn’t hard on the eyes either.

27. Career Identity Crisis? Here’s How to Deal, good advice from the always brilliant Laura Simms.

28. Amanda Palmer on “embracing our flaws” (not). Word.

Something Good

Pasque Flower, image by Eric

Pasque Flower, image by Eric

So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Patton Oswalt Remembers His Wife, Michelle McNamara: ‘She Steered Her Life With Joyous, Wicked Curiosity.’ What his daughter says at the end is so wise, so heartbreaking — too much so for a seven year old girl, but this is how life happens sometimes.

2. Reincarnation a video on Bored Panda. “Body artist Emma Allen goes through the cycle of reincarnation by painting her own face.”

3. Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously. So scary, so sad.

4. Patients should have the right to choose marijuana over prescription drugs, a new video from ATTN.

5. I ate frozen food for four months so I could do trauma therapy from The Fat Nutritionist. “Let me tell you, being human is enough work for anyone. Being alive in a world where terrible and wonderful things happen at random to anyone and everyone at any moment, and the labour we put into mounting defenses against this reality, is a hard damn job. You don’t need to impress yourself or anyone with doing extraneous work just to get fed.”

6. I like to call this collection of items “Welcome to Trump’s America,” Passenger mistakes math equations for ‘terrorist code,’ gets economics professor escorted off flight, and Using a Target bathroom got really uncomfortable really fast, and Tow Truck Driver Says God Told Him To Leave a Disabled Woman Stranded Due to Her Bumper Sticker.

7. At 12 I grew a beard and had a period. “When Alec Butler was born in 1959 it was assumed Alec was female. But after being brought up as a girl, Alec – now an award-winning writer and film-maker – realised they were intersex, someone whose anatomical, hormonal or genetic sex is neither completely male nor female.”

8. Necessary Healing from Jack Kornfield, an excerpt from one of my favorite books, A Path With Heart. “Wise spiritual practice requires that we actively address the pain and conflict of our life in order to come to inner integration and harmony.” Word.

9. The Source of Your Wisdom. “So how can we tell if we really want something or if we want it because other people have it or the media thinks we should have it?
We get really quiet and we listen.” Really great advice from The Girl Who Knows.

10. A really great post from Whitney Way Thore, in response to a New York Times article I shared on last week’s list. In related news, Why You Can’t Lose Weight on a Diet, “The problem isn’t willpower. It’s neuroscience. You can’t — and shouldn’t — fight back.” And two other related stories, The Biggest Loser’s Big Surprise?, and The Life I Could Have Had – International No Diet Day from Dances with Fat.

11. snarffle snarffle snot snot. Thank you. from Katwise, a sweet video about what it means to be an artist, what it means to be human in the age of the internet.

12. Recipes I want to try: Black Bean Beauty Burgers, and Kimchi Fried Rice, and Apple Pie Bake. I’ve also been watching Season 15 of America’s Test Kitchen on Amazon Prime, and want to make ALL THE THINGS.

13. Emotional Video Of Dogs And Their People Show Our Hearts Really Do Beat As One. I’ve always said canine therapy is the best therapy.

14. 25 courageous ways to make your life (even) better, some good ideas from Kate Courageous.

15. I swear I wanted to swear. But I can’t. Diet culture = “a sadness that’s almost unspeakable.”

16. Fuck body shaming, a great post from just a regular guy helping his girlfriend clean out her closet.

17. When The Addict Who Dies Is Someone You Love. “And when people ask what happened to Joey, I tell the truth — it was likely a bad combination of sleeping pills and alcohol. It was an accident in the way in which falling off a tightrope is an accident. But that’s not all I want to say because how he died is not all he was and I’m so afraid that people will go away not understanding what really happened to Joey. Not really understanding who he was.” Loving an addict is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and one of my biggest heartbreaks is I’ll probably be writing a post like this some day.

18. Calling your finding from Seth Godin, “I’m not sure that anyone has a calling. I think, instead, our culture creates situations where passionate people find a place where they can make an impact.” My favorite thing about Seth Godin is his economy of language, his ability to say so much with so few words.

19. A Call for Kindness from Susannah Conway. A great post about body image, external expectations, and how we treat each other. “I truly wholeheartedly believe that if we were all kind to ourselves, the world could change overnight.” Word.

20. Date While You Wait Brings Distraction, and Smiles, to Frazzled Subway Riders. I love that there are people who have these kinds of ideas and follow through. “Mr. Knox, 28, is the mind behind Date While You Wait, a pop-up booth in which he engages strangers in conversation during a board game. He said his mission was born of a simple desire to bring some levity to the scowling, harried masses who brave the subways of New York City. There is no tip jar or open guitar case. The concept is street theater, using the Internet as a digital bullhorn.”

21. The secret life of objects from wonderings & wanderings. I love hand-me-downs, second hand, used, and I love a good story. “What distinguishes rubbish from gold depends, partly, on personal taste. But when an object also comes with a great story, it becomes imbued with emotional significance and therein lies the treasure.”

22. Hello, I Have Anxiety, How Are You? from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds. A helpful, hilarious discussion of a serious topic that ends with a list of coping strategies.

23. To Insist That Sorrow Not Be Meaningless from Dani Shapiro. “It has come – all of it, every last bit of it – from the stubborn, dogged insistence that all I can do is make something of this life. Make books. Make a family. Make meaning. I can’t make my mother-in-law better. I can’t protect those I love from their own pain. But I build a path with words, one following the next like a trail of breadcrumbs out of the wilderness.”

24. Policeman Kills Young Black Man. Why is it always the Same Story? from Prince Ea. “We are all humans at the end of the day.” In related news, Is Racism Over Yet? from Laci Green.

Something Good


So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. A new album from Furns. I have a particular soft spot for European style pop music, the sort that is sometimes called Chill, Beach House, Shoegazer, Dreampop, or Electropop. Musicians like Morcheeba, Zero 7, Tina Dico (my blog is named after one of her song lyrics), Dido, Galimatias, Flunk, Tycho, Gemma Stone, and Pablo Nouvelle. Furns talked about how they decided on their name, and I think it’s a really good description of their sound, “Mathias came up with it after battling for several months trying to find a proper name. We thought it was catchy, and it sounded good. It’s a mix of the words ferns, fur and furniture, we guess. Three things we like: The colour green, something warm and something comfy.”

2. Edouard Martinet’s Masterfully Sculpted Animals and Insects Made from Bicycle, Car, and Motorcycle Parts. And somehow, this seems to be related news, Macro Photographs Composed of Nearly Ten Thousand Images Show the Incredible Detail of Insect Specimens.

3. Mom posts pic of her post-baby tummy to prove that not losing weight doesn’t mean you’re “letting go.” It is so important that women push back in this way against the ridiculous, dangerous standards promoted elsewhere in the media.

4. A woman defending herself against a creep on a elevator has gone viral on Chinese social media. Take that, creep!

5. In related news, I Was Assaulted By A Married Man. I have always loved Meghan Tonjes’s honesty, her sense of humor, her strength, but I have never appreciated it more than in this video.

6. In 66 tweets, this woman perfectly explains how white privilege works. An important read.

7. Elisabeth Moss Will Star in “The Handmaid’s Tale” Mini-Series. Everything about this makes me happy. If you haven’t seen Moss in “Top of the Lake,” I highly recommend it.

8. The Sixty Second Photograph, a beautiful video project. “We are a group of still photographers who have come together to learn and grow in the art of making moving pictures. We believe that to grow as an artist requires exploring and pushing yourself to places you are no longer comfortable. The Sixty Second Photograph embraces the process of learning, feeling vulnerable, and sharing alongside our peers. Once a month we will make a 30 second to 2 minute film and share it here.” I want to live inside of some of these videos. If you have some extra time, follow the links offsite and check out their still photographs too. Beautiful.

9. Recipes I want to try: Triple Chocolate Banana Bread and Key Lime Poundcake.

10. Infographic: 3 Levels of Meditation, a really great explanation of what can happen when you practice. And in related news, this gif of what meditation is like is brilliant.

11. How to Take Yoga Photos for Instagram – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 34. This guy cracks me up. His take on meditation, gluten intolerance, coconut oil, etc. are hilarious, funny because they come so close to the truth.

12. A Tiny Pep Talk from Adam J. Kurtz. I’ve been keeping this link handy ever since he posted it. Just hit pause at any point in the video and get a special message. Mine for today was, “Of course you can.”

13. I Couldn’t Grow Real Plants So I Made These Paper Ones. These are pretty amazing. And in related news, Kate Alarcón, who makes similarly amazing paper flowers, “unusual paper plant life, handmade just outside Seattle.”

14. The Top 10 Self-Improvement Teachings that Hold People Back on Elephant Journal, (where oddly enough, you can find articles promoting the exact same teachings this author is suggesting hold people back). “There are many popular self-help teachings that—on the surface—seem to make sense and be helpful, but are actually disempowering. These teachings lead people to inaction, keep them dependent on their teachers, and prevent them from creating the life they desire.”

15. Justine has been writing some amazing, important stuff on Allowing Myself lately, such as Dr. W, as in, The Worst (Part 1), and Dr. W, as in, The Worst (Part 2), and To Touch That Deeper Level.

16. What I’d Like To Say To Young Writers, Part Two. Chuck Wendig gives the best writing advice.

17. On the Heartbreaking Difficulty of Getting Rid of Books, “Summer Brennan Attempts Marie Kondo’s Approach to Tidying Up Her Library.” Super interesting, (says the one who has WAY too many books, except in this case, what does “too many” even mean?).

18. Chobani CEO Giving Employees an Ownership Stake in Yogurt Empire. “The man who built Chobani yogurt into a multi-billion dollar brand is giving thousands of employees the financial surprise of a lifetime.” I love everything about this.

19. Should You Start a Business? 51 Female Entrepreneurs Weigh In. Laura Simms asked, “What 3 pieces of advice would you have for someone who is wondering if they should start a business?” and the responses are a rich collection of wisdom. One that I personally can’t stop thinking about is from Tiffany Han, who said “Try to discern if you really want a business or if you’re looking for relief from your current job situation.” Oh, snap!

20. Transformation tourism from Seth Godin, who says “Change comes from new habits, from acting as if, from experiencing the inevitable discomfort of becoming.” The inevitable discomfort of becoming… whoa.

21. Things Dudes Have Said to Me After Sex, equal parts funny and sad.

22. Your fat friend doesn’t feel fat. An important distinction.

23. Checking in, paying attention, and friendship, a great post from Lindsey Mead. In related news, “‘The worst thing that can happen is that friends disappear’: Love, loss, and the unappreciated art of checking in” (which in part inspired Lindsey’s post).

24. Ads Vs Reality: 20+ Hilarious Examples Of False Advertising. So funny.

25. 15+ Of The Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees Ever. I have a longstanding obsession with the art of Bonsai, and these are 15+ reasons why.

26. How to Release the Painful Memories and Emotions Stored in Your Body. Seems worth a try.

27. One of Many, “One of Many is a monthly series of photo essays about twelve American cities and their creative communities.” I found this site because they recently featured one of my favorites, Austin Kleon, but looked around and realized the whole project is way cool.

28. Padgett Powell’s rules on “What Writing Should Do”, a really great list.

29. Share your story: #WhenIAlmostDied. Be sure to scroll to the bottom and read the responses. And if that’s not enough, you could go listen to the podcast. Creepy good.

30. “Sweet Darkness” by David Whyte, read by the author (who could read me the phone book and I’d be happy).

31. Long Ambients1: Calm. Sleep. by Moby. “Over the last couple of years I’ve been making really really really quiet music to listen to when I do yoga or sleep or meditate or panic. I ended up with 4 hours of music and have decided to give it away. You can download it for free below or stream it.” Very cool. Thank you, Moby.

32. Depression Lies from Jena Schwartz. Word.

33. Rescue Hummingbird Won’t Leave The Dog Who Saved His Life. Such a sweet story.

34. A 12-Minute Guided Framework for Journaling and Gaining Clarity. “How I used Think Clearly’s Clarity Cards to inspire wisdom and peace at the end of my pregnancy.” I need a deck of these cards!

35. Powerful Project Gives Anyone the Opportunity to Become Frida Kahlo in 15 Minutes.

36. After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight.strong> “Contestants lost hundreds of pounds during Season 8, but gained them back. A study of their struggles helps explain why so many people fail to keep off the weight they lose.”

37. One year ago, today. “I know this much, a year later. Losing someone you love hurts. It hurts deeply, and it hurts for a long time; probably forever. But if I could tell Kelso something now, I’d tell him it was worth it. I’d tell him I’d do it all again.” Word, probably forever AND I’d do it again, (have, and will).

Something Good


So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Staying on Mission from Chookooloonks, a really great post about why and how you write a mission statement.

2. On the precipice from Rita’s Notebook. Rita’s honesty about the difficulty of being a writer, a mother, a human, is always so comforting to me, and that’s no different with this post.

3. A Mini-Guide to Not Being Frustrated All the Time from Zen Habits. I love how Leo is able to distill the most complicated practices into a set of easy to understand and follow steps. In related news, How to Handle the Difficult Times.

4. Separating “Health” and “Weight” for Binge-Eating Recovery from Isabel Foxen Duke. Such an important post. It distills something I’ve been trying to figure out how to say into a simple, short post.

5. Truthbomb from Danielle LaPorte, “So much is because of you.” Think about it, let this one really sink in.

6. I Recorded the Racist Things People Did to Me For 2 Weeks – And Here’s the Result. *sigh*

7. Fancy Juice Doesn’t Cleanse the Body of Toxins. TL;DR: “Misconception: Juice cleansing can remove toxins from your system. Actually: To say that drinking juice detoxifies the body isn’t quite the same as claiming leeches suck out poisons, but it’s fairly close.”

8. Good Things To Read (And Watch) In Remembrance Of Prince. It’s just so sad… Two that was left off the list, Watch how “Hamilton” and “The Color Purple” honored Prince last night and try not to cry, and Prince’s First Television Appearance on NBC’s Midnight Special, (that outfit!), and Prince’s Hair Styles From 1978 To 2013.

9. 10 Great Reasons NOT to Copy Cesar Millan. When the research doesn’t support something, we need to stop doing it, and if this is your profession (dog training), you MUST stay current with the research. When we know better, we have to do better.

10. Loving Yourself some great tips from Sarah K Peck.

11. The most important thing I have ever written from Coach Taylor Simon. It’s also one of the most important things I’ve ever read.

12. Little Girl Gives Her Hero Garbage Man A Cupcake, Melts All Our Hearts. “All of 3-year-old Brooklyn’s dreams came true when she met Delvar Dopson on her birthday.” Best garbage man, e v e r.

13. Security FORCES Gay Female Out Of Bathroom, a heartbreaking video. Dear humans, stop being so dumb.

14. This rescued bear couldn’t be any happier splashing around in his new home. So sweet, so sad.

15. The Limitless Living Course from the amazing Caroline Leon. FREE. “Each week for eight weeks you’ll receive an email from me giving you access to that week’s lesson, each lesson contains an outline of a principle, resources to deepen your understanding and actions to take that will help you to progress towards a life without limits and a life that you love.”

16. 14 Perfect Responses To People Who Want Harriet Tubman To Smile. “Apparently women can’t ever escape commentary on their facial expressions — even when they’ve been dead for more than a century.”

17. Hayao Miyazaki on the female protagonists in his movies. If you haven’t seen any of his movies yet, please go, find one, watch it, and you can thank me later.

18. My year on from Anne Lamott. “I’d done so many scary things in my life, but this might be the scariest. At the age of 58, I joined a dating site.”

19. There’s almost nothing better than a donkey in a hammock.

20. How to Make Aprons From Shirts. I love aprons, even though I hardly ever wear them, and this projects looks like something even I could do.

21. Michelle Bridges Can … Meet Me and We Don’t Have To Earn Body Love from Dances with Fat. I’m just gonna say it: Ragen Chastain is one of the most brilliant people and she’s posting some of the most important things.

22. The Thing Is, a beautiful poem by Ellen Bass shared on A Design So Vast.

23. It’s amazing I ever get anything done. This is my exact relationship with The Internet. Luckily, because of me (and The Internet), you get this great list of stuff every week.

24. Be the lighthouse, encouragement from Alexandra Franzen. “If you want to be ‘successful,’ ‘respected,’ ‘sought-after,’ insert-desirable-quality-here… Operate like the world is already listening…Sooner or later, the people who need what you’re writing, saying, baking, making, or delivering will arrive – gathering to bask in your light.” And as someone who has spent a lot of time basking in her particular light, I loved this post from Alexandra, A chronology of my life as a professional writer.

25. 6 Insanely Popular Ways to Waste a Life from Marc and Angel Hack Life. Guilty as charged.

26. Lessons From 40: Four Decades Of Dumb Stuff I Learned from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds. He really is one of the smartest funniest dirtiest writers, so this list is worth a read.

27. Slow and steady keeps me sane, wisdom from Jamie Greenwood. I absolutely love what she has to say about opting out.

28. Recipes I want to try: Caramelized Brown Sugar Cinnamon Grilled Pineapple and Broccoli Apple Salad.

29. How to be an Overnight Success (in Just Eight Short Years) from the amazing Amy McCracken. I am totally voting for her project, and you should too!

Something Good

Geese over the Poudre River, image by Eric

Geese over the Poudre River, image by Eric

So glad to be partnering with Yoganonymous to share this list with a larger audience.

1. Homeless Dog Found In Garbage Becomes A Lion He Deserves To Be. I love these pictures so much. He looks silly and regal all at the same time.

2. Writers: When In Doubt, WWYL. As always, great advice from Terrible Minds.

3. A new museum offers a rebuke — and an antidote — to our sanitized history of slavery from I really want to go to this museum some day. “You have to go inside. When you walk in that space, you can’t deny what happened to these people. You can feel it, touch it, smell it.”

4. A call to action: your fat friend is going it alone. This is an issue that matters so much to me. “Please, dear friend, do something now. Say something to affirm a fat person. Post something on facebook. Break the isolation. Go out on a limb. Feel the way it sways and cracks beneath you. Remember that some of us feel that unsettling sway every day.”

5. Down with Diet Books. “Diet books are full of lies. But they’re even worse when doctors write them.”

6. Man escorted from easyJet flight after passenger said she did not feel safe. Ragen Chastain posted a link to this with the best caption, “Fuck this bullshit. If you have a problem flying with people because of your racism, YOU get off the plane.” Word.

7. The Fashion Industry’s Warped Perspective of Plus-Size Women. This was posted in the student run newspaper at the university where I work, and it made me so happy to see it there.

8. The Voyeur’s Motel from the New Yorker. “Gerald Foos bought a motel in order to watch his guests having sex. He saw a lot more than that.” So fascinating. So creepy.

9. In Bloom, a great free offering from one of my favorite teachers, Adreanna Limbach. “14 Days of Meditation devoted to dropping our defenses and opening up our senses. hearts. and minds. Farewell, Hibernation. Welcome to IN BLOOM.” Begins April 22.

10. Good stuff from Jena Schwartz, All of This and We Encourage You to Submit Your Ego Again.

11. The Protagonist from Rachel Cole, such an important reminder — “You are not the bad guy in the story of your life. You have always always always been trying to survive.” In related news, Career Hungers Conversation and Q&A, a really great free offering from Rachel and Laura Simms, who are putting together a program to support you in your pursuit of more fulfilling work. Even if you can’t make the live call on April 20, I strongly recommend signing up to get the recording. These women are individually amazing, but together they combine into a super nova.

12. Miniature Treehouse Sculptures Built Around Houseplants by Jedediah Voltz. Super cute.

13. Follow Us Home Campaign from Animal House Rescue & Grooming. This is where we got our Sam, and many friends have also found their furry friends there. Right now, they are just down the road from us, but this new facility would allow them to do so much more good work.

14. Skipping Lorikeet: The Rain Dance Parrot. He is so adorable.

15. Burglar Breaks Into Fast Food Restaurant, Surprises Police With What He Does Inside. *Spoiler alert* he made himself a burger. I totally understand this kind of hungry.

16. The Best of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. With a few exceptions, James Corden is my favorite part of this series. There’s just something about people in a car singing along to the radio that makes me so happy and bonus: these people sound good.

17. Recipes I want to try: Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Garlic, and Homemade Pop Tarts.

18. 25+ Smiling Animals That Will Instantly Make You Smile. Try it. I dare you.

19. Accomplishments, a hilarious cartoon from Sarah Andersen. Funny because it’s so true. Check out the rest of her stuff, she’s amazing.

20. Good Omens, Cheap Seats, and the Memorial from Neil Gaiman. He writes so brilliantly about grief. This is one of my favorite posts ever from him on the subject, The Power of the Dog. Cabal (2003-2013).

21. Heart and Brain cartoons from The Awkward Yeti, so good! For example this one, (which got me through my work day Friday),


22. 12 insanely CUTE baby animals that fit right in the palm of your hand, one of the best photosets ever on Facebook.

23. This Facebook post that quickly went viral. My favorite part was this, “Let’s start a movement peeps, let’s end predatory marketing practices that sell self-loathing to women from cradle to grave. Women have more important things to do in 2016 than spend a single other minute worried about our wrinkles or the acceptability of our thighs.” Amen.

24. Five ways coffee makes you live longer and happier—yay coffee! I don’t drink coffee anymore but my husband does, so he’s always sending me these kind of links.

25. Do something cool, great advice from Alexandra Franzen.

26. It’s True: Body Positivity Isn’t An Excuse To Be Unhealthy from Dances with Fat. “Health is not an obligation, barometer of worthiness, entirely within our control, or guaranteed under any circumstances.” I’m so glad that Ragen does what she does, writing the things I want to say so that all I have to do is share the link.

27. Octopus slips out of aquarium tank, crawls across floor, escapes down pipe to ocean. This story blows my mind.

Something Good

One of my favorite trees

One of my favorite trees

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1. Man offers free hugs at Sanders and Trump rallies and gets shockingly different responses. If you are interested, here’s an extended version. Im all for more hugs and less yelling.

2. This dog and duck grew up together, and them playing is one of the most awkward, cutest things ever. And in related news, Duck pals: A girl and her duck.

3. This gif of what overthinking looks like is hilarious, because it’s so accurate.

4. A birdbath for hummingbirds. The only way I’ll stop watching this video is if someone makes me one of my own.

5. Limited Edition Memorial Bracelet: Feeds 22 Shelter Dogs in Honor of Your Beloved Pup from I Love Dogs. What a great idea. They also sell a 2-Pack “My Pet Is Home Alone” Wallet Cards, which is a brilliant idea.

6. The feminist cupcake sale that led to death and rape threats. “It started with male students upset they’d have to pay the full $1 for a cake … and ended with the realisation we still desperately need feminism in the 21st century.” Word.

7. Recipes I want to try: potato pizza, even better, and fresh spinach pasta, and artichoke gratin toasts — all from Smitten Kitchen, quickly becoming one of my favorite recipe sites. Also, Zucchini Lasagna. And for dessert, Lemon Gelato and this GIANT Peanut Butter Cup which I am still having trouble believing is even real. And if you don’t like any of those, maybe try this, Please eat the dandelions: 9 edible garden weeds.

8. In one letter, a teacher sums up what test scores can’t. This is so sweet. What lucky kids.

9. A photographic documentary of Fukushima, what it looks like now, an amazing set of images and story from photographer Arkadiusz Podniesinski. In related news, this video of The Guardian Of Fukushima’s Animals. I can’t even imagine having to leave my animals behind in such a disaster, and would be so grateful to this man for going back, for taking care of them for me, for us.

10. Photographer Reveals How Much Online Images Are Photoshopped (13+ pics). Fascinating.

11. A Writer’s Rules for Meditation. “Best-selling author Natalie Goldberg has been practicing meditation for nearly half a century. Here are her four rules for making meditation a regular part of your life.” In related news, Buddhism and meditation for beginners — a Lion’s Roar guide.

12. A 150-Year-Old Porcelain Warehouse in Japan Opens for Daily ‘Treasure Hunts’ for Just $45. I want to go to there.

13. You’re a Fucking Miracle, wisdom from Meg Worden. The first part of this post is worth printing out and taping to the fridge, where all the best things go.

14. An Open Letter To Tiny House Hunters on Terrible Minds. I just got done watching the series Chuck is referring to, and as he always does, he had me fighting for breath I was laughing so hard at what he wrote about it.

15. My first Weight Watchers — on being groomed for disordered eating. This post comes with one of the best opening set of lines ever, “I still can’t eat defrosted peppers. They taste like sadness.”

16. Family Leaves Husky For 3 Hours, Dog Redesigns The Apartment. What a disaster…

17. The Difference between Practicing Yoga Postures and Having a Yoga Practice. “There are many people doing yoga poses today, but there are far less people who have a yoga practice.” An important clarification.

18. Being tired isn’t a badge of honor. Word.

19. My wife surprised her coworkers when she came out as trans. Then they surprised her. “It’s a lot of energy to judge people, you know. It’s way more fun to celebrate and support them for who they are.”

20. The Joy of Doing Less: 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Time. It’s worth a try.

21. 152 Minutes With … Julia Cameron. “The author of The Artist’s Way has been unlocking our inner creative spirits for more than two decades, not to get too woo-woo about it.” I am forever in debt to Julia Cameron for her morning pages practice.

22. American Eagle Thinks Body Positivity is a Joke. The fact that any of the models involved in this weren’t told it was a joke is just awful. Yet another example of why I don’t like April Fool’s Day, or most pranks.

22. 21 Timeless Strategies to Lower Your Daily Stress from Marc and Angel Hack Life. I’ll take all the help I can get, whatever tips there are for lowering my daily stress.