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Image by Connie J. Sun

1. Connie to the Wonnie. Connie J. Sun, “NYC cartoonist who works in higher education and draws an illustrated status message a day. Single Girl, Asian Daughter. Cartoons daily, Mon-Fri.” I was trying to figure out what image to share with this post this morning, and I saw Connie’s for today on Facebook, and it’s so perfect, (the above image, just in case that’s not entirely clear). I shared a link to her work a few weeks ago on this list, but since then, I’ve been loving it so much that I felt like I needed to share again, as in “no really, this is so awesome, you should check her out.”

2. Your Time is Now from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks. Amen!

I think now, more than ever, it’s important for all of us to use our creativity not just as a casual pastime, but as a more intentional form of true self-expression. Whatever your medium — an artist’s paint, a photographer’s camera and light, or even a scientist’s or mathematician’s formulas or equations — whatever your art, it’s becoming more important than ever to use it to express what you stand for. To create meaning. To use your art to shout your values, whatever they are, and decry injustice or discrimination, wherever you see it.

3. Write Good from Paul Jarvis. He makes some really good points about what’s really important when it comes to writing, like “You just write good, as often as possible, and share it. The more you share, the more likely you are to release something that leaves a mark.”

4. The Republic of the Body: May 2017, an offering from the brilliant Jena Schwartz. If I weren’t so stupid busy right now, I’d totally be there. “A brand new four-week writing group is for anyone who wants to discover or deepen their writing practice, with the use of prompts inspired by the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar as well as other traditional sources. We will freewrite without stopping, three days/week for 10 minutes at a time. As with all of my groups: You do not have to be good (or have any actual yoga experience). You just have to be willing to take your seat and see what happens.”

5. The Universe in Verse, “is brought to you by Brain Pickings and Pioneer Works as a protest against the defunding of science and the arts. We are donating all ticketing proceeds to the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Academy of American Poets. The hosts and readers are all donating their time and talent, and this livestream is donated by Kickstarter Live.” In related news, an important distinction from Seth Godin, What does “science” mean?

6. I was the target of a neo-Nazi ‘troll storm.’

7. How to Tell a True Tale: Neil Gaiman on What Makes a Great Personal Story. “Honesty matters. Vulnerability matters. Being open about who you were at a moment in time when you were in a difficult or an impossible place matters more than anything.”

8. The Sanctity of Letting Things Percolate from Adreanna Limbach. I got this post in an email, and what was included there that isn’t in the blog post was this message, “It takes 14 months to birth a baby camel…16 months to birth a baby walrus…And nearly 2 years to birth a baby elephant. You’re doing great.”

9. 10+ Of The Happiest Animal Memes To Start The Week With A Smile.

10. In The 1920s, A Community Conspired To Kill Native Americans For Their Oil Money.

11. What I’ve Learned After 5 Years and 20 Books: 25 Lessons from Chuck Wendig.

12. The Alphabet of Right Now on A Design So Vast. What a great writing prompt.

13. Warm and Woodsy on SF Girl by Bay. I am swooning over this furniture.

14. Create What You Wish to See, more good stuff from Karen Waldrond on Chookooloonks. In related news, Ep. 8: The Highest of Thrives of the Hey, Sis! podcast, featuring…Karen Walrond.

15. 2017 Women of the World Poetry Slam – Ebony Stewart “Compassion Fatigue”.

Ebony Stewart is a touring performance artist and slam poet who has been active in the central Texas slam poetry scene and theater community for over a decade. Ebony Stewart was on the Austin Neo Soul Slam team in 2010 that finished fourth in the Nation. She coached the 2012 Austin Neo-Soul & 2015 Austin Poetry Slam teams, that finished first and fifth, respectively, at the National Poetry Slam as well and the 2015 They Speak Youth Slam that finished eighth in the world at the Brave New Voices competition. The only adult female three-time Slam Champion in Austin, Texas, voted Top Female Touring Poet. In 2015, she debuted her one-woman show, Hunger, for which she won Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama and received the David Mark Cohen New Play Award. Recently crowned, Co-Champion of the 2017 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Her work has been published in the Texas Observer, For Harriet, and Teen Vogue. Ebony Stewart aka The Gully Princess aka “She’ll eat your cupcake” – she, her, is the #storyoftheblackgirlwinning.

16. Stay-at-home mum’s self-portrait photo project.

17. The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black.

18. The Stubborn Gladness of a New Dog on The Cognitive Canine. P.S. Send the new little guy some love if you’ve got it to give. He’s been in the hospital sick the past few days. Feel better, little dude!

19. The IHop Years, “1983-1990: Life at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the International House of Pancakes” from David Sedaris.

20. Why I’m Absolutely an Angry Black Woman by Dominique Matti.

21. My Religion Is Kindness, “the core of all spiritual and humanistic paths” from Tara Brach.

22. Wisdom from the Dalai Lama’s Nobel acceptance speech (1989),

I believe all suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness or satisfaction. Yet true happiness comes from a sense of inner peace and contentment, which in turn must be achieved through the cultivation of altruism, of love and compassion and elimination of ignorance, selfishness and greed.

The problems we face today, violent conflicts, destruction of nature, poverty, hunger, and so on, are human-created problems which can be resolved through human effort, understanding and the development of a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. We need to cultivate a universal responsibility for one another and the planet we share. Although I have found my own Buddhist religion helpful in generating love and compassion, even for those we consider our enemies, I am convinced that everyone can develop a good heart and a sense of universal responsibility with or without religion.

23. 5 Ways Not to Bite the Trump Hook from Susan Piver, in case you were needing the reminder. I know I sure am.

24. I’m a Tea Party conservative. Here’s how to win over Republicans on renewable energy. “This earth belongs to all of us.”

25. 70 years ago, six Philly women became the world’s first digital computer programmers. “Without any real training, they learned what it took to make ENIAC work – and made it a humming success. Their contributions were overlooked for decades.”

26. Why shopping should be a last resort. “Toronto illustrator Sarah Lazarovic’s Buyerarchy of Needs urges people to consider other options before hitting the mall.” A great set of graphics.

27. Letter: Living free from the pursuit of weight loss.

28. The Trouble with Tolerance by Omid Safi.

29. Glennon Doyle Melton’s Important Message for White Feminists. She’s not the first or only one to say this, but in case you didn’t or couldn’t hear it when someone else said it, let’s give this a try.

30. 8 Signs Your Yoga Practice Is Culturally Appropriated – And Why It Matters. I’ve read and shared this before, but it’s always worth revisiting.

31. Baby Winnie, the hippo. So cute!

32. Suck it Up: Some Advice to Straight White Men, From Straight White Men.

33. Clementine Ford: Committing sexual assault is never ‘out of character.’ “But rape isn’t something that otherwise good and decent people just stumble into. Someone who makes the choice to rape or sexually assault someone isn’t acting out of character – rather, they are expressing a central part of their character that all too many people seem willing to overlook in their desires to have these people continue to be ‘good’. The part of their character that believes they are entitled to use women’s bodies against their will, to dominate and hurt women for their own gratification.” Amen.

34. 16 Lies Fat People are Tired of Hearing. Word.

35. Criticism and Courage, a FREE online class with Susan Hyatt and Alexandra Franzen. “Can’t make it on May 11th? No problem. Go ahead and register anyway—and you’ll get a link to the recording after the live event concludes.”

36. Dear Sugar Radio. A great podcast, “radically empathic advice from Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond.” In related news, Best of 2016: Most Listened-To Podcast Episodes of On Being.

37. American Poets, Refusing to Go Gentle, Rage Against the Right.

38. Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock film by Oscar Nominees Josh Fox and James Spione and Native filmmaker Myron Dewey.

39. Help Save the Bees, a great list of tips.

40. When Was It Exactly That We Lost Our Humanity? from Renegade Mothering.

41. Fix Their Problems. “There is no creature in American politics more puzzled over by Democrats than the angry, forgotten Trump voter. How can we reach them? How should we speak to them? Here’s a wild idea: fix their problems.”

42. Women of color don’t owe you shit by Femme Feministe.

43. Burg’s Place. This is one of my favorite shelters, humans, dogs, an effort that lives at the very center of my heart.

44. 15 Indigenous Femenists To Know, Read, And Listen To. In related news, 21 Fierce Black Feminists To Follow On Instagram Right Now.

45. Can we talk about personal responsibility?

46. Erikan’s dream was to create a meeting place for young black people to meet, network and dream big.

47. Katherine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. 50 years later, she’s running it again.

48. Different Branches on the Same Tree from Jena Schwartz.

49. Hateful People Are Exhausting by John Pavlovitz.

Like the vast majority of this country, I want it to be the place where equality, diversity, and decency find sanctuary, and though I am fully committed to the aspiration, I am feeling the cumulative weariness sustained from a small but fierce portion of the population (including far too much of its leadership) whose narrative about the world depends upon acrimony for so much of it. I know that I’m not alone in this emotional depletion and physical fatigue.

But it will not consume me and it will not change my heart toward the world. It will not derail my path or alter my convictions.

I will be a person of love here or I will die trying.

50. There’s A Japanese Word For People Who Buy More Books Than They Can Actually Read. Guilty.

Something Good

1. ‘Samurai Gourmet’ explores the art of the meal, a quirky little show Eric found on Netflix that I am now so in love with. #retirementgoals

2. Celebrate Poetry Month: 28 Breathtaking Poetry Books to Read Now. #NationalPoetryMonth

3. A guided reflection on bringing RAIN to difficulty, “Tara Brach discusses RAIN, a technique she frequently teaches to her students and also uses in her own life.”

4. Good stuff from Rachel Cole: What feeds me? and Feast: Your Self-Guided Journey toBecoming a Well-fed Woman — I did the group intensive version of this program, and it is life changing, worth every penny; this self-guided version gives the option of doing the program independently and self-paced for fewer pennies.

5. maybe just look from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks.

I can’t help but notice that as time passes (and political leaders change, and cities get bombed, and police are needlessly violent, and civilians get hurt…), I find myself more and more cynical about everything going on around me. That cynicism, actually, is part of the reason that I continue to blog: taking photographs is how I keep myself from spiraling into terminal crankiness; I share them in the hope that it might help others to keep from doing the same.

6. Wisdom Susannah Conway’s latest Love Letter,

The other day somebody asked me why I do what I do — what’s the point of all this? And my short in-the-moment answer was that I teach people tools to help them to trust, know and express themselves better. Because here’s the thing: to be able to have any kind of impact in this world, on a micro or macro scale, we must first heal our own hurts, learn how to take impeccable care of our selves and live life as consciously as possible. We need a working vocabulary for our wants and needs, our feelings and fears, our shadows and our light. We need to be able to treat our selves with kindness and compassion so we know how to extend that to another. And as corny as it sounds, if we can be our own best friend — owning our flaws and faults as well as our strengths and brilliance — we stand a better chance of not polluting the world (or anyone in it) with our messes.

7. Journal prompts on Pinterest. And if that’s not enough, here’s a great post from Alexandra Franzen with tons of good ideas, Not sure what to write about?

8. It’s White America’s Job To Fight White Supremacism. This is a good article, but it seems to want to limit “white supremacism” to its extreme and violent manifestation, rather than recognize that it also exists in ways that seem very polite, institutionalized, and “normal.”

9. Fat in the era of Trump. “The resistance can’t just be limited to the protests we attend or the elected officials’ offices we call (all of which we must keep doing). We need to make a serious effort to love ourselves in spite of the deafening messages that we aren’t worthy of such a luxury.”

10. Meet The ‘Cucamelon,’ The Cutest Fruit You’ll Ever See. Seriously.

11. Minus18 on YouTube, “Australia’s largest youth-led organisation for same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people. This channel is run entirely by youth, aged 14-21, all the filming, editing and content is produced solely by us!” They have some really great content, including their Trans 101 series.

12. There Is No Perfect Life from Jena Schwartz. I know it might seem strange, but this is the sort of thing that cheers me right up. Don’t give me positive thinking, give me this every time — tell me the truth but then remind me it’s okay. It’s like that quote from Pema Chödrön, “None of us is ever OK, but we all get through everything just fine.”

13. The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week.

14. 9 Bad Manager Mistakes That Make Good People Quit. I have a good boss, but I am face down in #1 on this list right now.

15. 21 Undeniable Signs That You’re an Introvert. You know, if there were still any question.

16. Why eating vegetarian may not be the most ethical diet.

17. Stop The Slaughterhouse on CSU’s Campus. First a football stadium, now this…

18. Weed Chef // 60 Second Docs.

19. Indonesia’s horse library. Like a bookmobile, only this one poops.

20. Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer returns to SNL, dressed as the Easter Bunny, to explain Passover.

Something Good

1. Practice Notes :: Open Heart. Strong Spine — A Recipe for True Compassion, pure wisdom from Adreanna Limbach.

2. Good stuff from Jena Schwartz: Mindfulness, Mad Milk, and Running Low on Dream, and No Mud, No Lotus.

3. People Living With More Than 2 Dogs, Post Your Pics Of What It’s Like.

4. Pepsi did a bad thing. Dear Pepsi, That Ad was a Gold in the Fail Olympics, and How to make Millennials hate you, The Pepsi Way, and Stephen Colbert Praises Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad For 1 Single Reason, and Pepsi Co-opts Resistance Movement, Centers White Woman and Police to Sell Soda, and Actor in Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad Reveals Most Extras Were Not from U.S and Didn’t Understand the Racial Issues. And, it wasn’t just Pepsi, 7 Shockingly Tone-Deaf Ads That Should Have Never Happened.

5. You Can Write At Any Age from Chuck Wendig.

6. Wisdom from Francis Weller,

For us to tolerate the rigors of the images, emotions, memories, and dreams that arise in times of grief, we need to fortify our inner ground. This is done through developing a practice that we sustain over time. Any form will do – writing, drawing, meditation, prayer, dance, or something else – as long as we continue to show up and maintain our effort. A practice offers ballast, something to help us hold steady in difficult times. This deepens our capacity to hold the vulnerable emotions surrounding loss without being overwhelmed by them.

7. Wisdom from Stephanie Saldana, (by way of A Design So Vast), “It will always be confusing to think that that which is terrible and that which is beautiful have the same materials to work with: the brick and mortar and earth and stars of our immediate world. There is that which can kill us, and that which will save us, and we live among them, struggling to discern our way through. And it is terrifying, my love. It has never stopped being terrifying.”

8. Wisdom from Brave Girls Club, “Sometimes all that you can do is wait for it to feel better, wait for a bad day to be over, wait for things to work themselves out. Sometimes you have done all that you can possibly do, and then you just have to wait.”

9. it’s a jungle in here on SF Girl by Bay. I love all this green.

10. If white America is in ‘crisis,’ what have black Americans been living through?

11. Don’t tell cancer patients what they could be doing to cure themselves. Everything about this. In related news, The Gift of Presence, The Perils of Advice.

12. Blissful Thinking. “Viral video superstar Rob Bliss conducts bold social experiments all over New York City to shine a light on society’s most messed up issues: Sex, prejudice, sexism, modern love, mental health and inequality. Comedic commentary, man on the street interviews.”

13. Why Growing Food is The Single Most Impactful Thing You Can Do in a Corrupt Political System. In related news, Fleet Farming? How One Group Wants to Turn Your Front Yard into a Full-Fledge Farm, and This area in Detroit is now America’s first 100% organic, self-sustainable neighborhood.

14. Library of Congress Digitizes 19th-Century Photos of Black Women Activists. “The Library of Congress recently digitized rare 19th-century photographs of African American women active in suffrage, civil rights, temperance, education, reform, and journalism.”

15. Things You Don’t Say to Anyone When You Live Alone and Things I Was Convinced Would Change My Whole Life–But Didn’t from Amy McCracken.

16. 47 Books You Should Add To Your Shelf, According To Poet Rupi Kaur.

17. Gloria Steinem And Chelsea Handler Said The One Thing Most White Feminists Are Reluctant To Hear.

Steinem replied, “What we forget is that disproportionately, women of color invented feminism.” She accented that sentiment with stats from her Ms. Magazine 1972 national poll, where over 60% of women of color supported feminism and women’s equality issues, while only thirty-something percent of white women supported it. “That’s why people were wrongly surprised by the vote in this election,” she added. “It’s condescending to say to make the movement inclusive; women of color are the movement and have always been the movement.”

18. Introvert’s Conundrum, a really great cartoon. If you have some time, check out the whole site — really good.

19. Interior Dept. agency changes website [banner image] from family visiting park to a giant pile of coal.

20. Reusable Eco-Friendly Bags. Yes, please. And while we are at it, how about some of this: This Eco Food Wrap Is Perfect For People Who Love The Environment.

21. Being an Ally in Government. “Imagine calling out your white male co-workers for not listening to women of color. Now imagine you work at the state Capitol.”

22. A Two-Spirit Explainer. “They’ve gone by a lot of names. They’ve endured colonialism and hatred. Now queer Native Americans—two spirits—are telling their own story.”

23. Awesomely Luvvie literally wrote her way to success.

24. Drag Queen Story Hour exposes kids to gender fluidity. This drag queen reads children stories to teach them about gender fluidity and tolerance.

25. We studied 827 police shootings. Here’s what we found.

26. Decide for yourself what’s beautiful.

27. ‘I Think It’s Hard To Be A Person’: Aimee Mann On Compassionate Songwriting.

28. Black Women Portrayed in Mainstream Media is Negative -Nicholle Kobi.

29. White supremacist asks Muslim lawyer why there is no ‘Christian ISIS,’ gets schooled.

30. College Student Creates A Mobile Directory Of 600 Books That Prioritize Diversity. Can’t wait until this is available for Android phones.

31. How to Listen When You Disagree: A Lesson from the Republican National Convention.

32. Elizabeth Alexander on How Great Artists Orient Themselves to Light of the World.

33. Who cut down the last tree? from Seth Godin. The article he links to, Easter’s End, is worth a read too — “In just a few centuries, the people of Easter Island wiped out their forest, drove their plants and animals to extinction, and saw their complex society spiral into chaos and cannibalism. Are we about to follow their lead?”

34. Recipe I want to try: Creamy Scalloped Potatoes With Kale.

35. This guy gets paid to wait in line for strangers. Admittedly, I’m bothered by the privilege that enables some people to have the sort of disposable income necessary to pay for this service, but I love that this guy saw the need and made something out of it for himself and his friends — this sort of privilege sucks, but he’s brilliant.

Something Good

Fushimi Inari Taisha Kyoto Japan. Image from Unsplash, by Freddie Marriage.

1. April Love 2017, a fun set of prompts from Susannah Conway.

2. The Surprising Reason This Woman Regrets Her Weight Loss.

3. This little pup wants to take his horse for a walk.

4. My Brother Patrick’s Dying Wish. “What he asked of family and health care providers in his final weeks.”

5. What’s with the “X” in Latinx?

6. Pixar-esque Short Shows How Society Saps Your Creativity. A sweet, sad reminder of what’s really important. In related news, Employee burnout is becoming a huge problem in the American workforce.

7. 11 Books By Latinas Every Feminist Should Add To Their Collection.

8. Photographer visits Native American tribe in early 1900s, captures stunning photos.

9. Saturday Poem: ‘Lines Where Something Was Supposed to Be’ from one of my favorites, Jeff Oak.

10. Trans 101. “Welcome to Trans 101, our brand new series on Gender Diversity!”

11. Mayor de Blasio vows to close Rikers Island: ‘It will happen.’

12. AKR Yellow Umbrella Foundation, “a non-profit organization providing funding for ovarian cancer research as well as child literacy, causes important to Amy Krouse Rosenthal.”

13. This mosque in Colorado was vandalized. What happened next will warm your heart. BTW: This is the city where I live.

14. America has never seen a party less caring than 21st-century Republicans. Which says,

I don’t know that America has ever seen a political party so divested of care. Since Trump took office, Republicans have proposed legislation to destroy unions, the healthcare system, the education system and the Environmental Protection Agency; to defund the reproductive health charity Planned Parenthood and restrict abortion; to stifle public protest and decimate arts funding; to increase the risk of violence against trans people and roll back anti-discrimination laws; and to funnel more and more wealth from the poorest to the richest. Every executive order and piece of GOP legislation is destructive, aimed at dismantling something else, never creating anything new, never in the service of improving the care of the nation.

15. I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations. “These politically motivated data deletions come at a time when the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average.”

16. Campaign Zero creators launch tool to show you how to fight Trump’s agenda in your state.

17. This Inspirational Quote Changed The Life Of Tracee Ellis Ross.

18. “My cat definitely thinks it’s a dog.”

19. 9 Great Documentaries About Women Activists.

20. A medical fund for Isabel Faith Abbott.

21. Make Art & Resist.

22. Wisdom from bpdgorl on tumblr, “being emotionally abused has made me incredibly defensive towards being told what to do, but at the same time has made it hard for me to do things without someone telling me that it’s ok to do out if fear of doing something wrong and getting in trouble.” Word.

23. Storybowl How-To Kit from Andrea Scher at Superhero Life. I’ve done this practice with Andrea before (so powerful and fun), purchased a kit to host one of my own.

24. Brave Little Fish Swims Into New Waters, a great post from one of my favorite teachers, Laurie Wagner.

25. To The Racist Guy Who Picked Up My Pencil During Class. “Being polite does not excuse your racism.”

26. Nike Backlash Proves It’s Not About Fat People’s Health.

27. How the Republicans Sold Your Privacy to Internet Providers.

28. there’s no glory in overworking, “it’s just imminent burnout.”

29. Aimee Mann Finds ‘Mental’ Health Returning to a Quieter Solo Career.

30. You don’t need permission. But if you insist, here it is… from Austin Kleon.

31. Episode 76: Thriving Out Loud. From Edit Your Life, “A podcast to help you edit the unnecessary from your life so you have more room to enjoy the awesome.” A great interview with Karen Walrond.

32. The Winners Of 2017’s Sony World Photography Contest.

33. Two new videos from Danielle Ate the Sandwich.

34. Austin puppy training to be first therapy funeral dog in Texas.

35. Dani Shapiro: On Life, Marriage and Creative Expression an interview from Good Life Project.

36. The thorn in my side: I tried to let go of my poisonous grudge against another writer, an excerpt from Anne Lamott’s new book.

37. These 15 Political Power Players in Media Are Keeping It Real in the Age of Fake News.

38. Whites Only: SURJ and the Caucasian Invasion of Racial Justice Spaces.

39. Trump Declares “National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.” “The president has been accused of assaulting more than 15 women.” In related news, Why Trump lies.

40. No License Plates Here: Using Art to Transcend Prison Walls.

Something Good

We haven’t had foxes here for so long, and I miss them. Image from Unsplash

1. Planting Iris from Austin Kleon. This made me cry, but also made me feel better.

2. That Time You Failed to Follow Up on Diversity.If you care, you need to care all the time. Not on Hallmark holidays. Not when you fuck up and someone notices. And not when you hire your first female partner. All. The. Time.

3. New Crop of Young Adult Novels Explores Race and Police Brutality. “Some educators see fiction as a particularly potent tool for engaging with volatile topics and instilling empathy in young readers.”

4. The Perils of Nowherelandia from Jena Schwartz.

5. Actions White People Can Take To Confront Racism & Be In Greater Solidarity.

6. ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Is an Epic Fail. “From its depictions of black women to the representation of slavery itself, Nate Parker’s film is deeply flawed and historically inaccurate.”

7. The Body Sovereignty Workbook from Rachel Cole, a fundraiser for feminist causes. “Your body is yours, despite all the forces conspiring from the day you were born to tell you otherwise. The Body Sovereignty Workbook will help transform the story you tell yourself about your body into a life-changing narrative. It includes 83 beautiful digital pages of essays by 10+ women’s empowerment experts, worksheets, and activities to support your cultivating an empowered relationship with your body.”

8. Bright Lights, a new documentary from Jen Lee. “As live storytelling grows into a cultural phenomenon, six performers share their journey into its spotlight. The friendships they’ve formed are an anchor as their voices reach beyond the stages of New York City into publishing, radio, international art festivals and film.”

9. Good stuff for creatives from Jamie Ridler: 10 Things I Want You to Know When You Are Discovering or Recovering Your Creative Heart and 10 Things I Want Committed Creatives to Know.

10. 4 Step Guide to Letting Go of the Past from Zen Habits.

11. The Four Noble Truths of Love with Susan Piver, one of my favorite teachings from one of my favorite teachers. “Buddhism is based on Four Noble Truths: Everything changes; grasping creates suffering; there is a way to work with it all; and a path for doing so. Join writer and Buddhist teacher Susan Piver for practice, discussion, and an exploration of how to apply these truths to that greatest of mysteries: love.”

12. Free dog themed desktop wallpapers. I’ve got “all you need is love, and a dog” on my computer.

13. Recipes I want to try: Oven-Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges, and Creamy Spring Pasta, and Old Fashioned Sour Cream Doughnuts.

14. Write it Down, a great post on journaling practice.

15. The surprising origins of your f*cking favorite swear words.

16. OutFront: Couple Creates Media Network for Black Queer Community.

17. Food is Love. “Years ago, this chef had a door closed on him by a trusted friend and mentor. Today, he’s thanking that friend for setting him on the path that ultimately changed his life. WATCH him surprise his old mentor, with a meal that proves why food really is the other love language.”

18. Hair Today Art Tomorrow.

19. Colin Kaepernick Is To The NFL What Black People Are To America. “Hatred of the quarterback among NFL owners feels all too familiar.” In related news, Colin Kaepernick Donates $50,000 to Meals on Wheels. IMHO, he’s too good for football.

20. Only Black People Showed Up To The DC Town Hall Meeting To Address The Surging Number Of Missing Black And Latina Girls.

21. For Migrants Headed North, the Things They Carried to the End.

22. Papercut Artist Puts Life into Paper.

23. This Guy Secretly Filmed Himself And His Girlfriend Jamming Out To Prince And It’s Adorable. #BlackBoyJoy + #BlackGirlMagic = I love this so much.

24. Never Forget: America’s Forgotten Mass Lynching: When 237 Black Sharecroppers Were Murdered In Arkansas. “The white elites of the region understood that the only way they could maintain their economic prosperity was to exploit Black sharecroppers and laborers.” No one was ever charged and there were no trials. This is still happening. #BlackLivesMatter In related news, This Interactive Map Reveals The History Of Lynching In America.

25. Honest Wedding Vows for Real Marriages. These are so beautiful, and true. I told Eric I’d marry him again, but only if we said these vows, (minus the kid stuff, of course).

26. A Tribute to Amy Krouse Rosenthal by Dave Eggers.

27. Wild Writing with Laurie Wagner. Classes start the first week of April, and there are still a few spots left. Seriously one of the most transformative practices ever with one of the best teachers. (I just realized that this is #27 on my list, and Laurie’s website is “27 Powers”).

28. This Black Queer Love Story Is Exactly What The Comic World Needs.

29. 11 ways white America avoids taking responsibility for its racism. “White people are all too quick to cite their good intentions. Unconsciously, they aim to preserve white supremacy.”

30. How to stop stressing so you can change the world.

31. 10+ Super Happy Animal Comics That’ll Make Your Monday.

32. Macro Monday Brings the First Official Mystery Macro Contest. These are fun, and they remind me of something from when I was a kid — there was a children’s magazine that included the same kind of challenge images in the back of every issue. Any one else remember that magazine?

33. What if I’m wrong? A self-guided practice of empathy from Paul Jarvis. “Assuming we’re 100% right, 100% of the time is a recipe for never growing, never learning, never changing (for the better).” This is such a great reminder, especially now.

34. Use These Words At The End Of Your Emails To Increase Your Chance Of Getting A Reply.

35. Community shows support for Islamic Center of Fort Collins. The community has also rallied their support this way.

36. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, “a children’s book packed with 100 bedtime stories about the life of 100 extraordinary women from the past and the present, illustrated by 60 female artists from all over the world.”

37. People, Prosperity, and Profit from Staci Shelton. “Imagine a world where we were so busy creating glorious things that we had neither the time or desire to oppress anyone, much less ourselves.”

38. The House Next Door: a diary from Jeff Oaks.

39. Simply put, social justice is about human flourishing from Desiree Adaway.

40. 9 Great Documentaries about Women Activists.

Something Good

1. Depressed by Politics? Just Let Go. This article gives a clear and workable alternative to overwhelm and distress.

2. How to Live Life with Fantastic Aliveness: Remembering Amy Krouse Rosenthal. In related news, StoryCorps EXTRA: Remembering Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and Pay attention to what you pay attention to.

3. The Blessing of a Bruised Right Buttock from Jena Schwartz.

4. If you’re a poor person in America, Trump’s budget is not for you.

5. Wisdom from Lilla Watson, Australian Aboriginal activist, (thanks to Mikalina), “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

6. Coaching as Activism, “a 10-week group program for coaches, healers + leaders who want to bring their commitment to healing, justice and liberation (for all) into their work and life.” This. Everything about this. (P.S. I signed up). In related news, Why the Self-Help Industry isn’t Changing the World.

7. Is ignorance the problem?, from Seth Godin. “The thing is, ignorance is rarely the problem. The challenge is that people don’t always care about what you care about. And the reason they don’t care isn’t that they don’t know what you know. The reason is that they don’t believe what you believe. The challenge, then, isn’t to inform them. It’s to engage and teach and communicate in a way that shares emotion and values and beliefs.”

8. Mrs. Porter’s 2nd Grade Class Survey. “Please help our class as we study surveys and graphs. We would love to see how many responses we can get and all of the different places our responses come from. Each student in our class has created one of the questions in this survey.” We all need to fill this out.

9. The Practice of One Thing at a Time from Zen Habits.

10. Best of: Inspiring Studio Spaces.

11. 6 ways allies still marginalize people of color — and what to do instead.

12. “Get Out” Syllabus. “The ‘Get Out’ Syllabus focuses intently on the conversations surrounding White violence, the consumption of Black Bodies, and the erasure of Black Women that the movie elicits. The syllabus is divided into two parts; the first closely examines the historical and cultural violences that made the movie possible. The second section examines the absences and erasures that make sections of the film explicitly more horrifying. My ‘Get Out’ syllabus is in no way meant to be exhaustive or complete. Rather, it is an entry to point to key conversations that must be continued after the movie falls from theatres and our current popular culture attention span.”

13. Patient Zero by Aimee Mann, first video from her new album, releasing 3/31/17. (You should watch all three videos in the set, actually). In related news, The Both: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert.

14. With Joyful Photos, a 19-Year-Old Artist Confronts Media Bias Against Black Male Teens. In related news, This super cute father-daughter duo is inspiring young men to be good fathers.

15. A feminist glossary because we didn’t all major in gender studies.

16. Listen, Can We Please Not Do This Shit? “The most influential member of the Trump Administration is an unabashed white supremacist.”

17. Bill Murray’s Impossibly Chipper Music Video.

18. What is wrong with the world edition from The Authenticity Experiment. “Who are we? Who are we becoming? Who did we elect? Who thinks that cutting services to the elderly helps balance our budget? Who thinks that a man who claims to be for “the little guy” and then appoints five advisors from Goldman Sachs really gives a good god damn about anybody but the other 1-percent?”

19. Adorable cat acts as goat’s midwife.

20. #BringBacktheBees from Cheerios. In related news, Don’t Plant Those “Bee-Friendly” Wildflowers Cheerios Is Giving Away.

21. EPA Gives $100M Grant to Flint So It Can Fix Its Water Infrastructure. “Yet critics doubt the money can save the city from the president’s proposed cuts to the agency.”

22. Trump Budget Cuts Put Struggling Americans on Edge. In related news, Here’s what Trump’s budget proposes to cut, and Trump federal budget 2018: Massive cuts to the arts, science and the poor, and #LetThemDie: ‘Heartless’ Donald Trump Blasted For Slashing Meals On Wheels Funds, and Trump Budget Makes It Official: You’re Paying For The Wall, Not Mexico.

23. An Imperfect Human’s Guide To Body Positivity. “What it actually means, how it’s evolved over time, and what’s at stake without it.”

24. Jordan Casteel on the Power of Art Right Now, a painter merging social justice and art.

25. This 11-year-old created a book club to encourage reading among young black boys.

26. Trump’s St. Patrick’s Day “proverb” might not be Irish but wasn’t by a Nigerian poet either.

27. This is what it’s like answering all those phone calls to Congress.

28. The Good, Racist People.

29. 15 Beautiful Moments From Native Nations Rise [PHOTOS].

30. Welcome To The Anti-Racism Movement — Here’s What You’ve Missed.

31. Into the woods: how one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years.

32. A forgotten piece of African-American history on the Great Plains.

33. Trusted. Valued. Essential. “Find out what PBS means to viewers, and about its role as a public service.”

34. A Reminder Of What Makes A Real Writer from Chuck Wendig.

35. Colin Kaepernick helps get airplane to aid Somalia.

36. Guatemalan Film ‘Ixcanul’ Might Be the Most Feminist Movie of the Year. This is available to stream on Netflix.

37. Due to cuts in funding to PBS, our favorite furry monster is out of work.

Something Good

Early morning owl, Poudre River

1. “At The Gamesman barbershop in Brooklyn, Dez Marshall is serving up some of the best cuts in the borough. Even better? She provides a safe space for the LGBTQ community to get fresh without judgment.”

2. 15+ Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography.

3. Thousands of Native Americans take their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline to the White House. In related news, Native Nations Rise. Also, The Women of Standing Rock. Also, Viceland: Rise, “We travel to Indigenous communities across the Americas to meet people protecting their homelands and rising up against colonization.”

4. Rep. Joe Kennedy II: “There is no mercy” in #Trumpcare.

5. Tracey Ullman – Mugged. “Guys, is dressing provocatively in expensive suits whilst having too much much to drink causing you to get mugged?”

6. ‘It’s Because You’re Fat’ — And Other Lies My Doctors Told Me.

The medical profession needs to step up. It needs to accept that diets aren’t the universal treatment option for fat people. It needs to accept that fatness isn’t the universal cause of ill health in fat people. It needs to engage with the very real damage caused by its attitudes toward fat people, and with the sub-standard care delivered to many people as a result of their size.

7. Overtaken By Events: Kids Burst Onto Scene Of Live BBC TV Interview. In related news, That Asian mom is not the nanny. Why do so many people assume she is? and BBC interview hijacked by children prompts social media debate.

8. What If Privileged People Were Othered? This Cartoon Resets the Defaults.

9. The Cost of Balancing Academia and Racism. “Researchers say that discrimination at colleges and universities may have negative impacts on black students’ mental health.”

10. How the AMERICAN WOMAN Project Aims to Make Black Women the Face of America. I am a Patron of this project, because it is so amazing and important and inspiring.

11. Recipe I want to try: Spinach Pesto Pasta (seems like this would be yummy with salmon too).

12. New Ferguson Video Adds Wrinkle to Michael Brown Case.

13. Man spends 4 years building a church using only living trees.

14. Support Injured Medic Sarah.

15. The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week. Kids aren’t required in order to giggle at these.

16. The Lonely Towns of Fukushima.

17. Internet warriors: inside the dark world of online ‘trolls.’

18. John Oliver’s interview with the Dalai Lama is an unexpected delight.

19. The Real Reason Republicans Want To Pull The Plug On Obamacare. What’s so upsetting to me about this whole debate (other than all the people who will probably end up losing their health insurance, all the suffering that will be caused) is the assumption by many in our culture that healthcare, health insurance, is a luxury, when it should be a basic fundamental human right. In related news, Laziness isn’t why people are poor. And iPhones aren’t why they lack health care.

20. In the Early 1900s, Albino African-American Brothers Were Stolen From Their Virginia Home to Be Circus Performers. This Is Their Story.

21. Learning to swim in Zanzibar. “Even though it is an island, many in Zanzibar cannot swim. A charity is helping children learn.”

22. Your Calls For Unity Are Divisive As F*ck.

23. Finally, an actual bathroom user speaks up about trans bathroom laws. *tee-hee*

24. Love Letters for My Children – The Maggie Doyne Documentary, a Kickstarter Project.

25. Diverse Stock Photos. “The world’s first inclusive, body positive and weight neutral commercial-use stock photo site.”

26. Official Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights Shirt. Every shirt sold benefits Planned Parenthood & True Colors Fund.

27. Reading lists: 5 New Books That Will Make You a Better Feminist, and Your International Women’s Day Reading List, (“Nine female nature writers who will inspire you to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet”), and 24 Empowering Books Every Feminist Needs to Read.

28. New (to me) music: Andra Day. She reminds me of Amy Winehouse.

29. List: Woman Facts from McSweeney’s.

30. YouTube sensation Shane Koyczan transmits hard-to-hear messages by my friend, the amazing writer, blogger, yoga teacher Kirsten Akens.

31. Amy Krouse Rosenthal on The Interview Show with Mark Bazer, possibly one of her last public interviews. In related news, Creative Superhero Podcast #6: A tribute to Amy Krouse Rosenthal: Make the most of your time here. Also, Amy Krouse Rosenthal – TEDxSMU 2012 and her short film The Beckoning of Lovely.

32. What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored.

33. An Insider’s View of Alaskan Inuit.

34. Wisdom from Pema Chödrön, “When we practice generating compassion, we can expect to experience our fear of pain. Compassion practice is daring. It involves learning to relax and allow ourselves to move gently toward what scares us. The trick to doing this is to stay with emotional distress without tightening into aversion, to let fear soften us rather than harden into resistance.”

35. A Reddit AMA with Margaret Atwood, “author of The Handmaid’s Tale, and executive producer of the Hulu original series based on the novel premiering April 26.”

36. Statue of Girl Confronts Bull, Captivating Manhattanites and Social Media.

37. The Racist History of Dr. Seuss & What it Means in Today’s Social, Political & Educational Context.

38. Should A Writer Get An English Degree, Yes Or No? from Chuck Wendig.

39. White Privilege for DUMMIES.

40. Just a tiny porcupine called Wilbur eating a slice of banana.