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Something Good

From our walk

Today is Veteran’s Day. I’m grateful for all the veterans. Those who served, the ones who left their family and friends and homes and put themselves at risk in order to keep us safe. Those who never came home. Those who came home broken. Those we have forgotten. Those we have failed.

1. Love is a verb, a recent newsletter from Abigail Rose Clarke.

2. Your other account balance, this week’s Sunday Dispatch from Paul Jarvis, in which he says, “Work is one way I deal with stress. And not just stress about work itself, but any kind of stress in my life. If I’m focused on work, I can’t be as stressed out or unhappy. The problem, and it’s obvious, is that whatever sucks that I’m running away from will be there once I stop working.” Oh, snap. This describes me exactly, and why now that I’m no longer working, I had to get a new therapist to deal with all the “whatever sucks that I’m running away from.”

3. 4 Questions to Kick-Start a Stalled Life.

4. The World According to Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

5. 5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes, Please an opinion piece on The New York Times.

6. I Was the Fastest Girl in America, Until I Joined Nike on The New York Times. “Mary Cain’s male coaches were convinced she had to get ‘thinner, and thinner, and thinner.’ Then her body started breaking down.”

7. Experts Worry Active Shooter Drills In Schools Could Be Traumatic For Students.

8. Being Surrounded By Chronic Complainers Could Be Damaging Your Health.

9. How to cut a pomegranate. (video)

10. I Went to Mexico to Meet Asylum-Seekers Trapped at the Border. This Is What I Saw.

11. The Billionaires Are Getting Nervous an opinion piece on The New York Times. “Bill Gates and others warn that higher taxes would lead to lower growth. They have their facts backward.” In related news, The worship of billionaires has become our shittiest religion, and Ok Billionaire: Why Do the Opinions of 600 Americans Get So Much Airtime?, and Think billionaires are just super-rich people? Big mistake.

12. How to Be a Writer: 10 Tips from Rebecca Solnit.

13. Is modern mindfulness a corporate scam? This management professor thinks so. “There’s a lot of money to be made by telling people that they’re responsible for their own problems.”

14. Latest gender reveal disaster causes plane crash in Texas. Just stop it.

15. This dad follows his kid’s PB&J sandwich instructions very literally. (video)

16. 27 Sturdy Chairs for Fat People (Up to and Beyond 500lbs!)

17. Liz Phair’s “Horror Stories” chronicles the real ghosts that haunt us. “In her new memoir, the legendary indie rocker shares tales of the shame, fear, and violence of ordinary life.”

18. White Supremacy Is America’s Original Pyramid Scheme. “Ijeoma Oluo on the roots of police brutality, the model minority myth, and the school-to-prison pipeline.”

19. The Thanksgiving Tale We Tell Is a Harmful Lie. As a Native American, I’ve Found a Better Way to Celebrate the Holiday. “The thing is, we do not need the poisonous ‘pilgrims and Indians’ narrative. We do not need that illusion of past unity to actually unite people today. Instead, we can focus simply on values that apply to everybody: togetherness, generosity and gratitude. And we can make the day about what everybody wants to talk and think about anyway: the food.” In related news, Sean Sherman’s 10 Essential Native American Recipes. “The founder of The Sioux Chef, a company devoted to Indigenous foods, created recipes to showcase tribal diversity across the lower 48 states.”

20. I Draw Comics To Explain What It’s Like Living With Depression And Anxiety.

21. Lindy West Explains How South Park Paved the Way For the Alt-Right. “Talking with the author of The Witches Are Coming about memes, media, and how not to become an American sucker.”

22. Vaping Illnesses Are Linked to Vitamin E Acetate, C.D.C. Says. “Samples of lung fluid from patients with the mysterious illness led to a breakthrough in finding a possible cause. More than 2,000 people have been sickened, many from illicit marijuana-based products.”

23. What to Read When You Are Ready to Be Done Crying.

24. To Heal From Trauma, You Have to Feel Your Feelings.

25. Yoga Is Finally Facing Consent and Unwanted Touch on The New York Times. “Yoga students and studios are grappling with inappropriate, manipulative and exploitative teachers and teachings.”

26. The NYPD Bragged About a Big Pot Bust. Turns Out It Seized 106 Pounds of Legal Hemp.

27. “Happy Ball Want Outside:” Dog Learns To Talk Using A Word Machine, Already Knows 29 Words. It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog regularly that I’m now following Stella and her human on Instagram.

28. Rachel Cargle Insists Rest Is the Real Revolution for Black Women.

29. 12 Native American Authors to Read During Native American Heritage Month.

30. The Obamas keep attacking “cancel culture” because they are scared of being held accountable.

31. Trump rallies aren’t a sideshow — they’re his entire campaign.

32. Keystone pipeline shut after spilling 1.4 million litres of oil in North Dakota.

33. There’s Nothing Virtuous About Finding Common Ground.

34. 7 Reasons the Internet is Loud and Wrong about ‘Harriet’.

35. Mary Lambert: Leaving Record Label Was “Important For My Mental Health”.

36. When Being an Opponent of White Supremacy Means Being Not Nice.

37. Nigeria’s First Oscars Submission Disqualified For Having Too Much English, Which Is the Country’s Official Language.

38. Louis C.K. Doubles Down on the Value of Saying the Wrong Thing on The New York Times. “On his first tour since admitting misconduct, the comedian’s theme was the cathartic release of transgression as he delivered bits about his mother’s death and religion.”

39. Presidential Proclamation on National American History and Founders Month, 2019. November IS Native American History Month. This is some white supremacist bullshit. In related news, Trump Gives National American Indian Heritage Month an All Lives Matter Makeover That Nobody Is Here For, and Trump Says Native American Heritage Month Is Also for the White Men Who Stole Their Land.

40. Why did no one warn the housekeepers about the Getty fire?

41. ‘Untold human suffering’: 11,000 scientists from across world unite to declare global climate emergency.

42. Lauren Bowman’s poetry on Instagram. “I want to be so wrecked by this world that there will be little pieces of me everywhere.” *sigh*

43. Three FREE classes being offered by the amazing Alexandra Franzen.

44. What Happens To The American Dream When America Wakes Up?

45. Whodunit in the Library: Someone Keeps Hiding the Anti-Trump Books on The New York Times. “A public library in northern Idaho says its books about gun rights and President Trump keep wandering far from their correct spots on the shelves.”

46. ‘It Felt Like a Betrayal’: Researchers Won a $2-Million Prize. The University Wants to Take It.

47. Student’s clothing line designed to Indigenize popular fashion.

48. What Are the Three Poisons? from Lion’s Roar. “The three poisons are the energy of ego’s three basic attitudes — for me, against me, and don’t care.”

49. 15 Things to Stop Telling Yourself Right Now.

50. Be the Priority of Your Own Life (starting now) on Be More With Less.

51. These Dog Playing Cards Have The Most Brilliant Illustrations.

Something Good

Image by Eric, from their walk

1. “Stand Up” – Official Lyric Video – Performed by Cynthia Erivo. (video) “From the motion picture HARRIET, the Original Song ‘STAND UP’ was written by Joshuah Brian Campbell & Cynthia Erivo.” In related news, Why a new film about Harriet Tubman focuses on freedom, and What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Harriet, and The ‘Superhero Journey’ Of Harriet Tubman, Now On Film.

2. Loving Dad Makes Time-Lapse of Daughter Growing Up From 0 to 18 Years Old.

3. Ten Years Ago, I Called Out David Letterman. This Month, We Sat Down to Talk. “It’s not often that you speak truth to power and power responds, ‘Oops, sorry,’ writes former Letterman writer Nell Scovell.”

4. Columnist Who Accused Trump Of Sexual Assault Is Suing Him For Defamation.

5. Dogs and body image, a Twitter thread. Read it just for the pictures of the dogs. You won’t be sorry.

6. On Being with Krista Tippett: angel Kyodo williams, The World Is Our Field of Practice. “angel Kyodo williams is one of our wisest voices on social evolution and the spiritual aspect of social healing. She is an esteemed Zen priest and the second black woman recognized as a teacher in the Japanese Zen lineage. For those of us who are not monastics, she says, the world is our field of practice. To sink into conversation with her is to imagine and nourish the transformative potential of this moment toward human wholeness.”

7. Some Words of Encouragement for Regular People from Jena Schwartz. I cried when I read the final paragraphs of this, which means I really needed to hear it, which is why I’ll share them in my yoga class tomorrow morning. Thank you, Jena.

8. 9-Year-Old Kid Who Kept Getting In Trouble For Doodling In Class Gets A Job Decorating A Restaurant With His Drawings.

9. The L Word: Generation Q (2019) Official Trailer. (video) Yes, please!

10. Trump vows ‘no more’ federal aid to California as devastating wildfires continue to burn.

11. Kitbull | Pixar SparkShorts. (video) “Kitbull, directed by Rosana Sullivan and produced by Kathryn Hendrickson, reveals an unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit bull. Together, they experience friendship for the first time.”

12. This Sweet PSA About Adoption Shows a Teen Slowly Realizing He’s Part of a Family.

13. The Photograph Trailer #1 (2020) (video) It seems mean to release this trailer when the movie won’t be out for THREE more months! I don’t want to wait. How can I wait?

14. Pretty, Big and Dancing from Great Big Story. “Akira Armstrong started dancing at 8 years old and never looked back. She even landed a featured appearance in two Beyoncé music videos, but when she decided to pursue dance professionally, she faced rejection from agencies because of her body type. She didn’t fit the physical mold of a typical dancer. So, Armstrong took matters into her own hands and started a plus-size dance company, Pretty Big Movement. Now she’s a mentor and teacher to a group of women who are striving to become professional dancers themselves, regardless of their body types.”

15. Alcohol causes most overall harm of any drug, says study.

16. Kids Got Trump 2020 Messages With Their Halloween Candy And Parents Are Not Pleased.

17. NPR Music’s Top 15 Albums Of October.

18. Shari’s Restaurant in Lewiston kicks out couple dressed as Native Americans and making war cries. In related news, Is Your Halloween Costume Racist? Check This Flowchart.

19. Obama Says Democrats Don’t Always Need To Be ‘Politically Woke.’ To be clear, I disagree with a lot of what he had to say.

20. I’m Obsessed with the Covers of “Pocket Change Collective,” a Book Series by Some of Today’s Leading Activists.

21. 42 Interesting Animal Facts That You Can Throw Out In Casual Conversations.

22. 100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color.

23. Ballet Dancers And Dogs Pose Together For A Photoshoot And The Result Will Make Your Day.

Something Good

1. Irresistible Book: Prince’s memoir The Beautiful Ones. “In Prince’s cosmology, there are really only three reasons to pen a book that purports to flirt with autobiography: further demystification, education or deconstruction. While we will never know which of those goals Prince would have come down on, the book we have is somehow, and thankfully, all three.”

2. A Collection Of Zora Neale Hurston’s Lost Writings Will Be Released In 2020.

3. ‘I had to buy it and finish it’: Why 1,000 people offered to crowd-stitch the quilt of a dead woman none of them knew.

4. Is ‘Modern Love’ Only for White Women? “The omission of women of color as love interests in the new Amazon series is more than an oversight.”

5. The cost of leaving an abusive relationship.

6. Us Too on Lion’s Roar. “Sexual misconduct and abuse by Buddhist teachers — some high profile, others under the radar — are hurting women, splitting communities, destroying people’s faith in Buddhist practice, and damaging Buddhism’s reputation. Buddhist teacher Trudy Goodman looks at the history, the harm, and what we can do to stop it.”

7. How to Give People Advice They’ll Be Delighted to Take on The New York Times.

8. Pages from a finished diary from Austin Kleon.

9. Panic in Pakistani City After 900 Children Test Positive for H.I.V. on The New York Times. “Health workers say the reuse of syringes drove the outbreak in the city of Ratodero.”

10. How To Leave Toxic Diet Culture Behind And Pursue Actual Health. “The real data behind weight loss research points to a radically different approach to healthy living.” This article is a year old now, but it’s worth a reshare. In related news, and also now four years old but still relevant: Scientists now think that being overweight can protect your health.

11. A police officer has been sacked after he allegedly branded parents of trans kids “lunatics” and suggested they should be shot.

12. “A man of noble and good heart”: Read Barack Obama’s eulogy for Elijah Cummings.

13. Someone Sick Of Hearing Anti-Vaxxers’ Stupid Arguments Creates 31 Scientific Posters That Completely Destroy Their Logic.

14. Why Water Aerobics Should Be Part Of Your Fitness Routine.

15. Lynchings, 1921 Tulsa massacre, and 8 other things school didn’t teach you about race in America.

16. Tally of children split at border tops 5,400 in new count. In related news, More Than 700 Women Have Disappeared From A Texas ICE Detention Center And Their Lawyers Don’t Know Where They Are.

17. Impeachment Inquiry Catch-Up: Bombshell Testimony And Revelations From The East.

18. Muslim Student Athlete Disqualified From Race for Wearing Hijab on The New York Times. Compare that to this: After a soccer player’s hijab slipped off during a game, her opponents paused mid-play to huddle around her.

19. How to Be an Antiracist: A Conversation With Ibram X. Kendi. “In his new book, the professor challenges traditional definitions of racism, and who can be racist.”

20. Toxic Parents And Absent Parents Produce The Same Kind Of People. “…when children are raised with negative feedback, constant criticism and devaluation, they not only fail to develop a positive sense of self but learn to maintain the negative one.” *sigh*

21. How I got revenge on a plantation tour.

22. Summer Walker went from housekeeper to R&B it girl — and she’s still a mystery.

23. Ex Dallas Cop Amber Guyger Is Set to Appeal Her Murder Conviction in the Shooting Death of Botham Jean.

24. Fired for Repeating Racist Slur, School Guard Will Get Job Back, Union Says. “A student directed the slur at Marlon Anderson, who then repeated it as he was trying to explain why it was offensive.”

25. This came up in my Facebook memories this morning. (video) “This American Life asked Sara Bareilles to imagine what President Obama might be thinking about the 2016 election and Donald Trump, but can’t say publicly. Leslie Odom Jr. performs the song.” This seems like a million years ago, and 1000 times more heartbreaking than the first time I heard it.

26. A Critique of Byron Katie’s The Work. “Is Byron Katie’s method known as The Work harmful? Some believe so. There are numerous instances of Katie on stage blaming sexual abuse victims, denying racism, stifling efforts for social change, denying the reality of abuse and accusing people of things they didn’t do. It’s all done under the guise of spiritual growth. Katie claims to haven’t had a thought in 26 years and says she could walk into a gas chamber knowing it’s an ‘amazing day.'”

27. Two of the best Halloween costumes, ever: Dog dressed as ambulance complete with his own siren and this baby dressed as Elton John.

Something Good

From our walk

1. The digestive system from Austin Kleon, in which he explains why he does what he does in his newsletter and on his blog, in which he says something I feel like I could have written:

The longer I write this blog and the newsletter, the more I try to focus on what I genuinely love. The stuff that really nourishes and feeds me. I could probably grow a bigger “audience” with the most recent creativity tips and life hacks or whatever, but that’s not why I started doing this. I started doing this to find my people. The people who care about the same things that I do. In other words: You. Thanks for being here.

Thanks for being here, kind and gentle reader.

2. The limits of technique, wisdom from Seth Godin, in which he writes, “It’s possible that you no longer need to get better at your craft. That your craft is just fine. It’s possible that you need to be braver instead.” Oh snap…

3. Celebrating Genocide – Christopher Columbus’ Invasion of America. WHY can’t we be honest about who we really are? WHY do we continue to refuse to take responsibility for the things we’ve done? We would all be so much better off if we started telling the truth. Things will never change if we don’t. We will never ever ever “get over it.”

4. Photographer Spent Days Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match The Artworks They Observe, And it Was Worth It.

5. Adults Can Swim With Tiny Otters At This Animal Preserve, And The Photos Are Adorable.

6. Get Your Flu Shot Now, Doctors Advise, Especially If You’re Pregnant.

7. Cher Offers to Pay Legal Fees for Black Security Guard Fired for Telling Student to Stop Calling Him N-Word.

8. Watch: Pema Chödrön sits down for new Oprah interview; addresses Shambhala scandals.

9. Breakfast Burritos recipe on Smitten Kitchen. I’m making these this week. I want to try this one too, miso sweet potato and broccoli bowl.

10. Woman Broke The Plank World Record By Planking Over 4 Hours. I start to shake at 30 seconds, could maybe hold one two or three minutes on my best day, but FOUR HOURS?!

11. Standing Rock rancher runs nation’s largest native-owned buffalo herd.

12. The Whitewashing of “#WhitePeopleDoingYoga.” “My artwork was about appropriation. San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum tried to appropriate it.”

13. As A Black Man, Here’s How Yoga Helped Save My Life.

14. California Can Expect Blackouts For A Decade, Says PG&E CEO.

15. Summer Walker: Tiny Desk Concert. SO good.

16. Hear Prince’s Acoustic ‘I Feel For You’ Demo, Fresh From The Vault.

17. Five Indigenous Speculative Fiction Authors You Should Be Reading.

18. Fort Worth Officer Charged With Murder for Shooting Woman in Her Home. “Aaron Dean, who killed Atatiana Jefferson while she was home with her nephew, resigned hours before he was going to be fired.”

19. Elton John On Music, Addiction And Family: ‘I’m Proud Of Who I Am Now’.

20. The Bizarre and Racist History of the BMI. “Body Mass Index has been used in recent decades as a referendum on individual health. But it was never meant to be.”

21. Police arrest black family twice for ‘loitering’ in their own front yard. TWICE.

22. The ‘Wellness Influencer’ Lifestyle Can Be a Gateway to Disordered Eating. “The corner of the internet that chronicles meticulous diets and ‘clean eating’ regimens is still a petri dish for orthorexia.”

23. Khalid – Fast Car (Tracy Chapman cover) (video)

24. The Tricky Argument That Dieting Makes People Fatter on Dances with Fat.

25. Kalen Allen’s on a mission to represent queer kids fighting to be seen.

26. He Traded Single Life To Be Foster ‘Pop’ To More Than 50 Kids.

27. Highly Sensitive People Have a Special Bond With Animals. Have I told you lately I’m a hsp?

Something Good

From our walk

1. Adding the wrong words from Austin Kleon. “My 4-year-old leaves so many drawings lying around that sometimes I steal them and add my own captions.”

2. This remix of Ellen’s pathetic defense of George W. Bush is devastating.

3. Initiative from Seth Godin.

4. Victoria’s Secret Hires Anti-Fat Plus-Size Model from Dances with Fat.

5. 5 No-Fuss Self-Care Ideas For Introverts.

6. hilariously, clumsily, grossly visible, a really great post about patiarchy from The Collected AHP (Anne Helen Petersen).

7. Wisdom from Ronna Detrick’s Notes From Her: “I kept myself busy with so many responsibilities. I took them on because they needed to be done, but more, because they seemed like the best way to keep from feeling crazy. When I slowed down, when I rested, when I stopped, my mind fought against the silence, the space, the calm. But, in truth, silence, space, and calm was what my heart wanted most; what I needed most. It took time, but I learned that it’s not in working harder, faster, or smarter; but in sitting, resting, and leaning that feeling crazy eventually vanishes, that transformation comes, that love shows up.”

8. Yoga For Writers | Yoga With Adriene (video)

9. This Daily Truth from Melody Ross about choosing the path that’s right for you, making your own decisions. “The messages are often conflicting, confusing, frustrating, and they can make us feel small and inadequate. Sometimes we feel so confused that we are just paralyzed and instead of making decisions, we just stop doing anything at all.”

10. Imagine a Pine Tree on Lion’s Roar, “Thich Nhat Hanh answers a retreatant’s question on what to do in the face of suffering.” My favorite line of this piece is, “The basic thing we can do to help the world is to be healthy, solid, loving, and gentle to ourselves.”

11. 10 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Your Plastic Use Right Now from Sandra Pawula.

12. Fort Worth Officer Kills Woman In Her Bedroom In Response To ‘Open Structure Call.’ In related news, Where Are the Good Cops?

13. Honey Bees Complete Mixed Media Artworks by Building Comb Around Embroidery Hoops.

14. Prince’s Estate Condemns Trump’s Use Of ‘Purple Rain’ At Campaign Rally.

15. How Mainstream Body Positivity Has Failed Us.

16. Florida Man Who Killed Black Father Over Parking Space Will Stand His Ground in Prison for 20 Years.

17. Power Is Gradually Restored To Thousands Of Californians After 2nd Day Of Outages.

18. ‘If you can’t make jokes without hurting people, maybe you’re no good at it’, “Marc Maron reacts to claims ‘woke culture’ is killing comedy.”

19. White Women doing White Supremacy in Nonprofit Culture.

20. Wisconsin Spice Company Spends More Than $100K On Pro-Impeachment Ads. “Wauwatosa-Based Penzeys Spices Behind Only Trump Campaign In National Spending.” This company makes a good product, then takes some of the money they make from that and does good things in the world.

21. Get a Dog, Live Longer? on The New York Times. “Benefits of dog ownership may be particularly pronounced in those who have already had a heart attack.”

22. Forty-three new women came forward to describe assault and harassment by Trump. Newspapers ignored them.

23. Matt Lauer Issues Victim-Blaming Letter In Response To Brooke Nevils Rape Allegations.

24. Why Veggies Won’t Save Healthcare in Real Life. “Is maintaining a healthy lifestyle one’s responsibility, or a privilege? It’s time to start asking the harder questions, and recognize the health care disparity that exists in real life.”

25. Meatless meat is becoming mainstream — and it’s sparking a backlash.

26. What It’s Like Growing Up as a Highly Sensitive Child in a Chaotic Home.

27. I threw out 10 years of journals. Just to be clear, I’m sharing this because I want to reinforce the fact that if we aren’t ready to let go, even if we never are, that’s okay too.

28. With Abortion Rights On The Line, Planned Parenthood Announces 2020 Push.

29. Trump Administration Says It Won’t Comply With Impeachment Inquiry.

30. 15 Ways White Women Avoid Accountability On The Internet.

31. On Finding the Freedom to Rage Against Our Fathers, “Minda Honey Tells the Story of a Daughter Who Refused to Walk on Eggshells.”

32. Columbus Day Or Indigenous Peoples’ Day? In related news, I’m Dreaming About a Modern World That Doesn’t Erase Its Indigenous Intelligence.

Something Good

P.S. I just realized this is my 400th Something Good list! Oh my!

1. Working with the Heartbreaking Feeling That Something is Wrong with You from Zen Habits.

2. Higher Standards – The Next Frontier of Fat Activism? from Dances with Fat. Also from Ragen, Dressing Doesn’t Ruin Salad (Unless You Don’t Like the Dressing!).

3. 90 days until the end of the decade from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks. “And suddenly, it felt really important to think about how I want to end 2019 … and how I want to start a brand new decade. Because regardless of whether I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to this year, the fact is that I want to end the year strong. And I want to set myself up for a great 2020. So this week, I’m spending some time journaling my answers the following questions. I thought I’d share them here, in the event that you’re looking for ideas to put head down and push for a strong ending for your year.”

4. INFJ: What To Do When Your Emotions Overflow.

5. Modern Love: Let’s Meet Again in Five Years on The New York Times.

6. On Being with Krista Tippett: Claudia Rankine, “How Can I Say This So We Can Stay in This Car Together?”.

7. 11 things for when you don’t know what to write from Jena Schwartz.

8. “Emergency Poet” opens literary pharmacy to support mental wellbeing.

9. Notice when you are happy from Austin Kleon.

10. Geometric Dance by Géométrie Variable. (video)

11. Crave more stillness in your life? You can find it in beauty.

12. Great Big Story: The Mystery of Shell Grotto. (video)

13. The Beginner’s Mind Podcast: Ep. 8 – Accessible Yoga.

14. Confused By The Impeachment Process? This Flowchart Should Help.

15. Singh, pledging the $1.8B needed for clean water in First Nations communities, (video) “is asked if he’s writing a ‘blank cheque’ for all indigenous people. His response is as measure and firm as we have come to expect of Jagmeet.”

16. I want to try this recipe: apple and cheddar scones. Also, this one: Vidalia Onion Upside Down Broccoli Cornbread.

17. Simone Biles Has 2 More Signature Moves Under Her Name After World Championships.

18. Perhaps the World Ends Here, a poem by Joy Harjo.

19. How ‘mixed-ish’ Failed To Tackle Biracial Identity and Chose To Rely On Tropes.

20. Witness in Amber Guyger murder case found shot dead in Dallas. In related news, Woman who filmed Dallas police officer Amber Guyger shoot Botham Jean fired.

21. Great Big Story: How This Woman Is Saving Migrant Lives Along the Border.

22. A 29-year-old mayor gave his city’s poorest residents $500 a month. Here’s how they spent the money.

23. We Need to Talk About ‘The Giving Tree’ on The New York Times. “Kids — and parents — need to understand that there’s a big difference between selflessness and generosity.”

24. Ocean Vuong: The 10 Books I Needed to Write My Novel.

25. ICE is reportedly using fake Facebook accounts to track undocumented immigrants and lure them into sting operations. #AbolishICE

26. ‘Extremely Dangerous’: Trump Tweet Calling Impeachment Inquiry a ‘Coup’ Heightens Fears of Refusal to Leave Office.

27. ‘Homophobic’ actress dropped from The Color Purple sues for religious discrimination. Don’t hide your hate behind your religion.

28. Building a Mystery: An Oral History of Lilith Fair.

29. Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice on The New York Times. “The evidence is too weak to justify telling individuals to eat less beef and pork, according to new research. The findings ‘erode public trust,’ critics said.”

30. I Am With You – Chanel Miller. (video) “While writing Know My Name, I was constantly drawing as a way of letting my mind breathe, reminding myself that life is playful and imaginative. We all deserve a chance to define ourselves, shape our identities, and tell our stories. The film crew that worked on this piece was almost all women. Feeling their support and creating together was immensely healing. We should all be creating space for survivors to speak their truths and express themselves freely. When society nourishes instead of blames, books are written, art is made, and the world is a little better for it.”

Something Good

From our walk

1. Do we have to love our work? from Paul Jarvis. His part two to this post is Passion Kills.

2. Antidotes to Overwork from Zen Habits.

3. How To Strengthen Your Intuition (Your INFJ Superpower).

4. I study collapsed civilizations. Here’s my advice for a climate change apocalypse.

5. WDS 2019 Main Stage Keynote – Marsha Shandur on Taming the Beast. (video) “At WDS 2019, Marsha reminded us that all have a beast who whispers in our ear. That voice that tells us we are unlovable, not talented, and incapable of achieving our dreams and goals. She also shared 4 steps on how to tame the beast and find ways to use its presence to help us live the lives we want—and ultimately, to help others as well.”

6. Weight Stigma – The Root of Eating Disorders.

7. Greta Thunberg isn’t the only trailblazing young climate leader. Activists from the Amazon to Nigeria share their ideas for battling the climate crisis.

8. Rachel Cole launched her new website. “My work in the world is all about guiding people to trust their hungers and feast on their lives. As a life coach and teacher, I live to share the wisdom and tools that have helped me and my clients to find peace with food, love for our bodies, and truly fulfilling lives.”

9. You’ll be miserable if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do from Austin Kleon.

10. Today [Yesterday] Would Have Been Botham Jean’s 28th Birthday And Social Media Is Celebrating His Life.

11. City Leader Calls Out ‘Bad Police Officer’ During Awards Ceremony in Broward County, Fla.

12. “The Good Place” Is a Show About Why We’re Good on Lion’s Roar. “According to Zen priest Gesshin Greenwood, NBC’s The Good Place shows us people are good because of their bond to each other — even in the afterlife.”

13. Sikh Deputy ‘Trailblazer’ Fatally Shot In Houston-Area Traffic Stop.

14. Georgia Professor Holds Student’s Baby, A Life Lesson Bundled On Her Back.

15. Jenny Odell on why we need to learn to do nothing: ‘It’s a reminder that you’re alive.’ “The author and artist’s keynote address on our fractured attention spans went viral. Now she has a plan for how to heal them: lose ourselves in nature.”

16. Black Virginia Girl Says White Classmates Cut Her Dreadlocks on Playground on The New York Times. “The police said they were investigating a report by 12-year-old Amari Allen that three white students forcibly cut portions of her hair at their Christian school.”

17. Prince died after taking fake Vicodin laced with fentanyl, prosecutor says. “‘In all likelihood, Prince had no idea he was taking a counterfeit pill that could kill him,’ the Minnesota prosecutor said.”

18. Some People Are Pissed At Mattel’s New Gender-Neutral Doll Collection.

19. ‘I Hate Myself,’ Former Dallas Police Officer Who Killed Neighbor Tells Jurors. Guilty of murder. That is the only answer here, even as I don’t believe that will be the outcome. She entered an apartment that wasn’t hers and murdered the person who lived there. Knowing why satisfies our curiosity but can not stand as a justification.

20. App Developer Responds to ‘The Racist Nextdoor.’

21. Exercising To Ease Pain: Taking Brisk Walks Can Help. This is a good reason to exercise: so you feel better, maybe even have some fun. Notice this article says not one thing about weight.

22. Eddie Murphy Is Bringing Eddie Murphy Back on The New York Times. “In a wide-ranging interview, the star explains why he’s returning to stand-up and the big screen, why he regrets leaving and why it’s hard to watch himself in ‘Raw’ these days.”

23. 21-Year-Old Hotel Employee Manages 90 Guests Alone After Getting Trapped by Tropical Storm for Over 24 Hours.

24. The Quiet Harm of #TransformationTuesday. “On the healing fantasy of thinness, and what your before and after photos tell the fat people in your life.”

25. Netflix’s ‘Unbelievable’ dares police to do better when it comes to sexual assault.

26. A baby’s laughter is the sweetest sound there is. (video) The way this kid says “W” though… I’ve watched this at least 20 times.

27. Found a mini toy keyboard…so Lizzo it is. (video)

28. This Mexican Abuelita Is Getting Millions of Views For Her Cooking Videos.