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Something Good

1. 4 Ways INFJs Are Their Own Worst Enemy. Hi, my name is Jill. I’m an INFJ and I’m my own worst enemy. In related news, How To Deal With Negative Emotions As A Highly Sensitive Person.

2. Words of wisdom from Jamie Ridler: “It may be hard but you are strong. It may be scary but you are brave. It may be new but you can learn. You may have no idea what you are doing but you can find your way.”

3. Solitary Voices: Thousands of Immigrants Suffer in Solitary Confinement in ICE Detention.

3. A Mindful Method for When You’re Tired on Zen Habits. This is kind of my life right now.

4. The mob fears the truth from Seth Godin.

5. passion & purpose, a post from Karen Walrond with some really helpful questions at the end. “I encourage you to explore your own motivations, gifts and mission — they could be the clues to how to add more meaning to your life and your current career, or even what to look for in a new career or employer.”

6. “Booksmart” Is The Feminist High School Movie We’ve Been Missing.

7. No one owes you a flat stomach.

8. Washington becomes the first state to legalize composting of humans. Get back soil instead of ashes.

9. People Are Sharing the Kindest Thing a Stranger Has Ever Done for Them.

10. Meet Lee, he’s homeless and spends his time on the street reading. (video) I’ll be first in line to read Lee’s book.

11. Does being a Buddhist mean you have to be a vegetarian?

12. More than 300 people came together to throw a surprise retirement party for their neighborhood mailman. (video)

13. Summer Reading Recommendations from Favorite Authors on Goodreads. I won’t live long enough to read all the books I want to read but that doesn’t mean I will stop trying.

14. Recipe I want to try: ciambellone, an italian tea cake, from Smitten Kitchen. “A ciambellone is a simple, sunny Italian tea cake with lemon zest and a rich crumb typically baked in a tube pan, which gives it a torus shape, i.e. the appearance of a doughnut, which is, in fact, what Google Translate tells me is the translation of ciambellone.” I love chocolate cakes, but I might like lemon flavored things even more.

15. A Fashion Brand Aiming To Be ‘Inclusive’ Created A Separate Instagram Page For Non-White And Plus-Sized Models. Wait, segregation is inclusive?

16. Students Invent Bacteria That Eat Plastic From The Oceans And Turn It Into Water.

17. This woman saved a nest full of baby birds. (video)

18. Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill? Not During The Trump Administration.

19. Toni Morrison Awarded Gold Medal for Fiction.

20. The Struggle To Hire And Keep Doctors In Rural Areas Means Patients Go Without Care.

21. Get Your Mind and Body Out of Crisis Mode. “Unchecked stress can wreak havoc on your well-being. These are the warning signs that you’re heading toward burnout plus six steps to manage your stress.” #whyiquitmyjob

22. Milwaukee County Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis. Will More Cities Follow Suit?

23. Not Just For Soldiers: Civilians With PTSD Struggle To Find Effective Therapy.

24. How Superstore got so good. One of my favorite shows, because it’s good and because I worked retail for ten years and this reminds me of that wonderfully awful time.

25. Teenager Is Latest Migrant Child To Die In U.S. Custody.

Something Good


1. My writing day. “Authors and writers describe their typical writing day in this regular Saturday Review series.”

2. Letting Go of “Health-ism” and Related Panic from Isabel Foxen Duke. This is so important.

People steadfastly cling to the belief that they can make themselves “pure” or even immortal (outsmarting death, disease, etc.) by making “correct” food choices—spending hours studying the literature, listening to gurus, or trying to find the golden key.

This idea that we can outsmart death and disease—that we can effectively prevent “bad things” from happening to us if we make the “right” food choices—is particularly interesting, considering how incredibly faith-based, and un-scientific, this sentiment really is.

Food doesn’t even come close to the top of the list of things that will likely kill me or anyone else—genetics, environment, age, and various factors outside of my control are far better predictors of illness or death—yet we cling desperately to the delusion that food is the primary determinant of our fate, frantically trying to “play God” through our food choices.

3. ‘Attention Is the Beginning of Devotion’, “The late poet Mary Oliver warned against looking without noticing. In an age of distraction, her work is more urgent than ever.”

4. Wisdom from Andréa Ranae: “We are not powerless. Your identities, your experiences, the histories you’ve inherited in culture and body, your gifts and skills, your vision, your communities, your will, the resources you have access to…. these are all sites of power – abundant wells for you to tap into and use to consciously cultivate the world that y(our) descendants will inherit from all of us. You cannot control the world around you (thank goodness), but you can decide how you’re going to use the power that you do have.”

5. Why Introverts Won’t Survive Without Self-Care.

6. Morehouse College Graduates’ Student Loans to Be Paid Off by Billionaire on The New York Times.

7. The anti-gay extremist behind America’s fiercely strict abortion bans. In related news, Republicans, Men and Christians Aren’t Trying to Ban Abortions. White People Are.

8. Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins Accused of Verbal Abuse and Sexual Misconduct. Is anyone really surprised?

9. Guatemalan Toddler Apprehended At U.S. Border Dies After Weeks In Hospital.

10. Grumpy Cat, Internet Celebrity With a Piercing Look of Contempt, Is Dead at 7 on The New York Times.

11. A new report shows how racism and bias deny black girls their childhoods.

12. Farmers Remain Silent at Auction So This Young Man Can Buy His Family Farm Back.

13. Tim Conway, Who Relished The Role Of Comedic Co-Star, Dies At 85.

14. Keuka College Commencement Speech “from the future.” (video)

15. Malaysian school kids trying to hula hoop. (video)

16. Mom, a sweet video about a dog looking for a mom.

Something Good

From our walk this morning

1. Say It Now: 33 Ways To Say I LOVE YOU To the Most Important People In Your Life, a new book by Sherry Richert Belul.

2. Tools & Talismans: A Conversation in Watercolors by Liz Kalloch, which will be available as a book this fall.

3. One Day With the Squad That Removes Needles and Feces From Downtown Portland Streets.

4. Good stuff from Austin Kleon: The trouble with being lazy and An alternate world.

5. Why Everyone Is Watching TV with Closed Captioning On These Days. I totally do this.

6. Just buy the f***ing latte. “Ellevest’s Sallie Krawcheck has no patience for a brewing trend in personal-finance mansplaining.”

7. Hi, Definitely Don’t Tag Authors In Your Negative Reviews Of Their Books from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds.

8. Garden Lover’s Club. This is a great resource, with growing guides for specific plants and a plant finder feature that groups plants together in a really helpful way, such as by color.

9. This Swiss Cinema Replaced All Of Their Seats With Double Beds.

10. 2,624-year-old Tree Discovered in North Carolina Swamp Is One of the Oldest on Earth.

11. The longest-serving inmate to win exoneration in the U.S. created art to cope with decades in prison, and he’s finally sharing it with the world. (video)

12. OlaRonke Akinmowo on Octavia Butler, Audre Lorde, and the Free Black Women’s Library.

13. Sofie Hagen on her problem with #bodypositivity. (video)

14. What Is Writing and Does This Count as It? on The New Yorker.

15. National Bail Out. “We are reuniting families, creating a national community of leaders who have experienced incarceration, and working with groups across the country to transform harmful systems to keep our people safe and free.”

16. They Just Opened the First Black-owned Urgent Care Center on the Southside of Chicago.

17. 4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Hijacking the Conversation on Racial Justice.

18. ‘We’re in constant crisis’: cyclone-hit reservation forced to recover on its own.

19. Empathy is Not Endorsement. “Digital creator Dylan Marron has racked up millions of views for projects like ‘Every Single Word’ and ‘Sitting in Bathrooms With Trans People’ — but he’s found that the flip side of success online is internet hate. Over time, he’s developed an unexpected coping mechanism: calling the people who leave him insensitive comments and asking a simple question: ‘Why did you write that?’ In a thoughtful [TED] talk about how we interact online, Marron explains how sometimes the most subversive thing you can do is actually speak with people you disagree with, not simply at them.”

20. Pardon Me While I Clap Back at the Wall Street Journal’s Bullshit. I wanted to share this for a particular reason beyond the focus of the article. The author says something that is SO important to hear and really, really, really take to heart: “the group who legally slaughtered the Native Americans, enslaved Africans, imprisoned Japanese Americans, lynched, disenfranchised, stole land, oppressed and tortured every non-white population since the inception of this country have never, ever been on the right side of justice.” Unless we acknowledge this truth and start to repair it, to heal and change, things won’t get better. We can no longer cling to the mythology of who we are. We must take responsibility for the truth of who we are and what we’ve done.

21. Wind Telephone. “A disconnected rotary phone for ‘calling’ lost loved ones offered a unique way of dealing with grief in disaster-stricken Japan.”

22. Love Tiny Things? This Popular Instagram Now Has a Book Devoted to All Things Mini.

23. 24 Books for Anti-Racist Teachers – White Fragiles Beware!

24. Kiarah could sing the phonebook and it would resonate, but when she leads the PS22 Chorus in “Stay” by Rihanna, it detonates!!! (video) Seriously this Facebook page gives me LIFE. And her smile at the end is everything.

25. I Raised Two CEOs and a Doctor. These Are My Secrets to Parenting Successful Children. It’s official. I’m ruined. I can’t even get past reading the title of this article without saying, “Secret #1: be WHITE.” I decided to read the article, because I wanted to see if the author (who apparently has also written a parenting book) would spend any time at all recognizing her privilege as a white person, how without that all her secrets and tips wouldn’t really apply or work because she would have bigger, more pressing concerns and obstacles. Do you think she talked about that part? Go ahead, guess..I can wait.

26. By dressing how she wants on-air, journalist Jana Shortal is redefining what it means to look like a TV anchor. (video)

27. 5 People Who Can Help You Love Your Body on The New York Times. “Learning to love your body — whatever shape or size you may be — is easier said than done, but these people are out to teach all of us that there’s no time like the present to fall in love with who you see in the mirror.”

28. A boy left home after a drought left his family eating one meal a day. He died in US custody weeks later. In related news, 7-year-old girl reunites with immigrant father 326 days after being separated.

29. This Woman Is Photographing Every Federally Recognized Native American Tribe. “Matika Wilbur aims to shift public perception of Native America with her Kickstarter-funded Project 562.”

30. If this is not you on a treadmill then you’re doing it wrong. (video) It just makes me laugh. And it’s better with the sound on, so unmute the video when you watch it.

31. ‘This Is Not Who We Are,’ Colorado Officials Say After Deadly School Shooting. No, this IS who we are, and THAT is the problem.

32. This 19-year-old crane operator is being hailed a hero after saving 14 people from a burning building. (video)

33. These 5-year-olds turned a basketball group huddle into a group cuddle. (video)

34. This incarcerated woman gave birth alone in an isolated cell after she reportedly pleaded for help when she went into labor. (video)

35. Ani DiFranco Relives Her Indie Rock Rise: ‘I Wanted A Different Kind Of Power.’

36. Family of Sandra Bland Demands Answers After New Footage of Her Arrest Surfaces.

37. How “Avengers: Endgame” sabotaged Thor’s character development for a movie long fat joke.

38. I’m Done Mowing My Lawn on The New York Times. “A manicured swath of grass may be the ultimate symbol of suburbia, but perhaps it shouldn’t be.” Me too, at least in the front. The back will stay mostly grass because of the dogs, who need a soft carpet under their feet and something nice to roll around in.

39. Humans pushing 1 million species to brink of extinction, says UN report.

40. Return To Middle School In ‘PEN15’: Creators Say ‘It’s All About Survival.’

Something Good

1. 7 ‘Rules’ For Sensitive Introverts To Protect Their Energy.

2. Giving Credit Poster. “In 2011, a few of us design-centric bloggers got together via email to discuss the importance of giving credit online – inspired by our discussions I designed this poster with their support and advice, and now I’m happy to offer it as a PDF to download so that you can use it digitally as well as print it at your local print shop, whichever size you like, to use as a teaching tool.”

3. Working remotely on an island: a day in the life of a company of one.

4. Today is “No Diet Day.” In related news, Dismantling Diet Culture and Pursuing Weight Loss Is Not a Way to “Take Care of Yourself” and No Diet Day Round-up.

5. Facebook bans Alex Jones, Infowars, Louis Farrakhan, and others it deems “dangerous.” In related news, Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones and other ‘dangerous’ voices banned by Facebook and Instagram.

6. The New Tent from Susannah Conway. “In April 2019 I sent out a Love Letter describing my experience of the early days of perimenopause. I received so many replies to that letter I wanted to gather them together so we can all benefit from the stories that were shared. We’re not alone! I will add to this page as more stories come in and more resources are found.”

7. Fun things from Chookooloonks’ “this was a good week” list: In New Jersey, an 1890s-Era Home Honoring Black Heritage, and Photographer Captures Magical Beauty of Looking Up in the Middle of a Forest, and This Graphic Shows the Best Air-Cleaning Plants, According to NASA, and this cool Instagram account.

8. Things That Need to Stop Happening in Fat Fashion.

9. Restored by the Fords: Exclusive. “leanne and her brother steve ford beautifully restore the rineman house — a newly purchased, 1930s farmhouse in the country. leanne highlights the home’s existing beauty while bringing out more of its character with modern-bohemian touches including whitewashed beamed ceilings (i want these in my kitchen!), natural hardwood floors and a white-on-white color scheme that really opens up the space.” There’s almost no color in this space, but it’s dreamy and so cozy.

10. ‘Stop What You’re Doing and Watch’: Applause and Gratitude for Ady Barkan’s Emotional Medicare for All Testimony. In related news, Dying Is No Reason to Stop Fighting.

11. Wisdom from Andréa Ranae, “Stop trying to save the world. You, alone, do not have that power. Demanding such an impossible task of yourself (and then judging and punishing yourself for not living up to it) is abusive.”

12. Wisdom from Cheryl Strayed, “Writing has always felt that way to me—two seemingly opposite things. Agony and joy, every damn day. Like flowers and snow. Like May Day and mayday. Like the ship is going down and yet still we bloom.”

13. Say Yes to an Open Heart. “Diana Winston reflects on the intertwining of mindfulness and compassion, as practiced with an open heart.”

14. Adam Sandler sings a tribute to his friend and Saturday Night Live alum Chris Farley.

15. Yoga Is My Self-Care: More Black Men Need to Breathe.

16. Plagiarism is not just bad for SEO. Here is what you can do about it.

17. Calling it quits: When leaving your job is the right thing to do. Pretty surface level article that doesn’t come clean about quitting being a luxury and privilege that many people just don’t have, but also felt timely for me.

18. This 7/11 owner saw a teenager stealing junk food from his store. (video) “When he asked the teen why he was doing it, the owner responded by giving him free food.”

19. Rachel Held Evans, Christian Writer Who Questioned Evangelical Beliefs, Dies At 37.

20. Non-binary comic Jes Tom is using their work to spotlight trans issues and break LGBTQ+ stereotypes. (video)

21. North Carolina Lawyer Who Works Pro-Bono To Aid The Incarcerated Snags Miss USA 2019 Title. In related news, For the First Time in History, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss America are All Back Women.

22. Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or not. “Hannah Gadsby’s groundbreaking special “Nanette” broke comedy. In a talk about truth and purpose, she shares three ideas and three contradictions. Or not.”

23. Someone burned beehives in Texas and killed more than half a million bees. There are certain events for which the “why” absolutely escapes me. WHY would you do this?!

24. 17 Tweets That Accurately Sum Up An Introvert’s Personality.

25. This Traveling Library Is Making Sure “Black Women’s Literature Has the Place It Deserves.”

26. 16-year-old unaccompanied migrant boy dies in U.S. custody.

27. Why This Highly Sensitive Person Has No Desire to ‘Toughen Up.’ It’s very interesting to me that if someone has autism, no one would ever expect them to “just change,” but when you are HSP it’s assumed that you can just snap out of it, as if it’s a choice or optional, or even a weakness that you can strengthen your way out of.

28. How Fatphobia Prevented Me from Getting Help for My Eating Disorder.

29. How to Hide: Instructions from a Daughter of Survivors. “A daughter of Holocaust survivors gives us chilling instructions. Responding: Nechama Liss-Levinson, a writer and psychoanalyst.”

30. U.N.C. Charlotte Student Couldn’t Run, So He Tackled the Gunman.

31. Philando Castile’s Mom Donates $8,000 to Settle Lunch Debt Preventing HS Seniors from Graduating.

32. This guy brings water to hundreds of wild animals every day. (video)

33. Facebook’s redesign is pretty, airy, and more reason to ditch Facebook.

34. GAY MAG. “Creating an online space where writers are afforded the time to produce their best work.”

35. Avengers: Endgame was brilliant – but the fat shaming broke my heart. In related news, On Fat Hate & The Avengers.

36. ‘My Kids Are In Survival Mode’: A Chat With 2019’s Teacher Of The Year.

37. “You Don’t Have to Have Cerebral Palsy to Relate to My Story”, “Ryan O’Connell’s show about gay, disabled life is Netflix’s first 15-minute sitcom.”

38. Mozambique cyclone: Humanitarian situation is ‘life-threatening’.

39. Parker Curry and Mom Turn Viral Moment with Michelle Obama into New Children’s Book.

40. Sports Illustrated Makes History By Featuring A Model Wearing A Burkini And Hijab.

41. What Do People Get Wrong About Being Deaf? (video)

42. A Dictionary of Words Invented to Name Emotions We All Feel, But Don’t Yet Have a Name For: Vemödalen, Sonder, Chrysalism & Much More.

43. Andrea Gibson’s New Video Takes Aim at the National Rifle Association.

44. Blackbird by The Beatles sung in Mi’kmaq by student.

45. The Courageous Mary Oliver, by Lisa Starr.

46. Exploring the Intersections of Race, Culture and Class with Desiree Adaway.

47. White Supremacists Descend Upon Book Store, Chant ‘This Land is Our Land’.

Something Good

1. Tea and Cake with Demons: A Buddhist Guide to Feeling Worthy by Adreanna Limbach. “Using The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path as a guide, Tea and Cake with Demons guides us to meet all our most common demons—shame, perfectionism, fixation, and self doubt—all while myth-busting the cultural narratives that keep us stuck and revealing the unshakable nature of our inherent self worth.”

2. The Foxes, a photo album from Chuck Wendig. “These are shots of the foxes (whole family, this year) that live in the woods out front of our house, and just behind my writer shed.”

3. Eleanor Baker, a widow, was sitting alone at Brad’s Barbeque in Oxford, Alabama, when she was approached by three young men. (video)

4. “America, Reloading” by Andrea Gibson. “And that’s as happy as the end gets right now.” 💔

5. A new movie remembers the real Emily Dickinson — passionate, ambitious, and queer.

6. “Special” is a Comedy Where Disability Isn’t the Punch Line. In related news, Netflix’s Special stars Ryan O’Connell playing himself—a gay man with cerebral palsy. (video)

7. Trump Will Not Attend 2019’s National Teacher Of The Year Ceremony Honoring Rodney Robinson.

8. National Guard leaders in five states defy Trump and refuse to dismiss trans troops. It’s so important to remember that we can resist, we can refuse.

9. Aidy Bryant Knows She’s Good.

10. Sadeck and his daughter proving that dance is the key to JOY. (video)

11. PS22 Chorus kids perform with Andy Grammer. (video) I’ve watched this at least 20 times, and it’s my favorite Facebook account.

12. After her big sister got approval to wear a Frozen-themed costume to bed, this little girl in Alabama wanted to wear a costume, too. (video) She picked a hot dog. I have also watched this video at least 20 times.

13. A feminist glossary because we didn’t all major in gender studies.

14. Facebook is punishing Black people for talking about racism.

15. Gay Mag call for submissions. “Gay is a new publication partnership between Roxane Gay and Medium. Laura June Topolsky is the Deputy Editor and Kaitlyn Adams serves as Managing Editor. We will be publishing work weekly, covering a wide variety of topics. We will also assemble ambitious, compelling quarterly themed issues. We are now accepting submissions, on a rolling basis, and look forward to hearing from new and established writers who possess original voices.”

16. Recent HBCU Graduate Tyrique Hudson Killed By White Neighbor Months After Court Denied Request For Protective Order.

17. puppiespuppiespuppies from Broad City. (video)

18. Colorado Highway Crash: At Least 4 People Killed In Fiery 28-Vehicle Pileup.

19. A Bookstore, Finally, Comes to the Bronx on The New York Times.

20. How These Black Playwrights Are Challenging American Theater on The New York Times.

21. New Prince album “Originals” to be released in honor of his birthday.

22. DC Police Officer Faces Backlash After Handcuffing A 9-Year-Old Boy For Leaning On His Car. In related news, Policing the Police: Database of Corrupt Cops Opened to Public View.

23. Jimmy and Paul Rudd do a shot-for-shot remake of the classic 1985 music video “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” (video) Ah, memories…

24. 3-Year-Old Found Alone at Border Is One of Many ‘Heartbreaking’ Migrant Cases on The New York Times.

25. Sri Lanka attacks: Who are the victims? In related news, After Sri Lanka Attacks, Islamist Group Blamed And Victims Named.

Something Good

1. 3 Causes Of INFJ Burnout (And How To Get Relief).

2. Horse Goes On A Walk Alone Every Day For 14 Years, Receives Pets And Treats From Residents.

3. Good stuff from Lion’s Roar: The Invisible Majority, You Already Have What You’re Looking For, and Impermanence is Buddha Nature.

4. US Airline Customer of Size Policies. This is a really good resource for anyone flying in a bigger body.

5. This Queer Ballet Company Is Putting Their Classes Online For Everyone. “Ballez is a ballet company opening dance to people of all gender expressions. Starting today, you can join their movement wherever you are in the world.”

6. How We Can Save the Honeybees. “A professional beekeeper shares some ideas for preventing the insect apocalypse.” In related news, Morgan Freeman Converted His 124-Acre Ranch Into A Giant Honeybee Sanctuary To Save The Bees.

7. 15-Year-Old Alabama Boy Commits Suicide After Enduring Anti-Gay Bullying.

8. Prince Memoir The Beautiful Ones to Arrive in October.

9. Lavina Gray Funding for SFAI Summer Program. She’s amazingly talented — can you help her? Every bit helps.

10. What Happened When the Dean’s Office Stopped Sending Emails After-Hours.

11. For Sri Lanka, a Long History of Violence on The New York Times. “After a civil war that dragged on for nearly three decades, Sri Lanka had been enjoying a decade of relative calm. That was shattered on Sunday when a coordinated bombing attack killed more than 200 people. Here is some context to help you understand the latest events in the small island nation.”

12. Go Green but Buy Black: 10 Black-Owned Cannabis Companies For 4/20.

13. Wisconsin coffee chain will change its name, apologizes to Native American tribes.

14. Mozambique starts the long process of rebuilding after cyclone Idai ravaged the country.

15. Another Warning Sign. “The Mueller report is of course about Russian interference in the 2016 election and about the White House’s interference in the resulting investigation. But I couldn’t help also reading the report as a window into the manner of administration that characterizes the Trump era, and therefore as another warning about how fundamentally unprepared our government is for a significant crisis or emergency.” In related news, Highlights From The Mueller Report, Annotated.

16. These seniors are turning to marijuana to treat a host of health conditions. (video)

17. Grown Ass Cop Pepper Spray, Beat and Arrest Black Teen for Allegedly Taking a Defensive Stance.

18. Meet the Buddhist monk leading a double life as a makeup artist.

19. How Tressie McMillan Cottom’s ‘Thick’ Affirmed My Years-Long Refusal Of Body Positivity Language.

20. Before Fisher-Price’s Rock ’n Play Recall, Safety Fears and Dubious Marketing on The New York Times.

21. American History: From Emancipation to the Present, a free video course available on YouTube. “The purpose of this course is to examine the African American experience in the United States from 1863 to the present.”

22. African American Studies, UCLA, another free video course available on YouTube. “An intensive introduction to African American political thought that focuses on major ideological trends and political philosophies as they have been applied and interpreted by African Americans.”

23. African-American History: Modern Freedom Struggle (A Free Course from Stanford). “Taught by historian Clayborne Carson, the editor of the papers of Martin Luther King, Jr., this Stanford University course–entitled African-American History: Modern Freedom Struggle–provides an introduction to African-American history, ‘with a particular emphasis on the political thought and protest movements of the period after 1930.'”

24. 25 Lakhs From 1.25 Acre: Rajasthan Woman Grows Pomegranates & Apples on Barren Land!

25. How to Survive Being a Teacher as a Highly Sensitive Person.

26. Artist Spends A Year In the Woods Making Magical Sculptures Out Of Natural Materials.

27. How to Lose a Diet in 10 Ways: Don’t Listen to Oprah & Other Good Advice.

28. Roxane Gay and Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom to Release ‘Badass’ Podcast Called Hear to Slay.

29. Aliza Sokolow’s Food Photos Could Change the Way You Think About Farmers. “The L.A.-based photographer has trained her lens on the growers in your local farmers’ market, showcasing the art and beauty of their hard work.”

30. Designer Transforms Arabic Words into Illustrations of Their Literal Meanings.

31. These retirees started swimming for the first time in their 50s and 60s. (video)

32. The Unbearable Weight of Fatphobia: A Conversation with Samantha Irby. “I don’t wanna have to teach a lesson on Health At Every Size just to get through every conversation in my day. I’m just trying to live my life.”

33. The Best Eating Disorder Recovery Blogs of 2019.

34. Navajo Nation buys back sacred masks at Paris auction after pleas for their return failed. In related news, Sacred Hopi tribal masks are again sold at auction in Paris.

35. Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind. “In three decades of advocating for prison abolition, the activist and scholar has helped transform how people think about criminal justice.”

36. A white dude’s definition of “ally” made me rethink educating folks.

37. The Health Iceberg, a really great infographic from holisticallygrace on Instagram that I can’t stop thinking about.

38. Flint Receives $77 Million to Fund New Water Projects.

39. This police officer has been fired after body cam footage revealed him abusing a 69-year-old Florida veteran. (video) Our police system is broken, and worse yet it attracts power hungry bullies.

40. We Interviewed 5 Cultural Appropriators at Coachella 2018.

41. One mom in McCall, Idaho posted this video of her kids Brooke and Branson Waite singing while cleaning the bathroom. (video)

42. Nestle Says Requirement to Report Use of Slave Labor Would Cost Consumers More Money. And, so?! Don’t lie, Nestle, you are worried about profits not our feelings about paying more for your crap candy.

43. White People Don’t Live in Flint or Puerto Rico, So President Sends Aid to France.

44. ‘Mama K’s Team 4’: Netflix Announces First African Original Animated Series.

45. The University Is a Ticking Time Bomb. “Treating nearly 75 percent of the professoriate as disposable is not sustainable.”

46. This is so cute! (video) I have watched this video so many times, because it’s ME.

47. An 8-Year-Old Boy’s Bone Marrow Donation Cured His Siblings Of Sickle Cell Disease.

48. Arizona Teachers Can Now Discuss LGBTQ Issues Without Worrying About The Law.

49. Research Shows Entire Black Communities Suffer Trauma After Police Shootings. “Police killings of unarmed African Americans have created a mental health crisis of enormous proportions.”

50. Trump vs. Mother Earth: Indigenous Activist Dallas Goldtooth Slams Trump’s Pipeline Executive Orders.

51. These baby foxes are more than excited about it snowing in April. (video)

Something Good

From our walk this morning

1. Healing Crayon’s Art Store. “I combine protest, play and self care to make art that helps people find their happy place in their body. I have recovered from an eating disorder and am a parent, social worker, artist and intersectional feminist. All profits from this site are donated to the Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association in Newton, Massachusetts.” She also has a really great Instagram account.

2. Set up a day that works and do it over and over again from Austin Kleon. He just released another book — his books on creativity are the BEST.

3. Dear Friends, I Love You, But I Just Can’t Go Out Tonight. Sincerely, An HSP.\

4. Cognitive load is real from Seth Godin. I feel the truth of this so hard.

5. To Know Yourself is to Forget Yourself. “According to Pema Chödrön, we might think that knowing ourselves is a very ego-centered thing, but by beginning to look clearly and honestly at ourselves, we begin to dissolve the walls that separate us from others.”

6. 10 Great Buddhist Books, Recommended by 10 Buddhist Teachers.

7. Cellist Yo-Yo Ma Plays Bach In Shadow Of Border Crossing.

8. This Vermont High School Is Recognizing The History Of Slavery By Raising BLM Flag For 400 Days.

9. 10 Tips on Receiving Critical Feedback: A Guide for Activists.

10. Learning to Let Go and Live.

11. 40 Acres and a Mule Would Be at Least $6.4 Trillion Today—What the U.S. Really Owes Black America, a very interesting infographic.

12. Saskatoon family loses everything in house fire.

13. The Pine Ridge Reservation is one of the most economically impoverished parts of the U.S. Weeks after major flooding, hundreds of its residents remained displaced. (video) In related news, Still reeling from massive flooding and without federal assistance, the Pine Ridge Reservation braces for another major storm.

14. Trump Assails Ilhan Omar With Video of 9/11 Attacks on The New York Times. In related news, Democrats Rally Behind Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Defense In Wake Of Trump’s Latest Attack On The Freshman Lawmaker, and Twitter Urged to Suspend Donald Trump After President Accused of ‘Sharing Propaganda Videos Trafficking in Hate Speech’ Over Omar Attack.

15. The naked truth about Jonatha Brooke’s new made-in-Minnesota record.

16. Author Damon Young’s Black Survival Glossary.

17. A South Carolina firefighter reunites with a puppy he rescued trapped beneath a pile of rocks, and gives his new best friend—Rocky—a forever home. (video)

18. This Border Collie saw a car coming straight for her Chihuahua friend. (video) “She bolted forward and grabbed the Chihuahua by the neck and ran out of the way of the car.”

19. Anybody want my job?

20. Kittens are so funny. (video)

21. MAGA-Loving, Colin Kaepernick-Hating Top NFL Draft Prospect Seems to Hate Everything Black.

22. Screaming off silence: Andrea Gibson, an interview with one of my favorite poets.

23. [White] Son of a Deputy Sheriff Is Charged in 3 Black Church Fires on The New York Times.

24. This 112-pound eastern black rhino was born on Friday in Des Moines, Iowa. (video)

25. Dumpster Diving Reveals U.S. Food Waste Crisis. (video)

26. Settlers destroy 2,000+ Palestinian-owned trees and vines, backed by Israeli authorities.

27. 18-Year-Old Starts Having A Seizure On The Train, Receives Help From Total Stranger That Later Shares The Whole Story On Twitter.

28. Washington State Bans Free Books to Prisoners for No Logical Reason.

29. 11-Year-Old’s Gives ‘Blessing Bags’ to Homeless Population and Catches Obama’s Attention. (video)

30. The key to glorifying a questionable diet? Be a tech bro and call it ‘biohacking.’

31. ‘Shrill,’ Starring Aidy Bryant, Renewed for Season 2 at Hulu. Yay!

32. Gavin is 25. Julie is 76. They met by chance in a market four years ago and they’ve had each other’s backs since. (video)