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Something Good

1. The Thing Is, a gorgeous poem by Ellen Bass. It’s not new and I have shared it before, but Sharon Salzberg posted it on Facebook and it reminded me how much I love it. It also seems to be a poem that gets more and more relevant the more time passes.

“to love life, to love it even
when you have no stomach for it
and everything you’ve held dear
crumbles like burnt paper in your hands,
your throat filled with the silt of it.
When grief sits with you, its tropical heat
thickening the air, heavy as water
more fit for gills than lungs;
when grief weights you down like your own flesh
only more of it, an obesity of grief,
you think, How can a body withstand this?
Then you hold life like a face
between your palms, a plain face,
no charming smile, no violet eyes,
and you say, yes, I will take you
I will love you, again.”

2. This sauna that Theron Humphrey built(Instagram reel). The view!!! It is so beautiful, I want to cry. And the cabin you can rent that he built is also so gorgeous. The setting, the view… I want to go to there. I love the main house too, but it is out of my price range.

3. For a Longer Peony Season, Think Beyond the Typical Pink and White on The New York Times. *swoon*

4. These Weird X-Ray Images [of animals] Are Both Creepy And BeautifulHammerhead shark = what I’d look like if I had to wear my pelvis on my head.

5. 99 Animal Group Names: A List From A to Z“From a shrewdness of apes to a zeal of zebras, many animals have strange names when they gather in groups.”

6. What Is a Harvest Moon? 

7. Here’s What Extinction Looks Like“Photos show extinct and endangered species in Field Museum’s collection.”

8. Reading Pathway: Kelly Link’s Short Stories“If you’re a fan of the weird and strange, the melding of genres and the meddling with reality; if you cite Karen Russell, George Saunders, Aimee Bender, Donald Barthelme as a favorite writer; if you love fairy tales, sci-fi, and fantasy whipped into your reality and baked into an unrecognizable, totally fresh dish: read on. There is a Kelly Link story for everyone; I’ve highlighted a few favorites and categorized by genre appeal. Bonus: most of them are available for free online.”

9. Dear Ani Trailer, (video). “More than 20 years ago, an aspiring songwriter began a creatively obsessive correspondence with music icon Ani DiFranco, believing the replies were encoded in her song lyrics. Dear Ani is an odyssey of music, art, and mania.”

10. Billy Eichner’s history-making gay rom-com Bros has finally hit screens – and the verdict is in.

11. When Weird Al Yankovic Met Daniel Radcliffe, Things Got … Well, You Know on the New York Times. “For their decidedly nonfactual rock biopic, the pop-music parodist and the ‘Harry Potter’ star found themselves on the same wavelength.”

12. AOC’s Fight for the Future“Almost four years after her improbable arrival in Washington, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the political voice of a generation—and a cultural star whose power transcends politics. Now, as the country hurtles toward the midterm elections, AOC opens up about the battle over abortion, her own shot at the presidency, and why it’s critical that men step up now.”

13. Interview: ‘Spirit Rangers’ Creator Karissa Valencia“After nearly a year and a half in development, Netflix’s new Native-themed animated children’s program Spirit Rangers will debut on Oct. 10. The show is part of Netflix’s Representation Matters Collection, which consists of movies and tv series focusing on storylines about and by people of color. The show follows three Indigenous siblings (Kodi, Summer, and Eddy) who are secret Spirit Rangers and protect the national park they call home. The premise is influenced by showrunner Karissa Valencia’s childhood experiences exploring her tribal territory with her sister.”

14. Project 562. “Created by Matika Wilbur, Project 562 is a multi-year national photography project dedicated to photographing over 562 federally recognized Tribes, urban Native communities, Tribes fighting for federal recognition and Indigenous role models in what is currently-known-as the United States, resulting in an unprecedented repository of imagery and oral histories that accurately portrays contemporary Native Americans.” She also is releasing a book based on the project.

15. Discussing death: How different cultures in Colorado celebrate and contemplate the inevitable.

16. Myth Translated Into Action: A Plea for Practical Commitment to Our Planet“Karen Armstrong Considers Mythos, Logos, and Ritual.”

17. Meet South Dakota’s new corn-bassador, a boy who recently found out that corn is real“Tariq’s profession of love for his favorite vegetable earned him the nickname the ‘Corn Kid’ after his interview racked up millions of views and was made into a song.”

18. Ruled by Children, Kevin Peterson’s Paintings Find Hope Among Environmental Collapse.

19. The Long Fight of Barbara Ehrenreich“Remembering the champion of the working class, scourge of the self-important, and my friend of 50 years.”

20. All 75 Stephen King Books, Ranked“We’re sorting through the exhilarating highs, bewildering lows, and many unexpected diversions.”

21. How To Survive Suicidal Thoughts, From People Who Have Been There“Read this mental health advice, which may help you navigate feelings of hopelessness, depression and more.”

22. Conservatives join liberals in ‘quiet and polite’ Idaho protest to protect their library from book-banners.

23. Javier Zamora Carried a Heavy Load. He Laid It to Rest on the Pageon the New York Times. “Decades after traveling without his parents from El Salvador to the U.S. as a 9-year-old — a journey that almost killed him — Zamora describes the experience in a memoir.”

24. New ‘Blame Wall Street’ Campaign Launched as Climate Emergency Grips Planet“‘These companies could stop the flow of money to fossil fuels today, but they are choosing greed instead,’ said organizers with the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition.”

25. Inside the lucrative world of pet influencersSpeaking of, my favorite internet pet is Simon: Shelter Dog With Unusual Ears Wasn’t Getting Adopted. Then He Met His New Best Friend!

26. 20 Familiar Products That Have Become Smaller Without Us Noticing This. I wouldn’t be so bothered by this if the increased profit was passed on to the employees.

27. This Wanting Business: On the Cost and Labor of Writing.

28. Recipes I want to try: soy cured egg yolks and taco lasagna

29. Is it possible to hold this much grief without shattering? (podcast) “How do we metabolize the grief of another senseless loss of life? By honoring it, by feeling it, by transmuting it into power.”

30. Family Builds Twin Underground Homes on Ancient Farm(video) 

31. How to Meditate Every Day on Lion’s Roar. “Diana Winston on committing to meditation practice. Featuring her ‘Ten Suggestions for Having a Regular Daily Practice Even if You Would Rather Be Thrown into a Shark-Infested Ocean.'”

32. The 30-Day Notebook Challenge.

33. Deep Adaptation, “a concept, agenda, and international social movement. It presumes that extreme weather events and other effects of climate change will increasingly disrupt food, water, shelter, power, and social and governmental systems. These disruptions would likely or inevitably cause uneven societal collapse in the next few decades. The word ‘deep’ indicates that strong measures are required to adapt to an unraveling of western industrial lifestyles. The agenda includes values of nonviolence, compassion, curiosity and respect, with a framework for constructive action.”

34. Inside Out: Sitting, Writing, and Being Fully in this World an Upaya Podcast offering, a series in nine parts.

35. The Art of Noticing: greatest-hits archive link list. 

36. The Unexpected Power of Random Acts of Kindness on The New York Times. “New research shows small gestures matter even more than we may think.”

37. America Is a Rich Death Trap“It’s not just the pandemic. For citizens of a wealthy country, Americans of every age, at every income level, are unusually likely to die, from guns, drugs, cars, and disease.”

38. You — yes, you! — can help the planet. Start in your backyard“This column will give you some tools to help mitigate the damage we’re causing to the planet.”

39. Reflections on dyinga video series from the BBC, a “look at how we approach and come to terms with dying, death and grief.”

40. Calm In the Midst of Chaos on Lion’s Roar. “Sharon Salzberg on the power of equanimity.”

41. Ambient playlist23 hours of music, “It is the music of the ether, the sound of dust that lingers in the air. Or it’s super boring. You choose. Ambient music, or whatever variant name you want to dub it has risen from the backwaters of academia and the curiosities of wayward pop savants to a global theme, interacting with the way we live in everything from ‘elevator music’ to ASMR.”

42. How to Have Fun Again on The New York Times.

43. Family of Four Has a Rocking Good Time Arranging Charming Art on the Beach.

44. Sequined and Baubled Masks by ‘Damselfrau’ Fascinate with Mysterious Beauty.


Something Good

1. Wisdom from Ram Dass: “Our journey is about being more deeply involved in Life and yet less attached to it.”

2. Wisdom from Rabindranath Tagore (by way of Jena Schwartz): “Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”

3. Speaking of Jena Schwartz: Falling Forward: On Change, Choice, and Patience and How Community Holds Us.

4. 6 Ways Reading Books Benefits Introverts“For introverts, books provide the perfect escape — you can ‘go out’ into another world while staying in.”

5. Essentiala gorgeous poem from Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. 

6. The Signing Line“But we don’t write toward the signing lines! That jazzy, excited feeling you get if there’s a long line, I know that it doesn’t linger. But the work always does. That satisfaction, that feeling of finishing, completing this beautiful task, making a piece of art, is the memory that nestles inside. We write toward that.”

7. “Every single day I wake up filled.” “A conversation about rabbits and composting and the opposite of self-reliance with Ifeoma Ozoma.”

8. On James Baldwin: An Intimate Look at James Baldwin and His Rarely Discussed Suicide Attempts and 5 Things You Didn’t Know About James Baldwin. Also, James Baldwin Archive on Instagram, “A place to focus on the life & work of Black queer genius James Baldwin.”

9. Wisdom from Seth Godin: Don’t blame the mouse and Cultural distress (and consumerism) and Crickets.

10. My Body Is Causing Me Pain – anti-diet approaches from Jenna Hollenstein. “Even though the go-to for many doctor’s is the suggestion to lose weight – and perhaps now this is something that comes up in your own mind as well – there is actually a lot more to do when working with everything from the occasional aches and pains to chronic and debilitating pain that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WEIGHT LOSS!”

11. All good things from Andrea Gibson: I Got Engaged!: Here’s Our Proposal Story and Don’t Cry, Andrea: How the Worst Advice Became the BEST and I Stopped Waiting For Awe To Find Me: Now, I Find It.

12. About Wabi-Sabi on Lion’s Roar: Wabi-Sabi For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers (“Lion’s Roar presents an excerpt from Leonard Koren’s gem, Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers, considered a class statement on this Japanese aesthetic”) and Wabi Sabi Is Imperfect Beauty (“Prizing newness with its sleek and perfect lines has some ugly consequences. An aesthetic alternative, offers author Elizabeth Farrelly, is wabi sabi, a philosophy with roots in Zen tea ceremonies, which posits that beauty lies in what is flawed”).

13. Having a Bad Day? Here Are 11 Simple Reminders to Help You Feel BetterThis made me think of one of my favorite printables, Everything is Awful and I’m not Okay: questions to ask before giving up.

14. The Joy of Rest.

15. How to log off.

16. The White House on Twittera thread throwing shade at congresspersons who are complaining about student loan forgiveness but had their own PPP loans forgiven. In related news, Wealth is the Missing Piece, “If you want to talk about student loan cancellation, you have to talk about wealth.”

17. How to Manage Overwhelming Emotions as an Introvert.

18. Books UnbannedBrooklyn Public Library in NY has created this program which gives free internet access, for people aged 13-21, to books that are being banned in school districts across the country. In related news, A Teacher Told Students How to Access Banned Books. A State Official Wants Her License Revoked. One of my favorite genres is Dystopian Fiction — I really never thought I’d be living in one.

19. My Dog, My Heart on Lion’s Roar. “Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu discovers you don’t get over the death of a beloved pet. You just learn to love more.”

20. Everybody Hates Prologues: Except writers. Writers love prologues.

21. Hacking and whacking the way to writing clarity — and pie“An author and freelancer contemplates story craft as she tames and harvests the blackberry brambles on her land.”

22. Permission to Stop Doing the Thing.

23. The fetish of commitment: it’s okay to change your mind.

24. Why the US photographed its own WWII concentration camps“Dorothea Lange’s photos of the incarceration of Japanese Americans went largely unseen for decades.”

25. Jac Ross covering Tennessee whiskeyone of the best covers of one of the best songs. Jac Ross’s voice is everything.

26. Living Without Air-Conditioning? Here’s How to Stay Cooler at Home on The New York Times. In related news and from the same source, How can I keep my pet cool and safe during a heat wave?

27. Three-year-old loves her ‘creepy’ Halloween store doll and Disney embraced her in the best way.

28. Wildlife Photographer of the Year Image Gallery“View the Wildlife Photographer of the Year images from the current and previous years’ competitions. These images were awarded for their artistic composition, technical innovation and truthful interpretation of the natural world.” 

29. Mississippi Crisis Highlights Climate Threat to Drinking Water Nationwide on The New York Times. In related news, How to Help People in Jackson, Mississippi, Right Now, and Avoiding the tap water in Jackson, Miss., has been a way of life for decades, and The flooding in Pakistan is a climate catastrophe with political roots, and How melting glaciers fueled Pakistan’s fatal floods.

30. I thought needing subtitles on TV just meant I was getting old. Turns out it is all the rage among the kids“Apparently four out of five viewers between 18 and 25 put subtitles on – but it is not for the reasons you might think.”

31. I paid $150 to cuddle cows. I expected it to be like the Instagram Reels, but it was totally disappointing.

32. 10 Ways to Save the Bees.

33. Nature photographer, videographer Nick Kleer on InstagramThis video in particular made me seek out his other work.

34. ‘We had such trust, we feel such fools’: how shocking hospital mistakes led to our daughter’s death. “Living with a child for 14 years, they become a part of you: a year after Martha’s death, it’s still so hard to break the lovely habit of her.”

35. “When you feel that tug on your heartstrings, do you move your feet?” (video)

36. Creepy, tiny, beautifulNoelleBurd Creations on Instagram: “Miniature Artist | Tiny Abandoned Explorer. 1:12 scale miniatures inspired by the abandoned and magical.” 

37. Recipes I want to try: Apple Walnut Bread and corn, cheddar and scallion strata.

38. Using A Sauna After Working Out May Benefit Your Heart HealthAnd it just feels good.

39. Barbara Ehrenreich, Explorer of Prosperity’s Dark Side, Dies at 81 on The New York Times. “Her book Nickel and Dimed, an undercover account of the indignities of being a low-wage worker in the United States, is considered a classic in social justice literature.”

40. 28 Best Toxic Positivity Quotes To Encourage Authentic Hope.

41. America’s failures in response to the Holocaust.

42. Milli Vanilli biopic first look teases controversial music duo’s looming vocal storm.

43. An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happyon The New York Times. In related news, This AI-Generated Artwork Won 1st Place At Fine Arts Contest And Enraged Artists.

44. Elisa Gabbert on Writing and Capturing Beginner’s Luck.

45. ‘I’m Not Broken’ is about being broken — and building a new life“Jesse Leon’s I’m Not Broken is about being broken — but also about changing, growing, and building a new life. A sad, brutally honest, and emotionally gritty memoir about ‘a poor, sexually abused, drug-addicted Chicano kid,’ I’m Not Broken is the kind of narrative that vividly brings to the page the realities of someone ignored by the system and trapped by the streets.”

46. FDA expected to authorize new omicron-specific COVID boosters this week.

47. In a Japanese Nursing Home, Some Workers Are Babies on The New York Times. “They get paid in formula and diapers, and their work hours are flexible, in a program that connects people across generations and brightens lives.”

48. Your local park has a hidden talent: helping fight climate change.

49. With a budget of $100,000, two young architects turned a ‘murder shed’ into a quirky tiny home in LA. Take a look insideSomething you might not know about me: I get really really sad when buildings, in particular homes and schools and churches, are left to decay or are torn down, so a story like this makes me really really happy.

50. Several Layers of Glaze Finish Mia Alajasko’s Ceramic Octopuses with Colorful Textures.

51. Nigerian Hair Culture Documented in Rainbow-Hued Portraits by Medina Dugger.

52. Woman Shares Story About Man Who Saved Her Life In Viral Twitter Thread.

53. ‘Magic in Her Hands.’ The Woman Bringing India’s Forests Back to Life on The New York Times. “Tulsi Gowind Gowda has spent most of her more than 80 years planting and nurturing trees in southern India. ‘I like them more than anything else in my life,’ she said.”

54. People are falling in love with Kiwi, a talking parrot who gives sweet kisses and ‘zerberts.’

55. Former media exec who found new calling saving donkeys sees surge of adoptions, donations“Reevaluating his life in the midst of the pandemic, former media exec Ron King found a new mission, saving donkeys from slaughter. Lead national correspondent David Begnaud, who introduced us to King six months ago, talks with him again for the ‘CBS Mornings’ series How Are You Now?'”