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Something Good

Image by Eric

1. The Apocalyptic Red Western Skies Caused by Climate Change-Fueled Wildfires. A heartbreaking collection of photos. In related news, AirNow, “your one-stop source for air quality data,” and Thousands evacuate, emergency declared as ‘unprecedented’ fires spread through state.

2. I Thought I Knew How to Fix the World on Lion’s Roar. “We cling to our own worldviews, says Dorotea Mendoza. Imagine if we listened to each other instead.”

3. How to Be More Present & Alive in the Moment from Zen Habits.

4. American Masters — Jacques Pépin: The Art of Craft. “It’s an only-in-America story: A roguish young immigrant with movie-star looks, a charming Gallic accent, a populist sense of anything’s-possible optimism, and an ability to raise humble kitchen techniques to a breathtaking art form becomes one of the nation’s most beloved and revered food icons.”

5. 15 years of blogging (and 3 reasons I keep going) from Austin Kleon.

6. Yes, We Can Have Hope on Lion’s Roar. I’ve shared this before, when it was first posted, but I needed to hear it again, so thought you might too. “Roshi Joan Halifax reflects on the idea of ‘wise hope’ and why we should open ourselves to it.”

7. Wisdom from Jena Schwartz’s recent Dispatches from Daily Life:

My belief in humanity is unshaken, in that I know – I know – that there are so many people who truly do care about each other’s welfare. I believe in our individual and collective genius, creativity, innovation, imagination, and ability to heal. But…when it comes to this country, the one as we know it today, I come up short. I must hold both truths here: People are capable of amazing things. People are capable of incredible cruelty and deceit.

8. More good stuff on Lion’s Roar: What Is Suffering?, and How We Get Hooked and How We Get Unhooked, and 10 Tips for a Mindful Home.

9. For nearly a year, Lashenda Williams slept in her car in a Kroger parking lot. (video) “Now, the same supermarket has welcomed her with a job and a fresh start.”

10. Last month 72-y0 Gloria Scott called John Kinney, an electrician in Woburn, Mass., to fix a ceiling fixture. (video) “But he soon discovered Scott’s house was in total disrepair, So, Kinney returned and started repairing her home for free. Steve Hartman reports.”

11. Face masks could be giving people Covid-19 immunity, researchers suggest. “Mask wearing might also be reducing the severity of the virus and ensuring that a greater proportion of new infections are asymptomatic.”

12. A desperate rescue: A father’s heartbreaking attempt to save his family from a raging fire.

13. Brilliant use of toxic masculinity. (video)

14. COVID-19 stress is making America increasingly irritable. “But what is all this rage hiding? A fireball of feelings can trigger outbursts and distort self-perception. We need to stop burying our emotions and start being a lot more honest.”

15. An Apology To All Of The Fat People I’ve Hurt With My Account. “If we truly want to create a world where every body is valued, celebrated, represented, safe, and even loved, we have to do better. Re-centering this movement around the bodies it was made for is where we start.”

16. Elliot Dallen, who inspired many with articles about his cancer, dies aged 31, which includes the links to his other articles.

17. Amanda Palmer and Rhiannon Giddens on their cover of Portishead’s ‘It’s A Fire’. “The duo talk to us about collaboration, education, new music and donating to the Free Black University Fund.”

18. Chef David Chang on his revealing new memoir. (video) “Anthony Mason talks to six-time James Beard Award winner Chef David Chang about his new memoir, ‘Eat a Peach,’ the restaurant industry’s uncertain future, growing up, his anger and mental health, Anthony Bourdain, learning to accept praise and starting a family.”

19. Christian Cooper Releases It’s a Bird Comic Book Inspired by Viral ‘Central Park Karen’ Incident

20. Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Check out the gallery for a giggle.

21. All Rise: A Record Number of Black Women Judges Have Been Appointed in Colorado. I would vote for Polis again and again.

Gratitude Friday

1. Our bird bath. One day this week, the sky was red and raining ash. While we slept that night, it started to rain. Then came the snow, followed by the light. And finally, the birds singing. When the snow melted, we saw this tiny fluff of joy came to our garden for a drink. Eric said it looks like a baby chick.

2. Our garden. Snow was forecast early in the week. It was a blessing, as we have several wild fires burning out of control, but it also meant the end of our garden harvest. When it came, the snow broke another large branch off my Golden Raintree and most likely will mean the end of the flowers, but Eric covered the tomatoes and one of our cucumbers and we think they might keep producing for a bit longer.

Eric mourning the possible end of the garden season.

3. Practice. Continuing to save me, keep me here, give me a way to stay with all of it, even the stuff that feels impossible.

4. Family and friends safe from the fires in Oregon. I come from a large family (my mom is the 2nd oldest of 12 kids), and except for one aunt and uncle, they all live in Oregon, including my cousins and their kids. Some were evacuated because of the fires, some are still at a level 2, which is “be ready to leave at any moment.” One aunt and uncle lost almost everything, but their house was spared and their 10 cows, who they couldn’t move because they had to evacuate so quickly, were found and are okay. It makes me feel homesick in a whole new way, but I’m so grateful that so far everyone is okay, grateful for all the firefighters there, here, and elsewhere who work so hard to protect us.


Picture taken by my cousin

5. Morning walks. With the rain and snow, they were a bit restricted this week, so Ringo and I walked to City Park instead of by the river, saw a heron fishing for breakfast.

6. My tiny family. I’m especially grateful for them this week. Eventually, there will be one more of us (I really think Ringo will be happier with another dog, even though I’m not ready for one yet), but for now, I’m content with just the three of us, so lucky to have them.

Bonus joy: having to substitute yogurt for whole milk and discovering that honey cornbread muffins made with yogurt are WAY better anyway (Ringo clearly agreed), writing and hanging out with Mikalina, being invited to submit something for Mabel Magazine #5, getting in the pool, sitting in the sauna with Eric, chili with sour cream and avocado, tuna fish with tomatoes and pickles, Ringo’s leg healing so he doesn’t have to wear a wrap on it anymore, yoga, that spot in the corner of the couch, how happy Ringo is to see Eric, grocery pick up, my tiny house, hummingbirds, texting with my mom and brother, reading in bed at night while Ringo and Eric sleep.