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Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. Sam is up to a 2.5 mile walk in the morning, so we’ve been going together more often, all four of us, then one of the humans takes Ringo a few more miles.

2. Blooms, in our garden and elsewhere. Decades ago someone made the decision to plant climbing roses below our front window. It makes no sense and every year, I cut them way back and swear I’m going to try and move them or just get rid of them, but then they bloom and I don’t have the heart to do anything but thank them. The tall white irises below were given to me by my friend Ann, moved from her garden to mine the summer before she died. It makes me stupid happy to see them thriving, coming alive and blooming every year. And my garden goal of having something blooming from the beginning of the season to the end seems to be almost fully achieved.

3. Practice. Saving my life, keeping me sane, calming me down, helping me to cultivate courage and compassion.

4. Sam and Ringo. Sam is slowly and surely getting better. I still can’t tell if he’ll go back to being able to run 10 miles, go on a 14 mile hike, jump into the back of the big rig with confidence, or if I’ll ever stop watching him so close, trying so hard to keep him from getting hurt again, worrying about him, but I’m so grateful that he’s not in as much pain and he’s able to get around like a regular dog. Ringo is a contradiction of sweet and crazed, and I love that about him even as he’s driving me crazy.

5. Eric. He’s the best. He made a pie yesterday, spends every morning watering the garden and weeding, takes such good care of all of us and makes me laugh.

Bonus joy: a robin made a nest in our lilac bush (see picture below), swimming lessons, aqua aerobics, napping, strawberries from our garden, an afternoon thunderstorm, Wild Writing, texting, reading, good TV, going to the movies with Eric, clean sheets, catching up with the laundry, a pay raise at work, butterflies, sitting in the sauna, going out to lunch.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. Everything is so gorgeous and lush right now. And everyone has babies — the foxes, raccoons, geese, and owls. The river is full and running fast from the snow melt.

2. Summer vacation. Just two days in, I already feel better than I have in months.

3. Space in my schedule. I’m filling some of it with as much yoga and aqua aerobics and Pilates and naps as I can.

4. Sam and Ringo. One friend lost a dog and another is about to and another is waiting and watching, and it SUCKS. I love them so much, almost like I forget I am going to have to let them go and it’s going to break my heart into a million pieces, again. I’m loving on my two a bit extra, so happy that they are here, that no one is a puppy and no one is dying, even as I know they will eventually.

5. Eric. He’s there, making me laugh and feeding me and checking in with me on the regular to make sure I’m okay.

Bonus joy: getting the garden ready, dog sighs, sleeping with the window open, the smell of lilacs, breakfast burritos, long naps, clean sheets, weaning Sam off his pain meds, Wild Writing.

Gratitude Friday (on a Sunday)

1. Morning walks. There is a litter of baby foxes by the McMurray Ponds, but I haven’t gotten there early enough to see them yet. We did see their mama out hunting the other day though. I hope I get to see them at least once before they are all grown and gone.

2. Spring. Everything is blooming and turning so green.

3. I am stronger than I thought. I went to a yoga workshop this weekend, spent almost ten hours doing yoga over the course of 48 hours. It wasn’t gentle or easy. In fact, it was difficult and new and challenging. And yet, my body feels amazing! I’m pretty sure I have Pilates to thank for that, and in particular my teacher Ashley. Sure my regular yoga practice and all the time I spend in the pool are awesome, but it’s Pilates and the body awareness Ashley’s taught me that have made me strong.

4. Eric. I can’t wait for summer vacation (two weeks and two days of work left) to get to spend some more time with him. There have been days in these past few weeks that we’ve only seen each other for about 15 minutes in an entire day!

5. Ringo and Sam. Together they can sometimes be almost too much, but as individuals they are so sweet and good and funny.

What it looks like when you are tired from playing so hard but you still want to keep playing

Waiting for dinner

So sweet

Still has a bare patch on his belly from when he got his ultrasound

This was always Dexter’s favorite spot

Just chillin’

Bonus joy: getting in the sauna, the noise of the birds singing in the morning, clean sheets, headstands, having tea with one of my favorite people, an amazing poetry reading, cupcakes, bran muffins with dried raspberries, pay day (the part before you pay all the bills), women willing to do the work even when they risk their own comfort and safety, good TV, daffodils.

Gratitude Friday

1. Spring. The days are so much longer, there is so much more light and green and life, and I only have another three weeks and three days left of work before summer break.

2. Morning walks. I am sad that Sam is on restriction, but it is SO much easier to walk just one dog!

3. Trusting myself to do the right thing. Even if I’m afraid, even if it’s difficult to explain, even if it will be hard, even if other people might thing I’m nuts.

4. Sam and Ringo. They are good company, keep me from spending all my time inside my own head.

There is a heron standing in the river that’s hard to see in this picture because it’s the same color as the water, but Ringo for sure sees it


“We’ll guard this lasagna with our lives, Mom.”

5. Eric. He loves me, takes care of me, cheers me up, makes me laugh.

Bonus joy: getting a massage, my new swimming suits (chlorine resistant), a warm pool (the heater was broken for almost a month), sitting in the sauna, clean sheets, kimchi, having all the laundry done and put away, the bright yellow of daffodils and forsythia and even dandelions, clean water, electricity, chocolate, Wild Writing.

Gratitude Friday, on a Sunday

1. Me. I posted this picture on Instagram this week with the caption: “Not gonna lie, don’t know how I’m still standing. Five more weeks of work, then a whole summer to rest, find myself again, and consider what to do next.” The fact that no matter how hurt or tired or DONE I am, I keep going, don’t give up, is something I’m very grateful for.

2. Morning walks. Still just me and Ringo (Sam gets to go around the block once a day, but that’s it for now). This week we saw two owls having a chat, a giant heron, a huge bald eagle, and lots of deer.

3. Living close to the water. I still miss the ocean, but all the ponds and the river so close by make it easier.

4. Practice. Yoga, writing, meditation, and dog.

5. My tiny family. When the world and people are too much, too chaotic, too toxic, these three save me. Like poet Rudy Francisco‏ shared on Twitter , “Home is any place that makes you forget the world is on fire.”

Bonus joy: Sam still not limping which leads to the hope he can start some physical therapy and get stronger and continue to get better and one day go on a regular walk, lunch with friends, Wild Writing, naps, aqua aerobics, the sauna, clean sheets, no plans, sunshine, things blooming and getting green.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. This week, they were under a full moon.

2. Feeling better. Not just me, but Sam too. He was pretty messed up from the sedation he had for his ultrasound and shot (whining and peeing everywhere he laid down to sleep that first night), but after that wore off, he was feeling so much better. We are weaning him off of some of his pain meds and will try a walk around the block in the morning. Fingers and paws crossed that he’s turned a corner, is on the upswing. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t been home with him that much in the past few days, but his limp seems mostly gone, which feels like some sort of miracle after almost three months.

Feeling punky on the ride home from the procedure, and peeing himself and the back of my car

Next day, feeling much better

3. Ringo. In particular the fact that he’s completely healthy and happy right now, being so good while Sam needs to rest and be calm.

He won’t look at me when he knows I’m trying to take his picture

4. Eric. He takes care of all of us. He even puts up with it when Ringo tries to take a nap, ON him.

5. Practice, in all the ways it manifests.

Bonus joy: they are fixing the heater in the pool so I finally get to go back to aqua aerobics on Monday (and show off my new swimming suit), sleep, clean sheets, getting all the laundry done and put away on Friday, barbecue, being able to pay for the help that Sam needs, dried plums, Kleenex with lotion, computer glasses, daffodils blooming in my garden (although, they are getting snowed on today), three new seasons of various HGTV shows on HULU, good books.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. Right now we are having all the weather — warm and dry, cold and wet, snow, and even fog. Spring in Colorado can be pretty chaotic when it comes to weather. This week, we saw a heard of white tailed deer and a fox. When Ringo saw the fox, he does what he does sometimes in that situation and stood up on his hind legs and growled like a baby bear.

2. Friday + Pay Day + Bonus Pay. All three at once is a pretty good deal.

3. Care package from one of my favorite cousins. If I wasn’t already feeling better, this would have perked me right up. And the fact that she got the brownies with walnuts in them proves how just smart she is. (Because I know you are wondering, Mom — it was Alyssa).

4. Ringo and Sam. Sam had a bit of a setback this week, is in some pain and limping more. We either pushed him too far in his physical therapy or he slipped or something. Hopefully we caught it and are caring for it in a way that it doesn’t set him back too much. He has the very best doctor and techs and two humans who love him like crazy, so I’m not worried, (well, sometimes I’m worried, but I know I shouldn’t be). Ringo has been mostly really good while Sam is resting, and when he’s not good he’s so cute that we end up forgiving him for it.

Ringo found this tiny giraffe on our walk the other day and carried it half a block, but I made him leave it because it was too small, a choking hazard. He was out with Eric the next day, found it and carried it the whole way home. Yesterday he found a tennis ball at Little Dog Park and carried it all the way home. Our front porch sometimes looks like the island of misfit toys.

5. Flowers. Some in the bathroom, others in the kitchen, and even a few in my flowerbed. Daffodil season makes me especially happy.

Bonus joy: getting back to Pilates, a warm shower, clean sheets, taking myself out to lunch, getting most of my work done, laughing with Eric, worrying with Eric, Sam getting just a little bit better even though he was worse, being able to do something for Sam even if I can’t completely fix him, practicing patience and surrender, cuddling with Ringo, cleaning up the house, getting the laundry done, good TV, a good book, staying up in bed at night reading, getting a good night’s sleep, my “new” car, our “new” fence, our “new” bathroom, Wild Writing, texting with people I love but don’t get to see every day (or even every year), baby donkeys.