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Gratitude Friday

It was so cold and my glasses were fogging up, but the sunrise was amazing

Apparently, I wasn’t just late with this post last week, I forgot altogether! I’m not sure how exactly that happens, except for it’s been a busy season and I had a different schedule last Friday that must have thrown me off. I was just as grateful, even though I didn’t come here and tell you about it.

1. Morning walks with the dogs. They were some cold, dark ones this week, but there was an almost full moon.

2. The play of the light. These next two pictures were taken from the same bridge at the same moment, only one minute apart, one looking east and one looking west.

3. Christmas trail trees. After Thanksgiving every year, someone decorates three trees along the trail. It makes me so happy.

4. Flowers in the bathroom and kitchen counter love notes. This week, they were extra fancy.

I’m not even sure how he did this — when he writes a grocery list, I can’t even read it

5. My tiny family. My favorites, even when the dogs are barking at garbage trucks for what feels like the fourth hour in a row and they won’t stop no matter what I try or Eric is in a bad mood it doesn’t even come close to erasing the laughter and the love, which is so so much bigger.

Bonus joy: getting holiday shopping finished (don’t get too excited, I still have to wrap and then ship half of it), texting, good TV, good books, aqua aerobics, my new infrared heating pad (it’s only been two days, but so far it seems like a miracle – it was an early present from Eric because the company he ordered it from sent it without boxing or wrapping it so I already knew what it was when I saw it sitting on the front porch), the sauna at the gym, massage, a bonus at work, dropping in on a yoga class I won’t be going to much more, our new bed (another one — we had to return the first new bed that was memory foam because it was too soft, like sleeping on a giant marshmallow), breakfast for dinner, a fun Christmas movie with friends, oranges, clementines, an apple with peanut butter on crackers which is apparently my go-to “I didn’t have time to pack a lunch and I don’t want to go anywhere” meal when I’m at work, Wild Writing, Get Together Time, Nosework class with Ringo, how sweet Sam is, laughing with Eric, Christmas lights.

Gratitude Friday (on a Saturday)

1. Morning walks. This picture is one of my favorites, and I didn’t even mean it. I was taking a picture of the sky (the one below) and I looked down and noticed the dogs looking too, so I knelt down and got them in the shot.

2. Colorado sky, especially the ones in the morning, which we’ve been getting to see a lot since the time change. The winter weather can make them especially glorious.

3. It’s my birthday! I turned 50 today, and will most likely write a post later saying more about that.

4. Eric has made this a really special one. He organized a dinner out with friends, is making a German chocolate cake, got me lots of good presents (one is a night light that’s a replica of the moon!), and earlier in the week, he ordered clam chowder from my favorite place on the Oregon Coast (uh, we live in Colorado!) and made a dinner that almost exactly replicated what I order when we go there.

When the box arrived, I had NO idea what it was

Packed full of so much good, and don’t forget the cheesy garlic toast

And pie, don’t forget the pie

5. Tomorrow is Ringo’s birthday! He’s going to be four years old, but I love him like he’s going to be 50.

He likes to steal my spot on the couch

6. Sam. Even though he’s probably going to have a tiny scar, he’s all healed up from the dog attack of a few weeks ago. He’s also almost finally adjusted to the time change and stopped trying to wake everyone up at 4 am.

Bonus joy: Facebook messages on my birthday, texting with my brother, laughing with Eric, Fall Break, Wild Writing, yoga, getting in the pool, clean sheets, a warm shower and a clean towel, a good night’s sleep, sleeping in, napping, good TV (the season finale of Better Things was so good), pulling together an article to share some good news, Pilates, a massage, French toast, roasted sweet potatoes, discounted gas, a free training session, my computer glasses.


Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. It’s that time of year where it’s dark for most of it, but so pretty when we get to see the sun rise.

2. That it wasn’t worse. Two hard things happened this week: Sam got bullied by a loose pit bull while Eric was out walking the dogs on Sunday afternoon, and I had to have an emergency root canal on Monday (after having a toothache all weekend). It made me grateful for so many things: that Eric and Ringo didn’t get hurt, that someone heard Eric yelling and came out and helped so they could get to safety, that Sam was limping and had a cut where the dog’s tooth punctured his leg but it wasn’t any worse, that we have an awesome emergency vet, that we have the money to take our dog to the emergency vet, that even though my dentist was out of town and couldn’t do the root canal until November 8th there was another office where I could go and get it taken care of that day and they were all awesome, that I have good dental insurance, that I could take the day off work, and that I could afford the portion my insurance didn’t cover.

Waiting to see the vet

Recovering (if you look close, you can see where they shaved his armpit so they could close the wound, no stitches necessary just some medical grade superglue)

3. Ringo. He’s been extra sweet. I can’t say he understands that Sam and I had a rough start this week and therefore is trying to be super good, and yet he’s sure been extra nice — especially all the extra cuddling with me and being patient with Sam.

On our walk the next morning, he was a bit wary, keeping an eye out for any trouble

4. Kitchen counter love notes.

5. My tiny family. I will be happy that we can all be together this weekend. Hopefully it will be a quiet, uneventful, relaxing time.

Bonus joy: vegetarian corn dogs and tater tots and lots of ketchup, pain medication, clean sheets, Wild Writing, yoga, aqua aerobics, a new swimming suit, down jackets and wool socks, waterproof Keens, something to stop the itching, being able to work from home, good TV, good books, good podcasts, good movies, good women doing good work who keep me from giving up because they keep showing up, texting with my brother, emails from my mom.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks, especially when we all get to go together.

2. The colors of fall, even when they are spilled all over the front step, (squirrels love to eat our pumpkins). I also am totally in love with my dog Buddha a friend got me a few years ago.

3. Flowers in the bathroom, even though they are from the grocery store now.

4. Get together time. Hanging out telling stories with friends, Wild Writing, yoga class, video chatting, texting, going out for a meal, taking a walk together — I have really good people in my life and I love spending time with them.

5. My tiny family. Talking a walk or a nap or hanging out in the backyard together are some of my most favorite things.


His happy place

I either need a bigger couch or a smaller dog

Bonus joy: a new supply of dog poop bags, a whole weekend where I don’t have to do anything if I don’t want to, good books, good tv, good podcasts, falling asleep on the couch, black bean and sweet potato quesadillas, sleeping dogs, massages, starting a new notebook, my favorite pen, computer glasses, donuts, a clean glass of cold water, a warm shower, clean sheets, birds singing, a soft blanket, being done with the laundry, slippers.


Gratitude Friday

1. Practice. It keeps me sane, and as a teacher, it feels like something worthwhile I can share.

2. Fall color. Even when it’s competing in my backyard with an early trace of winter.

3. Kitchen counter love notes. It’s the best thing about coming home from work, that and how excited the dogs get. Oh, and being able to take off my bra.

4. Texting. Even when it means getting a picture of your boys, happy after a hike, when you are sitting at your desk working.

5. My tiny family. They saved me this morning — I was scheduled to sub a yoga class at 7 am, but somehow I got the dates mixed up in my head and thought it was next Friday, so I slept in this morning, but Eric came back from walking the dogs at 6:30 and woke me up, which gave me enough time to get to the gym and get set up, and I don’t think anyone even realized that I taught a class I planned right there on the spot. That last part is something to be grateful for too — to have taught yoga long enough and enough times that I can just show up and teach, no worries.

Waiting for the dad to come home

The look he gives me when I won’t share my lunch

When it’s too crappy to play outside

My date at Chelsey and Jon’s wedding (Jon dancing with his mom in the background)

Bonus joy: Wild Writing, texting with friends, laughing with Eric, sweet potato and black bean quesadillas, sunshine, our new fence, no more yellow jackets or mice in our house, saying “no,” sleeping in, napping, clean sheets, our new bed, snuggling with the dogs, how worried Sam gets when I run the washing machine, how Ringo thinks he needs to yell at anyone he can see from our front window no matter what they are doing or who they are, a thin soft wool sweater, computer glasses, my Kindle, aqua aerobics.

Gratitude Friday (on a Sunday)

My friends, Chelsey and Jon, dancing their first dance at their wedding

1. Love. I have a good reason this week for this post being late. I’ve been busy, marrying my friends Chelsey and Jon. It’s the second ceremony I’ve officiated, and just like the last time, I was marrying people I love dearly, who love each other even more. It’s just so great to see people you love so happy together. And, p.s., tomorrow is Eric and I’s 24th anniversary. And, p.s.s., sorry I forgot yours again, Mom and Dad — somehow I always thinks it’s on the 11th, after ours. Hope you had a lovely day even though your kids suck and probably both forgot.

2. Fall in Colorado. I’ve been drinking it in this weekend. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and even if we don’t get the full 4-8 inches they are predicting, it will for sure pull a lot of the red, gold, and orange off the trees, fast forwarding us towards winter.

3. A new fence! After a few rain delays, it’s finally done. I will never take having a fence for granted, no matter how run down, because my dogs really really love to go hang out in the back yard, play or lounge around, and it’s so much easier when they can just go out when they need to, instead of needing me to suit them up and take them out. And it doesn’t hurt that our new fence is so nice.

Sam approves

Having to play inside just isn’t the same

4. Walking with the dogs in the morning. It’s so dark we can hardly see anything at first, but it’s so lovely and quiet.

5. Flowers in the bathroom. With the snow coming tomorrow, this will most likely be the last ones from the farmer’s market.

6. My tiny family. There’s nothing I love more, nothing that makes me feel more content, than being with them and knowing they are healthy and happy.

Bonus joy: working out in the pool, taking a long nap, crispy gala apples, dog sighs, clean sheets, good books (just finished Buddha in the Attic, so good!), good TV (lots of my favorites are back on, like Queen Sugar and Superstore and Grey’s Anatomy), computer glasses, getting up and down the mountain safely, going to lunch with Eric at a place we’ve went to for the first time 25 years ago, pancakes and waffles, our new bed, clean water, all the good people working to resist the awful things being done, knee braces, dog toothpaste, our new furnace.

Gratitude Friday (on a Saturday)

1. Fall is here. As the weather got cooler, we started getting a few berries again. Not many, but I am appreciating their big taste, especially knowing they are the last of the season. A bonus joy this year is the painted lady butterfly migration. For some reason, there are way more, and for a few days when you would go outside, it was like walking through a butterfly pavilion — they were everywhere!

2. For some, fall means pumpkin spice, but for me it’s salted caramel. This sauce would be good on ice cream too, but I mostly use it in coffee (decaf).

3. Farmer’s market flowers in the bathroom. These are the final weeks. I have loved them so much, the ritual of going to the market and picking out a bouquet, chatting with Joan. I am hoping she’s back next summer and I get up the guts to ask her for a tour of her garden.

4. Sleep. I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but we are redesigning our website at work. It has been a huge project, and I’m responsible for much of it, so I’ve been working myself ragged. In order to stay healthy and sane, I’ve been prioritizing sleep — going to bed early, taking whatever I need to help me sleep comfortably (my knee still gives me trouble at night), sleeping in, taking a nap whenever I can fit it in. It makes such a difference.

5. My tiny family. Eric took these great shots of the dogs up at Lory State Park last week, then filtered them with Prisma. It was too muddy from the rain for them to walk too far, but the pictures are worth it.

Bonus joy: a new fence almost finished, Wild Writing, a breakfast burrito from the farmer’s market, good neighbors, a cold glass of clean water, a warm shower, our new bed, cuddling with Sam, the way the top of Ringo’s head smells, pay day, a crispy Gala apple, ibuprofen, the swimming pool at the gym, good books, good TV, a washer and dryer in my house (it’s been years, but I still remember what a pain it was to drag all my laundry to a second location and the constant hoarding of quarters to run the machines — having my own in my own house is such a luxury), a good pen that writes fast but doesn’t smudge, an umbrella when I need one, texting, laughing with Eric, a hug when I really really need one.