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Gratitude Friday, on a Saturday (again…)

It happened again. It was another unusual Friday morning — it had SNOWED all day Thursday (campus was even shut down at 12:30 pm) and the sore throat that started on Monday turned into full blown crud. It was still snowing on Friday morning and I still felt yucky, so I decided that rather than working from home I’d take a sick day. I spent most of it on the couch, even accidentally slept through Ringo’s last nosework class of this session. I slept in the spare room last night so as not keep anyone awake with my coughing, and here I am using what will most likely be the only burst of energy I have today to write this post — then back to the couch for the day. Every one has been so sick this year, lots of strep throat and even pneumonia going around, and I’d been doing so good to stay healthy in that regard, but it finally caught up with me — the real issue is that I’m supposed to be on summer break right now but I’m working on a big project instead. It’s kind of like meeting someone running a marathon at the finish line and telling them in that moment of relief and collapse that they have to run another two miles to finish. I have nothing left, but I’m giving it all I’ve got anyway. That’s a recipe for disaster.

1. Sick days. And health insurance, a partner who will take the dogs out in the miserable mess, and dogs who are happy to keep me company even when I’m boring. Emergen-C, Advil, sinus rinse, Kleenex with lotion, a hot shower, clean pajamas and sheets, and even that two year old expired but I’m going to take it anyway cough syrup from the last time I was so sick.

2. Texting. For various reasons it came in handy this week, allows me to be connected even though I’m stuck on the couch or really really really far away from what’s going on.

3. Flowers in the bathroom. It’s a luxury, a privilege, totally unnecessary, but I love it anyway. Hopefully my peonies have survived the snow and the next batch will be from my own garden.

4. Sam and Ringo, keeping me company, being so sweet and well behaved when I can’t handle anything else.

5. Eric. Taking care of me, doing the stuff I can’t, worrying about me and loving me, texting me cute pictures of the dogs.

Bonus joy: Good tv, a comfortable couch, down pillows, being caught up on the laundry, the privilege of doing nothing, my good health (I haven’t really been sick since that last time two years ago), a weekend with no plans, healthy dogs, a healthy partner.

Gratitude Friday (a day late)

Trash day, i.e. let’s stand at the window and yell a lot.

Friday was a bit unusual this week. I went to my morning yoga class instead of sleeping in because my friend Mitch was going to be there, for one of the last times (he’s finally moving fulltime to his house in the mountains, selling his house in town so he won’t have a reason to come back). Then we didn’t have Wild Writing class because Laurie was in Boulder seeing her oldest daughter graduate from college. Even though I usually work from home on Fridays, I had to go to campus to interview a couple of people applying to be interns in the fall, and I had to stay after that to get a few other things done. After that, I came home and crapped out on the couch until it was time to take Ringo to his Nose Work class. I knew it was Friday, but I completely forgot to post until my mom sent an email today asking about it. Oh well. It’s never too late to be grateful.

1. Morning walks with the dogs. On Thursday morning, we saw two deer, two heron (or one, two times), THREE families of geese with babies, and ducks. With all the rain last week, the river is much higher.

Big river, little dog.

2. Kitchen counter love notes. It’s really kind of amazing that with all the ones Eric has made, he’s never done the same design twice.

3. Ringo. In his nose work class this week, he was a superstar, which made me realize the past two times weren’t flukes — he’s really really good at it. He went to the vet this week for his annual checkup and shots. He is such a confident dog, but when you take him to the vet, suddenly he’s terrified. He just wanted to hide under my chair the whole time.

4. Surprise gifts in the mail, just because. Eric sent me a card, and his mom and dad sent us a really nice food processor. At first we had not idea who it was from. It was a ordered through Amazon, addressed to both Eric and I, but it had no note. We had no idea who sent it or for why! Anyone who knows us well would know it’s something we want that we’d most likely never buy for ourselves, but we couldn’t figure out who sent it. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday or anything, and we couldn’t figure out who knew us well enough to know we didn’t already have one, would order something online to send, and had that kind of extra money to send such a nice present “just because.” Turns our our niece helped them get online and order it when they were over at her new house.  We sent them a surprise snowblower this winter, so that probably explains the why.

5. Aimee Mann. She released a new album earlier this year, and came to Boulder last week. I got to buy tickets early because I’m part of her fan club, so we were in the 2nd row! I think we’ve seen her about five times now, at least three of those in Boulder. I’ve loved her since I was 16 (the moment in the Voices Carry video where she’s in the opera hall and she loses it because she can’t take being told to keep quiet anymore summed up how I felt at that age), and I only love her more now, and am so lucky Eric likes her too.

Bonus joy: getting back to the gym, yoga with some of my favorite people, tart cherry juice, how sweet Sam can be, good books and the authors who write them, poetry and the poets who write it, good TV, podcasts, breakfast burritos from Mugs Coffee, the Ace Hardware store in Old Town Fort Collins, clean sheets, a cold glass of clean water, a warm shower, indoor plumbing — so so so much privilege, both access and means.

Gratitude Friday

1. Beautiful weather. It sure was making it hard to stay inside and work the past couple of days. Today is starting off gray and cooler, so that will make work a bit easier.

2. We saw a fox!!!! This is a terrible picture of her, but I had the dogs so didn’t want to get any closer, especially since she’s standing right next to her den. This is very exciting news because some kind of disease wiped out our fox population and there haven’t been any for about four years.

We used to see babies every spring and it was one of my favorite things, so I’m really glad to see them coming back. Here’s a few of the babies from one of the last litters four years ago.
3. Sam and Ringo. Sam had a rough start to the week. We found a tick on him, which led to a vet visit and new drugs and anxiety for the humans. But, Sam did so good letting us take it off of him, letting the vet look him over, getting the bite site cleaned and taking medicine twice a day, and fingers crossed he seems to be doing okay. Ringo and I have been having a really great time in our Nose Work class. This time it’s “vehicles and containers,” and last week he amazed me by finding the hides so fast and waiting in the back of the car so patiently for his turn.

4. Eric. For kitchen counter love notes, cooking us food, taking my car to get the oil changed, washing and vacuuming my car, helping me stay calm even when he’s freaking out too, laughing with me.

5. Being able to maintain my sanity and my health. I’m so glad that with so much going on, I’ve been able to keep it together. I certainly don’t do this all by myself, have a ton of help and privilege.

Bonus joy: crispy Gala apples with peanut butter, good books, podcasts, everything turning green and blooming, being able to sit outside in the sun without getting too hot, this weird show Eric discovered on Netflix which makes me so happy (Samurai Gourmet), good people in good classes with me who are willing to show up and learn and practice, flowers in the bathroom, how brilliantly yellow the daffodils in my flowerbed are, clean water, getting all the laundry done, the internet, computer glasses.

Gratitude Friday

1. Colorado sky. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s even real.

2. Morning walks with the dogs. Last week, we saw two baby beavers in the above pond. So tiny!

3. Being healthy and strong, and all the people and various practices that keep me that way.

4. Sweet Sam and Ringo Blue. Maybe you are tired of hearing me say this, but we really are in the golden years with these two — no one is old or dying or a baby, and no one is sick or hurt.

5. Flowers in the bathroom. This week Eric bought me lilies, and once they all bloomed, we barely had any counter space left!

6. Flowers in my garden. A friend sent me some daffodil bulbs last fall, so I bought some tulips and crocuses to add to the mix and even managed to get them all planted. By the time they came up and started blooming, I’d forgotten about them. It was such a wonderful surprise!

Bonus joy: a Falafel wrap from Whole Foods, a massage, clean sheets, a glass of cold clean water, the way Ringo stands next to me so close that one of his feet is on top of mine, the way Sam kisses me first before lying down next to me when he gets in bed in the morning, the way Eric and I can make each other laugh, postponing a conversation until I’m really ready to have it, the way the shamrock plant I have in my office at work leans into the sun so hard and fast that I have to turn her around twice a day just to keep her standing up straight.


Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks with the dogs. It was a bit darker this week and there was a full moon. This morning, we went 4.7 miles, and I totally could have done five, and that makes me so happy.

2. All those who are helping me be healthy and get stronger. My Pilates teacher, my acupuncturist, my physical therapist, and my masseuse. It’s a team effort right now.

3. Sweet Sam. He got his teeth cleaned this week, had to go under anesthesia for it so he was pretty confused and clingy for a bit that day, but he did so good. Because I was a little nervous about it, I made sure to get a few good pictures of him this week, which normally I’m not very good at, (black dogs are hard to get a decent picture of, and Sam usually won’t look at the camera, and how many pictures can one person have of one dog sleeping?).

4. My tiny family. Taking naps together is one of my favorite things.

5. Signs of spring. Daffodils in the bathroom and in my garden, a giant hawk hunting along the river this morning, warmer weather (some of it a bit insane — like 80 degrees tomorrow?!).

Can you see the hawk?

Can you see the hawk?

Bonus joy: Roasted sweet potatoes, planning what’s going in our garden this year, tiny chocolate muffins, a big glass of cold clean water, trash service and the people who do that work, soaking in a warm tub of water, space heaters, good movies, good tv, the opportunity to make mistakes, getting to start over, Spring Break, video chatting with friends, the internet, a good camera on my phone (or maybe I should stop calling it a “phone” because really it’s a tiny computer I can carry in my pocket more than it is a device I call people with), streaming and on demand media, my Kindle, books by Roxane Gay (I am devouring everything she’s written right now, and can’t wait for her next book), a washer and dryer in my house, being able to do laundry any time I want to, people who understand when I cancel plans, clean pjs and clean sheets, sunshine.

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks with the dogs. This week I was back on our regular schedule of solo walks two mornings of the week. I am not back up to 5 miles just yet, but I’m getting there. I especially appreciated the light this week, since Daylight Savings time this weekend is going to steal an hour, plunging us back into the dark for just a bit longer.

2. Signs of spring. Crocuses are popping up around town and things are starting to turn a tiny bit green around the edges. I got so excited the other day because I remembered I planted daffodil bulbs in the fall. Fingers crossed that some of them come up.

3. Chat dates with people I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with.

4. The sweetest little plant from a work colleague. I’d helped her with some computer stuff so she brought me a purple shamrock. I looked up how to care for it and learned one of its common names is Love Plant.

5. Golden years with the dogs. Especially when you have two dogs of varying ages, there’s a thing I refer to as the “golden years.” This is an all too brief moment of time when no one is a baby and no one is dying. Add to that the precious moments where no one is sick or injured, and you get this minute of time where you simply get to enjoy each other’s company. It didn’t last very long with my first two pairings of dogs, so with this third one, I’m reminding myself to savor it.

Bonus joy: bran muffins with dried raspberries, sour cherry juice, being caught up on the laundry, sunshine, good books, naps, having enough money, good health insurance, subbing for one of my favorite yoga classes, my Bluetooth speaker, a clean car, clean sheets, dark chocolate with salted caramel, flowers, the promise of another garden, roasted sweet potatoes, all the good dinners Eric has been cooking, the internet and a good connection.

Gratitude Friday


1. Morning walks with the dogs. Oh how I’ve missed this. Finally mostly healed from a bum knee, a fall on the ice, and surgery, yesterday morning I was able to go on my first solo morning walk with the dogs. It did not disappoint.

2. Teachers, writers, and friends that say and write the most amazing, helpful things — things that on some days are the only thing that will keep me from giving up. Tenderhearted, smart, kind, funny humans like Jeff Oaks and Jena Schwartz and Laurie Wagner and Susan Piver.


3. Practice. Meditation, yoga, writing, and dog. And, as I was telling my friend Justine, even marriage. With the right intention and an open heart, it can all be practice.

4. Sweet things, salty things. Ice cream and chocolate and potatoes and cheese, in particular but in no particular order.

5. My tiny family. Cuddling with Sam (which he doesn’t do very often, so it’s special), laughing or taking a walk with Eric, and just waiting around for the next thing Ringo is going to do, because it’s guaranteed to make me crazy and happy, simultaneously.


Bonus joy: being able to walk 3.62 miles without pain, a good week at work, good TV, good books, good food, clean water, soaking in a tub of hot water, clean sheets, finishing the laundry, being able to pay bills and give, being seen, taking a nap, sunshine, Wild Writing, spending time with good people.