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Gratitude Friday


1. Spending time with lovely humans. My favorite kind are the ones who are curious, smart, kind, creative, and funny, and I got to hang out with a couple of them this week.

2. Good food. Linden Street Cafe (formerly known as Cafe Ardour) has some seriously yummy food and drink. Eric has also been cooking some really good stuff for dinner, which means I get the bonus of some amazing leftovers for lunch too.

3. Having a short car. Seriously, yesterday was a sloppy mess with no signs of stopping, and I really really needed a spot in the parking garage so I didn’t have to clean my car off again, but there were only two faculty spots left: one was for an electric car and one for a short car.


4. Ringo Blue. I love both my dogs equally (for different reasons), but the adorableness of Ringo is sometimes more than I can handle.




5. Sam. That being said, the sweetness of Sam is often just as hard to handle. Whenever my three boys get back from a walk, he’s the one who always has to come find me right away, check in. And in the morning, after he gets breakfast and goes potty, if I’m still in bed, he jumps in, gives me a kiss, and then curls up next to me. How hard he tries to protect me, even when he doesn’t need to. How patient he is. How he hides from the washing machine. How he runs out of the room if someone sneezes or coughs.

It's hard to get a good picture of a black dog.

It’s hard to get a good picture of a black dog.

Bonus joy: Some really good documentaries, a good week at work, pay day coming soon, snow (even though I’m kind of over it and need some sunshine), my “new” bathroom (which is over a year old now), snow tires, wool socks, clean sheets, soaking in a tub of hot water, laughing, really good writing, the technology that allows me to connect with people I love even though they are far away, knowing I’m good at what I do, being able to say no.

Gratitude Friday


1. Kitchen counter love notes. Even though I’ve been home for the past week recovering from surgery, Eric has still managed to sneak a couple in.

2. Good food. Bran muffins with dried raspberries, smoked salmon, avocado, sour cherry juice, big bowls of fruit salad and green salad, ice cream sandwiches.


3. Paid sick leave, along with good health insurance and the ability to work from home, as well as a boss who would never give me a hard time about needing the flexibility and two awesome interns who can keep things running while I’m away.

4. Time to rest and heal, not needing to be responsible for anything, getting to read and watch TV and take lots of naps. I’m healing specifically from my surgery, but I needed this time for other reasons too.

5. My tiny family. There’s a picture I took of Eric last week that as I was taking it he was laughing and saying “do not put this on social media.” You are just going to have to take my word for it that it’s both adorable and hilarious. He’s been taking such good care of me, and Ringo and Sam have been being so good, keeping me company.


"Can we haz lunch now, Mom?"

“Can we haz lunch now, Mom?”


He was falling asleep like this.

Bonus joy: That the human(s) who got into our cars the other night didn’t take anything of real value or do any damage, the sunshine, clean laundry, a hot bath in a clean tub with clean water, going to the grocery store (which is a big deal when you’ve been housebound for the past week) and having it not be very busy and the shelves newly stocked, lots of comfortable and clean pajamas to wear, friends who text to check in, Voxing with Justine, sending a surprise present to someone, talking to my mom on the phone, Valentine’s Day, love, laughing with Eric, my knee getting better as it gets rested by default as I heal from something else.


Gratitude Friday

Image by Eric

Image by Eric

1. Eric made it home safe, after being in Arizona for three days. And luckily, my knee held up doing all the dog walking while he was gone, and the dogs were so good for me.

2. Good food. This week it’s been split pea soup in my favorite dog mug and bran muffins with raspberries and dried strawberries.

3. Flowers in the bathroom, extra special ones because Eric was going to be gone.


4. My surgery going well. I know, you might be saying to yourself, “what surgery?!” and you wouldn’t be wrong — I haven’t said anything about it here. It’s not the type of surgery you really want to talk about, to anyone, ever, and I was really nervous about it because it’s the first time I’ve gone under anesthesia. Now that it’s over and I’m at home recovering, and that seems to be going okay, even though I’m tired and sore and sometimes feeling a bit sorry for myself, I am so grateful — especially for health insurance and paid sick leave, and two awesome interns that can take care of things while I’m gone.

5. My tiny family. The dogs have been being really good, keeping me company and not needing too much, and Eric’s been taking really good care of me, feeding me good food and taking care of everything so I can rest.

warmday thatface bathroombuddies02

Bonus joy: Oranges, sour cherry juice, clean water, hot water, soaking in the tub, good tv, clean sheets, staying in my pjs all day, good books, effective pain medication, friends who text me to see how I’m doing, emails from my mom, knowing that I don’t have to be responsible for anything right now and no schedule applies to me, naps with the dogs.

Gratitude Friday


1. Good books. Just one way I’m keeping sane these days. One that is not in this pile because it’s on my Kindle is “Difficult Women,” also by Roxane Gay. It is SO good.

?2. The cup my brother and nieces gave me. It’s perfect for soup. And, it’s covered with dogs!

funhome3. Fun Home, the musical. I know I already mentioned it in my Something Good list this week, but y’all it was SO good, and this week I found the soundtrack on Amazon Prime so I’ve been listening to it constantly.

4. My three boys. I haven’t been able to go on walks this week, and have been working a lot, so I’m really missing them. Hopefully we can hang out a bit more this weekend.


Sam doesn’t really like getting his picture taken, so always turns his head


5. Sam’s new harness. We got Ringo one a while back (see above picture) and it’s worked so well for him, we got Sam one too.

6. Obi. Yesterday would have been his 15th birthday. He was our first. He taught us how to have a dog, and he taught us how to let go. I won’t ever stop missing him.


Bonus joy: getting good feedback (appreciation, kudos, acknowledgement) about the work I do for CSU, doing some work for CSU that I don’t need anybody to tell me is good because I just know, Voxing with Justine, my knee getting just a bit better, getting enough sleep, clementines, tomato gratin, garlic bread, tart cherry juice, working from home, how poor Sam hides from the washing machine but the spot he chooses to hide and where he feels the safest is under my writing desk, the way Ringo wants me to give him handfuls of water while I wait for it to warm up so I can take a shower and sometimes he stands next to me with one of his feet right on top of one of mine and I love him so much I want to stay right there with him forever and ever, laughing with Eric which is the one thing that can save me when nothing else can even reach me.

Gratitude Friday


1. President Barack Obama. He wrote a thank you letter to America in which he said,

I’ve seen you, the American people, in all your decency, determination, good humor, and kindness. And in your daily acts of citizenship, I’ve seen our future unfolding.

All of us, regardless of party, should throw ourselves into that work — the joyous work of citizenship. Not just when there’s an election, not just when our own narrow interest is at stake, but over the full span of a lifetime.

2. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was good this week to be able to look again to his words and his work for encouragement and guidance.

MLK Celebration at CSU

MLK Celebration at CSU

3. All those who showed up to MLK marches and celebrations. All those who are protesting today and in the days to come. The water protectors still at Standing Rock. It is such a comfort and inspiration to be surrounded by so many others who believe that, “The time is always right to do what is right,” (MLK).

ringosnugglepup4. Three years with Ringo Blue. The other day I told him, as he was standing in the middle of the kitchen while I was cooking, that he either had to go back in the garage with his dad or lie down with Sam in the dining room, “but you can’t stay here.” He did that half sigh, half sneeze thing he does, turned and ran back out into the garage — because he’d understood exactly what I was telling him! It hasn’t always been easy, but it is always worth it.

cleancar5. A clean car. Seriously, it was so filthy. Seeing the difference might even inspire me to clean off my desk today.

Bonus joy: laughing with Eric while watching old episodes of Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home, spooning with Sam, my knee slowly getting better, a good week at work, tomato gratin, cherry juice, clementines, clean sheets, good books (Roxane Gay’s Difficult Women is SO good), comedians, poets, people willing to protest something that isn’t right, people willing to stand up to bullies, those who chose justice over comfort, good movies (saw “Moonlight” last week and it was SO good), TV so good you’ll rewatch it (hello, “Insecure”).

Gratitude Friday


1. Practice. I’m not sure how I would still be sane, still even be here without it.

2. Really good classes and training. And maybe even more than that, the people who already know the important stuff and are willing to make the time and effort to teach it to the rest of us dummies.

3. Being able to get enough rest, even if it means other stuff doesn’t get done.

4. Eric, who once again is having to take over dog walking duty because of a combination of weird in my left leg (tendonitis and an achy knee) that has me needing a break, needing help. Maybe, kind and gentle reader, you could send me some healing energy so I can “get back on the road”? I’d be so grateful if you did.

5. Ringo Blue and Sweet Sam. They were so good for me on Wednesday when even though it was later in the afternoon than they normally would, they took an hour and a half nap with me because I really needed it. And the day before, when 1.5 miles into our 4 mile walk, I started limping and needed to go slow, they stayed with me. And as an added bonus, there was that day Ringo found a frisbee in the snow in the backyard and played and played and played.



Bonus joy: dry needling that helped my tight calves calm down and the physical therapist who is so good at what she does, Eric’s good health and heart that allows him to take over walking the dogs when I can’t help, the yummy dinners he’s been cooking, watching old seasons of Amazing Race with him, a good laptop, snow tires, my “new” car that isn’t actually new anymore, clean sheets.

Gratitude Friday

Poudre Trail Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Poudre Trail Charlie Brown Christmas tree

1. Christmas. It was quiet and sweet this year, just the way I like it. On Christmas morning, Eric walked the dogs while I slept in and when they got back, we opened presents. Then we were hungry so we made pancakes for breakfast. I showered, but as soon as I finished, I put my pajamas right back on and cuddled up on the couch, read and watched some TV. Later we all took a nap. After that, we cooked and ate a Christmas dinner, nothing too fancy. It was a very relaxing day. I’m still so in love with our tree, but Eric warned me the other day that it had stopped drinking water, so we won’t have it too much longer.


2. Bonus Christmas. People try so hard to ship things so they’ll get here for Christmas day, but what they don’t realize is that late packages are one of my favorite things. Just when you think it’s all over, another bonus Christmas arrives.

goattree3. Morning walks with Eric and the dogs. This is a special time of year because Eric and I both have some time off work, so get to take long walks together in the morning, one of my favorite things.


4. My tiny family. As much as I might miss the rest of my larger family this time of year, I’m pretty happy being alone with these three dudes.


5. Ringo Blue and Sweet Sam. Today is the anniversary of the day we met Ringo for the first time, three years ago. He wasn’t promised to us yet, but I knew he was our boy. I’m still so happy about how well Sam’s visit to the vet went, that he’s totally healthy and he was so well behaved while there.

samprofile samandringoeaglesnest ringoblue02 samandringosnow

Bonus joy: apple pie oatmeal, dark chocolate covered graham cracker’s from The Vermont Country Store, clementines, pot pie, roasted sweet potatoes, Skyping with a kindred, Christmas Eve with good friends, taking care of some things that had lingered on my to-do list, napping, good TV, really relaxing and resting, clean laundry, soaking in a warm bath, my computer glasses, being able to pay all my bills, time home alone with no agenda.