Daily Archives: August 10, 2014

#AugustMoon14: Set an Intention

August Moon bigMy kindred Kat is hosting August Moon, “a reflective writing challenge that creates space for you to reflect on the things that have led you here and consider ways to manifest a truly magnificent send-off for the year.” I love that she’s doing this, that I can pair it with Susannah’s August Break. As someone who has the summer off, works at a university, August is a time of transition rich with energy, ripe with opportunity and obstacles. These blogging challenges help me to focus my energy, cultivate clarity, remember to balance my effort with ease.

Today’s prompt from Kat is: set an intention.  In her email, she described it this way, “I invite you to share what is it that you want to explore over the next two weeks. In particular, I invite you to consider the crossroads at which you find yourself, in any aspect of your life.” When I was contemplating the prompt this morning, I was considering focusing on the obstacles facing me, the ways that I am stuck. Then I decided to pull a card from my Wild Unknown tarot deck to see if that might offer some clarity, suggest a focus. As I shuffled the cards, I thought about Kat’s prompt. I pulled the most beautiful, perfect card: Six of Wands.

sixofwandsVictory, success, rising up. This card shifted the way I was thinking about Kat’s prompt. The six of wands suggests, “The obstacles have been relentless, but now is not the time to look back upon them. The more pressing question is: where will you go with your new set of wings?”

Holy wow…

The cards I’ve been pulling since we got back from a month in Oregon have all had a similar message. That I’m entering a new phase of life, a time of bliss, harmony, peace, wishes come true. That I should move on, lift my eyes to the horizon, direct myself forward. They’ve warned of remaining stuck, lost, confused, that staying in the past will only cause suffering. They suggest that I bring calm and focus to my mind, open myself up to joy.

So I suppose that’s my answer. Don’t rehash the obstacles or ways in which I’m stuck in old patterns and ways of being, but rather explore what I want my life to look like, how I want to feel, what I’m hungry for, what I have to offer. Things are going to be amazing, you are HERE, move forward.

That’s my intention then, to consider the question, “where will you go with your new set of wings?”