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August Break: On the Table, and #AugustMoon14: What I Do and Love

onthetableI didn’t get around to posting for August Moon yesterday. I wrote a response to the prompt in my journal, but I never ended up typing or posting it. Later in the day, when I saw the next day’s prompt, I realized I could answer them together. Then when I checked the schedule for August Break, I realized that all three worked together: on the table is what I do and what I love.

My desk situation in my home office, my studio, my work area, my practice space is two tables side by side along one wall, taking up the entire space from wall to wall. On one is my stand up desk and computer, lots of yoga books, some of Obi and Dexter’s ashes and their collars and paw prints, and various notes to myself about things that need to get done.

The table on the other side is the one in the picture. This is where I sit to write and make art, where a dog sometimes sleeps on the bed underneath. On this desk are various stacks of books, a Happy Light I use while I write each morning, two boxes of letters and love notes from Eric, a bag that contains all my current journals, a jar of pens, a tiny shrine, collections of rocks and shells from the beach, various cards from friends, my Wild Unknown tarot deck, more of Obi and Dexter’s ashes, two of Dexter’s favorite toys (which Ringo has recently discovered and keeps asking for), a tray of various papers and such covered by my 2014 vision board, and an empty coffee cup.

This is a pretty complete representation of what I do, what I love. I practice. I am in relationship with good people. I walk my dogs, do yoga, meditate, and write. I read, and read, and read. I watch movies and TV, but limit it to what makes me feel good, what makes me laugh. My favorite music is soothing, beautiful, and happy, my favorite genre being something they call “dream pop.” I appreciate contemplation, complication, but not when it leaves me confused. What I do and love is in line with my mantra, (Life is beautiful and brutal, tender and terrible — keep your heart open), and my intention, (to ease suffering, in myself and in the world). I need help maintaining a healthy outlook, my sense of humor, as my shadow side is tinged with anxiety, depression, apathy, despair.

Kat asks in her “right now” prompt what is missing from what you do. For me it’s not so much what is missing as I feel a shift coming. I officially start back at CSU next week, (although I have to go in and do a few things already this week). I’ll soon be teaching yoga instead of training to. I am eating more mindfully, moving differently. I signed up for a training class with Ringo. I have a book to write and another that wants to happen right after.

I know some people must think I have the most boring life, but it’s exactly what I want: small and simple, but deep and wide.