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August Break: Day One

theaugustbreak_redThis will be my third year doing August Break with Susannah Conway. She describes it this way, “This is a community project that has no real rules –  the idea is to simply take a photograph every day for the whole of August. That’s it. Pause, look around you and shoot what you see. Live inside each moment. Pay attention to what’s there.” I love the way this project has always transitioned me from summer to fall, from vacation back to work, helps me to slow down and notice the shift in seasons. Here’s what the schedule of prompts looks like this year.

theaugustbreaklist_redToday, I made myself a chicken salad sandwich for lunch. Last night Eric barbequed a whole bunch of chicken breast for the dogs and had already chopped it up, so it was easy. He picked some basil from our garden, and I mixed it with our favorite mustard, the vegan mayonnaise I use (mixing chicken with vegan spread, a contradiction of sorts I know, but I can live with it), dried cranberries, and walnuts. I put that and some spinach between two slices of Dave’s Killer Bread, the Good Seed variety. I really wish I’d had some purple grapes because they are in season and so delicious right now, so I made sure to add them to the grocery list. May you be well fed today, kind and gentle reader.


Gratitude Friday

practice1. Practice. Yoga, meditation, writing, and dog. I’m so glad that after a lot of years searching, I’ve settled into the things that work for me, happy that I can give up the seeking and go deeper, that I can work with staying instead.

2. Rain and cooler weather. The rain doesn’t need to come so fast, all in one day, but I love that things are still so green and it’s not so hot. I even wore socks the other day.

a tired dog is a good dog

a tired dog is a good dog

3. Ringo. He’s growing up. I posted this on my Facebook page, so you may have already seen it, but if not,

It’s been exactly seven months since I first held him, that day at Sherry’s when we went to visit the puppies, when that one little boy that Lori told me about came over to me, sat himself down at my feet, looked up and demanded I give him my attention. I scooped him up and held him, and even though I didn’t tell anyone for a while and Sherry hadn’t decided yet which puppy was going home with us, I knew that he was the one.


And yet, there was resistance on my part. Puppies are hard and I’d just lost my Dexter, wanted him back more than I wanted another dog, Sam was sick and we didn’t know how to help him or if he’d be with us much longer, and Ringo was my most challenging puppy to date. It took some time. Part of the resistance was/is that having lost two of my boys, I know that the pain of losing them is equal to the measure that you love them. Silly me, I thought I could love this one a little less and save myself from hurting so much. It never works though.

Since we got him, Eric and I have been asking each other, “How much do you love him now, on a scale of 1 to 10?” I’ve been hovering at 8-9 for months, and then, at some point in the last 24 hours, and I’m not sure just when, which moment it was when I tipped, but I went to a full 10. I am seriously gone over this dude. He is MY dog.

4. Teaching yoga. I finish training next month, and already am scheduled to substitute teach two classes and have all kinds of ideas for other opportunities. Joyfear.

5. Another office move at CSU. Now there are lots of things not to like about having to move again so soon, but the thing I’m grateful for is that my office being in boxes, in transition, keeps me from going back to work early, which I have been known to do. This second move will keep me out of there for at least another week.

Bonus Joy: Sam still doing so well, peach pie, Susan Piver offering a writing and meditation retreat in December at Shambhala Mountain Center, books, a really good plumber and a small easy fix, catching up with friends, zero credit card debt, books and time to read them, returning to my regular yoga class after a six month absence, how Eric makes me laugh.