August Break: Day One

theaugustbreak_redThis will be my third year doing August Break with Susannah Conway. She describes it this way, “This is a community project that has no real rules –  the idea is to simply take a photograph every day for the whole of August. That’s it. Pause, look around you and shoot what you see. Live inside each moment. Pay attention to what’s there.” I love the way this project has always transitioned me from summer to fall, from vacation back to work, helps me to slow down and notice the shift in seasons. Here’s what the schedule of prompts looks like this year.

theaugustbreaklist_redToday, I made myself a chicken salad sandwich for lunch. Last night Eric barbequed a whole bunch of chicken breast for the dogs and had already chopped it up, so it was easy. He picked some basil from our garden, and I mixed it with our favorite mustard, the vegan mayonnaise I use (mixing chicken with vegan spread, a contradiction of sorts I know, but I can live with it), dried cranberries, and walnuts. I put that and some spinach between two slices of Dave’s Killer Bread, the Good Seed variety. I really wish I’d had some purple grapes because they are in season and so delicious right now, so I made sure to add them to the grocery list. May you be well fed today, kind and gentle reader.


4 thoughts on “August Break: Day One

  1. Joy

    Oh my goodness – that looks *amazing*!!! I am stumped for today’s prompt – and I even am so stumped that I ended up skipping lunch (but I am going to fix that soon!). Maybe I’m waiting for the ‘perfect’; photo ready lunch to drop from the sky (which I know is not the point of this break, but seems to be my challenge today).

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      It’s so funny how when you know you are going to take a picture and post it, you start to over think it! I did the same thing, but as soon as I saw the cubed chicken in the fridge, I knew what I wanted. Eat something, silly girl!

  2. Rita

    Glad you posted about this. Think I might try it. Could have had a great photo for lunch, but didn’t see this until now. Will be on the lookout for patterns tomorrow. 🙂


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