Daily Archives: August 22, 2014

Gratitude Friday

1. Completing my last yoga teacher training homework assignment. We have one final weekend where we’ll teach our practicum, have a graduation ceremony, and end with a potluck. Right now, I am taking time to honor what I’ve accomplished, to celebrate. I am wiser and more compassionate as a direct result of the last nine months, blessed by the heart effort of my teachers and my fellow students, forever grateful.

2. A new training class for me and Ringo, this time one that shares my philosophy, wants to help me build a wise and compassionate relationship with my dog.

3. Getting back to work at CSU. I’m in my new office, which is way too hot in the afternoons and will never be as pretty as my “real” office, and because it was most recently a dorm it feels kind of like working in an empty hotel, but it’s good to be getting things done, to see everyone again.

4. Pick-Your-Own Strawberries at Garden Sweet. We were in Oregon too late for the real strawberry season, so it was good to still have one here. Also, finally a carrot from our own garden.

carrotP.S. That’s Eric’s hand in the carrot picture. Mine aren’t that hairy. 🙂

5. Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread, my new favorite thing. I grated a bunch of zucchini from our garden and froze it so I can keep having this. My mouth is watering just telling you about it.

lemonzucchinibread02Bonus Joy: My boys, all three of them. Eric took this picture and texted it to me the other day with the title, “We need a bigger couch.” This is Ringo and Sam piled on top of Eric while he was trying to nap.