Daily Archives: August 3, 2014

August Break: Window

omanandawindowsThis is the last day of the second to last weekend of my yoga teacher training. It’s feeling very much like one season is ending and another beginning, like a big shift is happening, a transition occurring, something new being born. It’s time to move on, start anew, begin again. Old patterns, habits, ways of being no longer work anymore (if they ever did) and it’s time to let go. The tarot card I pulled this morning was the Eight of Cups, which had an “urgent message,”

Pack your bags and move on. There is no hope of rekindling what’s been lost. You must start anew…The message could not be more clear: nothing good remains for you here. Lift your eyes to the horizon & let your feet lead you forward.

With that, kind and gentle readers, I’m going to go walk my dogs.