Daily Archives: August 25, 2014

August Moon: Here’s to Your Future


little, tiny, baby me

Today we got the final August Moon email from Kat. It was all about imagining where we might be a year from now. Instead, I was thinking about where I’ve been during this challenge. It was different than I’d imagined, expected. Instead of uncovering, discovering something entirely new, it was an opportunity to review and clarify what I’ve learned. It’s funny because before it started, I was thinking about how I’d been a bit absent from the blog, not posting so much about what was going on with me, how I took a long break while we were in Oregon where I’d only posted Gratitude Friday, and even then it was only pictures, no words.

So it felt good to take this time, the full cycle of the August Moon, to come here and do a longer update, a full review of what I’ve been working on, thinking, planning. I’m transforming, evolving, but in so many ways, I’m exactly who I’ve always been — and that’s actually the best possible news.


As always, I’m so grateful to Kat for hosting. I feel so so lucky to know her, to call her a kindred, to have her on my side. I adore you, Kat. xo