Daily Archives: August 20, 2014

August Moon: Space

peacefulmorningskyToday Kat’s prompt asks, “What is the perfect space for you?” For me, it’s a cabin, a beach cottage, a farmhouse, or a traditional Japanese home. Something near water, close to the ocean or a river or lake, with lots of trees. Quiet and natural, peaceful and a little wild. Inside, I like simple but not necessarily minimalist. I like piles, collections, second hand, worn, used, comfortable — things like stacks of books, jars of shells and rocks, tiny shrines, old quilts, down pillows, ancient cast iron skillets, rough wood floors, and mismatched plates. I adore a porch, a deck, a place for sitting and reading and contemplation. I love a garden full of trees and blooms and food. I appreciate a cool, quiet place to sleep, and space for practice. A library is where my heart lives.

Sas Petherick has a Pinterest board called “Down to Basicsthat shows exactly what I mean. I look at the pictures, and all I can think is “I want to go to there.”