#aprillove15: Home, Scent, Memory

ourmorningwalk05Prompt, “I live here.” Fort Collins, Colorado. I walk along the Poudre River with my dogs most mornings and am amazed that I can walk out my front door and be here in 20 minutes, am touched by how beautiful it is — always changing, always constant. Home.

sunseyepatchouliPrompt. “my scent.” Patchouli oil by Sun’s Eye. It’s the only thing I’ve worn, besides scented lotion, for 20 years. Eric wears it too, which probably makes me love it even more.

21yearsagoPrompt: “a happy memory.” 21 years ago. It was a foggy day in the mountains — Evergreen, Colorado. The elk were bugling because it was their mating season. We both wore green. Our roommate came and took a few pictures with a disposable camera. We had our “reception” at a local bar, pizza and beer, just the three of us. I don’t remember exactly what we vowed, but I do know we couldn’t stop smiling, looking at each other. Best decision e v e r, both the eloping and choosing him.

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