Daily Archives: April 14, 2015

Obsession: #aprillove2015 and Story: #aprilmoon15

librarybloomsApril Love prompt, “current obsession”: Cherry blossoms. There are lots of trees on campus and around town, and they are exploding with blooms right now. My favorite thing about cherry trees (besides the fruit, which most of the ones blooming right now won’t even get because they are ornamentals) is that the blooms have three distinct phases. When they first show up, they are curled so tight they look like tiny berries. When the blooms open, they are crazy beautiful, full and soft and plenty. Then when the petals fall, it’s like snow and what’s left on the tree is like a tiny firework.

April Moon prompt, “I am trying not to talk about”: The things that are bothering me, the stuff that irritates me, the problems I have, my issues, other people’s stories and the ones I’m making up about “poor me.” I’m trying not to talk about the big plans I have that carry me way into the future because it overwhelms me, makes me miss what’s happening right now. I’m trying not to talk about the ways I feel like I’m failing, missing out, not doing enough. I’m trying not to talk about what is wrong. I’m trying not to talk about things that don’t really matter. I’m trying not to talk about stuff that I’m only talking about to fill up the empty space anyway. I’m trying not to talk so much about me…me, me, me. I’m trying not to talk about what I think, what I feel, what I want. I’m trying, but as you might have noticed, I kind of like to talk.