Daily Archives: April 15, 2015

Yellow: #aprillove2015 and Morning: #aprilmoon15

April Love prompt, “yellow.” This is one of my favorite pictures, not so much because of how it looks but what it represents. It’s the beach access that is closest to my aunt’s house on the Oregon Coast. We were there visiting her a few summers ago, and when we got to the access, these bikes were there — beach bikes covered in rust, ridden to the access point and abandoned. The people would eventually come back for them, ride them back to wherever they were staying after a long day on the sand and in the water. It’s a place, a lifestyle that I love so much.

journalApril Moon prompt: “This is the best part of my day.” Morning, when I sit down with my journal and pen. First, I watch a short dharma talk and meditation from either the Daily Dharma Gathering or the Open Heart Project, then I freewrite. I have a whole hour to myself while Eric keeps an eye on Ringo, who still needs an eye kept on him but not as much as before, and Sam sleeps. I make myself half a cup of coffee, grab my phone, my journal and my pen, turn on my HappyLight, and sit at my writing desk, allowing whatever might arise. This is what I do every morning, no matter what. It’s the best part of my day.