Daily Archives: April 25, 2015

Simple Pleasures: #aprillove2015

poudretrailspringToday’s April Love prompt today is “simple pleasures.” My life is made up mostly of such things. Just one example is long walks with my dogs. Long walks with my dogs and Eric, talking about everything and nothing or staying completely quiet, both together and alone. A camera that fits in my pocket so I can easily take a picture of how green everything is, how the leaves are starting to open on the Narrow Leaf Cottonwoods. Being able to walk out my front door and if I go left, I’m at Lee Martinez Park in 20 minutes, and if I go right, I’m at City Park in 20 minutes. Getting to walk along the Poudre River any time I want for hours and hours on a route ranging from social dirt paths to carefully crafted paved trails. The wildlife we bump up against in the early mornings, like the heron this morning being chased by the geese that flew only a few feet directly over my head and whose wings were so loud they sounded like giant bumblebees. The memories of other walks with other dogs. So simple, and yet it’s everything.