Daily Archives: April 8, 2015

Inspiration: #aprilmoon15 and Where I’m Standing: #aprillove2015

April Love prompt: “from where I stand”: I can see what is possible, and the path to get there is clear (mostly). What is essential is the quiet, allowing stillness and space, and also patience, allowing it to come in its own time and its own way. I can help it by surrendering, letting go, relaxing into things as they are, showing up with my open heart. The magic is real. Magic is awareness, which is simply curiosity and connection, being present. It’s what Lodro Rinzler described as “tuning into our world without trying to change it.” If I show up with an open heart and without an agenda, I will know the truth, and I will know what to do. I will be able to “hear her breathing.”

April Moon prompt: “one of my greatest sources of inspiration has always been”: Books. And as technology changes, presents more and more opportunities to access content, I have to modify that to something bigger and say reading. And yet, it’s even more than just books or reading — it’s connecting with ideas and stories and people, it’s touching what it means to be human. I am inspired by other humans willing to be vulnerable and raw, to take a risk and tell the truth.