August Moon: With Thanks

presents02Today Kat’s prompt is “How do you surprise and delight other people?” Clean sheets on the bed, baking something sweet, a love letter, remembering something you said you wanted or liked and seeking it out to give you as a gift, a text or email to tell you I was thinking of you, telling you how wonderful and strong you are, embodying gratitude, sending help when you seem to need it, giving encouragement and inspiration, helping you with your work, doing something I know needs done without waiting to be asked, making a calm and beautiful space and inviting you in, making things easier for you, working on my own stuff, taking responsibility for the ways I struggle, kindness, being compassionate, generosity, making you laugh, feeding you, easing suffering where I find it.

5 thoughts on “August Moon: With Thanks

  1. Cindy

    Doing something that I know needs to be done without being asked. This makes me smile. My parents raised me to do this. If you see that it needs to be done, just do it. I must admit that I still struggle when I work with other people who weren’t raised to do this.


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