August Moon: On Fire

Kat asks, “What are the signs that you are on fire?” What is the catalyst for the feeling, what do you love so much about it when something really gets you going, when something resonates with your soul, when you are really turned on by something, when something lights you up? “Sink into the feelings and capture them as accurately as you can.”

Being on fire for me describes that “hell yeah” moment. It’s clarity, confidence, certainty. Everything goes still and quiet, the mind chatter and outside noise falls away and all I can hear is the voice inside saying “this.”

Sometimes this feeling comes before a thing actually happens, before I can be absolutely certain, sure that it will, like when I knew Ringo was my dog before Sherry had decided which puppy we’d get.

Sometimes it’s the same moment something is happening. I just know it’s right. I relax and let it happen, I don’t try to control or force it. It feels like when you give up the struggle in the water and float. I’m excited and surprised, but there is a deep sense of “of course this is happening, it’s exactly as it should be.” Like when Andrea Scher asked me to be her teaching assistant for Mondo Beyondo.

Then there are times I’m on fire, want something so badly, can see it so clearly, but am not sure it will work out, experience a strange mix of utter confidence and crushing doubt. Knowing I can’t live without something but unsure if I’ll have it. This happened for the first two years I knew Eric. It also happened for years with my desire to be a writer.

Calm, stillness, complete confidence in the rightness of a thing. More and more I find this, live this, as I get clearer about what I want, who I am, and I honor it.

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