Nourish: #aprillove2015 and Relax: #aprilmoon15

whatnourishesmeApril Love prompt: “what nourishes me”: practice (yoga, meditation, writing, and dog), my tiny family, the beach, long walks, nature, sunshine, cooking, eating well, music and movement, being creative, reading, story, naps, rest, quiet, stillness, calm, being in relationship, generosity, service, laughter, love.

April Moon prompt: “the last time I felt completely relaxed was”: What makes this difficult to answer is the addition of the condition “completely.” I feel somewhat or mostly relaxed a lot — when I meditate, when I practice yoga, even when I teach yoga, when I’m reading or writing, when I’m walking the dogs, when I’m hanging out with Eric, when we are at “our” house at the beach, when I’m watching movies with my mom, when I’m having lunch with a good friend, when I’m at work with my door closed, when I get in bed at night, when I’m doing laundry or buying groceries or waiting in line at the post office — but “completely”? Not so much. In fact, I’m not sure if I’m ever completely relaxed, even when I’m asleep. There’s a part of me that just can’t let go, won’t shut up, finds it hard to settle down. I’m working on it, but I’m just not all the way there yet.

8 thoughts on “Nourish: #aprillove2015 and Relax: #aprilmoon15

  1. Monica aka The Creative Beast

    I hear you on not being COMPLETELY relaxed, even when sleeping. I have a similar problem, though I did feel pretty relaxed at my last yoga session, and I didn’t fall asleep during the deep breathing! Here’s to working on learning to be more relaxed in our lives =)

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Have you ever done yoga nidra practice, Monica? It’s sometimes referred to as “yogic sleep,” a deep relaxation in which you stay fully conscious. You make me think I should start practicing it more, that maybe it would help.

  2. Alana

    I must admit to that ‘completely’ – because I myself wonder if it is possible! The closest memory I have of being completely relaxed was many years ago. At the moment I would settle for a little bit relaxed – so agitated and flighty right now!

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Yes, the conditions of my life are such that I always feel “on alert.” Your prompt makes me think I need to more consciously cultivate relaxation, get to a state where it’s complete. My Buddhist teachers always talk about how the entire dharma could be distilled into a single word: relax. From that perspective, there are bigger implications, beyond just being more comfortable.

  3. Frances D

    My mind is always churning – even when I sleep – if I am trying to figure something out or remember something the answer comes to me as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. I have been playing healing and positive energy music while I sleep, and taking time to be a still – as much as I can be – during the day. Sending good vibes your way.

  4. Kat McNally (@_kat_mcnally_)

    You raise a good point here, Jill. I know that my efforts to do something “completely” often get in the way of doing it AT ALL, especially if there’s a certain surrender required.
    Maybe the release is all about allowing what is to just be.
    Worth pondering. x


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