Touch: #aprillove2015 and Birth: #aprilmoon15

touchpentopaperApril Love prompt: touch. Pen to paper, but it’s so much more than that.

April Moon prompt: “Giving birth doesn’t have to be literal. So far in my life I have birthed…” Birth is simply the beginning or coming into existence of something. I’ve birthed suffering. I’ve birthed healing. I’ve birthed new versions of myself. I’ve birthed wishes and dreams. I’ve birthed space, connection, and laughter. My deepest longing before I’m done is to birth ease, in myself and the world, as well as a few books.

6 thoughts on “Touch: #aprillove2015 and Birth: #aprilmoon15

  1. Alana

    I love the idea of birthing ease, wishing you the best of luck in this endeavour (and best of luck in the birthing of books too, based on what I have read on your blog so far, you certainly have the writing talent and the wisdom to share.)


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