Gratitude Friday

lilacbuddha1. Signs of Spring, things turning green and blossoming. My lilacs out front are going to be mad with spring, are covered in almost blooms.

2. Practice, keeping me sane, grounded, here.

glazedlemon3. Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread with extra glaze.

4. The Daily Dharma Gathering. This morning I listened to the most recent talk from Khempo Gawang and he talked about how it’s important to “think globally, but act locally.” He said the problems of the world are actually a collection of individual problems, so in that way we can make a difference by acting locally. The bottom line is that we can either generate suffering or help. He also talked about the magic of technology, how it allowed us to come together and practice, how it allowed him to come and teach us, that we should “recognize and rejoice” this particular magic.

morningview5. April Love and April Moon, two challenges complete with daily emails and prompts from two of my favorite people.

Bonus Joy: TV on demand, reading, Wild Boar Cafe, talking and laughing with a good friend, a boss who understands, laughing with Eric, dancing in the kitchen, Ringo when he’s being sweet, Sam when he’s being sweet, knowing what I do is helpful, being told that I’m cheering someone up, making them feel better, synchronicity, getting to choose how I move my body and what I eat, not apologizing for myself, trusting myself.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. barbranostay

    That lemon zucchini loaf ( with extra glaze ) looks positively mouthwatering!! Speaking of food, I notice ,sometimes , when I am in the kitchen, baking or whatever, that that is a time when the noise in my head stops (briefly ) and I can just focus on what I am doing , one thing at a time, a kind of meditation , if you know what I mean!


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