Gratitude Friday

poudreblackriversnow1. Snow. I could do without the negative degree temperatures and ice, but snow on the ground and blue sky above is one of Colorado’s best features.

2. Snow tires and snow plows, boots and hats and gloves, Wool and Down and Gortex — all the things that make it possible to get out and around in said snow.

3. Reverb13. Such a good practice, reflecting on the year that is passing, honoring & letting it go and then contemplating where I might be headed, looking forward to the new year on its way and considering what I want.

4. Space heaters. When you want that little jolt of warm right where you are without having to heat the entire space.

5. Whoever it is that decorates the two Blue Spruce trees on the Poudre Trail at Lee Martinez Park every year.

poudrechristmastreesBonus Joy: it’s a three way tie this week between my Intuitive Eating book group, Nia (a movement, dance class I finally tried and am loving), and Sam sleeping under my desk this morning while I wrote.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. Rose

    I am also loving Reverb13, although I have only managed one day yet. I am interested in hearing more about “intuitive eating.” And really, no one does snow and blue skies quite like Colorado.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Aren’t they wonderful? Where I grew up in Oregon, there was a tree along the highway that someone decorated every year as well. I love that “we” do those sorts of things, sneaking in to create a moment of joy for others, not expecting any reward.


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