Daily Archives: December 22, 2013

#reverb13: Day 22

reverb13Reverb13: While the Reverb hosted by Kat officially ended yesterday, she offered an amazing bonus post. “As a parting gift, I really wanted to share some of the resources that have helped me take the sorts of practices we have been cultivating in Reverb13 to the next level. I’m not sure that I’d recommend taking up every single opportunity listed below: there is such thing as manifesting overload!! So, as always, feel free to trawl through and pick out what works for you then discard the rest.” Lots of good stuff here. So much love and gratitude to Kat for hosting. ♥

Project Reverb prompt: “Uphill | What uphill battle did you keep fighting and fighting in 2013? Are you going to keep fighting or let it go? Why?”

My uphill battle this year has been with anxiety. What’s interesting however is that the problem isn’t the anxiety, or even whatever triggers the anxiety, it’s the fact that I keep fighting it, that I turn it into a battle. I resist and reject what I’m feeling, and that only fuels the panic and distress. Struggling with anxiety is like trying to pull your way out of a Chinese Finger Trap. So no, I am not going to keep fighting it. I am going to relax, surrender to what is, let go, accept what is happening without judgement, stay open and present, allow whatever comes to arise and then dissolve on its own — I’m going to try that, anyway.