Daily Archives: December 18, 2013

#reverb13: Day 18

reverb13Reverb13 prompt: “I am often surprised where I find peace, it is usually in the midst of chaos. In the midst of living, did you find moments to breathe? Were there moments that held you in the embrace of peace and quiet and pure contentment? Did these moments catch you by surprise or did you create the space for peace to find you?”

Every time Dexter and I played, or he cuddled next to me, or we hung out in the back yard, or we went for a walk, or we went to his physical therapy appointments which he loved, or he got in bed and slept with us, the way he looked at me, so happy and in love, every time he sighed — all of the times this past year when he was still with us and he wasn’t suffering.

When I sleep in, and Sam gets up to eat breakfast and go potty, but then gets back in bed with me, runs down the hallway to get there as fast as he can.

Putting yogurt, granola, almonds, and raspberries in a bowl in the morning when I’m hungry. Crunchy, sweet, creamy, satisfying.

Standing in the kitchen, listening to the radio and leaning into Eric, holding each other, Sam’s head pushed between our legs, his tail wagging.

Taking a long walk along the river in the morning, with Eric and Sam or just Sam, camera in my pocket, those moments when the sun is rising and it’s so beautiful I want to tell the whole world to wake up, hurry and get out here, you’ve got to see this, but I let them sleep, and I sink into the quiet, standing still, looking up at the sky, amazed and grateful.

Shavasana after a really good yoga class.

The moments lost in creating something, when time no longer measures anything.

Project Reverb prompt: “Wear it out | What piece of clothing did you wear again and again all through out the year? Why? Is it all worn out? Are you going to replace it or keep wearing it?”

I didn’t wear my purple fleece robe all through the year, since there’s a season when it would be too warm, but I wore it quite a bit. Eric bought it for me more than ten years ago and it’s perfect. It has adapted to my various weights and moods, is easily washed, is the perfect thickness and softness and length and color. It has wrapped me in warmth and comfort through some really hard times of grief and sadness and depression, as well as being useful during better times. It is simple, functional, clearly durable, and a long time favorite. I have no plans to replace it if I don’t have to.

purplefleecerobeBesottment Reverb 2013 prompt: “Did you visit any place that holds special meaning to you in 2013? If so, where was it, when did you go and why is it special to you? If not, were you avoiding somewhere? Why? Is there some place you visited for the first time that now holds meaning for you that you hope to revisit in the future? Keep in mind it can be a place, city, country, restaurant, part – anything – even a memory.”

27 Powers Court. As I have said before, this location is magic. It reminds me of when I finally took my meditation practice seriously enough to create a shrine. I knew that it would enhance my practice, but what surprised me is how that sacred space came with me when I left my meditation cushion, that I carried it with me, took it out into the world, a warm glow in the center of my chest that hummed with energy. 27 Powers Court is like that. It’s a retreat center with resident and visiting animals and amazing cooks and places to cuddle or escape to and rest, a safe container for truth telling, a gathering place for fiercely compassionate and open-hearted teachers and students, the warm and welcoming home of a friend, home for the ebb and flow of the sweetest little family, a soft place to land.