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Gratitude Friday

image by eric

image by eric

1. Ringo. His first vet visit went well — our vet, whose been one for almost 50 years, said “the way he’s letting me handle him, I can tell he’s going to be a super dog” — he’s sleeping so good (slept in until 6 am this morning, with one potty break at 3:30 am), will entertain himself in his crate long enough for me to finish this blog post, and is in general less bitey and crazed.

with that spot of black on his left cheek, he looks like he's always smiling

with that spot of black on his left cheek, he looks like he’s always smiling

2. More snow. Our backyard was getting pretty soupy yesterday with the last snow melting, and with the ground covered again, there’s less stuff for Ringo to get into, try to eat.

3. Yoga practice teaching. We’ll pair up tonight and practice, and I noticed yesterday that the full group warmup session I signed up for will be when we are on retreat at the Shoshoni Ashram — so cool.

4. Feeling better, more confident and at ease, settled. I don’t know if I told you, but I was in a bad way, feeling pretty awful — oh wait, that’s kind of all I’ve been talking about. 🙂

5. Eric. I know I’ve said this before, but I just couldn’t do it without him.

Bonus Joy: Sam. I still worry about him, feel sad about his jaw and the irritation it causes, the restriction it requires, but I love him so much. He’s such a good dog.


image by eric

#smallstone: Snow Walk

picture by Chloe'

picture by Chloe’

It snowed again. It snowed all day long, was more than they predicted. We tried to take a single walk around the block, but you got too cold. In the places where people hadn’t shoveled, the drifts were almost as tall as you. When I picked you up, you leaned against me and shivered, even as you whined and wanted to be let down. We all need someone to walk with, someone who can pick us up and carry us the rest of the way home when we just can’t make it.

Gratitude Friday

1. Simple self-care. Clean sheets, a warm shower, dental floss, wool socks and slippers, a big cold glass of water, a quick nap while the puppy naps.

2. Surrender. Relaxing into the puppiness that is, finding some ease amidst the hyper vigilance and unrealistic expectations. Sitting with him in my lap, warm and soft.

3. Sam. He’s being such a good big brother, so tolerant and willing to accept some new boundaries. He’s back on three times a day meds and it seems to be helping.

image by erc

image by eric

4. Eric, the best co-parent ever.

5. Dr. Lindsey Fry and the support staff at Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital. Sam went for an acupuncture session this week and I was reminded how much I adore this place, these people, even though I wish I had no need for them.

Bonus Joy: Snow. It is cold, but it covered up our yard in a blanket of white that keeps most of the stuff Ringo shouldn’t be getting into buried. Why oh why is it that a puppy who might not finish his dinner wants to eat his own body weight in sticks and other debris?

#smallstone: Snow

We woke up to snow this morning. I knew it was coming, they’d predicted it so I wasn’t surprised. In the minutes before you woke, whined to be let out to go potty, I wondered if the ground would be too cold for your tiny feet. I started to worry, “what will I do if he won’t go potty outside?” I make elaborate plans involving the garage and a pee pad that end up being completely unnecessary.

As soon as I put you down, you bury your face in the cold white, stretch out on your belly making an upside down puppy snow angel. After you go potty, you root your nose deep like a little piglet, making crazy paths in the snow, hopping around the yard like a tiny fox, a true Colorado boy.

When you pause, sit and look up at me, I notice your ears are working hard to stand up, that you are bigger than even last night. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 52 degrees and sunny. Both this snow and your time as a puppy will be over so soon.

Gratitude Friday

poudreblackriversnow1. Snow. I could do without the negative degree temperatures and ice, but snow on the ground and blue sky above is one of Colorado’s best features.

2. Snow tires and snow plows, boots and hats and gloves, Wool and Down and Gortex — all the things that make it possible to get out and around in said snow.

3. Reverb13. Such a good practice, reflecting on the year that is passing, honoring & letting it go and then contemplating where I might be headed, looking forward to the new year on its way and considering what I want.

4. Space heaters. When you want that little jolt of warm right where you are without having to heat the entire space.

5. Whoever it is that decorates the two Blue Spruce trees on the Poudre Trail at Lee Martinez Park every year.

poudrechristmastreesBonus Joy: it’s a three way tie this week between my Intuitive Eating book group, Nia (a movement, dance class I finally tried and am loving), and Sam sleeping under my desk this morning while I wrote.

Gratitude Friday

firstsnow20131. First snow of the season. Although, it did make me a little sad, reminding me as it did of how much Dexter loved playing in the snow. His favorite game was “oh no, where’s my toy?!” where he would bury a toy, then pretend he’d lost it, and then dig it out and celebrate finding it. That dog was so full of joy.

2. The golden, shifting season of Fall, which may have been cut short, interrupted by the snow — we went directly from our first freeze (and thus, the end of our garden, *sob*), from picking the last tomatoes and first orange pumpkins, to the first snow only a few days later.

csutree03seasonsconfused3. The final bloom of the season. She is sitting on my writing desk this morning, open and full after being a closed bud only yesterday. I’m so glad I brought her in, otherwise she would have frozen in that tight moment just before bloom, and she has such a sweet face, the golden bridge between summer and fall/winter.

lastroseofsummer034. Grapefruit Juice, and Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadillas.

sweetpotatoandblackbean5. Being cold, sweaters and socks and down jackets and hats. Although I love a garden, the bees and the blooms and the fruit, and prefer being barefoot, I am otherwise not a girl of summer.

Bonus Joy: The texts Eric sends me. Yesterday, my favorites were “Love love love you” and this picture of Sam hiking.