Gratitude Friday

1. The amazing sky on Christmas morning. It’s always so pretty around here, and I’m grateful every day to be up and out early enough to see the sunrise, but yesterday the sky was really showing off.

2. A white Christmas. Mid afternoon, it started to snow, which made for a kind of miserable afternoon walk but a gorgeous morning with about six inches of snow on the ground. It’s a great excuse to shower, change into a clean pair of pjs, and stay on the couch the rest of the day — that is, until it’s time to walk these two again.

whitechristmas3. Presents. I’m not gonna lie, I love getting presents. Maybe it’s because the people who buy them for me are so good at it. Some of my favorites were all the marionberry stuff (jelly, sauce, jam, and candies), blank journals, and a Kindle. I also loved imagining “my” Pine Ridge kids opening their presents from me.

marionberrypresents4. Peppermint. In my cocoa and tea, sprinkled on white chocolate covered pretzels, used to flavor cookies, minty and sweet and warm.

5. Christmas Eve, going for Chinese food at our favorite restaurant and then watching “Elf” together with the twinkly lights on.

Bonus Joy: Talking to my mom, texting with my brother, our Happy Hearth fireplace dvd, snow tires, early morning yoga, Christmas cards, couching.



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