Daily Archives: December 31, 2014

Reverb 14: Day 31

nourish2015Project Reverb prompt: “What’s on tap for next year? Share your big (or small) goals with us. Why did you pick those goals? Are these things you’ve always wanted to do? How are you going to get them done?”

My guiding word for next year is “nourish.” This means to feed and to cherish, my primary goals for the coming year. This will require making some very clear, careful choices. I need to consider exactly what I want to feed, what I cherish. Earlier in this year’s reverbing, I mentioned the story Pema Chödrön tells about feeding the right wolf. It’s from the first chapter of her book Taking the Leap.

There was a story that was widely circulated a few days after the attacks of September 11, 2001, that illustrates our dilemma. A Native American grandfather was speaking to his grandson about violence and cruelty in the world and how it comes about. He said it was as if two wolves were fighting in his heart. One wolf was vengeful and angry, and the other wolf was understanding and kind. The young man asked his grandfather which wolf would win the fight in his heart. And the grandfather answered, “The one that wins will be the one I choose to feed.”

I want to feed and cherish my relationships. My marriage, my friendships, my family, my dogs, my self.

I want to feed and cherish my work. I’m not sure of the specifics, but it will certainly involve writing and teaching.

I want to feed and cherish my practice — writing, meditation, yoga, and dog.

I want to feed and cherish my body. To continue to find all the ways it wants to be healthy, how I can support its wellness, how I can be embodied sanity.

I want to feed and cherish my creativity. Reading, making art, taking long walks with a camera in my pocket, enjoying what other artists offer.