Reverb 2013: Day 25

reverb13Project Reberb prompt: “Covet | What did you covet this year? Are you working towards getting that or just admiring it from afar? Is it a tangible thing or just an idea? Tell us about what you’ve got your sights on.”

I covet a certain life, a specific kind of “making a living.” People like Rachel Cole, Andrea Scher, Laurie Wagner, Susannah Conway (etc., etc. — I could list so many others) are doing it, living it. Teaching, writing, making art, coaching — doing creative and healing work that eases suffering.

It’s a blend of process and offering that lines up exactly with what I value, my mission, what works for me. You show up, practice, are in the process, allowing whatever arises, staying curious and open, telling the truth, and out of that comes something useful and helpful and sometimes even beautiful. There is ease, but it also requires bravery.

I am absolutely working towards this, every day. I practice, I study and train, I keep my heart open. The parts I can see, am sure of are the Self-Compassion Saturday ebook, the book that will come after that, at least five ecourses that are in the works, yoga teacher training which leads to a particular in person workshop I have in mind, a new puppy, a trip to the beach, more healing, clearing space.

Maybe the biggest obstacle is patience. All these things take time, energy & effort, and require that I pace myself so I don’t burn out.

After journaling about this, I pulled a tarot card. In relation to what I’d written, it made perfect sense. Nine of Wands, “Strength, Stamina, Confidence,” a card that essentially says hang in there, don’t lose faith, all your hard work is about to pay off. It was also extra sweet that the image looks sort of like a Christmas tree.

nineofwandsMerry, Merry, kind and gentle reader. No matter how you are spending this day, may you find peace and know love.

4 thoughts on “Reverb 2013: Day 25

  1. Kira Elliott

    Jill, wow it seems like you read my journal from yesterday. I literally wrote so many of the same things, especially the obstacles. I have so many dreams and I am ready for my life to be more fully aligned with my heart. Sometimes I feel so restless and inpatient, I want to be working on my writing and other creative work full time but right now I have to be ok with slow and steady progress.

    Just so you know I love your blog and your message. I am cheering you on from Detroit. It seems that we are on parallel journeys.

    May your holiday be filled with warmth and joy. Kira

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Kira, we do have a lot in common, similar practices, path, promise, and to that we have to add patience. But it is so hard to not throw myself into it with everything I’ve got! I’m so ready for that.

      And thank you for the cheers, the kindness. It really does help so much.

      Wishing you everything good, today and always. ♥ And P.S. did you just redesign your blog a little? I love the banner, the header, and think it’s new.

  2. lauriesuewagner

    Jill, I find your words so honest, so clear, so full of self compassion. I love that you talk about patience, faith and perseverance. I find for myself, even though my work is more fleshed out, even though I’m more and more clear as to what I’m offering, I still have to settle down, find my breath, believe in myself, take risks. Sometimes I lose my way, then I find it again. Sometimes I lose my faith – then find it again. Our process – mine and yours – is connected, not separate. Anyway, I rely on your words, they help me find the path when I lose it. Much love and appreciation. xxx

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Yes, it’s never about reaching a goal but about the process, get too focused on the product, fixed and stuck, and it mucks it all up somehow. It’s a magical and sometimes incredibly frustrating thing — to have to walk into the dark, naked, trusting that you won’t get eaten alive but knowing you’ll probably get wounded, but that there’s light there too, a warm fire and a meal and friends. “We are all just walking each other home.” I love walking with you. ♥


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