Daily Archives: January 25, 2013

#SmallStone: Day 25



At the beginning of yoga class, a large man who makes me uncomfortable, who I “don’t like,” who bothers and bugs and irritates me, set up his mat right next to mine. I felt myself tense up, my jaw and shoulders tight, space closing in on me. I did not want him next to me, felt like he was going to ruin my practice.

Then I remembered all the messages the Universe has sent me this week about judgement and criticism, about dropping my agenda, letting go. This is yoga after all. If I can’t practice non-judgement, non-attachment, compassion, and gentleness here, then where?

So I did. I forgave myself for my ugliness, my nastiness. I allowed space for whoever was in the room, whatever would arise. I remembered my aspiration for this practice, set an intention to be kind. I took a deep breath and let it out. I relaxed and I surrendered.

Gratitude Friday


This post started as a mashup of The Little Bliss List and Joy Jam, and as such is meant to celebrate: the little things that brought me hope and happiness this week, the sweet stuff of life, those small gifts that brought me joy this week. By sharing them, I not only make public my gratitude, but maybe also help you notice your own good stuff and send some positive energy out into the world.

1. Running. You heard that right, and no this isn’t a joke. I am grateful that I am alive, healthy, and my body is up for it.

2. Clarity. About the help I need, about where to focus my energy, time, effort. I had an awesome coaching session with Andrea Scher this week, and her ability to see, her compassionate and clear vision, always surprises me, touches me, inspires me.

3. Good things happening to good people. People who have been working, trying so hard, suffering and struggling and loving as big as they can stretch, people who deserve it, people I love, people who inspire and support me.

4. Sleep. I’d like even more of it, but I’m grateful for the rest I do get, and that it’s usually easy for me, there’s no struggle involved, that I can surrender to it.

5. Laughing with Eric. Only he’ll understand this, but this one is for you, Mr. Salahub: “This is designed to hurt. This is designed to hurt.” I’m so lucky we find the same things funny, can so easily make each other laugh.

Bonus Joy: Another week with Dexter. This time has taught me so much about being present, about gentleness and play, about love.