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Gratitude Friday

frozenmarshThis post started as a mashup of The Little Bliss List and Joy Jam, and as such is meant to celebrate: the little things that brought me hope and happiness this week, the sweet stuff of life, those small gifts that brought me joy this week. By sharing them, I not only make public my gratitude, but maybe also help you notice your own good stuff and send some positive energy out into the world.

1. Friends who will gently and lovingly tell you the truth about yourself. And who are willing to be vulnerable and share their own truth, and stick around for long, heartfelt conversations about what’s working and what isn’t, and to brainstorm what might ease some of the suffering, but also to remind me that it’s not that bad, that in fact it’s all pretty workable and some of it is even great.

2. Light. People may be taking down their holiday twinkly lights, but the candles on my meditation shrine make me feel that same quiet anticipation of good things.

shrinenewyears3. Time away from my paid work. Some emails are starting to trickle in this week, but I’m mostly staying away. I need the break, the rest, to reset and restore, contemplate and plan. I feel much clearer about a lot of things and am grateful.

4. My Soul Mantra One Word necklace from Liz Lamoreux. I chose to use “free” instead of my full word for 2013, freedom, because I wanted the necklace to communicate the way I want to feel. I chose the open circle washer because, well, it’s open. And I went with a light green aventurine because I like the color, it reminds me of beach glass, and because this gemstone represents opportunity and luck. It is said to increase perception and creative insight, and it is a heart chakra stone.

freenecklace5. This idea, #15 on the list, “Turn Your Hangers to Find Out What You Really Wear.” I am totally doing it. I’ve heard of a similar idea before (put all your stuff on black hangers, and after you wear something, put it back in the closet on a white hanger, and anything still on a black hanger after six months, get rid of because you aren’t wearing it), but had never done it because it was a tad more complicated and sort of wasteful (I’d have to buy a whole new set of hangers)–but this version is SO simple. I want clothes that look and feel good, are functional and high quality and beautiful, and that’s not at all what is in my closet right now. Let the great purge begin!

Bonus Joy: While a tiny part of it was a bit rough, we had another week with Dexter. Here’s a picture of him this morning. I was at my desk writing and he was underneath chewing on his Little D, his favorite toy. Little D has beans in his feet, and Dexter likes to crunch them (I think some ancient and wild part of him thinks they are real bones).


#SmallStone: Day Four

Small Stone: Beautiful Shadows

dextersshadowThis morning in yoga, I was in Warrior One pose–left leg out in front with knee bent, right leg stretched back behind me, feet firmly planted on the ground, both arms raised overhead and reaching back, palms touching, spine curving towards my hands and the wall behind me–and my yoga teacher said “Oh, look at how beautiful Jill’s shadow is against the wall!”

Not long after, on a walk with the dogs, I notice Dexter’s shadow on the ground. I think about how this is the truth of us, of life–we are beautiful and impermanent, both solid and shadow, our forms shifting relative to the light.