Daily Archives: January 15, 2013

Six Words Can’t Possibly Contain Her

This week, I started a new class, The Story of You. One of the first prompts was to write a six-word memoir. I love the six word practice, did 41 days of it. Here’s what I wrote this morning.

Her story started small, and simple.
Once it got moving, it bloomed.
She couldn’t stop it, wouldn’t try.

Here’s where it started, the beginning.
Six words can’t possibly contain her.
And yet, she strings them together.
Making elaborate mandalas, constructing a life.

Her material? Dirt, breath, and longing.
At some point, words catch fire.
Other times, tears will dissolve them.
Sometimes, she smashes them to bits.
None of it will hang together.

Until one day, she lets go.
Brutal, beautiful: she opens her heart.
Tender, terrible: she keeps it open.
Having abandoned both hope and fear.

Life as practice, she shows up.
Raw and brave, she finally surrenders.
Open, tender-hearted warrior learns to stay.
What is next? Anything is possible.

Six words can’t possibly contain her.