#SmallStone: Day 25



At the beginning of yoga class, a large man who makes me uncomfortable, who I “don’t like,” who bothers and bugs and irritates me, set up his mat right next to mine. I felt myself tense up, my jaw and shoulders tight, space closing in on me. I did not want him next to me, felt like he was going to ruin my practice.

Then I remembered all the messages the Universe has sent me this week about judgement and criticism, about dropping my agenda, letting go. This is yoga after all. If I can’t practice non-judgement, non-attachment, compassion, and gentleness here, then where?

So I did. I forgave myself for my ugliness, my nastiness. I allowed space for whoever was in the room, whatever would arise. I remembered my aspiration for this practice, set an intention to be kind. I took a deep breath and let it out. I relaxed and I surrendered.

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