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Full Snow Moon

From Jamie’s post: “Sometimes we bury our dreams and desires deep within, as though hiding them under layers and layers of snow. Protecting them. Protecting ourselves. Waiting until the time is right for them to grow. Now is the time to tune into your heart, to let your intuition and your dreamboard express and reveal the dreams that are hidden inside. Let the creative process take you below the surface, beneath the layers of safety and protection, guiding you to the innermost dreams sparkling in your soul.”

The Full Snow Moon asks: “What desires lie deep within?”


Ganesha, lord of beginnings,
remover of obstacles,
master of intellect and wisdom.
The elephant is a symbol of luck, fortune and protection,
and thought to be a blessing to new projects,
able to clear obstacles from your path.
An elephant represents strength, honor, stability, and patience,
and specifically the power of the feminine,
a guardian and protector.

Move with ease, with grace
and a thirst for knowledge, understanding.
Everything’s in reach.
Your garden, your earth, your heart, your deepest longing.
The art of loving, of living
lies in a fine mingling of letting go
and holding on.

Where the spirit leads the feet will follow.
Down distant paths for unmapped miles.
Transformation, as from a caterpillar to butterfly.
A mandala made of dreams and breath and dirt.
Heads forget but hearts remember.
The art of living, of loving knows no bounds.

Kaun Yin, the Bodhisattva of compassion.
She who hears the cries of the world.
She holds a lotus flower, the innate purity of Buddha nature.
She holds a sutra, the enlightened wisdom of the Dharma.
She holds a mala, the vow of the Bodhisattva to save all beings from suffering.
She holds me.

Whole life, whole health.
Community is our heritage–
being with ourselves,
practicing with friends.
Noticing the quintessential nature of things, their origins,
in memory, meditation, emotion, and pure delight.

Sanctuary in practice and place,
space for rest and calm, refuge.
Stay, relax, let go, surrender.
I make a vow, a commitment to dedicate my life
to keeping my heart and mind open,
and to nurturing my compassion
with the longing to ease the suffering of the world.

This video is Deva Premal chanting the Ganesha mantra, intended to remove obstacles. May it make way for a new beginning for all of us, a fresh start in which suffering is eased and love grows in its place.

Three Truths and One Wish

1. Truth: It’s not going to stop until I wise up. I was beating myself up the other day for eating so many lemon poppy seed scones in a single day, (each one is glazed and as big as my face, and I was having a hard week, somehow thought eating them was going to make me feel better, but feeling instead a mix of shame and disgust–this is how it always works). I was starting to get angry, why does this keep happening? why can’t I control myself? why can’t I stop? It was in that moment that I felt something snap and then soften, felt some measure of surrender, giving up, letting go, and I knew: this will continue as long as I deny myself, hide and reject who I truly am, what I really want and feel and need and am, and then it will be over. I realized that until I surrender to what life is really asking of me, give in completely, give up all of the habits and excuses that are stopping me, it won’t ever stop–I have to surrender to what is, to who I am.

2. Truth: I need to shift from a focus on growth to one of sustainability. The way I’m approaching my experience isn’t working, can’t be maintained, is happening at the cost of my health and my sanity. I’m not sure exactly what it should look like instead, I just know I can’t keep doing it like this. I’ll burn out, fade away. I’m attempting and accumulating, but it’s not sustainable. I’m craving space, hungry for stillness and quiet, wanting to clean and declutter, to nest, to rest. It’s the season, but it’s also the path I’ve been on (more like a German autobahn than a path), driving so fast and working so hard to get where, exactly?

3. Truth: Where I want to be, what I am longing to manifest is who I already am, just me, to be that. The card in the picture is on my desk at my paid work. It’s been there for the past year, even though it’s one from a set of 53. There it sits, day after day, giving me its wisdom, silently sending me its message, waiting patiently to be noticed, and I continue to be so busy, I don’t even see it. Until the other day, when I actually saw it, looked, listened, opened my heart to it, felt it whisper this is what I want.

One Wish: For simplicity and spaciousness. “We all want a sense of spaciousness and freedom, but we find we can claim that freedom, strangely, only by living out a focused, radical, courageous simplicity,” (David Whyte). That–a focused, radical, courageous simplicity–that is what I wish for today, kind and gentle reader. For all of us.

Book Writing Saturday

When I first read this message from the Universe, via Andrea Scher (given to me at her Mondo Beyondo session at the World Domination Summit this past summer), I knew it was true. I had absolutely no doubt about it.

I brought the note home with me, carrying it from Portland to Waldport, and then to Fort Collins as if it were a precious gift, a sacred text, a magic object. I placed it on my writing desk with a collection of other important, inspiring items, right where I would see it first thing every morning when I sat down to write.

Before I start a new project, and every Saturday when I sit down to start my four hours of work on my book, I read a prayer, an incantation that includes “I am here to lovingly and gently manifest the basic goodness that is at the heart of all, to embody wisdom and kindness, to be a warrior with a brave and tender heart.” Whether I remember to read it or not, this is always my intention, with my work, my art, my life.

It was clear to me when I first read my message from the Universe, written in Andrea’s handwriting, that “the dream” was to write and publish a book, the book I’ve been living, carrying in my heart. This was obvious to me, no doubt and no confusion. I though the “space” I was to make was obvious too–clear out the space in your schedule, make time. More specifically, I committed to these four hours, Book Writing Saturday.

I still think making time, committing to that is right, but it’s not everything. There is more to “making space” than just making time. Space is freedom. Space is unlimited and boundless, but also the measurable distance between, unoccupied, open, available. Space is the gap, the blank, the breath, the quiet between words. Space is what occupies this moment. Space is where my voice echoes and sounds, takes shape and is heard. Space is open and vast, can accommodate and contain anything and everything, or nothing.

I need to open up space, allow for things to arise (and dissolve) naturally while I remain open and available. I need to clear out the confusion and clutter, quiet the chatter, to simplify, to surrender, to let go. The other part of the book that needs space is the part I’m living, losing the 2nd dog in three years to cancer. Losing Obi started this book, this life rehab, and here I am again. This loss, this letting go needs my attention, my time, my awareness.

I am here to lovingly and gently manifest the basic goodness that is at the heart of all, to embody wisdom and kindness, to be a warrior with a brave and tender heart.

Full Moon Dreamboard: Corn Moon

From Jamie’s post: “Today we’re celebrating the Full Corn Moon, the beginning of harvest season, a celebration of the fruits of golden summer and a preparation for what is to come.”

What dreams do I wish to bring to fruition?

Maybe it’s because I am just finishing a weekend retreat, but when I thought about this question, my response wasn’t about projects I hoped to complete or accomplishments I wanted to realize or plans I longed to fulfill, it was about my life, the quality of my experience.

I want to simplify, a return to innocence, to quiet and stillness, to fully experience my life without all the clutter and the chatter and the crap.

I want spaciousness. I want freedom. I want peace–internal contentment and calm. I want clarity and kindness, pure wisdom.

I long to ease suffering in the world, including my own. I want to show up and keep my heart open, to know courage, to stay with the beauty and the brutality, the tenderness and the terror.

May you be happy.
May you be peaceful.
May you be free from suffering.

Achieve happiness and balance.
Restore. Simplify. Rest.
Follow your natural instincts.
True to life.

There is a map written on your heart
rivers of wisdom
mountains of kindness
oceans of love
every road leading to wisdom
space and sky
real, tangible, solid and true
waiting to be traveled, to be seen, to be noticed.

Follow the map, the path to your True North,
each letter, each step, each breath
leading straight to the center of your heart,
to the being, the deep middle of your life.

Wishcasting Wednesday

 Jamie took a break for a few weeks, but Wishcasting Wednesday is back!

What do you wish for your home?

Space. This does not at all mean we need a bigger house. Yes, our house is small, (1088 square feet), but there are three bedrooms (yes, tiny ones) and 1.5 baths, a one car garage, large living room, and a biggish backyard–plenty of space for two adults and two dogs. What there isn’t space for is all the stuff we’ve accumulated since we bought the house eleven years ago. We downsized by about 400 square feet, so purged a lot in that move, but there is more that could be done to start clearing out and letting go and getting more room to move around and breathe.

Cleanliness. I confess, I haven’t been keeping the cleanest house in the last year or so. By the end of the week, the laundry pile in the bathroom threatens to topple over and crush someone. The garage looks like a hoarder’s house. Everything is disorganized, disordered, and covered in a layer of dust, dirt, and dog hair. The dogs don’t seem to mind any of this, but they like to roll in dirt and eat dead stuff, so their opinion doesn’t count.

Value. By this I don’t mean property or market value or what we could sell the place for, what I mean is I’d like to have a house that is clearly loved and appreciated, and one that is filled with quality items that are cherished and useful.

Comfort. I often walk through my front door, greeted by two happy dogs, stand in the golden light of the entry, look around, sigh deeply, and think to myself, “I love my little house.”  I wish for this feeling to continue, to go on feeling soft, relaxed, and rested in this space.

Refuge. A feeling of safety, of shelter, the calm center in the midst of the storm.

Stability. I wish this for the physical structure of my home, but also the less tangible nature of the space, to be a place that feels solid and sane.

Joy. Wall-to-wall happiness, warmth, laughter, fun, play, pleasure, delight, and wonder.

Love. There can never be enough love, so I wish for more, and then for even more than that. I wish for love to fill every crack, every corner.

S is for Space

When we are mindful, when we meditate, when we slow down and take a moment to get quiet and connect with our breath and with the moment that is right now, when we meet reality just as it is, just as we are, we discover that beyond and underneath everything else is vast space, stillness and silence.