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Wishcasting Wednesday

image from Jamie, posted on Instagram

image from Jamie, posted on Instagram, a quote from Susan

Jamie asks on this Wishcasting Wednesday, “What do you wish to clear?” She used another image for her post today, but I love this one that she shared on Instagram so much, I’m using it instead. It combines four of my favorite things: Jamie, Susan, space and magic.

I wish to clear a space for creativity without purpose or agenda. May there be space for joy and play.

I wish to clear my resistance to rest and self-care. May there be room for ease and wellness.

I wish to clear my confusion about my own worth — Sakyong Mipham said once “we think we are rocks, but we are gold.” May there be confidence in my basic goodness, may I trust my fundamental wisdom and compassion and strength.

I wish to clear my avoidance of grief. May there be space for sadness, tenderness, and tears.

I wish to clear my discursive thoughts about food. May there be an opening for self-compassion, for sanity, for wholeness and health.

I wish to clear my guilt, sometimes shame around who I am, what I think, feel, do, the way I smash myself to bits. May there be an opportunity for forgiveness, for kindness, for acceptance.

I wish to clear my agenda, my judgement and criticism. May equanimity arise instead.

I wish to clear all the old rules, the perfectionism, the need to be a good girl, the quest to earn love, the pursuit of permission. May I find crazy wisdom, courage and truth in its place.

Wishcasting Wednesday


On this Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie asks, “How do you wish to nurture the creative within?”

I wish to provide her space, the time and room to slow down and stretch out, look closely and contemplate, expand and play, twirl around or sit still in a deep, quiet, safe place all her own.

I wish to give her love, an unconditional sense of herself, brilliant and beautiful, wise and compassionate and powerful, seen and valued, precious and protected.

I wish to balance her effort with ease.

I wish to offer her gentleness, to quiet the critical, mean voices, to stop the pushing and smashing, to silence any “should” or “have to” or “can’t” or “not enough.”

I wish to provide her mindfulness, to allow her attention to be fully in the present moment, hands and heart on the same task.

I wish to practice with her, to show up regularly, to maintain a routine, a way of letting her fully touch the work, to repeat and retrace and revise and remember.

I wish to pause with her, because sometimes doing nothing is the exact thing to do, sometimes staying still to stare at your toes or the sky, to feel a soft furry body against the palm of your hand, to notice your breath going in and out is everything.

I wish to soften to allowing, letting go of resistance or rejection or grasping or pushing or hiding, and simply surrender to what is.

I wish to give her courage, the willingness to be vulnerable and weird, accepting the possibility of being wounded, practicing being brave, showing up and being seen.

I wish her to know and attend to her hunger, to not fear or deny her desire and longing, even when it has teeth, even when it rages, even when it wants what is impossible, even when it wants to love the whole world.

I wish to open her to joy, pure feeling, heart wide open, full of light and love.

I wish to surround her with all the tools and resources she needs to do her heart’s work.

I wish for her connection and community, a tribe of understanding and love and support, a collection of artists and healers and teachers, those with big hearts and amazing ideas and the ability to make her laugh until it hurts.