Daily Archives: November 24, 2018

NaBloPoMo Day 24

From our walk this morning

I get to take this whole weekend off. Since I started my 500 hour yoga teacher training, I’ve been busy every Sunday. Because of the holiday, we have tomorrow off from yoga teacher training, (although I do have homework I need to do to prepare for next week). Eric is still sick, so we don’t have plans — we walked dogs this morning, then I went to my Saturday Pilates class, got in the pool and sauna after, then I came home, ate leftovers, got on the couch and pretended to watch TV but slept though most of it. I just got off the phone after talking to my mom and remembered I hadn’t written a blog post yet today.

As I stand here typing, I realize I’m not sure if I have anything of value to tell you. What I can say is that on this week off from work, two conflicting feelings arise — one is how much better I feel being away from the stress and overwhelm and confusion of that particular effort, and two is the closer I get to quitting and being done, the more anxiety I start to feel about money. There are going to be some big adjustments and there are times it’s going to feel hard and I might even second guess my choice, and yet I KNOW it’s the right thing to do, that I will feel so much better and be some version of happy and things will work out and we’ll be fine. That’s the thing about the right thing — just because it’s right doesn’t mean it’s perfect or even easy.