Daily Archives: November 23, 2018

Gratitude Friday (NaBloPoMo Day 23)

1. Morning sky, preferably on a morning walk, although to be fair I haven’t been on many this week. My knees have not been doing too good lately. I’m trying to not be sad about it, but it’s hard when you are hurting and just want to be able to move.

2. The season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s when Eric starts sitting in front of the “fire,” and naps and cuddling are the biggest priorities.

3. Christmas cactus blooms. Although, they actually start blooming around Thanksgiving.

4. Eric. He’s been sick all week with a cold, but he still is out walking the dogs and making good food.

5. Ringo and Sam. Sam has been taking a bit longer walks and still doing okay, so our fingers and paws are crossed that will stick. Ringo turned FIVE this week. Time goes way way way too fast.

Bonus joy: sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar, the Gooseberry jam my aunt sent me, sparkling apple cider, my infrared heating pad, sleeping in, a warm shower, leftovers for days, getting our snow tires on, having the week off because we both really really needed it, good TV (I just finished watching the first season of I’m Sorry which was hilarious), good books (I’m finally reading Children of Blood and Bone, so good), teaching yoga, Pilates, the weekend off from yoga teacher training.