Daily Archives: November 6, 2018

Three Truths and One Wish (Day Six: NaBloPoMo)

This bunny somehow made it to the third floor of the parking garage yesterday

1. Truth: Every human just wants to be happy and safe. However, people can get confused about exactly how to make that work. Some of the ways we try and get to happy and safe actually end up causing harm, to ourselves and others.

2. Truth: We all just want to be loved, but again people get confused about how exactly to make that happen or even what love means or looks like. For example, someone spewing something as ugly as racism may very well have been taught that racism is good, and therefore to be racist is “being good,” and being good is the way to be loved.

3. Truth: The real work is dispelling our confusion. None of us is ever going to be happy, safe, or loved if we keep going after these things from a place of confusion. It only generates more suffering.

One wish: May we continue to make every effort to cultivate wisdom and compassion, sanity and kindness, in ways that actually manifest as happiness, safety, and love, and benefit the most people possible.