Something Good (NaBloPoMo Day 19)

The birthday cake Eric made me yesterday. He even made the chocolate covered pretzels and graham crackers himself. And yes, we have been binge watching the new season of Great British Baking Show.

1. The *new* Black Friday. “This Black Friday, go with the new black: Spend at least part of the day making a Love List as a holiday gift for someone you love.”

2. I’m Just Happy to Be Here: A Memoir of Renegade Mothering Kindle Edition, on Amazon for $1.99! Such a good book from such an amazing writer.

3. New report finds Cadbury has destroyed over 25,000 hectares of Orangutan habitat.

4. Serving Time, And Fighting California Wildfires For $2 A Day. This isn’t new news, but it needs to continue to be news until we wise up.

5. 70 Books Written by Black Women You Need on Your Bookshelf.

6. Cab Drivers Refuse To Pick Up Racists After Philly Rally With Proud Boys. In related news (as in “how regular people can be a part of the resistance”), White women saunter around in hoodies to prove Tennessee mall’s policy targets black people.

7. 11 Signs Of Gaslighting In Your Relationship, Beware!

8. In this week’s “People Behaving Badly,” Woman’s T-Shirt Made Someone Feel So “Unsafe” They Had To Call The Cops, and North Dakota Motel Won’t Rent Rooms to Native Americans, and A White College Professor Reportedly Called 911 Because A Black Student Put Her Feet On A Chair, and Man who called Pittsburgh synagogue massacre a “dry run” arrested days after brother’s suicide, and Hate crimes in America spiked 17 percent last year, FBI says, and Dunkin’ Donuts Owner Calls Cops on Black Woman During Dispute Over Free WiFi, and This man pulled over to berate a couple who was protesting a Confederate monument (video), and Indigenous women kept from seeing their newborn babies until agreeing to sterilization, says lawyer, and The Police Call Was Supposed to Be a Wellness Check on a Friend. So How Did Travis Jordan End Up Dead?, and What this “Nazi salute” prom photo says about the adults in the room.

9. This man left New York’s nightlife scene behind to bring clean water to over 8 million people worldwide (video). One of my favorite charities.

10. Joe Biden Adopts a Rescue Dog Named Major.

11. Trying to make balloon animals. (video) This guy’s videos where he tries to learn to make stuff are hilarious.

12. Neo-Nazis Have No First Amendment Right to Harassment, Judge Rules on The New York Times.

13. When White Ladies Act Like They Want That Action, Give It to Them. In related news, Why Do White Women Keep Voting for the GOP and Against Their Own Interests?, and Most White Women Are Very Happy With White Supremacy.

14. Georgia’s Stacey Abrams Admits Defeat, Says Kemp Used ‘Deliberate’ Suppression To Win. In related news, Georgia Lawmaker Arrested Amid Protest To Count Every Vote In Governor Race, and Federal judge finds Georgia county violated Civil Rights Act by rejecting ballots.

15. This Bread-Baking, Ex-Con Entrepreneur Is Creating Jobs For Others With Criminal Pasts. They also make amazing bread.

16. Judge Orders White House To Reinstate Jim Acosta’s Press Credentials.

17. Enjoy this video of a girl who used to be paralyzed surprising her nurse.

18. Ever wondered how sounds in movies are made? (video)

19. What Is More Important Than Weight Loss? “F*ck you and your ‘Wellness Committee.'”

20. This immigrant-owned restaurant in DC always has its doors open for those in need. (video)

21. Generous but useless donations flood wildfire evacuation centers. Here’s what to send.

22. For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies.

23. 80 years apart and the best of friends. (video)

24. New Dallas district attorney wants to charge officer with murder for killing Botham Jean. In related news, White Man Who Shot at Lost Black Boy in Michigan Will Serve at Least 4 Years on The New York Times.

25. Doctors who support gun reform are showing the gruesome reality they deal with each day, after the NRA told them to ‘stay in their lane’. (video)

26. Russian Fisherman Posts Terrifying Creatures Of The Deep Sea, And People Want Him To Stop. Equal parts creepy and cool.

27. Freddie Mercury and the Erasure of Queerness in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

28. Dogs working sheep…Impressive video!

29. Meditation Is a Powerful Mental Tool—and For Some People It Goes Terribly Wrong.

30. Creativity is Messy: Questions to Explore When You’re Being Harsh with Yourself from Jena Schwartz.

31. 25 Reasons To Keep Making Stuff from Chuck Wendig.

32. 100 Easy Ways to Make the World Better for Trans People.

33. Seattle high-school teacher shares ‘the wonder of books’ with students on a different kind of field trip.

34. Speaking of my husband, Hal Isaacson; 7/1/74 – 10/27/18 – Forever.

35. 9 Things I Wish People Knew About Me As A Highly Sensitive Introvert.

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