NaBloPoMo: Day One

November is NaBloPoMo, or “National Blog Posting Month.” The goal of NaBloPoMo is for participants to publish a post every day for an entire month. Any one who knows me knows how busy I am right now and would probably question the sanity of my decision to start such a challenge. I’m working through the final seven months of my 19 year career at CSU, taking part in three different yoga teacher trainings, teaching a weekly yoga class as well as subbing from time to time, working with mediation clients, regularly attending yoga and Pilates and aqua aerobics classes, taking swimming lessons, taking care of two dogs who often have special needs, dealing with chronic pain and an autoimmune disorder as well as being perimenopausal and an HSP, and (as are so many) managing the stress and grief and rage instigated by the current political climate, along with the related extra effort of making change. That and the laundry, am I right?

And yet, I can’t ignore the longing to show up here. I thought once I decided to quit CSU, made the decision official, that showing up here more regularly would be one of the outcomes. I think at some point I even wrote announcing that was my plan. Of course, I forgot that even thought I’d quit, I’d still be working, and not just that, I’d be doing what career change coach Laura Simms calls a crossfade — “a transition period where your current and future careers overlap. Your current career fades out, and your new career fades in.” For those keeping track, that means two jobs.

Typically someone hosts NaBloPoMo, providing daily prompts. In some ways, it makes things easier because it gives you some direction, a way to focus what you are writing. This year, I can’t find anyone who is sharing prompts, so I guess I’m on my own. What I imagine writing about is the same thing I wrote about when I first started this blog — an accounting of my path, sharing the things I struggled with as well as where I’ve found strength and support. I’m in a period of transformation, or at least my life is or maybe the whole world is, and I know how helpful it can be to come here and contemplate, share what’s happening.

Today I’m thinking about voting. I’m watching most closely the race for Governor in Georgia. I first started paying attention when I saw the video of Brian Kemp’s campaign ads. I shared a link on Facebook and said “I hope she [Stacey Abrams] kicks his ass.” Then there started being reports about voter suppression in Georgia, and about Brian Kemp’s involvement. Then yesterday, I watched a video clip from a debate between the two candidates. It’s so clear to me that he’s awful and she’s awesome. It’s not just about me, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I really really really need her to win this one. It will restore my hope that good people working hard can win, can overcome the bad behavior of horrible humans like Brian Kemp, can stop the rise of evil. A win for him would be a loss for so much more than just Georgia.

I can’t talk about voting right now without sharing my friend J’s project. She’s an artist and is posting one drawing a day until the election, urging people to vote. You can check out the full set on her Instagram account. Of course, this one is my favorite.

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