Day of Rest

itsokayI’ve written here before about how I choose to believe that the Universe is communicating with me, sending me messages, and about how Eric fundamentally disagrees with me.



There are times when I have to interpret the message, guess what it means to see a flock of Robins, to find feathers or a heart-shaped rock in my path on a walk, or to dream about someone I haven’t see in a long time.


Other times, the message is quite literal, spelled out you might say. The message in those moments is pretty clear.

knowyourlimits stay

This past week, my friend Courtney posted a picture of cards she’d pulled on New Year’s Eve, (Soul Coaching Oracle Cards: What Your Soul Wants You to Know, by Denise Linn) and added “Anyone else want me to draw a card for them?” to which I responded “Me, me, pick me!!!”

The card she pulled for me?! Freedom. This is the word I picked for myself this year, my intention for 2013, the way I want to feel–freedom to and freedom from. I want to invite this into my life, this sense of complete freedom, and with it simplicity, space, ease, surrender, clarity, and openness.

Card Meaning: Break free, express yourself, and let your spirit fly! Flaunt your stuff, dance, laugh, explore, and go beyond predictable behavior. Be daring. Fling your arms to the heavens in joy.

Your soul wants you to know: You aren’t here to be ordinary, but to step beyond limitations and self-imposed boundaries. Don’t allow yourself to be trapped by convention or the expectations of others. You have the ability to choose your life on your terms. Replace the phrase “I should” with “I could, but choose not to at this time.” Perhaps you aren’t always free to create the exact circumstances of your life–but you’re certainly able to decide what meaning to give those situations. Select meanings that empower you, for this is the time to break free.

Affirmation: “Boundless freedom surges through me.”

freedomcardcourtneypulledformeDear Universe,

Message received, loud and clear. Good to know I’m on the right path, that you agree, that I picked the right word.

Love you.

8 thoughts on “Day of Rest

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Seriously, Susie–I thought at first she might be messing with me, pulling my leg, maybe she she had read what word I picked, but NO, it was totally magic. And there were tears, goosebumps, and honestly I felt a little like I might throw up 🙂

  1. Joy

    Beautiful! (Also a wonderful reminder to me to not just be aware of, but pay attention to, the signs that are perfectly placed!).


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